‘Catallaxy’ is a word that the great libertarian philosopher and economist Friedrich Hayek coined from the Greek verb “katallattein”, which means not only “to exchange” but also “to admit in the community” and “to change from enemy into friend” (F.A. von Hayek, Law, Legislation and Liberty, Vol 2, 1976, pp. 108-109).

Catallaxy the blog (also known as Catallaxy Files) was founded by Jason Soon as a solo blog. He was later joined by Heath Gibson and it sort of grew from there.

Do not email requests for paid Guest Posts or for unacknowledged advertising or similar such stuff. All those emails are routinely ignored. We do not do that at the Cat.

Catallaxy is being preserved for posterity at the National Library of Australia.

The page can be accessed here.

After the last Great Server Crash we posted here for a while.

From time to time I get emails or tweets or even phone calls asking me why the Cat hasn’t discussed particular issues. The answer usually consists of me saying that the issue has been discussed in the various threads (there are few topics that I can think of that don’t get some coverage). The topics that get posts from the regular authors are a function of time, interest, and priority. So we don’t always get to post on the burning issues that some readers consider to be important.

There is a solution.

Write a guest post.

If you think that we should be covering issue X or Y or even Z and haven’t then write a guest post. Email it to me. The chances are that it will appear.

I don’t pay for posts – the Cat is a labour of love. So all those people who email me offering to write guest posts or ghost write posts and so on, please stop.