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Lenten Reflection on Gaza by Revd Munther Isaac

The day before Christmas, Reverend Dr Munther Isaac, pastor of the Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, delivered his Christmas Sermon, Christ Under the Rubble. This month, he travelled to the UK to take part in the Vigil for Gaza. While … Continue reading

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How to Disagree in Discussions and Debates

Is it possible to have healthy, polite and respectful debates? Can we have productive discussions and an exchange of ideas, opinions and differing beliefs which would lead to people learning from each other? I decided to look further into this … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Do the Same Thing to Stay Safe

Post by David Bell A slogan seemingly developed by a febrile aardvark grazing on mushrooms keeps popping up in public health and politics as if it had meaning. Besides serving as proof that confused aardvarks can still outwit many humans, … Continue reading

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Open Thread – February 2024

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