Voting Issues

Some of the questions related to this area.

1/ What are the issues that we generally consider when we cast our votes at elections?

2/ What are the issues of importance at the 2022 Federal Election?

3/ What are the major events that have taken place in the country since the last Federal Election?

4/ How have the current political parties and politicians reacted/voted on the major issues?

5/ Are there politicians who are completely out of touch with their electorates? Who are these politicians?

6/ Are there politicians who have been fighting for the rights of the public?

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  1. kaysee kaysee says: (November 29, 2021)

    Morrison government drops major hint about upcoming election date

    The federal government has made a shock announcement about the 2022 parliamentary schedule, dropping one big hint about the date of the upcoming federal election.

    According to the 2022 parliamentary calendar released on Monday, the 2022-23 budget will be brought forward to March 29.

    Budgets are almost always delivered in May.

    This suggests the upcoming federal election is likely to be held in May 2022, which would delay parliament’s return until August.

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