1. Robust debate is tolerated here. We will strive to maintain the most laissez faire comments policy on the web but this is subject to the following caveats:
    • Comments which may jeopardise the legal interests of the blog or its owner by being defamatory or in breach of other laws will be deleted.
    • We reserve the right to delete comments when they no longer contain any reference to arguments and ideas discussed in the originating blogpost and run the risk of diverting a thread completely away from discussion of ideas and arguments in the originating blogpost. We will use this tool reluctantly and rely on moral suasion as a first resort but if this is ignored, the culling knife will come out.
    • Comments that accuse individuals of criminal behaviour (especially of a sexual nature) are not welcome and will very likely be deleted.
  2. Abuse of posters can lead to that commenter’s comments being deleted, edited or even banning.
  3. No argument or point of view, no matter how controversial, will be censored subject to the conditions listed above.
  4. Naturally, the views of Catallaxy’s many commenters are not to be identified or equated with the views of the certified contributors to Catallaxy.

See further details on rules here, here and here.