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Monday (in)Sanity – Reality: the only weapon of the conservative

In a political world where one side has almost unlimited power it intrigues me that the vote still changes regularly between the conservative and the progressive. How exactly does the conservative win an election when the progressive has but is … Continue reading

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Monday (in)Sanity – The Left, the Right and the Strawman

Often guilty of being in an echo chamber online Facebooks insistence of trying to turn me into a progressive has uncovered something for me. Whilst modern culture ensures that I know exactly where the left stands on every single issue … Continue reading

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Monday (in)Sanity – Politician doesn’t understand anything

Well cats, I am back and planning to do a weekly post about something dumb that has caught my eye during the week. In good news for the post there is no shortage of topics to discuss. In bad news … Continue reading

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