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Election 2022: Beware These Shades of Green

Slimy, Watermelon, Teal, Chameleon. The shade or stripe doesn’t matter. They are all nation-wrecking Greens. Their plans are geared to destroy the economy by crippling local industries, lowering employment numbers, raising the cost of living, and sending the country broke.

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Guest post: Speedbox – Electric vehicles and inevitablity

In 2019 on the old Cat I submitted a guest post about electric vehicles. I was neither pro nor con towards electric (or other zero emission vehicles) and merely pointed to their inevitability. Part of that post said: We will … Continue reading

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Guest post: Speedbox – Climate change winners and losers

Every game has winners and losers and so it is with climate change. In 1961 the Institute of Geography at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that up to 63% of Russia’s territory had climatic conditions deemed adverse for humans. … Continue reading

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