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Resisting the Reset: Would You Take Part?

Perhaps he did it half in jest, but Neil Oliver put up a post on Twitter/X  in which he asked the question: Anyone fancy a Revolution? I could just go a Revolution right about now.

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Jury Duty

Post by Shy Ted I’ve just finished Keith Windshuttle’ “The Persecution of George Pell”. Recommended read exposing the criminality and venality of PMs, Premiers, Judges, top cops and detectives and, of course, the media with two journalists in particular exposed … Continue reading

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US Elections 2024: The Primaries Campaign [2]

The first in the series of threads on the US Elections was posted in July.  The theme of that thread was on the questions of how we select the candidate who we think should be the winner of the 2024 … Continue reading

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The World Is On Fire

Post by Shy Ted Or so it seems. The media repeatedly pushes false narratives and ignores the ignition – arsonists. For the most part. Many will have done fire training, the triad being fuel, oxygen and climate change, sorry, ignition. … Continue reading

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Open Thread – September 2023

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