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Vax on, vax off.


Abbariginal. Someone who is quite fair-skinned, blonde and claiming aboriginality for the money, money, money. Shy Ted.

Abcroturfing – Surveying only people from within your approved clique and then presenting the results as representative of what all Australians from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds really believe. Colonel Crispin Berka.

Acadumic – When the alleged intelligent one states something so incredibly stupid. Shy Ted.

Alternative spelling and definition: “Acadumbic – a uni professor who dumbs down students and makes them stupider. An “acadumbic statement” can then be an allegedly intelligent sounding statement which is actually incredibly stupid and devoid of facts or reason. Mr. Rusty.

Accelerated Nation Ruin – [Definition?]. Myrddin Seren.

Accusuals – The usual accusers. Steve.

Agroculture – Pre invasion day civilisation’s treatment of women and children. Buccaneer.

Albobalm – The massage oil at an Asian rub&tug. Carpe Jugulum.

Aldierman – A handler of Aldi bags in politics. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Alt-Racist – Reactionary throwback who believes that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin. Iain C.

Allaholic Frenzy. (1) – Display of highly agitated behaviour, often in a crowd setting. Can be triggered by almost anything that can be interpreted as disrespectful to Islam, esp. cartoon. Frequently seen in Islamic areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and England. Patients suffering from Allaholic Frenzy are advised to be cautious when operating machinery or motor vehicles. References: (1). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 6th Edition: DSM-6. Eddystone.

Alutheran – A forward-thinking progressive who thinks a man should be judged by the colour of his skin, not the content of their character, and who is thus supercilious and condescending towards an Alt-Racist.” Mr. Rusty.

Ambused – Inviting a political opponent for an interview with the intent of abusing them. Calli.

Antigagnostic – A leftist who becomes agitated and hostile when faced with knowledge and facts. Mr. Rusty.

Apathygasm (noun) – The 2 out of 10 euphoria one feels at the climax of mediocrity-triggered stimulation. Often accompanied by the self-talk: ‘It’s the best I can hope for, so I may as well be content with it.’ Occasionally abbreviated to: “Meh. Woooo!” Muddy.

Apollygy – An apology made by a hopeless PM about something they had no personal involvement in, but, hey, running the country is about seeming more virtuous than the previous P.M. Shy Ted.

Arabesk – Line dancing Jihadis. Yon Toad.

Arderngasm – breathlessly reporting every single woke virtue signal from a lefty politician while distracting from any message that might counter one’s narrow world view. Buccaneer.

Arky Vortex – The conglomeration of all the intersecting lunacies of the age and how they interact to fuck us all. Arky.

Artisanarianism[Definition?]. Stimpson J. Cat (inspired by Infidel ‘Artisanal’ Tiger?).

Arkyology – Unearthing useless artifacts from the OT [old thread – a blog term] midden and giving them overblown cultural weight. calli.

Austfailia – [Definition?]. thefrollickingmole.

Aviafauxlanthropist – A poisoned dwarf version of a fauxlanthropist. Whalehunt Fun.


Balance of poorer – To control the votes to ensure Australia’s prosperity is never realised. ‘By holding the balance of poorer Senargy defeated the bill once again.’ Winter has come.

Balancers – Those who always look on the bright side of any beheading or car crushing event. Iain Russell.

Baldrick – verb. To baldrick someone on the blog Catallaxy Files, is to make a public service announcement questioning a poster’s claimed identity by cutting and pasting one of their past comments. Such a baldricking is generally preceded by the phrase “For no particular reason…” Named in honour of Catallaxy troll hunter, Baldrick.

Bidening – Telling huge porkies with a “fatherly” vacant look. Professor Fred Lenin.

Bidentification – Listening to heroic stories told on the campaign trail, then figuring out who those people might have actually been. Tel. Related to:

Bidentifiable – A character from said heroic story who did turn out to be based on a real person, regardless of whether they did what was described. Tel.

Billabonk – “Having a root next to a waterhole.” Phill.

Bimbecile (Noun) – Airheaded young woman spectacularly unaware of her own invincible ignorance, increasingly promoted to positions in the public and private sectors that are way beyond their competency. Example: Jen Psaki. Spurgeon Monfish III.

BimbocracyAdministration by CEW (Chief Executive Women aka the ClitClub presided over in Australia by some value-drainer whose name momentarily escapes me. Word – egg. Definition – Tintarella di Luna.

Bishopwary – A bony, flightless bird which collects shiny objects. Tends to attack with its sharp stiletto-like claws when you’re not looking. Although it spends much time attracting a mate with exotic displays, it rarely produces offspring. duncanm.

Blackwards – ‘Bending over blackwards’ – self-explanatory I suppose. “The [insert here a Catictionary word for the media and/or the chattering classes] bent over blackwards to excuse Adam Goodes’ idiotic behaviour”. Rafiki Redux.

Blepharoblasty (n) – The rapid blinking of eyelids as an involuntary reaction to the fact that you are completely out of your depth. e.g. Senator Hanson-Young suffered an acute attack of blepharoblasty during the Senate hearing on taxation. Mr. Rusty.

Blobgic – A poster named Bob whose every post is roundly ridiculed for the sheer lack of logic. Shy Ted.

Bloodger – Using race to suck from the taxpayer’s teat. Struth.

Blowjob economy – The increasing reliance of deindustrialised western countries on making coffees, mowing lawns and giving greasy politicians and union slugs rub and tugs in order to give the plebian masses the illusion of useful labour, when in reality the entire useful output of the place is done by a few thousand productive individuals. Arky.

Bolshie Ballet – The carefully choreographed routine employed by all leftards when the hideous crimes and failures of socialism are brought up. Responses such as “but that wasn’t real communism”, “but Scandinavia” and “but outside forces” are very common. Mr. Rusty.

Bombe Arabica – A self-igniting coffee-based dessert. Yon Toad.

Boos bus – the public transport that delivers the luvvies to the Q&A studio where they intend to boo the token conservative. Rumour has it they practise coordinating the boos on the bus. Shy Ted.

Brandsize (verb) – To add puffery to a speech to give the misguided impression of high intellect and education. Stanley.

Brandywhine – A response from a politician when confronted by a woman who is not a Muslim, wearing a burkha. Yon Toad.

Buginning – The onset of the great reset. Geoff Cruickshank.

Bum Cha – Marrying a Taiwanese lady in expectation of a lifetime of delicious, exotic food items cooked as delicious meals, only to be sadly, sadly disappointed. Ikamatua.

Burndust – Any utterance extruded by a certain unsuccessful green slime candidate. Vagabond.


Cacophoney – Loud, confected outrage. Calli.

Candoroff – Truth is out of date and has been replaced by Lies which serve the Left’s Perception of Reality better. Faye.

Canoebaya (noun) – A metaphorical or imagined state in which all parties are in the same boat, but that’s OK because equality and that’s fantastic, man. See also “we are us.” 132andBush.

Castling (kar-se-ling) – The process whereby an administrator bans an employee from an entire industry for voicing a personal opinion that differs from the administrator’s pre-set narrative. Knuckle Dragger.

Castrocian – The end of the Cuban dynasty. Rasputin.

Catalexicon – [Definition?]. Rasputin.

Catarsetrophy – A disastrous outcome unforeseen by progressives, but patently obvious to conservatives. “Dan Andrews’ COVID-19 response was a catarsetrophy.” Kneel.

Catasphraxy – What happens when those bastards finally succeed in closing the Cat for good. Buccaneer.

Cataschism – The breakup of the cat into cats and cat-nots in 2021. Duncanm.

Cataxfallacy – Everything ever posted here by monty, numberwang et al. Buccaneer.

Cataxcomb – Previous versions of the Cat. Buccaneer.

Cataxtonic – The folks who finally convinced poor Sinc to abandon the Cat. Buccaneer.

Catharass – To have a Cat member harassing us about stuff. Winston Smith.

Catributors – Posters and thread writers on Cat2. Tintarella di Luna.

Chantery, in – Caught in a hopeless situation. Tintarella di Luna.

Chairfool – Australian watching MSM as Australia destroys itself. Jo.

Christianists – They did the Crusades and the Inquisition. They’re not real Christians, like the Islamists aren’t real Islamics. Gary@Erko.

Cleft Parrot – A jibbering, dribbling, unintelligible member of the collectivist left that is unable to form proper sentences or coherent words. Mr. Rusty.

Climasterics – Climate-inspired hysterics. “It’s a dire situation, but some of the climasterics need a good, sharp smack.” Lotocoti.

Climathropic – A person who suffers from the belief that climate change is caused by white males. Indigo.

Climatocracy – The upper echelons of the climate science and activist fraternity, made wealthy as dauphins by immeasurable government largesse and whose interbreeding extends to mutual peer review of each others’ work. New members can only be by anointment by fellow Climatocrats or by marriage (joining the reseach group of a Climatocrat). Iain C of The Ponds.

Climatrocity – The catastrophic exploitation of CO2 by enemies of the people as a means to grab power via a one-world government. Faye.

Clowncil – “Less than half-way in and it suddenly morphs into a Climate Clowncil advertorial. Surprise, surprise.” Leigh Lowe.

Comspiracy – The collusion of the left to wholly and knowingly perpetrate a complete fraud so large that it meets the criteria for – “tell a lie so big and repeat it so often that people accept it as fact”. Shy Ted.

Commufist – ‘Surely it needs no clarification’ [Yes it does!]. Covid ate my homework.

Constantinism – A pithy, observational quote, named in honour of Cat, John Constantine. i.e. “Listening to pynefilth speak about your country is like watching a drunken hippy vomit on your dog. Then lick it clean.” notafan.

Contradictum – The stupidest, densest idiocy found by man. thefrollickingmole.

Covidementor – Miserable public functionary, wraithlike in appearance, typically genderless, usually resides within Public Health Departments but may also be found in other government agencies, tasked with sucking the life out you on for your own good. MarcH.

Covoodles – Stupid fluffy dogs bought in the last two years. JohnJJJ.

Covcops – Police armed to the teeth with Glock 22, pepper spray, baton, armour vest and taser with backup of paddy wagon, helicopter, PORS and highway patrol who politely ask the 80 year old lady sitting on her own on a park bench in the sun overlooking Bondi beach to move on. JohnJJJ.

Crime-ate – Over in Tuvalu our PM is handing over other people’s money to Pacific Island states for crime-ate change matters. Stanley.

Cullininging (noun) – “There needs to be a great cullininging on this blog. Most of you are worthless shits and full of putrid moronic gibble gabble. These desperate times demand men of substance and vim. Most all of you are only worthy to hang on the wall of an ABC toilet cubical for ABC types to write odes to their irritable bowel issues upon.” Arky.

Cultimulturalism – A self-destructive, masochist cult. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Cultural guilticide[Definition?]. Calli.


Dancelled – In relation to ‘worthless’ contracts later costing a billion to walk away from. Chrism.

Dandemonium – Freewheeling incompetence allied with closely controlled and monitored panic masquerading as artful health policy. IainC.

Danial – Bluster used to deflect well-earned criticism. Chrism.

Danophilia – A sordid submission fetish everywhere but Victoria. Lotocoti.

Danophiliac – Emotional toddlers who slavishly follow their oppressor, aka Complete Mongs. Carpe Jugulum.

Danrrested –Detention of small pregnant woman in pyjamas at home in front of her children by several large bovver boy police for a crime of ‘incitement’ – to protest politically the hard lockdown. Chrism.

Dansplaining – Repeated press conferences where no one is any the wiser as to what the subject is talking about and no journalist can ask questions that do more than skirt the issues at hand – a reference to Dan Andrews 100 plus press conferences after [Edited] 800 people in the Dandemic where he refused to take responsibility. Buccaneer.

Dansturbator – Any member of the ‘I Stand with Dan’ crowd. Carpe Jugulum.

Dapining – An argument, indulged in by retired schoolteachers, as to how many National Servicemen can dance on the head of a pin. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha.

Destroylian – A person who, despite benefitting hugely from the success of the Australian nation, now seeks to destroy any and every little piece of it that was instrumental in providing their advantage. Shy Ted.

Democrazy – The system whereby the elected government completely ignores what people voted for. Shy Ted.

Denialarmist – A climate change alarmist who either denies the empirical data on the impact of CO2 on climate, or denies statements previously made which since have been shown so clearly to be incorrect that acknowledging that they were actually made simply demonstrates the incompetence of the writer/speaker. Boambee John.

Depravation – To be denied your daily dose of porn. IainC.

Delection – The subtle art of going to an election, losing seats, but managing to hang on to power. Shy Ted.

Derection– What you get when a left wing female takes her clothes off. Shy Ted.

Dhummi – A leftist who promotes Islam and wants mass Muslim immigration to Western countries. Mr. Rusty.

Dikigorosocracy – A “lawyer’s aristocratic kakistocracy” is what we live under and have done so since the fall of Henry VIII, at least in terms of his full control of affairs of state as he deteriorated. Dikigoros is greek for lawyer. Frank Walker from National Tiles.

Dimformation – Propaganda disguised as information spread by the Marxist Stream Media to the low information, low engagement populace designed to dumb them down even further. Mr. Rusty.

Dimwitterati – Our energy policy masters. Geoff Derrick.

Dingoat[Definition?]. Stimpson J. Cat.

Alternative definition: Dingoat I suppose could be applied to all LNP members of state and federal parliament save those who voted for Tony Abbott- my local member is a dingoat. Tintarella di Luna.

Disasterati – the airhead commentariat thrilling about the latest research by (add carpetbagger of choice here) that proves the catastrophic impact of climate change on (ass object of choice here) will end the world as we know it. Dr. Faustus.

Dodgeridoo – A fake Aboriginal artefact. Phill.

Duttonate – A political premature erection. Word: Nighthawk the Elder. Definition: Muddy the Sticky.


Educryptocracy – Socialist takeover of education. Faye.

Efucation – The usual suspects [?]. [Definition?]. Shy Ted.

Elitits – persons who roll up to a diversity or sustainability meeting or conference in the vain attempt to gain credibility by attending and praying to the diversity gods. Usually dressed in business attire from Lowe’s or some other house of non fashion that makes them stand out from the usual hipsterfied attire of other attendees. Also will make some kind of statement that will prompt a mental eye roll or furtive glances from the in audience. Examples include Bill Shorten, everyone in the in crowd knows a true adherent would never have man boobs. Buccaneer.

Emmanomics – [Definition?]. H.B. Bear.

Empiricalying – A necessary evil for the Left to survive. Faye.

Endocrime System – AKA “politics.” The system of exploitation, theft, corruption and nepotism that results in the phenomenon of politicians and senior public servants becoming incredibly rich via the political system. Mr. Rusty.

Epsteined – To die mysteriously in maximum security. Professor Fred Lenin.

Erascist – Whitewashing the truth and blackening the past to colorize the present. IainC.

Erdogang – The group determined to take secular Turkey back into the dark ages. Herodotus.

Expertocracy – Having to do what you are told by infallible government experts with your own money on your own property. Davefromweewaa.

Extramolestial (n) – A political creature that uses their power to sexually harass or rape and who gets away with it owing to cover-ups by high-level Government operatives, a compliant media and labelling the accuser as crazy or imagining it. e.g. Bill was able to escape scrutiny and get away with the crimes owing to him being an extramolestial. Mr. Rusty.


Fairyan; The Fairyan Race (cf. fair, fairy, Aryan Race) – An elite race of superhumans who are so much better than everyone else owing to their purity of fair minded thinking and pursuit of absolute equality. In reality this eutopia only exists in la-la land populated by fairies, unicorns and pixie dust and the pursuit of it results in the misery, suffering and deaths of all those deemed not be pure enough to belong to The Fairyan Race. Mr. Rusty.

Fakemebias – The media’s perception of the news. Faye.

Fantastiologist – A white indigenous archaeologist. Professor Fred Lenin.

Farkyed – Expletive. An expression of doom. “Methinks we are farkyed.” Incoherent Rambler.

Far-righteous – leftist demographic that seeks to promote its overwhelming social virtues, love for mankind and compassion by copious use of denigration, vilification, harassment, denial and hatred, backed up by dressing in black, donning masks and beating up any remaining opposition. IainC.

Farticulation – Talking cr*p. Calli.

Fattoo – Tattoo on a fat person. Increasingly common in our ladyfolk. Shy Ted.

Faulty-cultural – A multi-cultural society gone wrong which tends to occur after importing a backward 7th Century culture incompatible with your societal norms. Mr. Rusty.

Faulti-culti – A particular culture that, once introduced, will eventually corrupt and destroy a host culture. Mr. Rusty.

Fauxages – Fake (meatless) sausages. Roger.

Fauxboriginal – White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA or ‘how they feel. Carpe Jugulum.

Fauxb/Fauxbia/Fauxbic – The dishonest and slanderous labelling of an individual who publicly questions the narrative imposed by a self-selected moral elite regarding specific favoured groups which share characteristics such as race, gender, sexual preference, religious or cultural belief. e.g. Homofauxbia, Islamofauxbia (The Beer Whisperer). The labelled individual is portrayed as suffering from an irrational fear, akin to a dangerous mental illness, of one or more of the favoured groups, thus consciously separating themselves from the societal ‘norm’ and voluntarily surrendering any rights, protections or privileges. This pathologising of dissent is analogous to the historical concept of outlawry, wherein an individual was legally stripped of the rights enjoyed by fellow citizens as the result of an alleged crime committed by the accused. Said outlaw could be ‘hunted’ using means not otherwise permitted by the contemporary legal system. The Post-Rational branding of an individual as a ‘fauxb’ presently submits them for hunting (by any and all persons who express an interest) in a reputational and social sense only, though Self-Elected Retributive Justice Magistrates (SERJMs, or simply RJMs) aim to progress legislation to the point where the hunting of fellow humans is again sanctioned by society as a whole, or its unelected representatives.

Fauxlanthropist – A CEO who spends shareholders’ money rather than his own to promote causes dear to his heart. calli.

Fauxphobia – 1. Pretending that sticking “phobia” onto a randomly chosen word is meaningful. 2. Fear of people who create meaningless words. Tel.

Fauxservative[Definition?]. Baldrick.

Feelty (n) (cf. fealty) – The emotional oath of loyalty pledged to a victim group. Feelty tenants (vassals) receive a share of the emotions and rewards from their feelty Lords and protectorates in return for their allegiance. Example: “Clover pledged her feelty to the LGBTI community, swore to defend them against all offence and from any attacks on their feelings and rewarded them with grants. In return the LGBTI community voted and campaigned for Clover.” Mr. Rusty.

Femanist – A neckbeard on the pull. Lotocoti.

Feminein, Femineins – [Definition?]. Faye.

Femunism/Femunist – Essentially the same thing as a Feminist Socialist but rolls off the tongue so much better. Trevor.

Figmentalists – Posturing twits who are basically just a figment of someone else’s imagination. They all want to be Titania McGrath. Squirrel.

Fixiglu – [Definition?]. Zippy.

Flabitat – An environmentalist committed to creating new habitat for the endangered pubic hair louse. Buccaneer.

Flagtellate (v), Flagtulence (n) – The act of pretentiously lashing or demeaning an aspect of one’s culture or heritage whilst simultaneously getting high on the emissions of smug from your orifice. e.g. Elizabeth flagtellated the teaching of English to Aboriginies claiming it would erode their culture. Mr. Rusty.

Flannery – A unit of measurement of rain. “I think we’ve had over 75 ‘Flannerys’ in the past week.” A Flannery being 50 gigalitres. Wivenhoe Dam [in south east Queensland] at 1,165 GL is…23.3 Flannerys. Word: Bill Thompson. Definition: Entropy.

Alternative definition: An actionable noun. ie, There was a good ten minutes of solid mutual Flannery from Richard Di Natale and Fran Kelly this morning … meaning, moralistic green-left overstatement, verging on catastrophism, with no apparent embarrassment or acknowledgement of past gaffes. Dave in Marybrook.

Fleffers – Far-left activists who routinely are stacked into the audiences of panels and TV shows (see Q&A) in order to whoop, cheer and vigorously applaud their ideology and its espousers. This has the effect of keeping them pumped up and excited until the other people’s money shot is reached. Mr. Rusty.

Flunk-Drunk – When one loses the ability to plan for the weekend, month, quarter, year, future due to some Government flunky continually shutting down your movements, community, economy, life. Fair Shake.

Foke Folk who are woke. NuThink via Percy Popingjay. [Is this a Cat original?].

Foolies – Neither Schoolies nor Toolies: uneducated students protesting on the public teat. Fibro.

Foregasm – Another wonderful feeling one gets when Treasury forecasts a balanced budget sometime in the next 20-30 years. Captain Crunch.

Fridgicide – Thanks to a US intellectual we now know that this, not Islamic terrorism, is the real threat to western civilisation. Adelagado.

Frustrageous – What I think about people who make up words. Phill.

Fruzzle (noun) – A conjunction of ‘freedom muzzle.’ A Reader.


Gangreen – A member of the minority watermelon party. Rasputin.

Gaypr – A conjunction of ‘Gay Privilege.’ Muddy.

Gayredherringcrumb – People discussing something someone else doesn’t want them to discuss. Notafan.

Gendercide – The destruction of biological gender as we know it. Faye.

Gendercreep – The feminisation of society. Egg. OR: Public education on just how many ways to have sex. Faye.

Gender steer – A man whom on having an operation to remove the equipment, realises it was all a mistake and wants it back. Buccaneer.

Gimmigrants (n) – Useless, lazy, welfare seeking hordes and corporatist corruptocrats who jump on the public service boats and set sail for the promised land of luscious Government grants which grow on trees. Ref. The ABC, the Climate Change trough, useless PhD students. Mr. Rusty.

Gingernuts – Women who wear the pants in a marriage. Xword.

Glibertarian (n) – A Libertarian who smugly and stubbornly believes they are right about everything but is shown to have extremely shallow arguments with no substance. Mr. Rusty.

Globubble (n) – The notion that the bubble you live in is representative of everyone else in the whole world. Mr. Rusty.

Grammargasm – [Definition?]. Chris.

Grateness – Turnbull: Greatness into Grateness. Mother Lode.

GreensectomyOperation to gut the Gangrenous Greens of all political power. Faye.

Greensided – To have your Parliamentary ambitions julianed. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring.

Grenema – A conjunction of ‘green enema.’ A social and economic flushing-out. Muddy.

Gretagrade – A measurement of [Definition please, G.M.]. i.e.
five degrees G (Gretagrade) here on the Plains of Sodom…” Geriatric Mayfly.

Gretaliation – The result of questioning a scam where a child is used as a propaganda tool (see Gretask). Tel.

Gretask – When a child is used as a propaganda tool for a scam. mem.

Gretatude – The emotional response to the buginning of the soy-disant vegans. Geoff Cruickshank.

Grotesque National Product – New monetary measure describing the shrinking difference between the slightly increasing Gross National Product and the out of control total Federal and State Government debt. Iain C.


Hairdophile – A politician with a peccadillo for sniffing young girls’ hair. Carpe Jugulum.

Handdag – A political accessory of dubious value. The Beer Whisperer.

Harmaceuticals – Medicines that do harm. Shy Ted.

Hashtrology – A scientific system of Twitter tags to live your life by. Muddy.

Herarsement – Womanspreading on the bus. Nob.

Hi-Alanism – One of our commenters – the now retired Michael Sutcliffe – identified and mocked the phenomenon of phony ‘conservatives’ ringing talk-back shock-jocks (like Alan Jones) and saying things like, “Hi Alan, I’m a lifelong Liberal voter but I can’t stand Tony Abbott and have to say, reluctantly, that I’ll be voting for Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard etc.” This phenomenon was christened Hi-Alanism. (Definition by C.L.).

Hijabber-jabber – Peculiar expression of the Stockholm Syndrome from towelheaded opinionistas. Dave in Marybrook.

Hippocrits – All the fat chicks infesting the internet dating site at the moment who reckon they’re vegetarians. Shy Ted.

Hippopottymouth – Fat, foul-mouthed “lady” usually beloved by the left. Shy Ted.

Hive Eyes, The – A network of CCP nationals that managed to strip PPE from most western nations just in time for the wuflu to make PPE supplies important, then bombard western companies with emails offering special deals on PPE equipment that was substandard. Buccaneer.

Hivivistan[Definition?]. Dot & Struth to have a chainsaw duel to settle who originated the term.

Homo abcii – A new species of human: the result of taxpayer-funded, media-behemoth intra-family breeding. Bruce of Newcastle.

Homo Bandannus – gents of a certain age who respond to their (late-ish) mid-life crisis by dressing ostentatiously to the Left. Squirrel.

Homopath – A gay person who wants to harm anyone deemed to be “homophobic”. Mr. Rusty.

Homo termitus – individuals who have embedded themselves in Western Institutions in order to weaken and destroy the West from within. There are sub-species of Homo termitus – such as Politermitus, Journotermitus, and Acaditermitus. A Lurker.

Hopium – An intoxicating substance which “doesn’t seem to be in short supply these days but actionable outcomes are as rare as conservatives. How long do we wait for the hopium to run out?” Howard Hill.

Horronated – “I’m horronated to find out how she knows…” Notafan.

Humandor (noun) –A woman whose vagina is used to moisten the tip of cigars for Democrat Presidents. Baa Humbug.

Hyperhyperventilist – A person who hyperventilates at the slightest statement or action that could be considered politically incorrect e.g. someone who is incensed that President Trump complimented Macron’s missus on her appearance. Mrs Bouquet in Keeping Up Appearances would qualify if she were more left-wing rather than a conservative. Philip Dowling.

Hypertainsion – The nervousness felt between a terrorist incident and the confirmation of which group or ideology committed the act. Mr. Rusty.

Hysteractomy – A barren, soulless, progressive female who goes on a hysterical rant of fake outrage at the tiniest of slights. (ref. Gillard misogyny “speech”). Mr. Rusty.


Ignoranuses – [Definition?]. Infidel Tiger.

Indanity – The mentally disturbed behaviour of Victoriastan’s premier. Incoherent Rambler.

Indigeghoul – 1. Adherent of socio-cultural necrophilia: the derivation of physiological satisfaction from intimate interaction with social and cultural decomposition. 2. A compulsion to asphyxiate the opportunities available to those of indigenous ancestry by swathing them in tight cultural bandaging that restricts motion and sensory perception. Growth deniers. – Muddy.

Infesnaked – After St Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland, they arrived in Australia to be welcomed into positions of authority in govt departments, in particular wearers of dark uniforms driving fast cars. EnyaW.

Inflabricate (v) (cf. inflate, inflame, fabricate) – The deliberate inflation and falsification of statistics used in order to inflame a situation. Ref. The numbers of people attending climate change rallies, anti-Australia Day marches. The ever expanding time period Aboriginies have been in Australia (currently about 9 million years and rising). Future projections of sea level rise and temperatures. Mr. Rusty.

Inschlockulation – The vaccine that isn’t. Calli.

Insomedy – A non-humorous mutation of traditional comedy where the intent is to both insult and induce sleep within, up to half of one’s audience. Parasitic by nature, insomedians often attach themselves to a public broadcaster and burrow so deeply that surgical removal becomes the only, albeit expensive, option. Conservative scientists are still seeking a natural predator or other biological solution. Hence the hopeful phrase ‘Coat me in trump and throw me to the insomedians.’ Muddy.

Instagamification – the emotion felt by instagraming fake videos of your shitty existence as evidence of your fantastic existence. Jumpnmcar.

Insulterati – [Definition?]. Viva.

Intaxication – That wonderful feeling Government gives you when they spend $ on you. But you know a headache is coming. Captain Crunch.

Interchangeable Filthcog – [Definition?]. John Constantine.

Interruption Lotto – A conservative version of the traditional game of ‘Chicken’ wherein a small group of genetically unique Catallaxians regularly and voluntarily expose themselves to psychological trauma by watching an extreme-left propaganda broadcast from the taxpayer funded Ministry of Truth. The Catallaxian who can demonstrate the lowest level of mental disturbance at the end of the program each week is declared the ‘winner’ and is awarded an imaginary pair of ‘chaps’ to use as they please until the following week. There is at present no mandatory drug testing of participants. Carpe Jugulum.

Intomniac – Someone who can’t sleep and is up at 4 a.m. posting cartoons for Cats’ delectations (Tom). Shy Ted.

ITAnerary – That list of ABC employees who should be rendered unemployed with immediate effect. Shy Ted.


Jabophile – A Strayan who’s done the “right thing” and can’t wait to do it again. Squirrel.

Jabphobic – An enemy of the people. Squirrel.

Jabsceptic – A thought criminal. Squirrel.

Jaborrhoea – A contagious condition rampant in the Strayan media in 2021 – there is no known cure, vaccines only make it worse. Squirrel.

Jesbian – [Definition?]. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Joementia – The inane ramblings of POTUS 46. Carpe Jugulum.

Jonestowns – Flourishing Marxist communities. Faye.

Journolice/Journolouse[Definition?]. Snoopy.

Juliabared – Vegan woman who you wonder what she’s like naked but you know there’s only a skeleton under the expensive threads. Shy Ted.


Karcrashian – When a social media post goes horribly wrong. Calli.

Kevniate – To tilt at windmills and publicly pontificate on puerile matters that have little basis in truth or accuracy. All done in the style of a miserable ghost. Benno.

Kleptocrony – [Definition?]. John Constantine?

Kleptoswampturd[Definition?]. John Constantine?

Koalition – When WWF fundraising campaign with a “Koalas Evicted From Their Forest Homes” theme meets a community emotive response despite the fact that the basic premise of that campaign has been roundly debunked by a contributor to Quadrant. Herodotus.

Koraninanity – The argument that Islam is just like Christianity because Crusades. Calli.


Langwedge (v, n) – Meaningless rhetorical language used by a lefty in order to wedge their opponents into a position of opposition. e.g. By appealing to diversity, compassion and equality, Tanya langwedged her opponent’s advocacy of secure borders. Mr. Rusty.

Lattesexual – Inner city dweller willing to have meaningless sex with any gender after a couple of shots. Baa Humbug.

Leftits – Tells everyone they adhere to every leftist pronouncement or policy. Argues every point. Then proceeds to un ironically make a complete mockery of themselves and their ideology by making and idiotic statement like I can’t describe all 35 genders because I got my junior to look into that and it’s all good because we’ve got it covered at my company. Buccaneer.

Leftwaffe, The – The droning, mechanical formations of SJW’s that carpet bomb social media with hashtags and believe they are superior to all others. Mr. Rusty.

Lessbian – The particularly unattractive lady who no man would touch with a bargepole, joins the sisterhood, gets the tats and piercings and finds herself unwanted by the lesbians. Found at all the usual protests and claims to be an activist. Shy Ted.

Levitake – To raise the standard of living of some by extracting the hard earned income of others. IainC.

Liarwatha – Inspired by the Native American who provoked the Covington students. Nick. [Is this an original Catword?].

Loan Wolf – A recent arrival to Australia, a previous resident of a caliphate, on loan, at taxpayer expense. Aims to turn Australia into the place they left, fond of truck and car based street performances. Nick.

Luddlumite – One slow on the uptake of essential information while fast talking. Herodotus.

Lycracide – The mistaken belief that a 120kg loaded bicycle has right of way over a 52 tonne truck. Carpe Jugulum.


Malclaim – A claim to would-have-been greatness if not for the actions of inferiors. Shy Ted.

Maloney – Anything our beloved leader says. Captain Crunch.

Mallard/s. (Also Dallard/s). Those concrete barriers our brain dead elites have chosen to decorate our cities with. Can be interchanged as barrier to any future prosperity. Captain Crunch.

Malnanomous – to put one’s wealth to one side so as to ensure other enjoy the benefits from poverty. Spring is coming.

Malpitulate [Definition?]. Jumpnmcar.

Malterruption – Interrupting someone who’s waffling on and on … (egg_).

ManBunPig – A metrosexual who gets their panties in a bunch for no specific reason. Carpe Jugulum.

Marxist Stream Media – The collective formerly known as the Mainstream Media. Mr. Rusty.

Maskeraid – Groups sprung and fined for not observing Covid “rules.” Calli.

Meducation System – Systematic drugging of our brightest, most active children to be dumber than our teachers. Jumpnmcar.

Megraine – Self-centred egotist has-been second rate cable channel soap character desperately seeking recognition and thereby causing prolonged headaches for her in-laws. Whalehunt Fun.

Metaflaw (noun) – 1. A term given to a particular argument, statement or anecdote when it is proven to lack credibility, soundness or validity. 2. An exaggeration or, worst case, a lie. Mater.

Metaphony – Describing lies as metaphors. calli.

Methnic – An ethnic addicted to Meth. Stimpson J. Cat.

Moberats – 1. A pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing to give the false impression of appearing politically Moderate. 2. A mischief of rats conveniently named Moderates of Centre persuasion which is supposed to hide their Socialistist Left practices. Faye.

Mochadigenous – An individual of both Australian indigenous and non-indigenous background, but who acknowledges only the former. Muddy.

Mockcom – ABC produced sitcom promoted as edgy and inclusive but which is inevitably yet another vehicle to mock Aussie punters who fund it as stupid, racist, white, homophobic, transphobic, women-gnashing climate denying, troglodytes. And unfunny. Mockcoms are never funny. None.

Molecoin – the worth of which is measured in moles (either the live ones or the unit of measurement), Bitcoin’s more underground relative. Highly sought after as indicators of social media worth, the coin that truly values peoples intellectual output on the interwebs. Eg: That sharticle Van Badham wrote was the equivalent of 5000 molecoins of stupid. As a general indicator one molecoin is worth about 1/10,000 of a scholarly tome by Mr Ant Lowenstein [not linked to here – ask Mole for it]. thefrollickingmole.

Monobattery / SAbattery – By using OPM, SA ensures it remains on the bleeding edge of energy technology. Similar to the monorail purchased by the Simpson town of Springfield. Winter has come.

Moronicity[Definition?]. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Moronomy – A system of governance and economics characterised by the twin doctrines of (A) The government shall interfere in all facets of the lives of the citizenry. Up to but not limited to coercive methods in relation to energy consumption, transport, communication, travel and health. (B) Artificial creation and subsequent distribution of more money than has ever existed, with the goal of alleviating the psychological, societal and financial problems caused by (A). Can also be described as Keynesian economics minus the polish. 132andBush.

Ms-ery – Common outcome after application of radical feminist policies. IainC.

MsGuided – A state of mind whereby a tiny fraction of a percentage of angry, talentless, extremist women with no social skills believe they know exactly what all remaining women think, feel and desire, if only the Patriarchy let them. Iain C.

Muellerbate – An act of Leftist onanism, sure that Donald Trump will be impeached at any minute now. Nick.

Muffia (noun) – An organized, dangerous syndicate of older, judgmental females engaged in such activities as criticism of, and sneering at, any activity enjoyed by a male. Gilas.

Muffiosa (noun) – A member of the Muffia. Gilas.

Muskstick – What male lefties get when talking renewables; What politicians get after Elon has been to town. Jobsy.

Muskovite – A person who accepts the spiel of a carpetbagger as fact. Yon Toad.

Mustoush – An irresistible urge to argue over nothing. Calli.


Naggot – A conjunction of ‘nag’ and ‘maggot.” A certain highly paid public servant without whom, according to this same individual, our society would descend into a spiral of name-calling and malevolent staring. Fred Lenin.

Narcicyst – Like a narcissist, but a cancer on society as well. Example Turnbull and Rudd. Whalehunt Fun.

Narcissy – An egotistical modern socialist. Faye.

Narrowtive – [Definition?]. [Mentioned in a thread re the Australian ABC’s coverage of the President Trump impeachment circus]. NuThink [Please confirm this is your original word].

Neo-Apartheid – Progressive, compassionate policy that supposes that locking certain sections of the community into their old non-Western, non-technological culture will magically result in improved standards of living. Iain C.

Neoloj’ism: Newly coined word or expression sprayed around by j’ismists. e.g. “Renumeration” as originally coined by Antonio Jones Jr ($432,871) on the ALPBC. Percy Popinjay. [Uncertain whether or not to include this, as it is close to a redefinition].

NESbian – a word that might still be heard in public service circles (although probably sotto voce by an unreconstructured male in the privacy of a toilet stall) to describe the policy of according preference in access to employment and the perquisites of the job to a person of a non-English speaking background. The word describes the person preferred rather than the policy. Rafiki Redux.

Nobelious – Feeling sick after reading who won a Nobel Prize. Faye.

Nosferaflu – The choking viral horror that dare not speaketh its name… (Also the post-Epsilon* variant, that has hypnotic powers and wears a cape). *Epsilon flies and shoots lasers out of its eyes. Rex Anger.


Offund (v), Offunce (n) – The act of taking offense at anything in order to extract monies off other people. e.g. The Aboriginal woman was offunded by the Facebook post and received $5000 in compensation. Mr. Rusty.

Omosexual – That overtly gay ABC guest who has nothing to say but has beautifully white teeth and clean clothes. Shy Ted.

OPMShot/Other People’s Money Shot. The excitement felt by spraying around taxpayers money whilst proclaiming yourself to be the most amazing person ever, screaming “fair share” and reprimanding any dodgers. Mr. Rusty.

Orcleft, Their – [Definition?]. John Constantine.

Orifaece (n) – The opening from which a stream of effluent babble emerges. e.g. Nicholas Reece opened his orifaece to talk shit all night on Sky. Mr. Rusty.


Pandademic – [Definition?]. Incoherent Rambler.

Pantyfa – A social bedwetter who protests for no reason a rational person can fathom. Carpe Jugulum.

Paradies – A former paradise in the process of dying, courtesy the usual suspects. Shy Ted.

Pascoriginal – An ahistorical fantasist that has no aboriginal DNA. Carpe Jugulum.

Patriarchybearpig [Definition?]. thefrollickingmole.

Pedantrast – Someone who molests your posts by pointing out minor and irrelevant errors. Arky.

Penetralian – A Strayan who’s done the “right thing” and can’t wait to get to Bali. Squirrel.

Phallinked – A person associated with the “Safe Schools” child grooming program. Carpe Jugulum.

Phister – A vaxed person who shoves their jab status in your face as a point scoring exercise, whilst secretly scared stiff they are part of a big experiment. Mem.

Photiosism – [Definition?]. Bruce of Newcastle.

Pith-head – One who uses witticisms as a bludgeon for PC Speak. Carpe Jugulum.

Pliberserk – “There’s berserk and then there’s pliberserk.” Herodotus.

Polarazzi – Celebrity politician. Muddy.

Pollicock – Political correctness (remembering ‘poppycock’). Faye.

Polliegraph (n) – A graph of lies published by a politician intended to invert reality and delude the plebs. e.g. Wayne published a polliegraph showing how the Budget would be brought back into surplus over the next four years. Mr. Rusty.

Pollikak – From Collins English Dictionary – C19 from Dutch dialect ‘pappekak’ literally: soft excrement, from ‘pap’ soft + ‘kak’ dung. Faye.

Pollycy – That policy which the average punter knows will achieve nothing and is done purely for political purposes. Shy Ted.

Polytician – Polly with multiple and interchangeable views on a subject depending on what audience they are addressing. Herodotus.

Post-modem – the philosophy that transmission of complex thoughts and arguments that was once perfectly achievable at 64K bps now takes 1000 times the speed and hardware costs to achieve a significantly less intelligent result. Iain C.

Plainstiff – Boyfriend of gullible young female whom he encourages to go to the media rather than the police with rape claims, because trial by media never prejudiced the successful prosecution of a case and who cares anyway when you can stitch up her ex-employer. Buccaneer.

Plebersick – Someone who joyfully exploits the plight of young women for political gain. Carpe Jugulum. Alternate spelling: Plebersique. Covid ate my homework.

Polyentologist – ABC commentator specialising in studying polliemuppets. Professor Fred Lenin.

Poxulism – Where decisions are made for the people in their ‘best interests’ by a group of people who have no respect for the people and who spend lots of time diluting any ability to determine whether or not the people actually voted for the decisions in question. Buccaneer.

Preach Around (n) (cf. preach, reach around) – To make people feel better as you screw them even harder. Example: “Scott Morrison gave the voters a Preach Around as he explained to them that raising taxes was the right thing to do for all Australians.” Mr. Rusty.

Pregressive – A self-righteous, soi disant ultra-modern thinker who takes his agricultural beliefs from 10,000 BC (pre-farming), social policies from 3000 BC (pre-family groups), marital policies from 1500 BC (pre-Mosaic monogamy), science and technological ideas from 1700 AD (pre-industrial revolution) and economic guidance from 1860 (Marx). Iain C.

Pre-mortispidity – An older cousin of Peak Stupidity. Muddy.

Pretard – The extremely rare occurrence of a hot lefty who adopts Progressive standpoints in order to improve their social standing with other Progtards. Mr. Rusty.

Preposterist – Someone who expects others to believe their bullsh*t. Calli.

Projaculate (v) – To excessively spew one’s virtue by claiming to be pro-x, pro-y and pro-z.
Example: “Joe projaculated heavily as he signalled his favourable views on immigrants, gays and feminism.” Mr. Rusty.

Prolefligacy (n) (cf. proletarian, profligacy) – Extravagant spending thrown at those that vote for a living. Tends to occur every three years just before an election. Mr. Rusty.

Proto-tards – Those whose constant gibber creates micro bursts of post-modern vacuum before imploding almost as fast as they appear. Like a pump cavitating … they shred themselves to bits while making a lot of noise and not actually achieving anything. MatrixTransform.

Pussyfist (n) (cf. pussy, pacifist) – A beta leftist that claims to be fighting for peace under the banner of the Socialist fist. Mr. Rusty.


Qaserkers – Q&A berserkers: the self-sacrificing souls who stand at the sword-point of televisual death for the good of their community. Muddy.

Quilty (adjective) – After Archibald-botherer and, inexplicably, official war artist Ben Quilty. This is the flashy, mannered impasto now slapped around weekly by Anh Do, and because it echoes the puffed-up comfort of a quilt. Dave in Marybrook.

QuotaQuoter – Someone you see on The Drum, Q&A etc. who you just know is going to advocate for quotas before they open their mouths. Shy Ted/Tintarella di Luna.


Rabz Doctrine – Shut It Down. Fire Them All. Mound of Skulls. Salt the Earth. ‘Rabz it.’ Rabz.

Regretchik – spineless conservative who immediately kowtows to cultural Marxism when accused of something politically incorrect. Zippy.

Robber Baron Theory – A left-leaning vagina is better than a straight white penis. Robber Baron.

Rakeathon – Doubling down on bullshit after being whacked in the face with a rake. Zippy.

Raycism – An inability or unwillingness to judge a person based solely on their shadow. The inability to elevate an individual’s perceived ‘value’ based on supposed racial origin. Muddy.

Rearviewergy – Rear view energy. Politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists decide that the way forward is to firmly fix our sight in the rear view mirror – i.e. windmills.

Red Squirrel – “A distraction released during an argument with a lefty (who is losing the debate).” Mr. Rusty.

Red Whine – a bitter, century-old formulation initially derived from rich, plump, nutritious free market fruit that is crushed and squeezed until all goodness is gone, and the dry remaining husk is then vilified for not producing more, then more, then even more. IainC.

Reflexirage – The ability to switch victims of activism automatically and without question. Calli.

Regreticide – Killing a person’s career after a casual sexual encounter. Calli.

Relaxivism – The use of reason and logic to calm a fellow citizen who has become alarmed or agitated by prophecies put forward by special interest groups. Relaxivism strives to remove hysteria and emotion from debates and to replace it with rationality and scepticism. Beliaik.

Remanurefarture – To flagrantly rip off [?]. Spurgeon Monkfish III.

Re-no-ables – Cockamamie attempts to substitute reliable 24/7 energy with intermittent weakling versions that cannot possibly do the job. IainC.

RETstitution: To sell one’s self or country on a street corner for a Renewable Energy Target fix. Think AGL corporate strategy. Spring is coming.

RoPe – RoP [Religion of Pieces] evangelists. Given enough RoPe… pbw.

Rowebility – The learned skill of visualising and then portraying normal people as overweight and naked to others, through the application of watercolour to cardboard. Knuckle Dragger.

Ruddification – making a simple statement totally unintelligible; a phrase that has been “Ruddified” as in “people will understand that statement if you don’t Ruddify it.” A method used usually in politics or by public servants, particularly foreign affairs’ wallahs. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Ruddising – Verb. [Definition?]. Dr. Fred Lenin.

Ruinabaubles – [Definition?]. incoherent rambler.

Ruinables – [Definition?]. John Constantine.


7-Nilligate (verb) – To destroy a career through false accusations in the media and / or literature, preferably on the public purse. Duncanm.

Savvation – To be redeemed / trounced through the wonderings and insights shared by The Australian’s Nikki Savva. TA knows how that feels. Spring is coming.

Scoldawally – To be used in place of ‘frightbat’ for someone that you mostly agree with but needs to go and have a sleep (or get laid). Bespoke.

Scomment – Something the current PM says which gets the Bolts, Murrays and Kennys excited because it represents conservative views but is never mentioned again. Shy Ted.

Scrollotrollis [skrohl-o-trohl-is] (noun) – The inflammation of the index finger due to rapid scrolling past troll comments. Kaysee.

Senarchy – The process by which senate minority parties block the mandate of an elected government. Another old bloke.

Senargy – Where the combined power of the Upper House mobilises to diminish any chance of reigning in government spending. Winter has come.

Shardenfreude – Laughter upon observing another hapless, hopeless, toothless meth-head. Tony Tea.

Sharticle – What the Guardian and ABC push out to cover space on their websites. The frolickingmole.

Shitcoin – Any shit cryptocurrency used to buy shit online. Supported by shitchain, a way for the Chinese to take over the shitnet. ShitArky.

Shitholeification[Definition?]. Zippy.

Shutitdownism – The only viable end result after gubberment has tampered, regulated, interfered or taxed a system that should not have been in to start with. Fibro. (See also Rabz Doctrine).

Sinocure – The lucrative but undemanding position our perfidious politicians look forward to when they retire from years spent promoting Chinese Communist Party interests in Australia. Roger.

Slacktivist – Someone who only attends demos after midday. Calli.

Sloganocracy – Rule by a cadre of intellectual robots who maintain control with constant repetition of short, anodyne edicts that must be believed without question. Examples include: “diversity is good”, “Australia must build more wind and solar NOW”, Green New Deal”, “Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good”, “Israel is bad, Palestine is good”, and “for social justice to prevail, we must take away your… (fill in current benefit/human right)”. IainC.

Smite Supremacist – The Doomlord [Catallaxy blog Overlord]. calli.

Smotherhood – Parents’ modern progressive way of stunting children mentally and physically. Faye/Nob.

Smugnorance – People who won’t look at facts and are smug in their ignorance. Eyrie.

Smugnorant – Terri Butler (ALP) – Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality. Baldrick. [Is the acronym for that title an in-joke? – Muddy].

Smugonought – Someone who is smug and supercilious but with nothing to back it up? Danoz.

Snarxixism/Snarxixist – [Definition?]. Mr. Rusty.

Snoutcomes – The intended result of pork-barrelling. Calli.

Social Hector – Those who think it their gift to hand out ‘social licenses’ having never produced anything for the sustenance or wellbeing of their fellow man, or, God forbid, trying to make a living from it. Davefromweewaa.

Socialislam – The unofficial alliance between the left and Islam against Western liberal democracy. Mr. Rusty.

Socialistanks – Similar to smelly septic tanks wherever socialists gather. Faye.

Soupandasarnie (noun) – A beta male incapable of seeing the world outside the prism of race-baiting. Carpe Jugulum.

Soylipsisism – The view that one’s veganism is the only reality. calli.

Spartakiss (n) – A black-handed compliment. pbw.

Spitcoin – Their internal currency of choice, the more spitcoins a swampy accumulates, the higher on their virtue ladder they are elevated and the greater the range of lesser deplorable people they can spit down on. John Constantine.

Splodehenge – Recently installed tumescent terror totems, installed across Sydney and Melbourne CBDs. Not related to any one group in particular. (See Loan Wolf). Nick.

Squandermonkies – [Definition?]. Thefrolickingmole.

Stunatics – Conjunction of student and lunatics. Struth.

Succulenticity – [Definition?]. Knuckly Dragger.

Suevivor. Alleged victim of alleged long ago committed offence who comes forward when there’s money to be had. Shy Ted.

Surfdom – The indolent lifestyle and slacktivist world on the internet … the coming serfdom under leftist rule. Cui Bono.

Surtrump – Turns up trumps against all odds for America and the world surpassing all expectations. Faye.


Tealighting – Acts and deed carried out (such as the lighting of candles) that occur after a terrorist incident involving the RoP by those who wish to deny, misdirect and distort reality. Mr. Rusty.

Tempus Furius – medical term for the focused, acetylene torch-like feelings of rage and anger that a feminist gets when a man looks at his watch when a woman is speaking. Iain C.

Tempus Harmonius – medical term for the extended, trance-like feelings of peace and inner calm a feminist gets when a government department advises women to wear modest, full length clothing in certain overseas countries to appease the patriarchy. Iain C.

Testosterdrone – A beta male who can’t resist trolling even when he’s reviled, ignored, chastised, and wrong. Herodotus.

Tindergarten – the place you send 4 year olds if you want them to understand sexual concepts rather than play and finger-paint. Shy Ted.

Tollerance – The heavy monetary and social price Western countries have to pay in order to ‘enjoy’ the ‘benefits’ of multiculturalism. A Lurker.

Tri-umpherate – the close financial and familial relationship between Big Business, Big Union and Big Government that really run Australia and have established a system to benefit themselves to the detriment of the ordinary punter. Entropy.

Trollypop – A comment designed to get an instant, snarky reaction. Calli.

Trampion – Trans winner of a female competition. Henry2.

Transgander – someone who decides to change sex but just ends up looking a goose. Shy Ted.

Transubstantiation – the lowest of qualifications needed for a man to become a woman and compete in sporting codes, the Olympics, etc without any judgement or condemnation. Nick.

Treasurinomics – the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about the economy. Also see Astrology. Econocrat.

Triggs Point – The realisation that after broadcasting your contempt for someone in the left media for days that you have completely forgotten the facts of the matter. Iain C.

Trumpentia – An altered state of consciousness where reasoned argument explodes in a red mist of mental self-harm. Tom.

Tuppitude – Sexual intercourse involving sheeple. Mr. Rusty.

Turd Salad – My local council has a vision: “By 2030, embracing our heritage, environment and diversity, we – the community of – will be an inclusive, empowered, sustainable and visionary community, led and supported be a progressive council of excellence”
If I ate alphabet soup for a week, my shit would make more sense than this. Boxcar.

Turnmerkel – A habitual liar. Carpe Jugulum.

Twefluent – Twitter effluent. Fair Shake.

Two-bagger – Your typical leftist/SJW who is as repulsive in the outside as they are on the inside and thus during tuppitude require two paper bags over the head in case the first one falls off. Mr. Rusty.

Although … “Mr Rusty’s definition of a two bagger is wrong and has been superseded by three baggers. The first bag is placed over the head of the SJW so you do not have to look at it. The second bag goes over your own head in case the first bag breaks. The third bag goes over your dog’s head so that he cannot see your choice and lose all respect for you.” TFX.


Ulurude – Driving 2500 km across a desert to find out you can’t climb a hill and look at the view. MarcH.

Underkerstumble[Definition?]. J.H.

Unintelligentsia, The – The “ruling” class, from the UN down to all major political parties and NGO hangers-on. Some History.

UNuch – politician whose modus operandi is fawning obsequiousness at international diplomatic gatherings. Tim Neilson.

Ugnoramus[Definition?]. Notafan. [Original: Yes/No?].

Urbigenous – Urban indigenous. Abbreviated to Urbi. ‘The Urbi’s are clapping their iphones together for more shame-funding/grief lubrication.’ Muddy.



Vadger – verb. When a biological female badgers someone. Leigh Lowe.

Vagan – Extreme Vagitarian. Being female does not influence their views – it is the basis of them. Everything is about making the world woman. Boys should be made ashamed of themselves and try to be girls. Girls should be free to do what boys used to. Men should be removed from power and position because they are toxic and destructive. They should strive to be female while being forever fated to be denied. The first world should be feminised (they never seem to worried about their poor brown skinned sisters). Mother Lode.

Vagilantes – A posse of intersectional feminists. E.g. “A lack of managerial control over the staff soviet has allowed the vagilantes to crusade against any conservative male they set their sights on. Farmer Gez.

Vagitarian – someone who thinks anything female is good, wholesome, beneficial, pure etc. It influences their views on everything. Business? More quotas! Law and order? Must not be doubted. Something men like doing (such as certain sports)? Government funding and programs to encourage women! Mother Lode.

Vainker – Someone whose self-promotion flies in the face of all reality. Annoying; a wanker. Nick.

Vaxxornography – A conjunction of Vaxx Pornography. Watching, especially on TV, others get the jab. Bar Beach Swimmer. [I hope you don’t mind the slight change, BBS].

Veganomics – the belief by millennials that fast food companies will only make money when they remove meat from their menus. Nick.

Vigiltainment – The warm, frothy head atop of and distracting from, the bitter, tragic beverage beneath. An opportunity for posers, pretenders, and provocateurs to attract public attention to themselves as the result of a tragic event, despite having little or no direct connection to the event itself, and no practical contribution to make … C.L. [Definition – Muddy].

VisOrama – Panoramic Virtue Signalling (anything from the environment to sexuality to electing a black, Marxist homosexual as president). Baa Humbug.

Voteherd[Definition?]. John Constantine.

Vomitary Contribution – Payments demanded with a veneer of volunteerism which make you sick. Rasputin.

Vulvanate – verb. To replace the functional with the decorative. Bob’s wife vulvanated his shed while he was in hospital with kidney stones. Muddy.


Warnerment – An attractive, pre-loved trophy wife obtained to boost the social status of left-handed, midget ranga sportsmen who would otherwise be living in houso flats and eating dog food. Knuckle Dragger.

Whoretocracy – A situation where men are banned from passing any judgement as to a woman’s negative social behaviour. Eg, Jane, a uni student openly advertises for a sugar daddy. Nick.

Wiki-Smollett[Definition?]. Farmer Gez.

Woafifo – Wife of a FIFO. [Edited to get past the strict no acronyms rule]. Dave in Marybrook.

Wofemopause – [Definition?]. Anonandon.

Wokeruptcy – The effect of runaway virtue signalling on a businesses’ bottom line. Calli.

Wokestan – The area in each city occupied by The Woke. In Melbourne for instance this roughly maps to held, or strongly contested Green seats. Curiously it appears that a person doesn’t have to actually physically reside with the boundaries to be Woke and there are numerous examples where belonging to Wokestan seems to be entirely either in their heads, or in cyberspace. Some pundits suggest that Woke has both real and unreal components and that the easiest way to imagine this is by trusting that Wokestan exists at both ends of the rainbow. Recently a theory has emerged that the denizens of these climes are a sort of parallel race to normal humans due to their self selective breeding and associative behaviours. MatrixTransform.

Wokestain – the puddle of residual idiocy cleaned weekly from the floor of the Q&A studio. Duncanm.

Woking Class – a substratum demographic educated just sufficiently to assign relative degrees of morality and worth to every member of the population except themselves. IainC. [Tim Neilson added: “… it should cover all relatively comfortable, affluent, white collar “progressives” irrespective of their level of supposed or actual education”].

Womstoning – A cultural activity whereupon an individual seeks close physical contact with a slow-moving Australian marsupial. Muddy.

Wrongasm – A sanctimonious smart arse who has never produced anything for anyone but knows for certain how it should be done. i.e. “I can’t imagine what you think you’re doing creating your own dictionary, when you have absolutely no clue whatsoever about anything.” MatrixTransform. [The comment included in the definition was not made by M.T.].

Wuhanjob – The toadying sycophancy of large corporate CEOs who do business on the mainland of China. Meaning that they turn a blind eye to human rights abuses. Real Deal.

Wymynsys[Definition?]. John Constantine. [Percy Popinjay attributes this to Mark of the Gold Coast].


Xorgasm – Never simultaneous [?] [Definition?]. Pbw.


Youthajism – The smug, satisfactory feeling achieved by SJW students as they march, chant and ejaculate meaningless slogans and platitude. Often used as a substitute for the fact that SJWs are largely incapable of getting laid, or if they are then it’s with a two-bagger. Mr. Rusty.


Zelium –second element of the Periodic Table, renamed to be more inclusive. IainC.

Zerolag – noun. Conjunction of the phrase Year Zero and the former Soviet ‘gulag.’ To ‘zlag’ someone is to denounce them with the intent of having them sent to a zerolag. Muddy.

Zucklish – the only language permitted for use on Facereich. John Constantine.

Zyx – The politically-correct form of ‘Dude.’ i.e. ‘Zyx, check out the pair on that one!’ Muddy.