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Looking Back… Looking Ahead… [Part 2]

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Looking Back… Looking Ahead… [Part 1]

The recently concluded federal election and the change of government seems like a good point at which to stop and evaluate the results, the outcomes and the reasons. I stepped away from the blog to take a break, and to … Continue reading

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Australia Votes: Election 2022 Thread

Australia Votes: 21 May 2022 Election Day Thread

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Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [4]

This is the final week before the Federal Election 2022. Here is some more information that may be helpful.

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Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [3]

There is more on this topic, here.

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Election 2022: Beware These Shades of Green

Slimy, Watermelon, Teal, Chameleon. The shade or stripe doesn’t matter. They are all nation-wrecking Greens. Their plans are geared to destroy the economy by crippling local industries, lowering employment numbers, raising the cost of living, and sending the country broke.

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Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [2]

Following on with this series.

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Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [1]

Over the next few weeks, we will have a series of posts focussed on the Federal Election. They will mainly contain links and other information related to voting, candidates and similar election-related issues.

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Globalist Power Brokers

Voters elect members of parliament to make laws and decisions on their behalf.  This means that candidates who get elected, should follow the wishes of the people who voted for them.

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The Election Campaign Has Kicked Off

This has been the first week of the campaign for the Federal Elections. Five more weeks to go before Election Day, 21 May 2022. Five more weeks of smiling politicians, empty promises and baby kissing (Covid-permitting, of course).

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Covid Facts From an Aussie Patriot

Guest Post by Peter Campion If you are like me, you are thoroughly sick of incompetent and distant bureaucrats trying to micromanage every aspect of your life – including your health. If you are aware of the lock-stepped, one-size-fits-all approach … Continue reading

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The Preferential Voting System

Australia has a Preferential Voting System. It is very important that every freedom-loving citizen votes correctly. Explain to those who don’t understand the system, how to number the preferences.

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