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The Agenda for “One Health”

Post by Tracy Thurman  In my previous articles, we looked at the global war on farmers, the organizations pushing for the Great Food Reset, the tactics used to foist these changes on the public, the projects underway to remove your … Continue reading

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Digital ID Act 2023: Will You Join the Warriors?

This Digital ID Bill was referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee in December, last year, and we had the details discussed here in this post. Last week, the bill was rushed through the Senate, with no debate, and passed … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Do the Same Thing to Stay Safe

Post by David Bell A slogan seemingly developed by a febrile aardvark grazing on mushrooms keeps popping up in public health and politics as if it had meaning. Besides serving as proof that confused aardvarks can still outwit many humans, … Continue reading

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Documentary: The Great Taking

This documentary is produced by David Rogers Webb. It is based on his book with the same name and makes us aware of what is taking place in the privately controlled Central Banks and their preparations for the financial collapse … Continue reading

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Digital ID Bill 2023 and the Digital ID

Considering the major impact of this bill in our lives, if it gets through, I am putting this up as a post.

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Documentary: The Mystery of Israel – Solved!

This documentary is presented by David Sorensen and produced by Stop World Control. Sorensen introduces the film with the following: In this video, I present to you truths and realities that are extremely difficult to comprehend, information that will shock … Continue reading

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Narrative Control: Who Is Telling the Story?

I used to wonder how some people just swallowed the myths about climate change, the Covid scam or the fiction about the Ukraine war. But they get their news from the Legacy media who are feeding them the same story, … Continue reading

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Resisting the Reset: Would You Take Part?

Perhaps he did it half in jest, but Neil Oliver put up a post on Twitter/X  in which he asked the question: Anyone fancy a Revolution? I could just go a Revolution right about now.

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The World Is On Fire

Post by Shy Ted Or so it seems. The media repeatedly pushes false narratives and ignores the ignition – arsonists. For the most part. Many will have done fire training, the triad being fuel, oxygen and climate change, sorry, ignition. … Continue reading

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The Daily Game of Pretend

Post by Richard Kelly You know that old trope about how the husband finally retires and then the wife finds him under her feet all day and does whatever she can to get him out of the house? Well, working … Continue reading

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Raining on Sporting Parades

Over the weekend, an opinion was shared by a caller (Phil) on talkback radio about the importance that is given to sports, sporting events and matches instead of the major issues we face. It got me thinking.

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The Shapers of the Future

There are crimes being committed against humanity. A year ago, at the Northern Light Convention, a group of professionals gathered to brainstorm the problems we face. One of the speakers was Dr Jacob Nordangård, a Swedish independent researcher and author. … Continue reading

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Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening

This film, described as A Documentary Experience from the Creators of Plandemic, had its global premiere this weekend, 3 June 2023. It was hosted by their partners at The Highwire.

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What Is the Trans Agenda? Follow the Money for Answers.

Although there are many woke issues and a culture war is in progress, the biggest concern in that category lies in the transgender area. Just by using the new labels (such as transgender woman, birthing person or cisgender) or preferred … Continue reading

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Global Takeover of the UN by Oligarchs

A former United Nations Executive Director Călin Georgescu shares in this interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich how the UN had been taken over by oligarchs, especially Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. By using a process of infiltration, manipulation … Continue reading

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