Blog Rules

A reminder of the blog rules that were posted here.

The blog follows a No D***heads Policy.

To help enforce this policy, there is a Flag comment link by which any comment that does not comply with the rules, can be reported. Thanks to those of you who have been assisting in the process of keeping trolls off the blog. It is a simple task to flag a comment, if it breaks the blog rules.

We need more Cats to participate in the reporting. It would be helpful, if instead of engaging with trolls, you simply report them, as soon as possible. Just click the link, that’s all. A number of clicks will get rid of them. It clears up the blog for the rest to carry on with Cat-chat, debates, discussions and information-sharing.

Cats, if your comments disappear into moderation for mysterious reasons, please be patient. If it is due to some system glitch, it will make its way back to the thread, at some stage.

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6 Responses to Blog Rules

  1. mh says:

    It’s all about one person.

    He’s kept his word and left. For now.

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    Thanks for your continued efforts, Adam. Hope you and the family are thriving up here. P.S. McVities Hobnobs on special at IGA supermarkets. Last day today. Never was there a more addictive biscuit.

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  3. Adam D says:

    @ mh – Its interesting how one person can cause so much damage, I get the feeling we see a similar thing on a global scale with a small minority causing most of our issues.

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  4. mh says:

    ‘I get the feeling we see a similar thing on a global scale with a small minority causing most of our issues.’
    Ironically, that’s Graeme’s argument too.

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  5. Adam D Adam D says:

    Ironically, that’s Graeme’s argument too.

    I am going to have a long hard look at myself

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  6. John Angelico says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Adam.

    I have been away for a few weeks because of the waste of space, coupled with stresses in other directions (yes, looking at you Diktator Dan, and your vaccine mandate!).

    A request if possible to have more links back to past articles and Open Threads, so that I and others may catch up with what we have missed.

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