Documentary: EUROPA: The Last Battle

We’ve studied history in school. The accounts of the past have been written by the historians and included as part of the curriculum. From there some of us have gone on to study the subject at university level, or read books and watched films based on historical events. But is all that we have read and learnt based on facts, or on the perceptions and the bias of the recorders who were on the victorious side of the events and battles?

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Limp Lettuce Leaves for Rogue Politicians and World Leaders

I enjoy good political cartoons because they condense a topical issue in one image which often combines a serving of truth and humour. There is one cartoonist who has illustrated a few toons that depict Albanese as some wandering waif with his bucket and that leafy, green, salad vegetable.

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The Agenda for “One Health”

Post by Tracy Thurman  

In my previous articles, we looked at the global war on farmers, the organizations pushing for the Great Food Reset, the tactics used to foist these changes on the public, the projects underway to remove your access to healthy, farm-fresh foods, and the mRNA, RNA, and DNA gene therapies entering our food supply.

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Open Thread – July 2024

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Ask Questions Rather Than Blindly Following Narratives

Post by Thi Thuy Van Dinh  

I grew up with little food and without electricity near a national park in Southeast Asia after a devastating war. From time to time, the men in my village hunted wild animals like hogs, deer, and porcupines to get some meat for the children. The forests quickly became thinner as the local population grew fast. I had a typical third-world childhood. The first time electricity, although intermittent and expensive, came was in 1987, allowing us to enjoy the FIFA World Cup, store food in fridges, read books in the evenings and sleep under a fan. Some gold was found, shaking up the whole quiet town with its usual environmental and social problems for a while. A third of my female friends married quickly before finishing high school.

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Open Thread – June 2024

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Since the 7 October 2023 attack by Hamas – from Gaza into Israel – we have been following the events and posting findings on this blog. There have been updates to the attack and then the war in Gaza, as well as details related to the history of the conflict. We have managed to share content on this subject from a wide range of sources, media outlets and platforms.

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US Elections 2024: The Conservative Angle [2]

As there is additional content to be added to the US Elections 2024 thread, it will be continued in this second part. If you want to follow the topic and have not read the information in the previous thread, it may be better to start with Part 1, and then read this thread.

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Film: Playing God

This film – which premiered on 22 April – investigates medical democide in the UK and exposes the government protocols that are causing death and devastation.

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Open Thread – May 2024

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Anzac Day – 2024

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US Elections 2024: The Conservative Angle [1]

With the US General Elections just under seven months away (5 November 2024), it seems likely that the presumptive nominees during the primaries may well be the ones who will be representing their parties at the general election. The Democrats have picked the incumbent, a Democrat, 81-year-old Joe Biden. The Republicans have decided on 2020 incumbent, also a Democrat, 77-year-old Donald Trump. A country with a population of  over 340 million has come up with two geriatrics as the best candidates to lead their nation for the next four years. How did it come to this?

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Digital ID Act 2023: Will You Join the Warriors?

This Digital ID Bill was referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee in December, last year, and we had the details discussed here in this post. Last week, the bill was rushed through the Senate, with no debate, and passed the legislation.

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Open Thread – April 2024

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Sing Alleluia…

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