Film: Climate the Movie (The Cold Truth)

This film, released today, reveals to us the truth about climate and the alarm that has been associated with it. It is a much needed exposé on the global warming-climate change scam that has been forced on the world’s population for several decades. It is presented to us as a story of what has been really happening on our planet through interviews with prominent scientists. These eminent and respected scientists do not deny science. They have evidence which leads them to dismiss the climate change alarmism as nonsense.

The narrator introduces the film to viewers with these facts:

This is the story of how an eccentric environmental scare grew into a powerful global industry…

It is a story of self interest and big government funding…

This is the story of the corruption of science…

It is the story about the bullying and intimidation of anyone who dares to challenge the climate alarm…

It is the story of an assault on individual freedom…

Is there an emergency?

There is no such thing as a climate emergency happening on this planet now. There is no evidence of one.
Patrick Moore, Co-founder, Greenpeace

The climate alarm is nonsense. It is a hoax. I’ve never liked hoax. I think scam is a better word, but I’m willing to live with hoax.
Professor Will Happer (professor of physics at Princeton)

Climate the Movie (The Cold Truth)

The film has been written and directed by the British filmmaker Martin Durkin and is the sequel of his 2007 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle. It is produced by Tom Nelson, a podcaster, who has extensively analysed issues related to the climate debate for nearly twenty years.

The scientists interviewed in this film include Professor Steven Koonin (author of Unsettled, a former provost and vice-president of Caltech), Professor Dick Lindzen (formerly professor of meteorology at Harvard and MIT), Professor Will Happer (professor of physics at Princeton), Dr John Clauser (winner of the Nobel prize in Physics in 2022), Professor Nir Shaviv (Racah Institute of Physics), professor Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph), Willie Soon and several others.

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In case the above YouTube video gets taken down, this is the link to the film on the Twitter/X platform.

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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    This film is also on rumble. Loading times on rumble are slow and may not load at all on some platforms. But there is an alternative location in case it gets cancelled on YouTube.

    Please share this movie with others, especially those who believe in the global warming myth.

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    The BBC vs The President of Guyana

    The all-knowing reporter gets a lecture on climate change.

    President Dr Irfaan Ali sits down with Stephen Sackur, host of BBC’s HardTALK, to talk about Guyana’s vast offshore oil and gas reserves and how it is transforming the economy.

    Short clip

    Full interview

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Climate Change is “Slowing the Earth’s Rotation”

    If you weren’t already gibbering in your boots at the prospect of devastating climate change, it’s time to think again. Apparently, the movement of water from the melting icecaps is slowing the rotation of the Earth.

    The effect is so drastic that – wait for it – the next ‘leap second’ required to reconcile atomic time with the position of the Earth may need to be added a whole three years later than expected.

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