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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Spectator (May 2021)

    How accurate are PCR tests?

    With the revelation that passengers were barred from boarding the first repatriation flight to Australia from India on the basis of testing positive to coronavirus, only then to test negative two days later, serious questions should be raised about the effectiveness of such tests. In fact, a court in Austria recently cast doubt on reliance on PCR tests as justification for ‘anti-Covid’ measures.

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Zero Hedge (Sept 2021)

    Quinn: “This War On COVID Will Never End”

    Despite an all out authoritarian fear campaign, to mandate these unproven dangerous gene therapies disguised as vaccines, orchestrated by our corrupt political class, bought off medical industry, Big Tech censorship media outlets, woke mega-corporations, cowardly universities, and left wing fake news propaganda outlets, more than 40% of the population is resisting this tyrannical medical apartheid.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rumble video (Sept 2021)

    Natural Immunity Is 20X More Effective Than The Vaccine

    Dr. Robert Malone M.D., M.S. told Stephen K. Bannon of Real America’s Voice on Saturday that, according to new data he received, “natural immunity is about 20 times more protective than the vaccine is.”

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    Off Guardian (Sept 2021)

    30 facts you NEED to know:

    Your Covid Cribsheet

    Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    (Sept 2021)

    Global Covid Summit

    Over 10,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have signed the “Rome Declaration” to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers’ and medical authorities’ unprecedented behavior; behavior such as denying patient access to lifesaving early treatments, disrupting the sacred, physician-patient relationship and suppressing open scientific discussion for profits and power.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    (October 2021)

    Global Covid Summit

    Physicians Declaration II – Updated

    International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists sign the declaration.

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  7. kaysee kaysee says:

    Just Facts (Sept 2021)

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Masks, and the Deadly Falsehoods Surrounding Them

    Albert Einstein warned that “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.” And on his deathbed, Einstein cautioned, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs.”

    With reckless disregard for both of those principles, powerful government officials and big tech executives have corrupted or suppressed the central scientific facts about face masks. The impacts of this extend far beyond the issue of masks and have caused widespread harm and countless deaths.

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  8. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Exposé (Sept 2021)

    30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England

    Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 30,305 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021.

    Dozens of freedom of information requests have been made to Public Health England (PHE) over the past few months requesting to know how many people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine, but each and every time PHE have claimed they do “not hold the information requested”.

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Desert Review (Sept 2021)

    India’s Ivermectin Blackout – Part V: The Secret Revealed

    On August 6, 2021, India’s Ivermectin media blackout ended with MSN reporting. Western media, including MSN, finally acknowledged what was contained in those Uttar Pradesh medicine kits. Among the medicines were Doxycycline and Ivermectin.

    Dr. John Campbell broke India’s Ivermectin Blackout wide open on YouTube by revealing the formula of the secret sauce, much to the dismay of Big Pharma, the WHO, and the CDC.

    Each home kit contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter.

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    Substack (Sept 2021)

    Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore?

    So to answer the question, why does no one talk about Sweden anymore? It’s because it’s no longer useful for the media to promote their agenda.

    When Sweden’s numbers looked disproportionately bad, it was a valuable tool in the media playbook of masks, lockdowns and endless, condescending fear-mongering. “Look at what happens if you don’t do what we tell you, peasants.”

    Now that Sweden has dropped to 40th in COVID mortality rate, and continued to report extremely low recent rates of both cases and deaths, they’re suddenly uninterested.

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    The COVID World (November 2021)

    Australian Nurses Blow The Whistle On COVID Vaccine Side Effects:

    “We Were Told Not To Talk About What We Had Seen”

    In a stunning video, 11 nurses and paramedics from Queensland Australia have come forward to talk about their experiences administering the COVID-19 vaccine. The nurses have had their identities obscured because they are afraid to speak out, but their identification was checked before filming. In a series of harrowing tales, the nurses recount how they saw the deaths and injuries pile up, yet no one was allowed to talk about it.

    Many of the nurses described how they would rather lose their job than take the jab, with some acknowledging that they would never work in the healthcare field again.

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    Express (November 2021)

    Gibraltar cancels Christmas celebrations amid Covid spike

    In a statement released by the Gibraltar government, a spokesperson said: “Given the exponential rise in the number of cases, the Government, for example, intends to cancel a number of its own functions including official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings.

    In March, Gibraltar became the first nation in the world to fully vaccinate its entire adult population against coronavirus.

    Also on Twitter.

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    Breitbart (November 2021)

    Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

    When the coronavirus first emerged last year, health officials feared the pandemic would sweep across Africa, killing millions. Although it’s still unclear what COVID-19’s ultimate toll will be, that catastrophic scenario has yet to materialize in Zimbabwe or much of the continent.

    But there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists, said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University. “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” she said.

    Fewer than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated. For months, the WHO has described Africa as “one of the least affected regions in the world” in its weekly pandemic reports.

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    Conway Daily Sun (September 2021)

    Peter Hill:
    Why is CDC fighting Ivermectin used to fight parasites in Africa?

    There are many legitimate studies using Ivermectin that show tremendous potential when used early on in this disease when combined with Vitamin D, zinc, prednisone and a Z-Pak. This drug is inexpensive, shows great promise, and has very few side effects when dosed properly.

    With so much potential maybe someone could explain why the CDC, FDA, Anthony Faucci and others are hanging a black cloud around this drug and even discouraging any research involving Ivermectin and COVID

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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    CNBC (November 2021)

    WHO calls special meeting to discuss new Covid variant found in South Africa with ‘a large number of mutations’

    – WHO is monitoring a new Covid variant, scheduling a special meeting Friday to discuss what it may mean for vaccines and treatments, officials said.

    – The variant, called B.1.1.529, has been detected in South Africa in small numbers.

    – South African scientists have detected 30 mutations to the spike protein, the part of the virus that binds to cells in the body, which could have implications for vaccine efficacy and transmissibility.

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Newsweek (November 2021)

    New COVID Variant B.1.1.529, Which May Evade Immunity, Found in These Countries

    Scientists have voiced concern about a new COVID variant that has a “really awful” combination of mutations that could possibly cause the virus to evade immunity.

    Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London in the U.K.

    Just spotted: very small cluster of variant associated with Southern Africa with very long branch length and really awful Spike mutation profile including RBD – K417N, N440K, G446S, S477N, T478K, E484A, Q493K, G496S, Q498R, N501Y, Y505H

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    GB News (November 2021)

    ‘They aren’t going to publish their findings, they are concerned about losing research money’

    Dr. Aseem Malhotra reveals a cardiology whistleblower found similar results to a new report showing an increase in risk of heart attack following the mRNA COVID vaccine. ‘They aren’t going to publish their findings, they are concerned about losing research money from Big Pharma.’

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    ABC News (November 2021)

    Group of 13, fully vaccinated and wearing masks. 11 came down with Covid.

    ‘I bawled my eyes out’

    Catching COVID-19 still seemed like a fairly unlikely possibility when Charlotte and her old schoolfriends caught up over dinner in Melbourne’s CBD recently, chatting, drinking and laughing together for the first time in many months.

    Despite living through the city’s lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, the 23-year-old didn’t know anyone who had caught COVID.

    The group of 13 was fully vaccinated, and they wore masks when they left the table where they spent about four hours together.

    They had followed the rules, but a few days after their joyous reunion, 11 of them came down with COVID, making their dinner what one epidemiologist described as a “superspreader” event.

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree (November 2021)

    Covid Vax Continues To Fail

    From Tony Fauci to Boris Johnson, the definition of ‘vaccinated’ is now changing to include a 3rd and maybe even 4th booster.

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    Brownstone Institute (October 2021)

    132 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

    We should not force COVID vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines. Instead, we should respect the right of the bodily integrity of individuals to decide for themselves.

    Public health officials and the medical establishment with the help of the politicized media are misleading the public with assertions that the COVID-19 shots provide greater protection than natural immunity. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, for example, was deceptive in her October 2020 published LANCET statement that “there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection” and that “the consequence of waning immunity would present a risk to vulnerable populations for the indefinite future.”

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    Daily Mail (November 2021)

    Race against time to tweak vaccines against Omicron variant:

    AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna say they can create NEW jab for super-mutant amid claims it makes existing ones 40% less effective against transmission

    – Scientists are racing to tweak existing vaccines against new Covid variant spreading across the planet

    – The Omicron strain has reached the UK and Belgium after originally being discovered in South Africa

    – Now a number of pharmaceutical firms have said they are working to adapt their vaccines to beat Omicron

    – AstraZeneca said it is working with Oxford University to quickly develop a vaccine in response

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    Liz Gunn [YouTube] (December 2021)

    Casey Hodgkinson Interview with Liz Gunn

    Casey Hodgkinson talks with Liz Gunn.
    Casey was excited to get her first d*** of P*****.
    She has been in a wheelchair since.
    Her symptoms have been minimized and denied by the professionals she has seen.

    This is her story.

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  23. kaysee kaysee says:

    Stew Peters Show [Rumble] (December 2021)

    Vaxx-Injured Force Medicated:

    Medical Mafia Forcing Psych Meds on Vaxx Injured

    Under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union simply shot people who posed a problem. But in its later years, the Communist Party preferred to use slightly softer methods. That’s when party leaders discovered the value of psychiatry. If you spoke up too loudly against the government, if you advocated freedom of religion or democratic elections or free market economics, the government wouldn’t just imprison or censor or attack you. Instead, they would have you declared insane. Now, big media, big tech, and big government are claiming that people hurt by covid-19 vaccines are simply crazy or mentally ill.

    Deanna Lorraine joins us.

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    Stew Peters Show [Rumble] (December 2021)

    Pfizer and Moderna Thawed:
    Warmed Vials Become “Alive” Self-Moving Organism

    A group of South Korean doctors have banded together and now call themselves the “Korea Veritas Doctors for Covid 19.” They have secured partial vials of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines, and upon close observation they claim to have observed “moving organism.” Dr. Jane Ruby joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss.

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Exposé (December 2021)

    Fully Vaccinated Mother Gives Birth To Baby Bleeding From Nose and Mouth, Infant Dies Day Later

    According to a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) report, a fully vaccinated mother gave birth to a baby who was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Tragically, just a day after the baby was born, the infant passed away. Following the death, the baby’s father has stated he believes that the Covid-19 vaccine is responsible for the passing.

    The mother got vaccinated with two doses of the Covid-19 jab during her last trimester of pregnancy. Following the birth, the baby started bleeding from their mouth and nose, dying a day later. The report was made by a foreign “regulatory authority.”

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    The BMJ (November 2021)

    Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

    In autumn 2020 Pfizer’s chairman and chief executive, Albert Bourla, released an open letter to the billions of people around the world who were investing their hopes in a safe and effective covid-19 vaccine to end the pandemic. “As I’ve said before, we are operating at the speed of science,” Bourla wrote, explaining to the public when they could expect a Pfizer vaccine to be authorised in the United States.

    But, for researchers who were testing Pfizer’s vaccine at several sites in Texas during that autumn, speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety. A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    The BMJ (November 2021)

    Response to Article:

    Open letter from The BMJ to Mark Zuckerberg

    Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

    We are Fiona Godlee and Kamran Abbasi, editors of The BMJ, one of the world’s oldest and most influential general medical journals. We are writing to raise serious concerns about the “fact checking” being undertaken by third party providers on behalf of Facebook/Meta.

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Rio Times (December 2021)

    Covid-19: Japan now insists vaccines warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis

    Japan is now labeling Covid vaccines to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis. In addition, the country is reaffirming its commitment to adverse event reporting requirements to ensure all possible side effects are documented.

    These efforts from Japan’s health authority are in stark contrast to the measures taken by other countries to coerce or convince citizens to take the injection, by downplaying side effects and discouraging proper adverse event reporting.

    Additionally, Japan is emphasizing informed consent and bodily autonomy. Until the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of “informed consent” was considered sacred to healthcare professionals in the West.

    Japan is particularly raising concerns about the risks of myocarditis in young men injected with Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines. The country is enforcing a strict legal reporting requirement of side effects that must take place within 28 days of the injections.

    Doctors worldwide have echoed Japan’s health authority warnings about the vaqccines’ side effects. However, this kind of proper informed consent has cost many doctors in western nations their licenses to practice medicine. The government has accused these doctors of spreading “vaccine hesitancy.”

    Furthermore, while Japan allows its citizens to choose whether to be injected, other countries are forcing citizens to receive the jab. For example, in February 2022, Austria will mandate the injections for everyone. Some German states are following the Austrian blueprint. Citizens who refuse will face heavy fines and up to one year in prison.

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    Stew Peters Show [Rumble] (July 2021)

    Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW.

    Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative.

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:

    Bitchute (December 2021)

    Dr Sucharit Bhakdi:
    Organs Of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune Attack

    The video references this paper, posted on December 10, 2021, On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination by Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD

    (Contd in next comment.)

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter (December 2021)

    Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

    The vaccines are bad news. Fifteen bodies were examined (all died from 7 days to 6 months after vaccination). The coroner or the public prosecutor didn’t associate the vaccine as the cause of death in any of the cases. However, further examination revealed that the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 of the 15 cases. The most attacked organ was the heart (in all of the people who died), but other organs were attacked as well. The implications are potentially enormous resulting in millions of deaths. The vaccines should be immediately halted.

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr David Samadi (December 2021)

    Dr. Samadi

    The CDC just came out today and said that the PCR tests are unreliable because they detect COVID even up to twelve weeks after an infection.

    I told you this over a year ago.


    Dr. David Samadi (December 2020)

    PCR tests are unreliable due to the amplification threshold. Anything over 17 cycles is worthless. In the USA, we use 35 cycles. The WHO recommends 40 to 45 cycles. Totally worthless. At that many amplifications you are just picking up the presence of any virus. Useless.

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  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr Robert Malone [Rumble] (December 2021)

    Before You Inject Your Child! URGENT WARNING!!!

    All Parents Need To Hear This!

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  34. kaysee kaysee says:

    Joe Rogan (December 2021)

    Joe Rogan interviews Dr Robert Malone

    (Full interview: 3 hours, 15 mins)

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:

    InfoWars (January 2022)

    Dr. Robert Malone interview with Kristi Leigh

    After being banned by Twitter, Dr Malone visits InfoWars
    Inventor of mRNA Technology Issues Emergency Warning To The World

    (Interview: 74 minutes)

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Counterspin (January 2022)

    The COVID-19 Fraud with Dr Mark Bailey

    CounterSpin’s Kelvyn Alp interviewed Dr Mark Bailey

    They discussed the details of the Covid-19 “virus” fraud:
    Virus isolation, PCR tests, Rapid Antigen Tests, Virus, Vaccines, Clinical trials.

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  37. Destroyer D69 says:

    From Michael Smith site…. The letter(Page1) makes it clear that one dose of the Johnson& Johnson vaccine is considered to confer an enduring fully vaccinated status. However this option is NOT available in Australia. To channel Julius Summner Miller.. “Why is This So”

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (January 2022)

    How to tell if someone famous died from the vaccine

    A handy guide for determining whether the vaccine caused the death

    This isn’t a definitive methodology, but it usually gets the right answer.

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  39. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (November 2021)

    New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage –> higher excess mortality

    I just got a new study from a friend in Germany (Max Langen).

    What this new German study shows is: The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.

    I can’t say I’m surprised. See The more we vaccinate, the higher the number of cases.

    In plain English: vaccination makes things worse, not better.


    The original German study translated into English:

    The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality

    (November 2021)

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (December 2021)

    The more we vaccinate, the higher the number of cases

    Four independent studies show the more we vaccinate, the worse it gets:

    The Lyons-Weiler paper (described below)

    The Harvard study (described below)

    The German study

    The Denmark study

    German government data

    … and more…

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (December 2021)

    New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently

    Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less. The longer you stay on the vaccine treadmill, the harder to get off in the future and the easier you’ll make it for the virus.

    In short, we’ve been lied to about the vaccine. It is protecting you less and less over time.

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Exposé (January 2022)

    Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of January 2022

    German Government Data for the alleged Omicron variant of Covid-19, suggests that most of the “fully vaccinated” will have full blown Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) by the end of January 2022, after confirming that the immune systems of the fully vaccinated have already degraded to an average of minus 87%.

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Exposé (January 2022)

    BBC News “forgot” to tell you that official data shows the Triple/Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in December

    The latest figures published by the UK Health Security Agency show that despite the elderly and vulnerable receiving a booster shot in September and October, and the NHS turning into the National Booster Service ever since, the triple/double vaccinated population still accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths throughout December 2021.

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  44. kaysee kaysee says:

    Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (January 2022)

    CDC: There is no stopping condition

    I asked the CDC for the stopping condition for the COVID vaccines: you know, like how many kids have to die before they pull the plug, etc. Do you want to know what they said?

    I received no reply. They didn’t even acknowledge the email.

    Some people, including many doctors, believe that as long as the death rate from the vaccine is less than the death rate from COVID that we shouldn’t stop the vaccine since it produces a net savings in lives.

    This is totally false. It is not the # killed by the virus that matters. It is the estimated # of lives saved by the vaccine.

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr Vernon Coleman (January 2022)

    There is a reason why most vaccinated people will die early

    There is a reason why most vaccinated people will die early.

    Covid-19 vaccines would result in heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems, myocarditis, and pericarditis. This has been known for months ago, but the government stays silent.

    The jabbed people are brainwashed,
    deaths among the young will proceed with surprise. Already there are calls for defibrillators to be put into schools and sports clubs because of the unprecedented epidemic of heart attacks.

    It has been reported that many of the double jabbed have lost a good deal of their immune system capability. This will mean that they are incredibly vulnerable to many diseases.

    Everybody is different so I truly believe that more people who are jabbed will live a happy long-term life and they will be no affected by this problem but they need to stop taking doses of the vaccine!

    Share this information with everyone you know we need to save as many young lives as we can!

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    Swiss Policy Research (January 2022)

    Professor Ehud Qimron:
    “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

    Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The link above includes the English translation of the Open Letter as well as a link to the original letter in Hebrew.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    Israel National News (August 2020)

    History will judge the hysteria

    Top Tel Aviv U prof says “There is a great interest for anyone who supported the draconian measures in saying Sweden’s policy has failed.”

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  48. kaysee kaysee says:

    Swiss Policy Research (March 2020)

    Open Letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

    An open letter from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Professor Bhakdi calls for an urgent reassessment of the response to Covid-19 and asks the Chancellor five crucial questions. The let­ter is dated March 26. This is an inofficial translation; see the original letter in German as a PDF.

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Swiss Policy Research (April 2020)

    On Corona, the Media, and Propaganda

    In the current situation, the old and proven propaganda rule applies again: the less is known, the more is speculated. For attentive readers, however, this offers an opportunity to assess the standards and focus of different media outlets and authors.

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    Swiss Policy Research (December 2021)

    Facts about Covid-19

    Fully referenced facts about covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates below).

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  51. kaysee kaysee says:

    Craig Paardekooper’s site (Created 2021)
    How Bad is My Batch

    Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines


    This site may slow down due to high traffic. A backup site has been created – to reduce overload Thankyou.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    Substack (January 2022)

    “How Bad is my Batch”

    Dr Robert Malone:

    The story of my vaccine injury

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Desert Review (December 2021)

    Ivermectin and the Price of Life

    What is your life worth? More to the point, what is your loved one’s life worth? What value would you place on your child, your mother, father, or spouse?

    When the world experienced an average of nearly 15,000 COVID deaths per day, Dr. Andrew Hill decided on the price of a human life. Dr. Hill made that calculation during a conversation with Dr. Tess Lawrie, in January of 2021, during the peak of the Winter Surge.

    In a zoom conversation between Dr. Tess Lawrie, nicknamed the “Conscience of Medicine,” and Dr. Andrew Hill, then the most influential Ivermectin advocate in the world, Dr. Hill chose dollars over human lives.

    Hill’s parent institution, the University of Liverpool, had just received a 40 million dollar donation from UNITAID four days before Hill’s Ivermectin paper was published, and Dr. Hill’s conclusion was changed 180 degrees from his position just a few weeks earlier.

    Andrew Hill admitted that his sponsors (UNITAID) pressured him to alter his conclusion. Hill explained, “I think I’m in a very sensitive position here.”

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  54. David Brewer says:

    Re: Official UK safety report on vaccines which called Coronavirus vaccine – weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting.

    Note that the first sentence is “At the time of this report, over 151,666 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19).”

    i.e. it has nothing to do with the safety of the vaccines. And no comparable figure is then given for the number of people who have died within 28 days of vaccination.

    The next sentence concludes that “Vaccination is the single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from COVID-19.” The report does not, in fact, evaluate any other ways of reducing deaths and severe illness from COVID-19, so there is no evidence at all for this statement.

    The same trick is repeated at the beginning of the Conclusion, with a different number: “At the time of this report, over 151,337 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus.” Again no comparable figure for deaths within 28 days of vaccination is given, and again the unsubstantiated conclusion is immediately drawn that “Vaccination is the single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from COVID-19.”

    The body of the report itself is also full of unscientific conclusions. Absence of evidence is repeatedly used as evidence of absence (e.g. “There is no current evidence that COVID-19 vaccination while breastfeeding causes any harm to breastfed children or affects the ability to breastfeed.” or “There is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines will affect fertility and your ability to have children.”)

    There is also no assessment of the percentage of injuries that are going unreported or even undetected, and a persistent tendency to make excuses for vaccine-associated deaths and injuries. The document also frequently drops scientific pretensions to make exhortations (e.g “Everyone should continue to get their vaccination”) or fatuous displays of concern (“Sadly, miscarriage is estimated to occur in about 20 to 25 in 100 pregnancies in the UK”).

    The overall impression is of a propaganda document whose conclusions are predetermined, the evidence being massaged to fit in with them.

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Exposé (February 2022)

    Hidden Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Data suggests all Pregnant Vaccinated Women Miscarried

    A lawsuit filed by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency produced documents from Pfizer revealing that its Covid-19 vaccine caused all of the pregnant women in its trial to miscarry.

    The report, titled “Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports,” describes events reported up to February 2021 and shows that not a single pregnant woman who took the Pfizer vaccine delivered a live baby.

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  56. Destroyer D69 says:

    Treasure trove of citations from the book The Real Antony Fauci(A must read book)

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  57. kaysee kaysee says:

    Covid Medical Network (March 2022)

    Open Letter To Atagi, TGA and Federal Health Department *

    Withdraw the experimental gene-based treatment to the general public and especially children

    We, the Covid Medical Network and co-signatories, are writing to you to follow up on prior correspondence to ATAGI, the TGA and the Health Minister, and FOIA requests to the TGA, where answers have either been not forthcoming or have indicated the TGA has lacked critical information for making its provisional approval of the gene-based vaccines, namely Pfizer’s BNT162b2 & Comirnaty, AstraZeneca’s ChAdOx1-S and Moderna’s Spikevax/mRNA-1273.

    The letter is 52 pages long and contains the relevant details, links and references.

    (* Posted by Cold-Hands in the Open Thread.)

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  58. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ahpra (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) (March 2021)

    Position Statement

    The statement sent to all registered health practitioners and students re the COVID-19 vaccination included the following paragraph.

    Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media) is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.

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  59. Steve trickler says:

    Del Bigtree:

    Investigative Journalist with a popular Substack, Igor Chudov, explains his recent discoveries comparing the dramatic difference in Covid-19 death rates in both Portugal and South Africa, and what could be the cause.


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  60. Steve trickler says:

    Del Bigtree:

    Immune Dysfunction Expert, James Neuenschwander, joins Del to talk about the critical effect lockdowns and masking has had on our immune systems, particularly those of young people. Is there a direct link between the lack of exposure to germs and viruses in recent years and the current spike in deadly outbreaks of hepatitis and RSV?


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  61. kaysee kaysee says:

    National Library of Medicine (April 2022)

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? **

    by Russell L Blaylock

    The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies. We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.


    [** This is a detailed article by Dr Russell Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon. It includes a long list of references.]

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  62. kaysee kaysee says:

    BMJ Journals (January 2022)

    Ramsay Hunt syndrome following COVID-19 vaccination

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused profound social and economic upheaval. COVID-19 vaccines promise to prevent infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, due to their expedited approval, these vaccines need to be vigilantly monitored for their safety. Cases of Bell’s palsy have also been reported after COVID-19 vaccine injection. In two phase III trials of COVID-19 vaccines involving around 38 000 patients, there were seven cases of Bell’s palsy after vaccine compared with one case after receiving placebo.

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  63. Steve trickler says:

    Del Bigtree:

    At the ‘Better Way Conference’ in May, Del asked the forbidden question: “Do Vaccines Have a Role In the Better Way Forward?” Watch the full debate everyone has been asking for, then don’t miss Del’s candid follow-up interview with Geert.

    Guest: Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM


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  64. Steve trickler says:

    Maria Zeee:

    Dr. Stephanie Seneff joins Maria Zeee to discuss complex findings as to the varied injuries caused by the COVID-19 injections, including explaining DNA damage, neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral issues and more that we are seeing, and will likely see a lot more of in the coming years.

    Uncensored: Dr. Seneff – Evidence of DNA Damage, Neurodegenerative Disease, & More

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  65. Steve trickler says:

    Worth your time.



    The HighWire with Del Bigtree.

    Despite his triple vaccination status, Biden has tested positive for Covid-19. Watch as we revisit Del’s now famous “football analogy,” illustrating “original antigenic sin,” and why the highly vaccinated might be in big trouble.


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  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    Quadrant (August 2022)

    The Suppression of Useful COVID-19 Treatments

    This article compares two groups of drugs promoted as effective in the early treatment of COVID-19: recycled anti-viral drugs that target specific replication and re-purposed drugs of biological origin that render target cells hostile to viral infection.

    (Posted by Mak Siccar in the Open Thread.)

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  67. Steve trickler says:

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree:

    Vaxxed or UnVaxxed, It’s Back To School; HHS Escalates MonkeyPox ; HighWire Premiers New Series, ‘Rigged’, with the Tragic Account of Maddie De Garay; ICAN Obtains New Insurance Data

    Guests: Stephanie & Patrick De Garay, Aaron Siri, Esq.

    Episode 280: RIGGED

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  68. Steve trickler says:

    Del Bigtree:

    CDC’s Move Vindicates ‘Conspiracy Theorists’; Pfizer Losing Fight; One Senator’s Fight to Expose Dirty Pandemic Politics; Huge Win for Healthcare Workers

    Guest: Senator Ron Johnson


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  69. Steve trickler says:

    Stew Peters Network / Dr. Jane Ruby

    On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane has a critical warning now that Pfizer and Moderna have free reign and approval to push out what they call their “updated C19 shots” because these are the first shots with MULTIPLE mRNAs which can only result in faster, more painful deaths; and these new poisons have been pre-approved without any safety data, because the FDA no longer requires testing. And the white embalmer clots…turns out they are composed of industrial metals that should never be in a human body, what exactly are these shots instructing the body to make? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

    WARNING: September Flu Shots Contain Multiple mRNAs

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  70. kaysee kaysee says:

    Freeman interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra

    In the interview, Malhotra conveyed a message he believes every human being needs to hear, declaring:

    “[People] need to understand that the current system is encouraging good people to do bad things. At the root of this problem are big, very powerful corporations that have too much influence on government, on healthcare, and on media. And their primary responsibility is to produce profit for their shareholders, not to give you the best treatment. And when you understand that, then we can start doing something to transform the system.

    And I don’t say this lightly. It has been well documented that these corporations, unfortunately, in how they go about their business, by misleading people, by their business model being fraudulent, they act like psychopaths—they are a psychopathic entity. Ultimately the conclusion is that we have a psychopathic entity influencing health policy, and that needs to stop—and it needs to stop now.”

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  71. kaysee kaysee says:

    Top UK Cardiologist:
    Pause the COVID Vaccine Program

    One of Britain’s most influential cardiologists, Dr. Aseem Malhotra—citing a duty to his patients, scientific integrity, and the truth—just published what he describes as perhaps the most critical research paper of his prestigious career. His work, fueled by the sudden death of his “very fit and well” father in July 2021, critically appraised the real-world data around the mRNA COVID jab. After nine months of rigorous research and extensive peer review, Malhotra’s paper concludes what many heavily censored brave experts have been saying for months—the massive push to get the mRNA COVID-19 jab into the arms of humanity serves a purely sinister purpose: increased pharmaceutical shareholder profits at any cost. Indeed, with Pfizer in the lead, Malhotra is convinced the current system, which gives big pharma way too much power, is “encouraging good people to do bad things.” On that note, he is calling for all COVID-19 vaccines to be withdrawn.

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  72. kaysee kaysee says:

    Oracle Films | News Uncut (2022)

    James Freeman

    Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

    Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject.


    (Note: If this video disappears, it can be watched here.)

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  73. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tablet (October 2022)

    Vaccines Never Prevented the Transmission of COVID

    In late 2021 and early 2022, it was commonplace for journalists and public intellectuals to demonize and shame “the unvaccinated,” a group that in the United States was disproportionately low income. The New York Times ran pieces like “I’m Furious at the Unvaccinated,” and “Unvaxxed, Unmasked and Putting Our Kids at Risk.” The Los Angeles Times published a column titled “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes—but may be necessary.” An opinion piece called “The Unvaccinated Are a Risk to All of Us” appeared in Bloomberg, and The Washington Post printed a piece called “Macron is right: It’s time to make life a living hell for anti-vaxxers.”

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  74. Steve trickler says:

    This entire C-19 saga and the information coming out about the jabs just gets more scary by the day. It is looking increasingly likely that synthetic venom proteins make up the other 50% of ingredients that make up the mRna jabs, information that Big Pharma refuses to release because of “proprietary rights”.

    These synthetic proteins then make use of e-coli in the human body to produce it within.

    What also has come out is that stainless steel needles are possibly reacting to the acidic nature of the shots causing a host of other effects in the body. If you are diabetic and injecting yourself with insulin for example, take note. What they have found is not comforting.

    This goes for over 50 minutes and it is worth every second of your time. Piss the TV off and watch it.

    Both Adams and Ardis openly admit they are still chasing data so expect more information to come out in the future.


    Via the Stew Peters Network:

    On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane welcomes two powerhouse patriots and C19 mass genocide experts, Dr. Bryan Ardis and Health Ranger Mike Adams to review their recent findings on synthetic animal venom proteins and the toxic radioactive contents of the C19 shots and in the white clots found by embalmers. Both experts will answer many of your questions. We have come a long way to understand this attack on humanity! This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter truth in medicine.

    Dr. Jane Ruby Show: Ardis and Adams Blow Open Truth On Mass Genocide

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  75. Steve trickler says:

    That should read – venom peptides. A short sequence of proteins.

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  76. Steve trickler says:

    All the links will show when you click on the link below.


    Amazing Polly:

    Links to My COVID/Medical Mafia Investigation Videos

    Starting in March 2020 I began researching almost every aspect of the COVID ‘pandemic’ so as to document the world’s largest Psychological Operation in real time. Below, you will find most of those videos, listed in chronological order.

    Some of the info below – such as the fact that Fauci and the NIH / NIAID did indeed fund the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – is just breaking through to the mainstream now. If you were following me, you are a YEAR ahead of the news cycle. If you’ve just found me recently it might be worth going back in time to see what else I covered as it was happening.

    If you are looking for a specific topic, I have added keywords under each of the video descriptions so you can use Ctrl+F and search by topic.

    Mar 05, 2020
    Now This is a Killer App
    The virus has given China a perfect excuse to run a cruel social experiment on millions of people. How? They’re doing it with SMARTphones and a code inserted into a popular app. If we don’t smarten up, this will be implemented here.
    keywords: China, pandemic, social credit, vaccine passports, track and trace, contact tracing, smartphone, apps, Big Brother

    Mar 07, 2020
    Globalists Susceptible to Their Own Virus
    This Covid19 -Corona virus thing is damaging the Globalists’ network and exposing their connections! The early adopters of shutdowns just happen to be the same organizations / businesses who always profit from progressivism and cultural Marxism. It’s fascinating to track the overlap and thereby expose the larger network.
    keywords: Trump, Bolsonaro, fake news, Columbia University, MIT, Silicon Valley, Travel Restrictions, Border Closures, Globalism

    Mar 10, 2020
    Event 201 Global Pandemic
    Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Cor-na Virus Pandemic in December 2019? I have clips from that event to share with you as well as other shocking material.
    keywords: Flood the Zone, Trusted Voices, Coronavirus Planning Event, Avril Haines, Tim Evans, World Bank, George Gao, Jane Halton, Fake News, Pandemic Planning, WHO

    Mar 15, 2020
    Viral Marketing
    Using video of their Event 201 Pandemic strategy session, I show you how Global Organizations planned to dominate the messaging in the event of a global outbreak. We are living through that strategy right now. I end on a high note (I think!)
    keywords: flood the zone, trusted voices, control the message, propaganda, event 201, fake news, fearmongering, censorship, misinformation, disinformation, CDC

    Mar 20, 2020
    We Are Being Played
    Who exactly is handling the Corona Virus Task Force in the US? I look in to the back ground of Debra Birx which leads us to PEPFAR, which leads us to Bono and Bill Gates and the swampy depths of the Frankenstein Medical Industrial Complex. It’s GLOBAL.
    keywords: globalism, NGOs, AIDS, Pepfar, Debra Birx, Fauci, Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates, ONE, charities, HIV

    Mar 22, 2020
    Virus Task Force Boss Has Ukraine Connections!
    Is the Corona Virus ‘Pandemic’ connected to Impeachment?These Ukraine connections suggest it might be .. is the Swamp capable of this level of deception & evil?
    Birx, PEPFAR, CDC, State Department, Fauci, Pence, Impeachment, Marie Yovanovitch, Ukraine, AIDS charities, Soros, slush fund, color revolutions.

    Mar 27, 2020
    Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity
    I bet people would be shocked to know that the current head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, was involved in multiple unprosecuted potential crimes against humanity. Corona Task Force Boss Dr. Fauci loves it though.
    World Health Organization, WHO, Ethiopia, genocide, terrorism, Anthony Fauci

    Apr 01, 2020
    (Not So) Trusted Voices
    (noe: It’s interesting now, in May 2021, to look back at the early news stories as they were coming out.)
    Covering the Liars who are paid fear mongers. I go through the shameful lies & “mistakes” of the mainstream media and their “Trusted Voices” who supposedly want lockdowns… and then I show you what citizen journalists are doing to get to the truth.
    keywords: fake news, alternative media, travel restrictions, WHO., media lies, deception, propaganda, Ireland, Connor McGregor

    Apr 03, 2020
    Real World or Simulation?
    I don’t believe the news from Elmhurst hospital in New York, which is claiming to be overwhelmed, in need of ventilators, and using morgue trucks to deal with the dead. Let me show you why I think this is all theatre.
    Colleen Smith, NYC, Cuomo, propaganda, medical simulation

    Apr 11, 2020
    The 7-step Recipe For Creating Vaccine Demand
    BOOM! PROOF! This article from years ago exposes the CDC and the Pharma Inudstry’s collusion to spread lies about flu-deaths. They used altered definitions, manipulated statistics and modeling to stoke fear and create a market for annual flu vaccines.
    Also covered is Bill Gates crimes against the people of India when he injected millions with his polio vaccine. I read from RFK Jr. Lots of info in this video.
    Centers For Disease Control, Glen Nowak, influenza, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, infertility, paralysis, vaccine reactions, fearmongering, Big Pharma, how to lie with statistics

    Apr 29, 2020
    Beware the Contact Tracers
    The Public Health mafia (including the Clintons) are speaking in military language about an “army” of “front line” “agents” to question the associations & whereabouts of anyone who tested positive for the stupid v-i-r-u-s. I go over some information about the Nazi Eugenics program and how it began with a ‘concern for public health’ Eerie.
    I have lots to say about the players involved and how they connect to the mega swamp.
    Partners In Health, Ophelia Dahl, Clinton, Paul Farmer, Haiti, Frank Guistra, Accesso, Big Brother, smartphones, surveillance, apps, Contact Tracing, gestapo, Social Credit, data mining, Cuomo

    May 09, 2020
    The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket
    BOOM revelations get bigger as we go along. ONE OF MY MOST WATCHED VIDEOS
    Stay with me! I’ve discovered an organization called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board which connects to ALL the major virus profiteers. I expose them along with many front organizations used by the Global Public Health Mafia.
    Globalism, Victor Dzau, National Academy of Medicine, GPMB, Coronavirus Pledging Event, fundraising, Fauci, CEPI, World Economic Forum, Gates, Schwab, World Bank, Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust, United Nations, Duke, McGill, Tim Evans, Population Control, Pharma, Cabal

    May 13, 2020
    MORE Public Health Mafia Connections
    First half – Wuhan Virology Lab links to NIH & Soros, HR 6666
    Second half – Victor Dzau is EVERYWHERE. His fingers are in the MODELING as well! Also, more on Contact Tracing NGO ‘Partners in Health.’
    Imperial College, Gates, Dzau, Fauci, Gain of Function, Virology Lab, China, NIH, NIAID, IHME, Modeling, Modelling
    Globalism, Victor Dzau, GPMB, Coronavirus Pledging Event, fundraising, Fauci, CEPI, World Economic Forum, Gates, Schwab, World Bank, Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust, United Nations, Duke, McGill, Jane Halton, cabal connections, fraud, Soros

    May 16, 2020
    Whistle blower Links to Health Mafia
    3 Stories – RFID syringes – US Official ‘Whistleblower’ re Hydroxychloroquine – SAGE panel lead in UK comes from Pharma
    I look at Patrick Vallance & the UK’s formerly secret Science Advisory panel which leads me to more Global Healh Mafia connections… and a connection back to the current self-described ‘whistleblower.’ Turns out they are all vaccine pushers, of course.
    England Swamp, Rick Bright, hydroxychloroquine, HCQ, Wellcome Trust, Vietnam, vaccines, tech, injections, tracking chip, Gates, BARDA, Decade of Vaccines, Fauci, WHO, Apiject

    May 27, 2020
    BOOM! Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?
    I have to set the stage, so BOOM comes at about 10 minutes in.This is HUGE! Medical Ethics should be front and center right now what with Big Pharma and NGOs like the Gates Foundation trying to rush an experimental RNA vaccine to market. In this video I uncover a MASSIVE conflict of interest in the US. Who is Christine Grady?BONUS BOOM near the end.
    Fauci’s wife, NIH, Bioethics, Ezekiel Emanuel, communitarianism, experimental vaccines, mRNA, Anthony Fauci

    Jun 09, 2020
    Technofascist Takeover – 6 videos to watch and share
    I recommend 6 videos from several experts in their fields who all seem to be pointing in the same direction. They and I comment on the scamdemic, the proposed vaccines, the overthrow of our financial system & the Marxist riots. This is – without a doubt – the attempted imposition of the Technofascists’ dreamed of Digital Gulag called the 4th Industrial Revolution.
    Patrick Wood, Jon Rappoport, Catherine Austin Fitts, Spiro Skouras, James Corbett, Robert F Kennedy Jr.

    Jul 02, 2020
    Is This Torture?
    MUST WATCH – one of my most impactful videos and one that has inspired many others from creators and legal activists all over the world.
    By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’ This is known as ‘no-touch torture.’ Psychological Torture. What effects does it have? Do you recognize yourself in this? I bet you will.
    breaking our will, interrogation techniques, mental torture, confusion technique, isolation, comparing lockdown to torture

    Jul 21, 2020
    Your Body is Their Weapon – We’re all Patients Now
    As a follow on to my “Is This Torture?” video, I discuss the way The Medical Tyranny is turning us all into Chronic Illness Outpatients. I rely on an excellent article by Sam Vaknin called “The Body As A Torture Chamber” and I apply his arguments to what is happening with the #Pandemic response.
    Sam Vaknin, Munchausen Syndrome, chronic illness, helplessness, doctor patient relationship, narcissism

    Aug 19, 2020
    Who Do You Trust?
    There are two competing narratives of the you know what. One is being pushed by people who are profiting from the pandemic, and they are using manipulation to spread fear. The other side of the story, buried by mainstream media & social media giants, is being represented by people on the ground who are risking everything to speak sense into this chaotic and insane panic.
    experts, COVID, pandemic, pharma, corruption, bioethics, Christine Grady, Ezekiel Emanuel, communism, communitarianism, informed consent, deplatforming, censorship, informed consent

    Nov 30, 2020
    This is Too Important – TAKE OFF THE MASKS
    If you want a future for yourself or your children, stop wearing the masks. I go over the experiments they have run on us vis a vis social conformity and I try to show that even science has been corrupted by the force of “group consensus.” You have to stand on your own two feet and not cave to the pressure of what everyone else is doing. It’s too important.
    maskers, anti-mask, submission, psychology, authorities, training, following, covid, courage, asch experiment, shocking experiment, obedience, Big Brother, psychological manipulation

    Dec 09, 2020
    Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More
    Very Important Info on the Other Side of the COVID story
    Thousands of experts are putting their careers, incomes, reputations & their very lives at risk to speak out against the COVID / Corona Hoax, especially against the experimental vaccine technology which is being rolled out worldwide.
    James Lyons-Weiler, Barrington Declaration, Virology, Virologists, Experts, censored, Doctors, There Is No Pandemic, Cahill, Tenpenny, ++ many more doctors from all over the world.

    Apr 23, 2021
    Medical Journal Corruption EXPOSED
    I discuss the horrifying reality behind “Scientific” Medical Journals using snippets from recent exposé by Off Guardian & a clip from Dr. Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt. These publications are completely bought and paid for by the criminal Pharma Cabal, but more than that, they use ‘stories’ and ‘narratives’ written by non-researchers to figure out how to best fool the public!!

    May 11 2021
    I keep hearing people exclaim in frustration that “none of this makes any sense!!” … Well that depends on how you look at it. Let me explain.
    Technocracy, Build Back Better, Narrative, WEF, Cognitive dissonance, agenda, covid, NWO

    May 30 2021
    COVID is taking its toll on many people. The stress is enormous. Today I read a letter from Dr. David Gersten, an expert on PTSD, who believes there is a new condition called Quarantine Stress Disorder.
    PTSD, stress, torture, CIA, FBI

    June 4 2021
    This could have been the start of it all! The Grand Scam of “Emerging Diseases” and its relationship to the Lab Leak story, Gain of Function on viruses.
    Fauci, NIH, Ralph Baric, Chapel Hill, Wuhan Lab, Winnipeg, China, Gain of Function

    June 14 2021
    In 2009, the ‘ebola gene’ was smuggled out of a Canadian Level 4 lab. What happened with that? I share a potentially huge discovery! BOOM!
    WHO, Winnipeg Lab, Tedros Adhanom, Africa, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, ebola, gain of function, NIH

    June 20 2021
    Politicians seem terrified. But why? I use Brian Pallister & Doug Ford as examples and show evidence of a bio-pharma-public health cartel.
    Manitoba, Canada, Ontario, weather modification, vaccines, ivermectin, Pallister, Ford, manipulation,

    July 10 2021
    I discuss some curiosities surrounding a huge fire that destroyed 90% of a town called Lytton. Is the province being punished for lifting COVID restrictions?
    BC Fires, Dr. Charles Hoffe, HARPP, weather modification, COVID, masking, mandates, public health

    July 28, 2021
    The top lies of Coronavirus (mixed with tangential rants & Documentary & Show Series recommendation.)
    PCR testing, gain of function, isolation of virus, mask myth, vaccine effectiveness, vaccine passports, parallel societies

    Aug 2, 2021
    Oh boy, you aren’t going to like this. I go over the history of ENTRUST, the company that has the contract for the Digital Passports in the UK (coming soon to your country?)
    Nazi, slave labour, passports, Quandts, Germany, BMW, ig farben, Entrust, WW2, chemical cartels, pharma

    Sept 17 2021
    Through the introduction of the ICU and Critical Care Ward, hospitals have been subverted by cold, calculating technicians who do not care about individual patients.
    Intensivists, ICU, patient care, patient transfer, critical care, Dr. Micheal Warner, hospital insurance, primary care, history of ICU, Leapfrog Group,, quality of care

    Aug 2, 2021
    First I set the stage by going over the INSANE “guidance” on adverse reactions and exemptions & at about 18 minutes I hit the detonator!
    Gates, Schwab, Pfizer, CEPI, Brighton Collaboration, World Health Organization, UN, The World Bank, Task Force for Global Health, GPMB, Welcome Trust, Tim Evans, Event 201, adverse reactions, coersion, vaccine exemptions,

    Oct 4, 2021
    More on the Global Mafia & how they are gaming the system. This is also a ‘rant’ video about those people who absolutely refuse to go after the players behind this attempted genocide.
    Vaccine injury, Gates, Schwab, Pfizer, CEPI, Brighton Collaboration, World Health Organization, UN, The World Bank, Sanofi, Pfizer, johnson & johnson, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr Fernando Pollack, NIH, Argentina, Vandrebilt, translational rese

    Nov 8, 2021
    This is a massive cover-up and you & your children could be in danger.
    BMJ, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Dr. John Campbell, cover-up, whistleblower, Expert Panel on Medical Mandates and Vaccine Injury, Maddie De Garay, Brianne Dressen

    Nov 16, 2021
    Part 1: Meet Kelly Hale. Part 2: Authorities Make Their Move. Part 3: The People Unite!
    Shot over 4 incredible days of ups and downs, you will watch the drama unfold and be left inspired.
    The army of Everyday Heroes is growing larger and stronger every day!
    Inspirational, fighting back, mandates, Ontario, JAKK Tuesdays, Kelly Hale

    May 20, 2022
    BOOM! Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic
    BOOM! The Public Health Mafia is caught red handed planning another ‘outbreak’ from which they can terrorize the public and make bank.
    Monkeypox, Pox, Event 201, WHO, NIAID, Fauci

    May 23, 2022
    I cover the US’s leading Orthopox Virus researcher who conducted at least 2 rounds of gain of function research on viruses related to smallpox. Other revelations about bio-terror ‘research’ in here too.
    Monkeypox, Gain of function, Outbreak, Event 201, WHO, NIAID, Fauci


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  77. Steve trickler says:

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree Published December 15, 2022.

    Ex-BlackRock Manager’s New Data; Return of Restrictions?; #TwitterFiles Update; DeSantis Drops Public Health Bomb; Is Del Controlled Opposition?; Laying Out ICAN’s Public Health Watchdog Work

    Guests: Edward Dowd, Aaron Siri, Esq.

    Episode 298: BRINGING THE HEAT

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  78. Steve trickler says:

    Stew Peters Presents: COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1

    They Can’t Hide This Any Longer… Some COVID-19 Patients Have Deadly Venom In Them
    36 different shellfish toxins and snake venom are showing up in COVID-19 patients…
    How did this end up in their blood, feces, or urine?
    Some experts believe this so-called “respiratory” disease is actually an envenomation from the vaccine.
    They’ve targeted people with toxins for decades…
    Why wouldn’t this be the case now?
    Did you know that the word “corona” means “crown for the king” and virus in Latin actually means “venom” so coronavirus very closely translates to “king venom”?

    If you thought this film was eye-opening, then you won’t want to miss out on what we reveal next. It’s even more shocking… and the good news is, there are solutions!


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  79. Steve trickler says:

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree:

    Del Breaks Through With Dr. Drew; VRBPAC Committee Reveals FDA Lacks Data To Back “Flu-Shot” Fast-track COVID Vaccine Push; Ex-Eco Health Alliance Executive Exposes the Truth About Wuhan; Project Veritas, the Pfizer Whistleblower, and Directed Evolution?; Tennis Star Novak Djokovic A Champion for All in Australia, Named HighWire Hero of The Year
    Guest: Andrew G. Huff, PhD

    #AskDrDrew #DirectedEvolution #LiedSuddenly #Djokovic #HighWireHero #GainOfDysfunction

    Episode 305: GAIN OF DYSFUNCTION

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  80. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early
    7TH FEBRUARY 2023
    I suspect that most of those who allowed themselves to be tricked into accepting the covid-19 jab now wish that they had ignored governments, advisors, media doctors and celebrities.

    This is the script of my video which appeared in December 2021. The video can still be seen here. It was, inevitably, treated with scorn at the time. I invite the sceptics and 12-year-old ‘fact-checkers’ to take a look and see if they can find anything with which they now disagree.

    It’s the 11th December 2021, or thereabouts.

    We all know that the short-term risks for those accepting the covid-19 jabs are horrific – worse than the risks associated with any traditional vaccine or drug that’s ever been made, and there have been some horror stories in the past associated with pharmaceutical products.

    Drug companies are the most ruthless of all corporate entities – they make arms companies look positively benevolent. And, as I have pointed out before, they make those involved in the illegal drug trade look comparatively decent.

    It was known in late 2020, a year ago, that the covid-19 jabs would cause heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems, myocarditis and pericarditis.

    I know this because I made several videos last year, 2020, in which I explained that all these things would happen. And that the adverse events would not be rare or even uncommon.

    If you’re interested take a look at my video called `Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Vaccine Side Effects’ or `Vital Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine’. Both videos were recorded and published in December 2020 and they are still there. If they’d been on YouTube they would have been removed, of course.

    I’ve written umpteen thousand words about the short-term problems with these jabs.

    But I’ve also been investigating the medium and long-term dangers and what I’ve found is truly terrifying. This really is a cull. Most of the vaxxed will, I fear, be lucky to last five years – and all for a jab that doesn’t do what most people think it does. To be honest, anyone who still accepts one of these jabs should be considered suicidal or certified insane. Life expectation is going to fall dramatically – and not just because the quality of health care is deteriorating daily. I honestly find it difficult to believe that there are people around who are so brainwashed and so terrified by the lies they’ve heard that they will accept as many jabs as they are offered.

    If you doubt my credentials by the way, take a look at the list of my predictions and warnings on

    And if you doubt that just read your way through my 20 million words of published books and old columns.

    The politicians, the Government scientists and the journalists claim that there are no medium or long-term dangers associated with the experimental jabs.

    But they say that because they seem to know nothing about traditional vaccines which can and do cause medium and long-term problems. And, of course, they know nothing about the experimental covid jabs because no one on earth can say with certainty what is going to happen in one, five or ten years’ time.

    I have, however, made a determined, clinical attempt to analyse what I think will happen. And this is what I’ve come up with.

    First, of course, there are the heart problems. It seems that the damage to the heart that is responsible for so many fit sportsmen dropping dead or collapsing is likely to affect far more people than we know about. Doctors can hardly remove hearts from living patients to see how many are suffering serious, early stage heart trouble. And its early days as far as the myocarditis and pericarditis and other problems are concerned. This problem is now a permanent part of life for many. And it was all predicted with great precision. Again, just look back at the videos I have made during the last two years. Everything was predicted. The videos are all on Brand New Tube. I warned that more, far far more, will die of the jabs than died or will die of the rebranded flu.

    It seems, of course, that the heart problems are made worse by heavy exercise. There will, I fear, be sudden deaths among those labouring, digging snow or doing heavy gardening. Deaths among the elderly will be dismissed as a result of ordinary ageing.

    Incidentally, have you noticed that recently the official line is that people who go to the gym are more likely to have strokes or heart attacks – as if simply going to the gym was the problem? No mention of the jab as the cause. They are trying to normalise strokes and heart attacks to cover the jab injuries.

    And this is, I suspect, is also why so many young people have been collapsing on the dance floor. The exercise, combined with the heat, has put pressure on damaged hearts. And they’ve collapsed. I think the stories about people being injected in night clubs or drinking spiked drinks are largely just that – stories. Stories designed to cover up the real problem. Bizarrely, I’ve even seen it claimed that global warming is the cause of all the heart problems we’re seeing. That really is pushing it.

    I have no doubt, sadly, that we’re going to see more and more people suffering serious heart trouble as a result of their jabs. The elderly will die earlier than they might otherwise have died. But deaths among the young will continue to shock. Already there are calls for defibrillators to be put into schools and sports clubs because of the unprecedented epidemic of heart attacks.

    The change in the immune systems of the jabbed will also be of great significance. It has been reported that many of the double jabbed have lost a good deal of their immune system capability. This will mean that they are incredibly vulnerable to many diseases.

    So, I suspect the vaxxed will be extremely vulnerable to new variations of the flu. They will constantly be encouraged to accept new jabs, new booster jabs and so on. The ignorant, the fearful and the susceptible will become pincushions, the drug companies will make untold billions in profits, the medical profession will be paid huge fees to give the jabs and the evil conspirators behind the Agenda for a world government will move ever closer to their aim. Vax passports will morph, apparently naturally, into digital passports, containing financial details and so on and the enslavement will be complete. The future is now very, very close.

    There will be serious neurological problems too. These are already developing – the facial nerve palsy is well known, of course. But there will be many others that were known about back in 2020.

    Will there be fertility problems? My guess is that there will be. Certainly, no one can say that there will not be.

    It is astonishing how many women won’t have a glass of wine in case it affects their baby but will happily have an experimental jab. No one knows what will happen to them or their unborn baby.

    More and more women who have been jabbed and do get pregnant will be born with underdeveloped babies. Or the babies will have serious heart problems. Who knows? Many babies will doubtless be lost mid-term or born dead. Medical history is littered with examples of drugs which everyone said was safe but which turned out to be not so safe. Thalidomide is just one of many drugs in that history.

    And what will happen when those babies grow up? Will they be completely infertile? What other problems will they develop? The mRNA is an entirely new type of product. No one can tell you exactly what is going to happen. No one can tell you what will happen in five, ten or fifteen years. We have to wait and see. And before anyone sneers, let me remind you that there have been drugs which have affected the children of women who took them.

    The drug diethylstilboestrol (DES)is a manufactured version of oestrogen. It was given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages. It was thought to be safe though it was useless for this. In 1971, it was found that the drug caused cancer and doctors in America stopped prescribing it. Doctors in Europe carried on for another seven years.

    But there’s a twist. It later became clear that the daughters of women who took DES while they were pregnant were at increased risk of developing several types of cancer. I wrote about this in my book Paper Doctors in 1977 – and European doctors then stopped prescribing it for pregnant women. It took 40 years for the cancers to become apparent.

    The cancer risk for the vaxxed cannot be under estimated. No one knows what will happen.

    There are already early signs of problems.

    A doctor in Idaho, America reports that he has seen a twenty times increase in the incidence of endometrial cancer in jabbed patients.

    And, of course, menstrual problems are known to be a serious problem among the vaxxed. I fear that the incidence of all types of cancer will increase dramatically among the vaxxed. With altered immune systems there are bound to be big problems ahead.

    And there is another problem.

    Will the vaxxed be able to take prescription drugs or over the counter drugs? If they take aspirin or warfarin, for example, will those bleeding problems get worse? We’re in entirely new territory. I doubt if the mathematicians and psy-op specialists advising the Government have much idea of the problems that can happen with drug interactions with ordinary humans. And, since the covid jab is entirely new, there is no limit to the number of problems which lie ahead.

    So what can the vaxxed do to help themselves?

    Well, first and foremost, I hope the vaxxed don’t have any more of the notably toxic jabs poked into them. I suspect that the damage is cumulative – maybe that’s why they’re so keen on pumping the stuff into people in such quantities.

    The jabbed should avoid strenuous exercise – lest their hearts be damaged in some way. I fear that damage might not always show up when the heart is tested. Gentle exercise only for those who have had the covid-19 jab. The footballers who said `no’ were wise beyond their reputation.

    And if I’d been jabbed by accident (and it would have been a hell of an accident for me to have had any jab or vaccine) I’d want to keep my immune system in tip top condition. You can easily buy vitamin D and zinc. You can easily buy supplies of both – but don’t take more than the recommended dose because they can be serious and potentially deadly side effects if you do. The jabbed should check with their doctors first – before taking any medicine or supplement.

    Will the vaxxed be a threat to those around them? Well, yes, I fear they will. They will carry some infections without showing symptoms or signs and so I suspect they’ll spread those infections. Asymptomatic spread didn’t happen before the jabs but now there is evidence that the vaxxed may spread the infection without showing symptoms themselves.

    I reported a long time ago on the theory that immunosuppressed individuals could provide a reservoir in which viruses might more easily mutate.

    And will the vaxxed be vulnerable if they mix with the unvaxxed? Well, again, yes I fear they will. The immune systems of the vaxxed have been changed forever. Just how vulnerable they will be is a big mystery.

    The problem is that the authorities will not be honest about any of this. They will claim that deaths among the vaxxed are caused by new variations and whenever they can they will, of course, blame the wise ones who have refused to allow themselves to be jabbed with the most deadly, toxic brew ever invented and promoted by governments, drug companies and the medical establishment.

    And will the jabs have any effect on the brains of the vaxxed? Well, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Anything which seems to affect circulatory system and the immune system seems likely to affect the brain in some way. Apart from major bleeds what is going to happen to the intelligence of the jabbed?

    Maybe that explains why those who have been jabbed all seem so darned stupid. Most of them are wearing masks which is about as stupid as you can get. And, of course, the masks will increase the stupidity because those wearing them will be breathing in a reduced amount of oxygen.

    The bottom line is that I fear that the jabbed have a massively reduced life expectation. And I don’t believe that’s an accident.

    How long will they live?

    Well, some will probably live long lives. Some cigarette smokers live into their 90s. The human body doesn’t always behave as expected – that’s the whole point.

    But I fear many will die during the winter months. Mortality rates are going to soar over the next few years. Governments will blame new variants of the rebranded flu. But that will be yet another lie.

    On average, I fear many of the jabbed may have no more than another five years before they become a statistic.

    The fact checkers will say I can’t prove this.

    And they’re right. I can’t. All I can do is look at the facts we do have and draw conclusions. And I would remind you that I have been absolutely right about this fake pandemic and the jabs since March 2020. I have, I believe, been far more accurate than any government spokesman I’ve seen. And my videos, articles and columns are all still there for you to check if you like.

    This video and transcript was first published in 2021

    Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early 7TH FEBRUARY 2023


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  81. Steve trickler says:

    Malcolm Roberts:

    Join me with the distinguished Dr Altman who has been a courageous fighter for truth and transparency especially over the past 3 years.

    The Malcolm Roberts Show #3 – Dr Phillip Altman

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