Digital ID Act 2023: Will You Join the Warriors?

This Digital ID Bill was referred to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee in December, last year, and we had the details discussed here in this post. Last week, the bill was rushed through the Senate, with no debate, and passed the legislation.

Australians who are awake and alert are angry about the bill. It has passed the Senate and may pass the House of Representatives as the Labor government has a majority. But it is not over. Not yet. So we should not give up but renew our efforts to fight back.

If you are concerned about this bill, now is the time to do join the Aussie warriors and do your part.

1. The Petition

Sign this petition from One Nation.

Request for Immediate Action Against the Digital ID Act 2023

To the Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Australia, draw the attention of the Senate to the Digital ID Act 2023 introduced by the Labor Government. This legislation seeks to establish a framework for a permanent digital identity for every Australian, amalgamating sensitive personal details into a single digital system. It must be repealed.

The Mobile phone, Address 1 and Address 2 fields are optional. You don’t need to fill them in if you don’t want to.

2. Pass It On

Get as many people as possible to add their signatures to the petition.
The current signature count is 50,574 with a Goal of 100,000
The higher the number of signatures, the better the possibility of this being repealed.
Let’s aim for a million.

3. Contact Federal MPs

Contact your local MP and tell them (politely but firmly) not to sign the bill. Have your information and examples ready. Refer to my previous post (see link below). Encourage other voters to do the same.

4. Contact Senators

If your Senators are on the YES/AYE list, contact them and let them know (politely but firmly) what you think of their actions and how it will affect your vote at the next election.

We can stop this from going ahead if we make ourselves heard. Here’s why:
The legislation passed the Senate on 27 March. It was posted the same day at 6:16 pm by Katy Gallagher on her X/twitter account.

a. Note the ratio of Comments (3.6K) to Likes (488).


b. Check the ratio of the Comments (a few) to Likes (thousands)
of the top replies.


c. Read this challenge issued to Katy Gallagher.

Thus far, the post is still on twitter and has not been taken down. The government may be aware that the Aussie warriors are tracking them and have saved copies of the post and replies. Deleting it will result in a backlash.

If we make this a personal battle and take it up, we can get many signatures. Be prepared to explain to those who don’t understand the danger this bill poses to our freedoms. Give them examples of the hacking has taken place over the past few years including Optus and Medibank. Remind them that their private and sensitive details can end up in the wrong hands if the Digital ID gets hacked. There’s plenty of information in my previous post on this subject. Contacting your Federal MPs is also important.

For more information:

– See the comments in the March Open Thread starting here.

Digital ID Bill 2023 and the Digital ID


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4 Responses to Digital ID Act 2023: Will You Join the Warriors?

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    Dr. Mike Yeadon,
    former vice president at Pfizer, on why Digital ID and CBDC must be resisted at all costs:

    “They plan to take digital tyrannical control of everybody, and then kill most people… If I’m wrong and you follow me, you’ll get laughed at. If you believe the government narrative and I’m right, you’ll lose your freedom and probably your life.”

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Voluntary not mandatory. Yes, we believe you.

    Katy Gallagher

    The option of using Digital ID would mean not having to share copies of your ID documents when applying for a rental property, signing a new phone plan, registering your children in sports, accessing government services and much more in the future.

    According to Gallagher
    “Privacy protections are enshrined in legislation”?

    Is that true?

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Spectator article

    Malcolm Roberts
    Digital ID dystopia: you do not solve incompetence with tyranny

    With the Digital ID Bill passing through the Senate, the bombardment of promotional material has begun – even ahead of the Lower House rubber stamping the Bill in May.

    Government services have moved to drown-out serious safety, privacy, and liberty concerns with a cascade of puff pieces.

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