Election 2022: Beware These Shades of Green

Slimy, Watermelon, Teal, Chameleon. The shade or stripe doesn’t matter. They are all nation-wrecking Greens. Their plans are geared to destroy the economy by crippling local industries, lowering employment numbers, raising the cost of living, and sending the country broke.

But it is a very lucrative scheme for those who pretend that the planet is in danger of extinction, if evil carbon emitters are not done away with, and replaced by green energy. There is no truth to their fear mongering alarmism. It is a fraud perpetuated on the gullible.

The Federal Election brings these windy traitors crawling out and spewing their well-marketed spiel about global warming, fossil fuels and rising sea levels. Their solutions are about renewable energy, decarbonisation and net zero. Only they can save us from the impending climate catastrophe that has been looming over the global horizons, for decades. Half a century ago, we were told that we had just 10 years left.

Follow the dollar signs. They will lead to the facts. All those activists are chanting the prescribed words and phrases from the Greenery playbook. It isn’t about the environment; it is about the benefits that they will reap. Getting rid of cheap and reliable energy sources will force the public to use renewable energy. This will help all those connected to the green climate hoax reap a bonanza, with their varied investments in the wind and solar industries.

This detailed article in The Australian, last week, provided a closer look at the so-called Climate 200 Independents, running as candidates in this year’s Federal Election. Like all the climate crisis campaigners, there is a ton of greenhouse gases being emitted from their public display of concern for the planet, and their love for the environment.

Why would some businesses donate millions of dollars to a certain category of candidates, with a climate crisis agenda? Could it be that they would have a profitable financial return, if these candidates are elected? The article explains:

Mr Holmes a Court … has significant financial stakes in companies devoted to investing in decarbonisation and renewable energy technology.

At the same time, his Climate 200 group is donating $10m to independents committed to much tougher emissions targets than those supported by the major parties.

A boon for whom?

Mr Holmes a Court told The Australian the nation stood at the precipice of a massive clean-energy and critical minerals mining boom – in cobalt, lithium, nickel and silicon – which was a “once-in-a-century opportunity”….

Besides Decarb Ventures, Mr Holmes a Court has shareholdings in a number of companies that profit from investment in renewables and clean energy….

5B Holdings, registered in 2015, produces portable solar panel arrays for mining projects and farms that are off-grid…. it needed government policy to enforce “the orderly shutdown of coal-fired power plants” and to “hasten the uptake of renewable energy” before the benefits of solar technology could be “fully realised” and “get investors a better return”.

Who are all these climate activists? Do they actually care about the planet? Do they know the facts? One of the ways to display the facade of the save-the-planet crusaders, is to expose their hypocrisy and ignorance.

1. Climate Zealots

Zali Steggall drives a high emitting Nissan Pathfinder.

Mike Canon-Brookes warns about rising sea-levels.

Climate 200 Independents live in affluent suburbs.

2. Fact-based Graphs

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Top COEmitting Countries

3. The Real Cost of Green Energy

Taxpayer Subsidies

Supply Chain and Market Uncertainty

The entire climate-change-global-warming deception is a ploy to steal from those on struggle street, so that the wealthy can get wealthier. The scam will only succeed, if the public can be conned into believing the lie, and voting for the Green cohort:
The Greens (Slimy Green), Labor (Watermelon Green), Climate Independents (sTeal Green) and Moderate Liberals (Chameleon Green).

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3 Responses to Election 2022: Beware These Shades of Green

  1. Shy Ted says:

    The thing that galls me the most is the clearly paid for MSM, now largely funded by taxpayers through gummint advertising and tax breaks merely reading the narrative. It’s theft and double theft.

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  2. Fat Tony says:

    The MSM is the enemy of the people.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    The thing that galls me the most is the clearly paid for MSM…

    The MSM is the enemy of the people.

    The role of MSM disinformation – in all the major events that affect the world including Covid, Ukraine and Climate crisis hoax – will require a major investigation.

    The immediate need, is to save this country from all those whose goal is to destroy it. For that, those who know the facts need to pass them on to others, and hope that the good candidates get voted in at this Federal Election.

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