Open Thread – Tuesday 14 September 2021

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Enjoy Freedoms Like Travelling

I am genuinely amazed at how fast the language has changed:

Under current recommended regulations in Australia, citizens are encouraged to be vaccinated to enjoy freedoms like travelling.

The NBL won’t mandate vaccinations, but has made it clear players won’t be able to play in away games if they haven’t been jabbed.

This is from fox sports. I understand the NBL doing what it needs to comply but we have activism in every facet of life but when it truly matters all we get is crickets.

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Open Thread – Monday 13 September 2021

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Guest Post: Muddy – Desertion in Papua

Rarely do we read in popular military history of desertion to the enemy during a time of war. While charges of desertion were not uncommon, the overwhelming majority I have personally examined during years of military history research about the Australian experience in the Southwest Pacific Area in World War Two were downgraded to charges of AWL, or Absent Without Leave, a less serious offence bearing a less severe punishment. This story however, concerns an Australian soldier assisting the enemy on an actual battlefield.

What piqued my interest whilst browsing primary documents held by the Australian War Memorial was a written notification to all units in the Oro Bay area of Papua, in early 1943, that a particular named individual and member of an Australian Army infantry battalion was not only missing and suspected of desertion, but had been seen in the amicable presence of two Japanese soldiers. The Australians and Americans had just lost hundreds of men wearing down the stubborn Japanese defenders of Gona, Buna and Sanananda, after the enemy had been pushed back there following the desperate Kokoda Track campaign.

Metodoji Dimitrevich of the 2/10th Australian Infantry Battalion, which had participated in the slogging around Sanananda, was suspected of being a deserter and ‘Fifth Columnist’, essentially a spy who aided and abetted the enemy.

Born in Bitol, Yugoslavia (now Bitola in south-western Macedonia) in 1911, Metodoji Lazo Dimitrevich emigrated to Australia in October, 1937, disembarking in Fremantle, Western Australia, from an Italian ship with his wife and two children, another child being born the following year.

Initially settling in Bridgetown where an uncle ran a boarding house, Dimitrevich joined his father who was working on a fruit farm. After his father returned to Yugoslavia about one year later, he struggled to find lasting employment, working short term as a day labourer, in the gold mines at Kalgoorlie, doing ‘pick and shovel work’ at Darwin, and loading and unloading ships in Adelaide.

When war broke out in 1939, he, as an ‘alien’ was made to sign a parole document, stating that he would not act in any way against Australian or British interests. In 1941 his hometown in Bitol, Yugoslavia was occupied by the German Army.

While we can’t be certain, it was more than likely for economic reasons that Dimitrevich enlisted in the A.I.F. at Wayville, South Australia on the 17th of August, 1942. Though five months previously he was residing in the Detention Camp at Wayville, his enlistment photo shows a smiling, dark haired and well-built man.

After initial training, Dimitrevich disembarked at Milne Bay in Papua on the 4th of January, 1943, and was taken on strength of the 2/10th Australian Infantry Battalion five days later in the Sanananda area.

On or about the 4th of February, 1943, he chose to desert his unit, having participated in, by his own admission, only one day’s fighting, followed by two week’s duties in the cookhouse. After capture, he could not give a reason for his desertion. His battalion was actually conducting only training and patrol work at the time, with the most intense period of the fighting having ceased. Indeed, twelve days later, the whole unit flew back to the comparative safety of Port Moresby for rest and reorganisation.

At some point during the following weeks, Dimitrevich came across two surviving Japanese and spent three days in their company, during which he gave to them, or they took from him, a map of the area in his possession. They were all, apparently, quite sick, though with what condition is unknown.

His two enemy companions were captured by a patrol, but Dimitrevich escaped, however not for long. On the 31st of March, he was apprehended on the Killerton Track in the Sanananda area, and it is possibly then that the most serious aspect of his desertion took place. Not only did he threaten three U.S. servicemen with his rifle, but he was also alleged to have shot and killed a U.S. airman, Sergeant Delbert E. Houston of the 6th Bombardment Squadron, 3rd Bombardment Group, U.S. Army. While considered early in the investigation process, this charge of murder does not seem to have been laid, possibly because of a lack of witnesses.

Dimitrevich was admitted to the 1st U.S. Field Hospital the following day before being taken to Port Moresby and interrogated by an Allied Translator and Interpreter Service officer, during which he was noted as “extremely nervous and had very much of a “hunted dog” expression in his eyes, though he appeared fairly rational…Intellectually he is considered below normal.”

His Court Martial took place in Brisbane, Queensland, on the 30th and 31st of August, and 1st of September, 1943. Immediately prior, he was subject to a psychiatric evaluation, but the results of the same are not known.

Metodoji Lazo Dimitrevich was charged with: Desertion, Assisting the enemy with supplies (supplying food to two named Japanese soldiers), and “without due authority, giving intelligence to the enemy” in the form of a map of the area which he gave to his two Japanese companions in order, presumably, to help facilitate their escape.

He was found guilty on the charges of desertion and giving intelligence to the enemy, but not guilty on the second charge of assisting the enemy with supplies. Dimitrevich was sentenced to be discharged from the Army and “to be imprisoned with hard labour for five years,” initially at His Majesty’s Prison, Brisbane. Just what his wife and three children did and whether he maintained contact with them during his incarceration is not known.

Ten years later, on the 10th of September, 1953, Dimitrevich’s body was found with a bullet wound in the head at the limestone quarry where he had worked since 1948 at Wanneroo, “21 miles from Perth,” Western Australia. With a .22 rifle by his side, the wound was thought to have been self-inflicted.

Initially thought to be a ‘Fifth Columnist’, it is likely that Dimitrevich was simply a man unable to cope with life, rather than one affected by the trials of war, of which he must have experienced little during his time at the ‘front’.

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The language continues to mutate

We don’t want to be locked down in the future so vaccination is our passport.

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Domestic Violence in Australia

Does this sound abusive to you?

My friend’s husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it’s on the phone or computer.

He reads and censors her comments on social media. He makes her feel like she’s going crazy for thinking he’s controlling, and that she is being ungrateful.

(After all, he’s only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

He doesn’t want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn’t go. He also doesn’t let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

She’s not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it’s for necessities, and when she does, he makes sure to have people guilt trip her about it and shame her for it.

He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

He constantly says he’s only doing all of this because he cares… he is just doing it for her own good.

Oh wait….did I say husband? I meant the government.

My bad.

Y’all are outraged if a person does this to their spouse, but are passive and compliant when it comes to our government.

Listen and start asking questions.
Turn off your TV and use your brain

Copied and pasted from Facebook but thought it made an excellent point

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You People Are Domesticated Animals

Well the first round of changes has been a success on my end. As I have mentioned privately a new business of mine has taken off more than anticipated so my time has been minimal for the cat, and for that I apologise. I have not had a bunch of emails so I am assuming its running fairly smoothly nonetheless.

Anyway you may have noticed some changes:

1. Should have formatting options when posting comments now.

2. Can now flag comments (enough flags will push a comment into moderation which is a good way to get rid of trolls)

3. New commenters are automatically moderated (which will keep trolls and spammers at bay)

4. You can now register on the site so that you don’t have to put in your details every time you comment. This feature will be expanded later on to follow specific threads and the like but for now you can register via the link in the top menu or by clicking here.

To improve the Cat I am looking for more posters and article writers. If you have something to say then send me an email, otherwise if anyone would like to contact prominent people to see if they would like to publish on the Cat I would appreciate any help in growing the site.

Also kaysee and I had a similar idea of adding a wiki section to the cat, somewhere to place useful links, videos and info on important topics. I  know I spend way to much time sourcing my points when arguing with people. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the best way to organise such information let me know.

Any other problems list them below and I will continue to do my best.

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Covid Lies Growing Faster than Cases

To return to WA, travellers must have had one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and show they have had a negative test in the 72 hours before departure.

So mandatory vaccines are now a matter of when not if, adding to the already comprehensive list of lies Australians have been told in the previous 18 months. The argument to be used once again like clockwork to be some form of “as the facts change so must our response”. But this back-flip and let me be very clear this is a straight up back-flip on previous promises has come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

Whilst politicians being incompentent monsters is to be expected what has really shocked me is the rationalising of these events by the Australian population at large. A recent post by a friend brought to this clearly in focus when she said:

Thinking of my family and friends in Greater Sydney. Dreaming with you of what October will be like once we reach that 70% vaccination rate

Unless that dream is of rolling lockouts, arbitrary rules, a general severe reduction in freedoms and a complete disregard for the negative consequences of “defeating covid” I suspect she will be disappointed. Optimism is important but foolishness will not get us out of this mess.

Where this expectation that things will get better, once we hit a new arbitrary target comes from is a mystery to me. I still remember “14 days to flatten the curve” back in March 2020 which is now sailing past “500 days to eliminate a transmissible virus with no plans on international travel and using a vaccine that doesn’t stop transmission”.

But the list goes far beyond this, in the U.S we had you don’t need a mask, to wearing a mask, to wearing double or triple mask, to no need for a mask after vaccinations, to now wearing a mask once again. Back in Australia we had the NSW Premier exclaiming we won’t need any more lockdowns in March 2022, however we have given the most draconian restrictions yet with Sydney entering its 9th week of lockdowns. We had little chance of transmission during the BLM protest last year to avoiding talking to your neighbours this year. We had talk of vaccines wiping out covid to now simply reducing the severity of the disease once you catch it. We were told that vaccines are completely safe to now multiple deaths of healthy young people from blood clots. We were told you only need one shot of the vaccine which become double shot and will now be an annual booster shot at minimum.

At what point will the majority of Australians stop believing what they are being told and ask questions. We still have 75% of Australians supporting lockdowns. Regardless if that is a dodgy poll or uneducated Australians or a genuine love for big brother it is a disturbing result. When we will hold decision makers responsible and demand transparency behind their decisions and their plans moving forward?

I can help with a few questions:

  • If Israel vaccination rate for adults is well over 80% why are they still looking at lockdowns?
  • If the vaccine doesn’t stop transmissions are we looking at lockdowns indefinitely?
  • What plans does the government have with regards to international travel. Are we to become North Korea or are we prepared for the virus to return to Australia should we open the borders?
  • What studies are we using to make the assumption that masks work?
  • Why are anti-viral drugs Hydroxycholoroquine and Ivermectin considered unsafe despite being used for 90 years collectively but a vaccine rolled out in less then a year is totally fine for the entire population?
  • Why do politicians keep referring to “the experts” or “the science” like its some monolithic thing when there are conflicting opinions amongst the experts and science?
  • When did we decide that personal health matters were the responsibility of politicians? Where will we draw the line in the future, will we be forced to exercise daily, ban sugar, ban dangerous activities or have fitness watches sending data to big brother daily to ensure we are getting enough steps in?
  • Why the hell do we let politicians get away with ridiculous and contradictory rules such as having to sit down when having a drink, or not allowing dancing at a wedding.
  • Why do we need to wear a mask and be double vaxxed?
  • Why do we need to quarantine even with a negative result? Does that mean the test don’t work?

Feel free to add your questions below.

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Guest Post: thefrollinckingmole – Do we save the administrative state?

The thoughts in this article were triggered by one of the most RTWT pieces produced over the last week or so since it was shown that EVERY agency, military, civilian and NGO involved in Afghanistan was worse than clueless.

Hundreds of thousands of experts, top in their respective fields, all failed to see 20 years and trillions of dollars were no match for hard men with a cause. CIA, FBI, NSA, UN, ASIO, Medicans san Frontiers, Oxfam, and a thousand other trustafarian dilettantes all poured time & resources onto sand.

Im not going to rehash the points made in that, and other well written articles about the failure. Its catastrophic, all consuming and cannot be denied.

Instead Im going to focus on trying to save the administrative state.
Something I hate personally but will credit with (in its original forms) assisting in reducing inequalities and regulating behaviour between the classes.

What Im afraid of: A turn to rule by emotion, breeding, wealth, or personal influence and connections. Tsarist Russia might be seen as the epitome of this, which led to the horrible spiral of repression, oppression then revolution.

In my opinion there is only one key way to save the administrative state.
The bureaucracy must learn to fear the general public.
The local planning officer should flinch when a permission is requested knowing if they apply the regulations capriciously or in a way that damages an individual they will lose their job and be liable for economic loss.
The Clean energy finance guru should shit his pants seeing electricity prices rise, knowing, without a doubt hes about to be sacked and blacklisted from any similar position.
The various health authorities inflicting economic and mental ruin on hundreds of thousands of people need to be jailed and their departments disbanded, every person in them marked as pariah.
Politicians must be made to enact legislation through parliament only, not assign vast reams of law making and regulation to self interested silos of various regulatory agencies. And when one of those regulations causes harm to an individual they must be held personally accountable for the losses suffered.

We exist in an awful state at the moment which I would call anarcho-tyranny, where we are sowed incredibly thickly with laws and regulations, yet connections or money mean they are selectively applied.
Billy Bongsmoke cant leave his LGA for fear of a fine equal to 3 months of his disability pension, yet Nicole Kidman flys in direct from Singapore because shes ‘economically vital”.
The only way out is complete accountability.
We need lawyers prepared to lodge thousands of damages claims every time a new regulation is enacted.
We need a political party that removes any ability of the bureaucracy to generate law or regulation without compensation paid up ahead of its imposition to those affected.
And lastly we need sackings and consequences for every fuckup. No shuffling sideways, no mercy, if a bureaucrat has blighted another persons life with a bad decision then justice demands they face a similar penalty as restitution.

This and only this approach will save the administrative state.
As it exists it is an almost completely closed self serving loop. Appeals and complaints pit atomised individuals against organisations wallowing in OPM and effectively unlimited resources. And “watchdogs” supposed to provide some accountability are designed to respond to the bureaucracy, not the individuals affected.
Introducing fear of the public is the only way to make the managerial class realise the danger they are in.
They honestly don’t realise in many cases they harm they inflict, and with a near complete absence of painful personal stimuli have no reason to do so.

With no skin in the game they are ignorant enough to reach for repression as their tool of choice.
Democratic repression is no better than repression by Theocracy , Monarchy or any of the charnel house “isms” of the 20th Century.
I am genuinely concerned we return to the age of “Propaganda of the Deed”, where people ruined by government fiat decide that just smashing stuff up and becoming ungovernable is as legitimate as voting for the uniparties every 4 years.

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Guest Post: thefrollickingmole – The poor white ants we will always have with us

Back to that most fertile* of occupations, shooting Gruinaid ( ) articles in a barrel. Often it’s the below the line comments which expose the real vileness of the gimmedat left mentality.

The article is standard boilerplate Gruinaid grist fore the mill, take a problem caused largely by smashing the stable family unit and the war on the middle class & generational care.

Social care desperately needs funding, and the fairest way is inheritance tax ( )

In short the Boomer mob (generalisation alert) who were happy to dump mum and dad in St Keros ( ) home for the slightly inconvenient are now looking at having to enter the same places and think its not fair.

The only way to correct this is to further make sure future generations pay later for what they consume now.

The article is the usual grab bag of cliches, squandering vast sums is “investment”, the NHS is a jealous god, Its not your money, equality etc.

How can we get you plebs to live in the pods, eat the bugs, get the chip and be happy if you don’t have to sell the family home to pay the taxman? ( )

Anyway all this is just preamble to the horror that is the below the line comments.
Remember this is actively moderated, so these are opinions they are comfortable with.
All property should be the property of the government on death and the family gets 10% of the sale price. Transfer of property by anyone over 50 (or less than 10 years prior to death, whichever applies) outlawed to stop intra family tax avoidance.
Because nothing has spelt out “Successful nation” quite like government confiscation of property right?
Great idea but the greedy middle class will hate it so it’s a non-starter.
Got that, denying yourself gratification, saving money, providing services people pay for and accumulating assets and cash in your life is ‘greedy”.
But unless the tax rate is 100% with a zero threshhold, they’ll still get money for nothing
Soy stained claws typed this.

The usual self-serving cobblers about “I’ve already paid tax, I shouldn’t be taxed again”. Oh boo-hoo.
Im detecting traces of life long parasite in this post.

When you die your estate becomes brand new income for your inheritors that they are receiving for the very first time and it should be taxed as such.
Never mind the income tax, gst, rates fees & dozens of other ways the government whittled at the money invested, when you die your kids should be pennyless.

ban all inheritance, it is the cause for unjust privilege and has been for centuries.

inheritance should be banned full stop… when you die, the state should reclaim all your assets sell them and redistribute the money for public services and infrastructure etc

Moles Modest Proposal: We send all the elderly to 3rd world countries where they can live like kings on the Australian/UK pension.
You know it makes sense.

*In the same sense the waste pond from a piggery is fertile

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