Film: Epidemic of Fraud

This film probes the attacks against a class of ancient medications. A safe drug was discredited during the so-called Covid pandemic. This was possible due to the co-ordinated attempts by various groups to discredit these medicines.

Using audio records and visual footage that goes back to 2020, director John Davidson reveals to us the knowledge that medical, academic and political officials are trying to conceal. He says:

What I found is an unholy alliance of public, private and political groups that seem hell bent on turning all of us in the lab rats.

Epidemic of Fraud

Davidson concludes his film with this appeal:

I hope we’ve shown you how the key people in our government media had the means, motive and opportunity to pull off this epic heist. This may be the most profound scandal in human history. If you have information that can help bring down this cartel of organised medical crime, come forward.

In case the above Youtube video gets taken down, this is the link to the film on the Twitter/X platform.

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  1. another ian says:


    “Condensed Comparison of Major COVID-19 Early Treatment Pharmaceuticals”

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    “Condensed Comparison of Major COVID-19 Early Treatment Pharmaceuticals”

    FDA has to make Safe and Effective drug decisions:

    Group A
    Paxloid, Molnupiravir, Bamlanivimab, Casirivimab, Sotrovimab, Remdesivir
    Is Drug Patented? YES
    Has Sponsor for FDA? YES
    Total Treatment Costs: Between $70±0 to $2500±
    Side Effects: Range from Moderate – Serious

    Group B
    Nigella Sativia, Vitamin D, Zinc, HCQ Ivermectin
    Is Drug Patented? NO
    Has Sponsor for FDA? NO
    Total Treatment Costs: Between $5± – $50±
    Side Effects: range from Trivial, Mild, Moderate

    And the winner is….. Group A.

    Same decision by regulatory bodies around the world.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Thanks to all the wonderful doctors who have been battling on to heal not harm.

    22 March 2024
    FDA Settles Lawsuit over Ivermectin Social Media Posts

    The FDA has agreed to delete and never republish several social-media posts suggesting that ivermectin, a drug that some doctors used to treat COVID-19, is for animals and not humans.

    While the FDA still does not approve of using ivermectin to treat COVID, it settled Thursday a lawsuit brought by three doctors who sued it, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services and its secretary, Xavier Becerra, and FDA secretary Robert Califf. All parties have settled.

    The lawsuit, filed on June 2, 2022, was brought by doctors Mary Talley Bowden, Paul Marik and Robert Apter, each of whom claimed the FDA was interfering with their ability to practice medicine.

    Dr Peter McCullough

    Every American admitted to the hospital should have received ivermectin because it gave a chance of survival, and there was no indication that it was unsafe…

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    Covid Therapeutics

    Short clip

    The sudden suppression of Covid therapeutics was the wake up call for Australian Prof. Robert Clancy.

    Having prescribed HCQ 25000 times without one serious side effect he was shocked when it was forbidden.

    How on earth were bureaucrats allowed to dictate to such esteemed and experienced doctors.

    Full interview
    Evidence based communication

    John Campbell talks with Professor Robert Clancy on the difficulties facing health care and health professionals in Australia and around the world.

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