Elections: Federal

Within the next six months, the country will be selecting the next federal government. Every three years, voters make a decision on who deserves their vote and they go to the ballot box to tick their choices.

It seemed in May 2019, that it was going to be a critical election and it would be necessary to keep Labor, and its leader, Mr B. Shorten, away from The Lodge. A crisis was averted – by the barest minimum.

We’ve been learning for a while, that our choices are limited and we end up choosing the lesser of two evils. It is not a good solution for us, our families and the country.

Are we going to be forever stuck in this loop? Choosing the party that is bad but not as bad as the other? If we care enough to fight back, there are other choices. It will be harder but the question is: Are we prepared to stand up, if not for ourselves, then for the next generation?

This topic is divided into two areas:

1/ Voting Issues

2/ Political Parties and Candidates.

This topic requires input from all those who want to join the battle. It covers the entire country, all the federal seats in all the states, the political parties and candidates, and the issues to be decided.