The Great Resist to Reclaim Our Freedoms [1]

We hear about the Great Reset. The New World Order. Build Back Better. About what is being done to destroy our lives, the economy, our country, our earth. And after that, when we have nothing, the overlords will have everything and consider themselves victorious.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 15 October 2022

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A Tribute to the Unvaccinated

Last month, French General Christian Blanchon wrote a letter in which he praised citizens who stood up against the coercion tactics that had been used to force them to take the experimental Covid vaccines. The pressure to get vaccinated was exerted on individuals from various sections including governments, organisations, agencies, media, society and family.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 08 October 2022

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Mathieu van der Poel did nothing wrong

From foxsports:

Dutch cycling star Mathieu van der Poel was in prime form and a favourite to win the elite men’s road race at the cycling world championships in Australia.

But one small detail changed everything for the 27-year-old.

Instead of heading back to the Netherlands with the coveted rainbow jersey, van der Poel was arrested, pulled out of the race and landed back on home soil with a conviction and a three-year ban from Australia.

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Crowdsource Post: What did the Covid Response Cost Us?

A recent cabinet meeting marks the end of the covid response in my eyes. As per the ABC:

Key points:
– Mandatory COVID isolation will end from October 14
– Financial support will be continued for some workers to be able to isolate if needed
– The chief medical officer says it marks the likely end of the emergency pandemic response

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Open Thread – Saturday, 01 October 2022

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The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

We are watching our planet spinning on a path that seems to be towards some kind of destruction. There have been plots and schemes that have been lurking beneath the surface and building up for decades; unseen by the majority, who have been too busy with their lives. It took a virus – whatever its origins – to make people aware that something sinister is afoot.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 24 September 2022

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Thursday Memes – Vol 3

It may look like Saturday but I can confirm that its Thursday. Should you suggest otherwise fact checkers will remind everyone you are using the wrong context and you will be executed, sorry I mean banned.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 17 September 2022

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Prescriptions for Health: Modern Medicine vs Naturopathic Healing

How did the process of treating those who are ill get so complex? Perhaps, we would be better off asking why it got so complex. This would lead us to the answer. Healing the sick stopped being a vocation and became big business.

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Monday (in)Sanity – Reality: the only weapon of the conservative

In a political world where one side has almost unlimited power it intrigues me that the vote still changes regularly between the conservative and the progressive. How exactly does the conservative win an election when the progressive has but is not limited to:

– Hollywood
– Media
– Deep State
– Education System (K-12 and now pre-school)
– Universities
– State Media
– Public Service
– Social Media
– Corporations

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Open Thread – Saturday, 10 September 2022

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Thursday Memes – Vol 2

Another week of absolute insanity. In no particular order here were some of the best memes I came across:

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