US Elections 2024: The Conservative Angle

With the US General Elections just under seven months away (5 November 2024), it seems likely that the presumptive nominees during the primaries may well be the ones who will be representing their parties at the general election. The Democrats have picked the incumbent, a Democrat, 81-year-old Joe Biden. The Republicans have decided on 2020 incumbent, also a Democrat, 77-year-old Donald Trump. A country with a population of  over 340 million has come up with two geriatrics as the best candidates to lead their nation for the next four years. How did it come to this?

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Digital ID Act 2023: Will You Join the Warriors?

This Digital ID Bill was referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee in December, last year, and we had the details discussed here in this post. Last week, the bill was rushed through the Senate, with no debate, and passed the legislation.

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Open Thread – April 2024

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Sing Alleluia…

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Film: Climate the Movie (The Cold Truth)

This film, released today, reveals to us the truth about climate and the alarm that has been associated with it. It is a much needed exposé on the global warming-climate change scam that has been forced on the world’s population for several decades. It is presented to us as a story of what has been really happening on our planet through interviews with prominent scientists. These eminent and respected scientists do not deny science. They have evidence which leads them to dismiss the climate change alarmism as nonsense.

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Film: Epidemic of Fraud

This film probes the attacks against a class of ancient medications. A safe drug was discredited during the so-called Covid pandemic. This was possible due to the co-ordinated attempts by various groups to discredit these medicines.

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More Insights From Pastor Isaac on Palestine and the Gaza War

Until October 2023, I was mostly ignorant of the Palestinian struggle and history. I blindly aligned myself with Israel because, from the Christian perspective, I saw Israel as the ‘good guys’ who deserved to be the settlers in the Holy Land. After all, this is the Judeo-Christian heritage that links the Jews and Judaism of the Old Testament to Christians, the followers of Christ, in the New Testament.

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Being Content With What We Have

Post by Jeff Minick

My Pennsylvania-born mother owned a black napkin holder sporting an Amish woman and an inscription: “Ve grow too soon alt und too late schmart” (“We grow too soon old and too late smart”).

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Open Thread – March 2024

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Lenten Reflection on Gaza by Revd Munther Isaac

The day before Christmas, Reverend Dr Munther Isaac, pastor of the Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, delivered his Christmas Sermon, Christ Under the Rubble. This month, he travelled to the UK to take part in the Vigil for Gaza. While there, he addressed attendees at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in London with another reflection.

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How to Disagree in Discussions and Debates

Is it possible to have healthy, polite and respectful debates? Can we have productive discussions and an exchange of ideas, opinions and differing beliefs which would lead to people learning from each other? I decided to look further into this topic and see if the experts have any advice or suggestions.

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Everyone Must Do the Same Thing to Stay Safe

Post by David Bell 

A slogan seemingly developed by a febrile aardvark grazing on mushrooms keeps popping up in public health and politics as if it had meaning. Besides serving as proof that confused aardvarks can still outwit many humans, it also helps clarify whether someone talking about pandemics is profit-driven or out of their depth. There are a few variations on the wording, originally coined as:

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Open Thread – February 2024

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Documentary: The Great Taking

This documentary is produced by David Rogers Webb. It is based on his book with the same name and makes us aware of what is taking place in the privately controlled Central Banks and their preparations for the financial collapse that is to come.

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10 Questions and Answers About Gaza

This article, written by Simon Elmer, was published in the OffGuardian in early December. It is in two parts and comprises 10 questions with detailed answers.

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