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Documentary: Died Suddenly

Posted by Steve trickler (in the Open Thread) From the Stew Peters Network: Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them … Continue reading

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The Price for Speaking Your Mind

Guest Post by Jeffrey A. Tucker Being on the administrative/editorial side of Brownstone has been a serious education in information systems. I don’t mean on a technical level. I mean on a social level. I had no idea just how … Continue reading

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Never Forget – Pro Covid Lockdowns asking for Amnesty

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The Great Resist to Reclaim Our Freedoms [1]

We hear about the Great Reset. The New World Order. Build Back Better. About what is being done to destroy our lives, the economy, our country, our earth. And after that, when we have nothing, the overlords will have everything … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Unvaccinated

Last month, French General Christian Blanchon wrote a letter in which he praised citizens who stood up against the coercion tactics that had been used to force them to take the experimental Covid vaccines. The pressure to get vaccinated was … Continue reading

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Crowdsource Post: What did the Covid Response Cost Us?

A recent cabinet meeting marks the end of the covid response in my eyes. As per the ABC: Key points: – Mandatory COVID isolation will end from October 14 – Financial support will be continued for some workers to be … Continue reading

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The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

We are watching our planet spinning on a path that seems to be towards some kind of destruction. There have been plots and schemes that have been lurking beneath the surface and building up for decades; unseen by the majority, … Continue reading

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Prescriptions for Health: Modern Medicine vs Naturopathic Healing

How did the process of treating those who are ill get so complex? Perhaps, we would be better off asking why it got so complex. This would lead us to the answer. Healing the sick stopped being a vocation and … Continue reading

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There Is a Crime Underway

Guest Post by Paul Cudenec [Audio version] The events which have been unfolding since 2020 have obliged me, more than ever, to take an overview of the place at which humankind finds itself today.

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Learning the Lessons From History

When a society does not learn from the events of history, it will be faced with the same outcomes. There is much that has happened in the world that offers important lessons. If we are prepared to examine closely the … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal…With Some Effort

Guest Post by Julie Ponesse In the fall of 2021, after 20 years spent teaching philosophy at universities in Canada and the U.S, I was terminated “with cause” for challenging my university’s COVID policy.  Since then, I have been interviewed … Continue reading

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Fake Experts and Phoney Scientific Methods

In the quest to modernise all aspects of life, the world overlords have sought to even redefine science. What is science? What is the benefit of the scientific process in seeking answers? As explained in World History Encyclopedia: The term … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: The Know-It-All World Controller

He pops up in the mainstream media regularly and has opinions and advice on every major topic. The media treat him like a revered personality; eager to hear his pearls of wisdom. His skills extend to predictions of what will … Continue reading

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WHO Agenda: Pandemics and World Domination

Cases of the Covid virus were first reported in Wuhan, China, around December 2019. From there on, the virus unfolded rapidly and spread around the world. Initially, it was presented as a mysterious virus, but soon morphed into a pandemic … Continue reading

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Pfizer Jab Under the Microscope

Scientists from around the world have been analysing the experimental Covid injections through microscopy images. Now, four teams in New Zealand are continuing with the examination of the jab, under the microscope. In this two-part interview, Dr Mark Bailey speaks … Continue reading

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