Resisting the Reset: Would You Take Part?

Perhaps he did it half in jest, but Neil Oliver put up a post on Twitter/X  in which he asked the question:

Anyone fancy a Revolution? I could just go a Revolution right about now.

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Jury Duty

Post by Shy Ted

I’ve just finished Keith Windshuttle’ “The Persecution of George Pell”. Recommended read exposing the criminality and venality of PMs, Premiers, Judges, top cops and detectives and, of course, the media with two journalists in particular exposed for their malice. It got me thinking to one of the two times I did jury duty.

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US Elections 2024: The Primaries Campaign [2]

The first in the series of threads on the US Elections was posted in July.  The theme of that thread was on the questions of how we select the candidate who we think should be the winner of the 2024 Presidential election.

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The World Is On Fire

Post by Shy Ted

Or so it seems. The media repeatedly pushes false narratives and ignores the ignition – arsonists. For the most part. Many will have done fire training, the triad being fuel, oxygen and climate change, sorry, ignition. Remove one part, no fire.

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Open Thread – September 2023

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The Daily Game of Pretend

Post by Richard Kelly

You know that old trope about how the husband finally retires and then the wife finds him under her feet all day and does whatever she can to get him out of the house? Well, working from home has flipped that on its head.

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Raining on Sporting Parades

Over the weekend, an opinion was shared by a caller (Phil) on talkback radio about the importance that is given to sports, sporting events and matches instead of the major issues we face. It got me thinking.

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The Nigel Farage-ing of Shy Ted

Post by Shy Ted

“Become ungovernable” they told us. So I did, as much as I could. We all know the criminals in government and those under their control have been making life very difficult/impossible for us since 2020. Protest? Feel the force of the law you’re paying for. So I’ve moved several times to avoid the lockdowns and such but did happen to be in a major centre for 18 months so I get a bit of what you’ve gone through. Minor challenges with GP appointments (for the pills that have made me fat) as I refused to mask up but I got by.

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The Shapers of the Future

There are crimes being committed against humanity. A year ago, at the Northern Light Convention, a group of professionals gathered to brainstorm the problems we face. One of the speakers was Dr Jacob Nordangård, a Swedish independent researcher and author. He is the CEO of a publishing company and has written five books which include the subjects of world politics, global agenda, climate change and the pandemic.

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Open Thread – August 2023

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Aunties and Uncles

Post by Shy Ted

People have been wondering where the Aunty and Uncle titles for Aboriginal elders came from. After living in remote and rural communities for the best part of 20 years I came up with a theory, might be accurate, might not but it seemed the best explanation. No locals seemed to know and probably cared less and the terms weren’t used in these places.

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US Elections 2024: Pre-Primaries Stage [1]

Should the elections in another country be of any concern to us, here in Australia? If the country is the United States, the answer is yes. The Primaries are six* months away, and it is over a year to the Presidential General Election. We are not citizens of the US and cannot vote, so, it may be that we cannot influence the voting decisions by the discussions we have here.

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Well, That’s Just Super

Post by Shy Ted

A couple of weeks ago the National Press Club “featured” child Minister for Aged Care, Anika Wells. If that doesn’t scare you, this should.

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Open Thread – July 2023

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Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening

This film, described as A Documentary Experience from the Creators of Plandemic, had its global premiere this weekend, 3 June 2023. It was hosted by their partners at The Highwire.

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