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The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

We are watching our planet spinning on a path that seems to be towards some kind of destruction. There have been plots and schemes that have been lurking beneath the surface and building up for decades; unseen by the majority, … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Saturday, 24 September 2022

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Thursday Memes – Vol 3

It may look like Saturday but I can confirm that its Thursday. Should you suggest otherwise fact checkers will remind everyone you are using the wrong context and you will be executed, sorry I mean banned.

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Open Thread – Saturday, 17 September 2022

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Prescriptions for Health: Modern Medicine vs Naturopathic Healing

How did the process of treating those who are ill get so complex? Perhaps, we would be better off asking why it got so complex. This would lead us to the answer. Healing the sick stopped being a vocation and … Continue reading

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Monday (in)Sanity – Reality: the only weapon of the conservative

In a political world where one side has almost unlimited power it intrigues me that the vote still changes regularly between the conservative and the progressive. How exactly does the conservative win an election when the progressive has but is … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Saturday, 10 September 2022

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Thursday Memes – Vol 2

Another week of absolute insanity. In no particular order here were some of the best memes I came across:

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My Mind Is Not My Brain

Guest Post by Abigail L. Rosenthal How much hangs on that denial – or on its contradictory, that my mind is my brain! If our minds are our brains, as I once thought, and as our educated contemporaries mostly still … Continue reading

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Monday (in)Sanity – The Left, the Right and the Strawman

Often guilty of being in an echo chamber online Facebooks insistence of trying to turn me into a progressive has uncovered something for me. Whilst modern culture ensures that I know exactly where the left stands on every single issue … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Saturday, 03 September 2022

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Thursday Memes – Vol 1

How do you make a concise summary of the things going wrong in the world but enjoy it at the same time? The answer is Memes of course. Let me know which one you enjoyed the most.

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