An Attitude of Gratitude

In a few days, it will be Thanksgiving Day in the US. It is the American national holiday that is celebrated, each year, on the fourth Thursday in November. The day commemorates the original autumn harvest meal (1621) shared by the Plymouth Pilgrims with the Wampanoag Indians.

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Year-end Review

It is close to the end of the year and it is time for a stock take on this blog.

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A Vision for Our Civilisation

This is the speech by Konstantin Kisin at the inaugural ARC (The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) conference, London (30th October – 1st November 2023). The founding event organiser of ARC, Jordan Peterson, provided Kisin with the theme for his speech: audacity, adventure and a positive vision for our civilisation.

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Documentary: The Mystery of Israel – Solved!

This documentary is presented by David Sorensen and produced by Stop World Control. Sorensen introduces the film with the following:

In this video, I present to you truths and realities that are extremely difficult to comprehend, information that will shock us to the core because it challenges everything we believe. It turns our world upside down, and it reveals something so evil that it is almost incomprehensible. Yet it is the truth.

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Learning From Our Mistakes

Post by Francisco Zuniga

A couple of years ago, I received a post-semester email from a student’s father. He was upset about his child’s final grade in my class, which had landed somewhere between a high B and a low A.

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Open Thread – November 2023

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Narrative Control: Who Is Telling the Story?

I used to wonder how some people just swallowed the myths about climate change, the Covid scam or the fiction about the Ukraine war. But they get their news from the Legacy media who are feeding them the same story, every day, in different ways. The newspapers, the television channels, the radio stations. The rendering is so constant, coming from all directions, and there is no equal force to counter it. So the audience believes this one-sided account and concludes that is the truth.

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Secret Details in Vaccine Contracts

Post by Maryanne Demasi 

Major international governments have signed multibillion-dollar legal contracts with drug companies in order to secure access to covid-19 vaccines.

But the drug companies and governments have refused to divulge details, saying the information is “commercial in confidence.”

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Open Thread – October 2023

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Resisting the Reset: Would You Take Part?

Perhaps he did it half in jest, but Neil Oliver put up a post on Twitter/X  in which he asked the question:

Anyone fancy a Revolution? I could just go a Revolution right about now.

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Jury Duty

Post by Shy Ted

I’ve just finished Keith Windshuttle’ “The Persecution of George Pell”. Recommended read exposing the criminality and venality of PMs, Premiers, Judges, top cops and detectives and, of course, the media with two journalists in particular exposed for their malice. It got me thinking to one of the two times I did jury duty.

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US Elections 2024: The Primaries Campaign [2]

The first in the series of threads on the US Elections was posted in July.  The theme of that thread was on the questions of how we select the candidate who we think should be the winner of the 2024 Presidential election.

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The World Is On Fire

Post by Shy Ted

Or so it seems. The media repeatedly pushes false narratives and ignores the ignition – arsonists. For the most part. Many will have done fire training, the triad being fuel, oxygen and climate change, sorry, ignition. Remove one part, no fire.

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Open Thread – September 2023

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The Daily Game of Pretend

Post by Richard Kelly

You know that old trope about how the husband finally retires and then the wife finds him under her feet all day and does whatever she can to get him out of the house? Well, working from home has flipped that on its head.

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