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Sing Alleluia…

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Film: Climate the Movie (The Cold Truth)

This film, released today, reveals to us the truth about climate and the alarm that has been associated with it. It is a much needed exposé on the global warming-climate change scam that has been forced on the world’s population … Continue reading

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Film: Epidemic of Fraud

This film probes the attacks against a class of ancient medications. A safe drug was discredited during the so-called Covid pandemic. This was possible due to the co-ordinated attempts by various groups to discredit these medicines.

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More Insights From Pastor Isaac on Palestine and the Gaza War

Until October 2023, I was mostly ignorant of the Palestinian struggle and history. I blindly aligned myself with Israel because, from the Christian perspective, I saw Israel as the ‘good guys’ who deserved to be the settlers in the Holy … Continue reading

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Being Content With What We Have

Post by Jeff Minick My Pennsylvania-born mother owned a black napkin holder sporting an Amish woman and an inscription: “Ve grow too soon alt und too late schmart” (“We grow too soon old and too late smart”).

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Open Thread – March 2024

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