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Global Takeover of the UN by Oligarchs

A former United Nations Executive Director Călin Georgescu shares in this interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich how the UN had been taken over by oligarchs, especially Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. By using a process of infiltration, manipulation … Continue reading

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The Corrupt Global Dynasty of the Rothschilds

As a writer and researcher who has been following the many events taking place in the world, especially those in the past three years, Paul Cudenec has come up with a single name springing up many times: the Rothschilds. Cudenec … Continue reading

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Moderate Islam: A Western Myth

Westerners who defend Islam insist that it has a moderate side, and that others who claim it to be radical are intolerant, racist and Islamophobic. However, Muslim clerics call out these distinctions being made about Islam, to be a lie. … Continue reading

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Documentary: Died Suddenly

Posted by Steve trickler (in the Open Thread) From the Stew Peters Network: Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them … Continue reading

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Cyborgs as the New Masters of the World

The agenda of the globalists is to control the world, and they have been plotting and scheming for decades. To implement their evil plans, these vile, self-appointed overlords of our planet are creating a new breed of cyborgs that will … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity and the Protection of Your Sensitive Online Data

Cybersecurity experts say that in Australia, each year, there are thousands of cyber breaches to businesses. These range from smaller businesses to major ones affecting large organisations. The public only hears about some of these hacks. Last month, the Optus … Continue reading

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The Great Resist to Reclaim Our Freedoms [1]

We hear about the Great Reset. The New World Order. Build Back Better. About what is being done to destroy our lives, the economy, our country, our earth. And after that, when we have nothing, the overlords will have everything … Continue reading

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The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

We are watching our planet spinning on a path that seems to be towards some kind of destruction. There have been plots and schemes that have been lurking beneath the surface and building up for decades; unseen by the majority, … Continue reading

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There Is a Crime Underway

Guest Post by Paul Cudenec [Audio version] The events which have been unfolding since 2020 have obliged me, more than ever, to take an overview of the place at which humankind finds itself today.

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The Bilderberg Group and Its Leading Citizens

The Bilderberg Group was established in 1954, with its first meeting taking place in Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, from 29 – 31 May, that year. It was, according to the official website of the group, an invitation … Continue reading

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Green Policies by Green Elites Are the Path to Economic Ruin

Sri Lanka was meant to be the poster nation for the World Economic Forum (WEF). It was to be the nation that adopted the Green Deal policies and went on to become wealthy, as a result. In August 2018, Ranil … Continue reading

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The Great Dutch Resist

We feel a deep sense of despair and dejection as we become more aware of the tyrants of this world and their evil plans. The New World Order. The Great Reset. What we tend to forget is that there are … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: The Know-It-All World Controller

He pops up in the mainstream media regularly and has opinions and advice on every major topic. The media treat him like a revered personality; eager to hear his pearls of wisdom. His skills extend to predictions of what will … Continue reading

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Blood Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Climate activists extol the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) by campaigning that they will eliminate the pollution caused by current vehicles using fossil fuels. This will make our environment cleaner. EVs will reduce fuel costs and require lower maintenance. These … Continue reading

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The Truth About Faux Meat

For the good of the world, it is time for you to make changes to your diet. Eating some kinds of food products cause damage to the earth. Foods like beef, poultry, dairy and fish are harmful, as the process … Continue reading

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