OMG! My comment hasn’t appeared

If you are posting your very first comment at the Cat it won’t appear until I approve it. If I do approve it, your subsequent comments should appear. If your very first comment is indistinguishable from Spam it probably won’t appear.

If you can’t spell your name or email address then the Cat system may think you are a new commenter. The system will then hold your comment for approval. You’d be surprised how often this happens.

If you include too many links in your post, the Cat system will hold your comment for approval.

If you use one of a number of “rude words” your comment will be held for approval. These include the c-bomb and allegations of criminality that involve sexual perversions. If you believe that public figures or any other person has committed an offense notify the police and not the readership of the Cat.

If your comment does not appear one of two things may have occurred.

Your comment is in moderation – I will see it at some stage and probably approve it. This may take some time.

Your comment is in the spam filter – I don’t check the spam filter; I usually just delete everything in it. If you think you are in the spam filter email me.

If you do email me please don’t assume that I know what has happened to you. So please provide some detail as to what you think has happened.