US Elections 2024: Pre-Primaries Stage [1]

Should the elections in another country be of any concern to us, here in Australia? If the country is the United States, the answer is yes. The Primaries are six* months away, and it is over a year to the Presidential General Election. We are not citizens of the US and cannot vote, so, it may be that we cannot influence the voting decisions by the discussions we have here.

Most western countries that follow a democratic system of government have two major parties, named differently, but have the clear division. Such as:

▹Right wing vs Left wing
▹Conservative vs Socialist
▹Republican vs Democrat
▹Liberal vs Labor
▹Conservative vs Labour

I’ve seen a newer usage (of an older term) among those who used to be conservatives–they refer to themselves as Anti-Communists. If we consider the factors that go into voting decisions, I think there is a far simpler way to differentiate between the two major divisions of political parties and their voters.

1. Patriots

Those whose loyalty is to their country and what is best for its citizens. They care about how to use the resources of the country to benefit the people who live in it. Individual freedom and liberty are important. They would be opposed to any systems based on Communist principles. They are also good world citizens and care about those around the world who need help. But free from the globalist interference.

For these Patriots (Conservatives/Anti-Communists) coming from the western traditions influenced by Christianity, they have three main priorities: Faith, Family and Work.

Their Christian values mean that they are pro-life (anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia). The focus on Family means a marriage between a man and a woman who would be father and mother to their children. There would be, as the Bible states, just two sexes: male and female (with no transitioning options).  Work would be important too, so that they could provide for their families.

2. Traitors

Those whose allegiance is to the globalist agenda. They are either dictators who use fear and intimidation tactics to control the public, or they are stooges of the Great Reset tyrants and do their bidding. In turn, they receive some kind of benefits and payments for their service. It is about self-interest. They are prepared to betray their country and fellow citizens for ill-gotten gains from the UN, WEF and similar agencies.

As we follow what has already been happening in the US, many in the blog audience may have picked their preferred parties and candidates. They may have made decisions about who is right and who is wrong, who should win and who shouldn’t. But what are the standards we draw on to make our decisions?

Over the next 16 months, we will watch the race for the White House. Have we already selected the one we would like to be the winner? If yes, have we applied any criteria to the person we believe should be the next President of the USA? Or is it just a predetermined decision? A bias? An unconditional favourite? A subjective preference?

If you have already decided that a candidate in the race is The One who deserves to be the 47th President of the US, that is fine. However, if you are a person who is using a critical evaluation process with evidence, facts and reason while sifting through available information, then this might be a thread for you. Over the past three years, my views and opinions have changed as I have been taking in news and input from varied sources. I have analysed what I have come across, thought about it, and wondered what is the truth of each item. The bits and pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, tell a story.

All candidates vying for the chance to win are human beings and therefore not perfect. So they will all have failings. But of these flawed candidates, who would be the best to be the leader who is in charge of the United States and, by extension, in a very influential position for the rest of the world?

Those who want to post the US election-related comments on the Open Threads can continue doing so. Those who want to join in these threads (planned as a series) can join in. I have no idea what lies ahead in terms of this blog or my own commitments, but as long as we have this platform to post on and if my own time schedules permit, I will be sharing information and opinions on this site.

[Edit: *The Iowa Republican presidential caucuses will be held in mid-January, earlier than in the past.]

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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    But what are the standards we draw on to make our decisions?

    Over the next 16 months, we will watch the race for the White House. Have we already selected the one we would like to be the winner? If yes, have we applied any criteria to the person we believe should be the next President of the USA? Or is it just a predetermined decision? A bias? An unconditional favourite? A subjective preference?

    … However, if you are a person who is using a critical evaluation process with evidence, facts and reason while sifting through available information, then this might be a thread for you.

    How do we make our decisions? In this case, how do we decide on who should be the leader of the US after the 2024 general election? That is going to be the focus of the discussion on this thread.

    Anyone who wants to join in is free to do so. Sometimes, I will be using some general labels which will refer to the US politicians, US candidates and the US voters – all those who will be connected to the elections and the outcome. The labels do not refer to those who are taking part in this Catallaxy blog. It is not going to be personal attacks on any commenters who have different opinions.

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  2. mh says:

    Over the next 16 months, we will watch the race for the White House. Have we already selected the one we would like to be the winner?

    The lesson that we should have all learnt from what happened the moment Trump came down the escalator until now is the POTUS is a puppet.

    The USA is controlled by those who’s interest is perpetual war. JFK made clear he would withdraw US troops from Vietnam, then the CIA blew his brains out.

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  3. Shy Ted says:

    In US CT land, Kamala will take the fall for the coke in the WH. Gavin Newsome will replace her. Joe will cease to be POTUS, Gav will step up. First California, the Murrica.
    Lots will happen between now and 2024.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    The lesson that we should have all learnt from what happened the moment Trump came down the escalator until now is the POTUS is a puppet.

    Shy Ted
    Lots will happen between now and 2024.

    Discussion points. Will return to them later.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    There is no doubt about the trickery used by the Democrats to interfere with and subvert processes so as to gain political advantages. It is also obvious that they have foot soldiers in government agencies like the FBI and DOJ who help plant or destroy evidence, to help their fraudulent claims and make witch-hunts possible.

    If some law has been broken, or a crime committed, it should be dealt with by the same charges and penalties for the same crime, in the same manner, regardless of the political side to which the law breakers or criminals belong.

    These are facts and not in dispute for the purpose of some of the matters that will be discussed in this thread. In relation to this 2024 election, I don’t subscribe to the notion that because one side (the Dems) is devious, we can conclude that the other is pure as the driven snow.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    On the topic of Donald Trump, there are 3 classes of people:
    a/ Forever Trumpers
    b/ Never Trumpers
    c/ Once-were- Trumpers

    a/ Forever Trumpers
    Those who have been and will always be Trump supporters. No matter what happens or what he does. It is a blind allegiance, not given to questioning him or holding him accountable. The Magadonians and their Maga god.

    b/ Never Trumpers
    Those who have always detested Trump. They can only see him as evil, wrong and a hateful figure..

    c/ Once-were-Trumpers
    Those who supported Trump in the past. They acknowledge the positives of his presidency. But they no longer support him.

    I fall in the third category. I was a Trump supporter until the first quarter of 2021. There were a few of his character traits that I had not liked in the past but going by the overall assessment, I believed him to be more of a positive figure than a negative. In the months that followed, the negatives began to dominate. It reached a point where I found it hard to respect him, based on his words and actions. I have provided several examples in the Open Threads, and I will link to them (where needed) rather than repeat myself.

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  7. Interested observer says:

    Those who supported Trump in the past. They acknowledge the positives of his presidency. But they no longer support him.

    I agree that Trump has been lashing out in a petty and inappropriate manner. I would however still support him against the alternatives of Ron de Santis, Gavin Newsom, R.F. Kennedy simply because I believe there must be a thorough house cleaning of the corruption and no establishment politician has the incentive or strength to re-structure the bureaucracy.

    What is baffling to me is the lack of rigour to monitor elections and voting irregularities.

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  8. kaysee kaysee says:

    As there is so much to post, it is hard to assemble the content into separate comments as there is a great deal of overlap. I am just going to try to get what I want to say, out from my head and into comments, on this blogosphere.

    Until a year ago, around July-August, it seemed as if the Conservatives were united and it that there would be a Trump-DeSantis joint ticket for 2024. There were these memes doing the rounds of Trump-DeSantis sitting together and plotting against the other side.

    What happened?

    Trump wanted DeSantis to say that he would not be running as a 2024 candidate. DeSantis did not make any such promise. That is all.
    But it made him Trump’s enemy No 1.

    DJT believes that he has given support to RDS to become governor, so he accuses DeSantis of lacking in loyalty. Because RDS did not bend the knee and worship at the feet of the Maga god Trump, he deserved to be punished.

    From there on, DJT has focussed all his resources and venom towards discrediting RDS. I have come across reports that say 20 million dollars of campaign funds have been spent on ads against RDS. Starting from 6 months before RDS even announced his candidacy. From during the mid-terms when the focus should have been on supporting GOP candidates over the Dems.

    What should DJT have done?
    Ignored RDS and kept his attacks for Biden and the Dems. There would have been 2 rival GOP camps fighting for their candidates to win the primaries. And after the nominee was selected, all teams come together to fight and win against the Dems.

    What has DJT done?
    His priority was not the real enemy outside – the Dems. His priority was his ego. He believed that he should be the nominee without any real opposition. That it was his right to be nominated, unopposed. How’s that? According to the rules, anyone who qualifies can put up their hand to run. Then, according to the process, the voters decide who is the best candidate to represent them in the general election to win. If 5 candidates want to join the contest – okay. If 50 want to sign up, also okay.

    It should have been a rivalry to see which GOP team is able to land the most shots at the Dems. Instead we see two GOP teams throwing shots at each other. What happens when the nominee is selected? There has been so much hostility and animosity in each side, how are they going to unite against the Dems when they see someone in their own party as the enemy? And the ill feeling was started by Trump. Initially, RDS was saving his attacks for Biden and the Dems. Now, his side is attacking Trump.

    As for the supporters of each GOP candidate, going by the comments on various sites, it is a spray of venom and ugliness. At the end of the primaries, whoever wins will need the votes of the other. Trump will need the votes of DeSantis’ supporters or DeSantis will need the votes of Trump’s supporters. How will this happen if the two sides have developed such animosity towards each other?

    Who is the real enemy? What should be the priority?

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  9. Interested observer says:

    Who is the real enemy? What should be the priority?

    In contrast to Australian politics, the U.S. primaries have always been a savage attack on rivals from your own party. The hypocrisy is staggering. Once the pendulum swings hard one way the also-rans are bought off (e.g. Bernie Sanders).

    What Donald Trump brings to the contest is the disgust of the middle and working class of the fix dictating that it does not matter who you vote for – it will be a politician who wins.

    I find it hard to understand how those who have been viciously denigrated can work together – but it is a case of winner takes all.

    JFK is reported to have said “The White House is where the power is – that is the aim” (or words to that effect).

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  10. Interested observer says:

    From behind the paywall – the wolf pack is in full cry

    Mr Biden, who would be 86 at the end of any second term, remains the favourite to win the Democratic nomination, according to a PredictIt, a political betting market, having a 66 per cent chance compared with Mr Newsom’s 21 per cent, Mr Kenendy’s 11 per cent, and vice president Kamala Harris on 5 per cent.

    In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, published before the president headed to Europe for NATO meetings, Mr Biden once again stressed his wisdom and experience, batting away questions about his age.

    “I think a lot of people do watch you and are impressed — and they think you‘ve been a great president but many of these people do say and these are ardent supporters the next thing he should do is step aside and let another generation of democrats take the baton,” Mr Zakaria said.

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    If you want to see how you fare on the Trump-o-meter, you may want to get a sheet of note paper, create a check-list and compare your values against his. If you consider yourself a Conservative/Patriot, would you agree with him and cheer him on? Whatever it takes… All is fair in politics – would you agree or disagree? There will be many examples from here on, to mark your Yeas or Nays.


    Trump is 77 years old. He was the 45th President of the US. He is a billionaire and has been a businessman. He has a wife (his third), 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

    Sounds like the profile of a mature man. When it comes to real life, there is a different picture. It is that of a petulant child who has not got the toys he wanted and so throws tantrums. In the past, he posted tweets attacking the Dems. Some were childish. They could be ignored because it was the other side. He has no control over what flies out of his mouth or his typing thumbs. He has regressed to attacking those on the same side of the political fence. In particular, DeSantis. He doesn’t mind Ramaswamy as a candidate as he (Vivek) has bent the knee to Trump, and declared how great DJT is.

    He behaves like a schoolyard bully. He has stooped to the gutter to pick out grenades that he can toss at RDS. He has put his hands into the bottom of the bird cage so that he can type out smears against DeSantis. DeSanctimonious, Meat ball. I don’t follow him to know what other sewage he comes up with.

    How is such conduct any different from an intimidating bully?

    What does it say about those who support him? This kind of behaviour is okay? They share the same values? They don’t expect better from a leader? From a former President who wants to be President again?

    He continues on this path because he gets cheers from his Magadonians who hail his antics and applaud him after each low-level insult shot at the Maga enemy.

    Let’s get to the attacks.
    Trump keeps whining about the Fake News Media and witch- hunts against him. He would do well to look in the mirror. For over 7 months, he and his team have posted plenty of fake news about DeSantis. How do I know? Because there are receipts. On Twitter, there is a feature called Community Notes where other posters can point out the falsehoods in posted tweets. In some cases, the RDS team also had video evidence or photos to show that it wasn’t true. Since the end of last year, Trump has carried out a fake-news campaign as well as a witch-hunt against RDS when there was no need to do so.

    The Dems must be pleased. They are getting so much unexpected help in “winning“ 2024. Free fodder that they can use before the general election.

    As for the media, both Left-wing and Conservative, they have been playing the game, too.

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    If he is leading in the polls and is the front-runner, why does he feel the need to attack DeSantis who is so far behind? A real leader would possess inner confidence and focus on the main goal. He’ll gloat about the polls and keep posting snapshots to show how popular he is and brag about the pollies who support him. But those who don’t or haven’t decided or want to stay neutral, he’ll lash out at them.

    It’s okay?

    9 Nov 2022
    Trump Attacks DeSantis Again:
    I’ll Release ‘Things About Him That Won’t Be Very Flattering’ If He Runs In 2024

    10 July 2023
    Governor Kim Reynolds

    12 July 2023
    Donald Trump Calls Nevada a ‘Disgraceful’ State

    Former President Donald Trump called the crucial swing state of Nevada “disgraceful” and falsely claimed to have been “robbed” of votes there during the 2020 election.

    “I think I won the last time. I think I won both times by a lot,” Trump told the Nevada Globe website in an interview posted online Monday.

    “This is a state that is disgraceful.”

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:



    The term Rino gets added to anyone who does not have the Maga-approved badge. It is not about what or who, just anyone who is not a Trump-worshipper is a Rino.

    Trump endorsed:
    – Kevin McCarthy, a Rino, as House Speaker,
    – Ronna McDaniel (niece of Mitt Romney) as RNC chairwoman,
    – Mehmet Oz, another Rino, for Senate

    – He has chosen Trevor Naglieri, a veteran of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid to lead his 2024 efforts in New Hampshire.
    – He has praised and supported Democrats over GOP governors.

    Now if DeSantis or any other GOP candidate had endorsed McCarthy, McDaniel or Oz, they would be labelled Rinos. Any connection to anyone linked to the Bushes is a Rino. But when Donald Trump does it, he is still Maga – the only true Republican who loves America.

    Some examples here: see this comment and the next one.


    Trump accuses DeSantis of lacking in loyalty. How about Trump’s own lack of loyalty towards his former employees? He has thrown some of them under the bus when they are no longer convenient to him.

    Kayleigh McEnany is probably the gold standard when it comes to White House Press Secretaries. She would come each day to the podium and face the media, fully prepared. Yet, now, because she supports DeSantis, Trump reacts by attaching a mocking name to her. Where is the loyalty to someone who did an excellent job during his Presidency?

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rinos like DeSantis are getting donations from Rinos.
    So we are told.

    This is the Maga-approved way of collecting donations.
    Selling cards and 10% schemes.

    Obviously, if anyone like DeSantis has done this, it would be considered tacky and Rino.




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  15. kaysee kaysee says:

    I don’t want to break away from my planned flow of comments that I am posting on this thread. But this is timely, and connects to this comment a few days ago.

    Iowa senator revokes Donald Trump endorsement
    after former president attacks Kim Reynolds

    An Iowa Republican senator has revoked his endorsement of former President Donald Trump for attacking Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on social media.

    First-term Sen. Jeff Reichman, R-Montrose, announced Thursday he now endorses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

    Reichman’s flip comes days after Trump criticized Reynolds for pledging to remain neutral in the Iowa Caucuses, rather than endorsing his candidacy.

    Insulting Nevada’s integrity is no way for Trump to earn our vote

    Now, Nevada has drawn Trump’s ire. We didn’t vote for him in the past two elections so instead of trying to earn our votes through honest conversations and strong policy proposals, Trump has turned to insulting the hard-working people of our state by calling us disgraceful cheats.

    …We are far from disgraceful and we do not take kindly to being insulted by anyone, let alone an entitled swindler.

    We will show Trump exactly how “disgraceful” we are in the 2024 election, when we reject him, his extremism and his dishonesty, and reveal him for the perpetual loser that he is.

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    Let us get to some conservative issues.

    The Covid Pandemic

    There was confusion in the early stages about this virus and what needed to be done. So we cannot blame politicians and governments for initial reactions. But by mid-2020, we knew, even on our small blog, that it wasn’t quite the scary pandemic we were being warned about.

    There were the masks, social distancing, lockdowns and mandates.

    And that dangerous vaxx which we have learnt, in the past two years, has caused a range of injuries, illnesses including those that are serious, as well as death.

    With all the available evidence, in January 2023,

    Trump Dismisses COVID-19 Vax Safety Claims,
    Says He Saved 100 Million Lives

    Newsweek article


    Going back to 2021,
    It’s all well to talk. But when it comes to a business, and a decision between freedom or money,

    Trump Hotels Impose COVID-19 Mask Mandates as Republicans Condemn Them

    A number of former President Donald Trump’s properties are imposing COVID-19 mask mandates amid strong Republican opposition.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Covid Pandemic (contd)

    He insists the vaxx saves lives. Even though doctors are warning of the dangers.

    Vaccine Warning

    U.S. Doctors warn the world to stop taking the Covid Vaccines, they are toxic, lethal, ineffective and must be stopped. They damage the brain, heart, liver, bone marrow, fetus, causing harm in the human body leading to injury and death.

    HUGE Autopsy Review
    shows that “The Patients Did Die of the Vaccine” as the mainstream narratives are DESTROYED

    Serious Harms of the Covid-19 Vaccine:
    A Systematic Review

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Covid Pandemic (contd)

    There is a Grand Jury Petition underway. How is Trump going to deal with the Nuremberg 2.0 related to Covid? He still defends he vaxx and his role.

    Grand Jury Petition

    Over 282,000 Americans are in support of a grand jury investigation into criminal data fraud & willful misconduct. Mahalo
    We filed last night and up next SHOULD be oral arguments in court by the Fall

    The Petition to investigate

    This is the Covid VAERS stats to end of June 2023

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  19. mh says:

    Trump Dismisses COVID-19 Vax Safety Claims,
    Says He Saved 100 Million Lives

    Covid was of minimal risk to anyone under 80.
    There are only 350 million Americans.
    I expect Trump has convinced himself he saved millions across the world.

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    There may be some of the blog readers who are wondering why I have taken up this subject, on this thread, and am dissecting the major candidates in the US Election for the GOP. I have mentioned, previously, that I am a truth seeker. I don’t know the truth, but I keep searching for it. I don’t follow where the crowds go or what they say. I prefer to listen, read, research and analyse. Find the truth and support that.

    I don’t agree with everything Tucker Carlson says but he is worth listening to. I watched this video on the first presidential forum of the 2024 Republican primary season hosted by Tucker.

    In the intro part, Tucker was describing a conversation with someone and says:

    We were talking about candidates ….
    I can’t honestly tell if this person is a tool of light or darkness.
    We don’t always know actually, at all, and we should always admit that.
    I’ve got very strong feelings about all kinds of issues but it is so important to the possibility that I’m completely wrong and that what I’m espousing is actually destructive not constructive.
    So to approach it with humility. So we are all about a hundred times more ignorant than we admit.

    Jill Savage, Blaze TV

    Whether it is Team Trump or Team DeSantis.
    At the end of the day, remember what is at stake.
    This is the most important election.

    This is the video.
    The Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlson

    It’s over 8 hours long. I watched some sections and skipped others. Those who took part are:
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Senator Tim Scott, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.
    Trump opted to stay away.

    Most of the candidates are not worth the time. Here are the quick video links to the interviews with:

    Vivek Ramaswamy

    Ron DeSantis

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  21. Shy Ted says:

    So we cannot blame politicians and governments for initial reactions.

    Worldwide, coordinated, in complete opposition to the Great Barrington Agreement, dismissal of “no coercion to take vaccines”. It’s the politicians and governments all right.
    And then there’s this from the usual suspects
    Plenty of opinions out there that say there won’t be a 2024 election.

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:


    Emerald Robinson

    Dear Christians: because you were too tolerant of gay marriage, you have to deal with transgenderism — and since you’re too tolerant of the trans madness you now are watching pedophilia being normalized.

    Tolerating evil only leads to worse evils.

    So, those who consider themselves patriots and conservatives, what do we believe in, tolerate, support?

    Minority Equality1

    Minority Equality2

    Minority Equality3

    ‘We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,’ said Trump at a gala with the Log Cabin Republicans and a slate of pro-homosexual RINO speakers.

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  23. kaysee kaysee says:


    Is it okay that biological men call themselves “transwomen” and compete in women’s sports or women’s contests like Miss Universe? How about using women-only spaces like bathrooms?

    Do Conservatives/Patriots support men taking over women’s rightful place as winners in sports or contests? Using women’s bathrooms?

    How about this?

    Trans ideology1

    2012 – Miss Universe

    This is Donald Trump — as the owner of Miss Universe — celebrating the winner for publicly supporting his decision to allow … a biological male to compete. “She gave a great answer and she really did a great job.”

    Trump praised his own decision as “wonderful,” repeatedly referring to the male contestant as “her”.

    Trans ideology2

    Years before he said he was running for president to “defeat the cult of gender ideology,” Donald Trump welcomed and praised the inclusion of transgender women in the Miss Universe pageant.

    Trans ideology3


    Transgender people should be able to use whatever bathroom they want, Donald Trump said Thursday…

    He added, “You know, there’s a big move to create new bathrooms. Problem with that is for transgender, that would be—first of all, I think that would be discriminatory in a certain way.

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    Trans ideology4

    It’s not the ‘GOP establishment’ pushing trans ideology, it’s the Trump family.

    -Trump opposed the NC bathroom bill

    -Lara Trump just posted a pic with Caitlyn Jenner at Mar a Lago

    -Trump jr called for end to the Bud light boycott

    We need to recognize this reality to win.

    Trans ideology5

    2023 – Miss Universe Netherlands

    Trans ideology6

    The sale happened last year. Can we predict that Miss Universe Netherlands will be the Miss Universe winner? Or maybe a few other countries will also pick trannies?

    Someone suggested that Elon Musk buy the Miss Universe pageant so a woman could be Miss Universe again.

    Well, let’s see. In 2012, the owner was an “alpha-male” and he supported and encouraged a man winning a women’s beauty contest. Long before the trans-madness took over. He was a visionary ahead of his times.

    What’s he saying today, in 2023?

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    Bud Light

    The Grassroots Boycott

    This boycott was set in motion and fuelled by a group of real conservatives led by Matt Walsh. The credit for the nightmare that Bud Light is facing should go to a twitter brigade – grassroots activists – who spread the word and the conservatives who acted on it.

    Matt Walsh

    The GOP establishment wants us to abandon the Bud Light boycott. Hell no. This is exactly why the GOP establishment is useless.




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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Result

    Bud Light Boycott Is Working,
    Anheuser-Busch Ex-Executive Says


    Bud Light Takes Another Rankings Hit Amid Continued Fallout
    From Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco


    Not Just Bud Light:
    Anheuser-Busch’s Other Beers Are Also Suffering


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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    There’s More …..
    about this boycott.

    The Bud Light boycott worked and has become the trend-setter in how to fight back. The victory was won because of conservatives on the ground who fought back, not the so called leaders who looked out for their own benefit.

    There are some “conservative” Republicans who did not support the boycott.

    Donald Trump Jr. Urges Right-Wingers
    to End Boycott of ‘Conservative-Leaning’ Bud Light

    The MAGA podcaster noted that Anheuser-Busch donates far more to Republicans than Democrats, so it wasn’t worth “destroying” an American icon for having a trans spokesperson.

    Republican 2024 Field, Sans Trump, Backs Boycott of Bud Light

    The rebellion may also soon be a litmus in the divide between the GOP establishment and social conservatives ahead of a contentious presidential primary. Several candidates tell RealClearPolitics they back the boycott.

    Bud Light remains for sale
    in virtually every Trump Organization business

    No wonder he and his family are reluctant to join the boycott…

    The Trump Organization, which boasts properties in several continents, offers Bud Light and/or Bud Heavy at its properties in locations ranging from Chicago to Los Angeles to Scotland.

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  28. Interested observer says:

    Reagan’s “11th Amendment” said to never speak ill of a fellow Republican. Perhaps that was smart then, but not now. The old Republican Party is long gone, which is why Trump’s attacks on Republicans do not hurt his popularity or enthusiasm in the slightest. Radical left extremism and right-wing warmongering has eroded much of the “undecided” voter base and drove them to Trump and his commonsense approach to governing. Like his time as a real estate developer, Trump was able to identify something (the Republican party) that had a solid foundation (the voters), but also tremendous untapped potential that with his skill could be made great again. Unite the establishment? No, unite the voters. Trump has, and now the party is his.

    From American Thinker

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    There are points raised by some of you in this thread.

    – The lesson that we should have all learnt from what happened the moment Trump came down the escalator until now is the POTUS is a puppet.
    -I expect Trump has convinced himself he saved millions across the world.

    Shy Ted
    -Lots will happen between now and 2024.
    -Plenty of opinions out there that say there won’t be a 2024 election.

    Interested observer
    -What is baffling to me is the lack of rigour to monitor elections and voting irregularities.

    There are bigger issues at play. What is happening behind the scenes? Who is moving the chess pieces? Free and fair elections?

    The current dramas will be irrelevant if the GOP cannot win in 2024. More on this in comments that will follow, in coming days.

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:

    I would however still support him against the alternatives of Ron de Santis, Gavin Newsom, R.F. Kennedy simply because I believe there must be a thorough house cleaning of the corruption and no establishment politician has the incentive or strength to re-structure the bureaucracy.

    The proof that Trump is The Only One who can do the required house cleaning?

    A complete clean-up like this?

    Trump insists he did drain the swamp in his first term and his evidence is that he fired Comey, who he then replaced with Christopher Wray.

    b/ And this?

    One of the chiefs responsible for promoting the scamdemic.
    Dr Fauci is a nice guy, really. He isn’t part of the swamp. That is why Trump did not demote or fire Fauci. He gave him a reward.

    On his last day in office, President Donald Trump issued commendations to a number people for their contributions to Operation Warp Speed, a White House effort to distribute 300 million doses of a viable COVID-19 vaccine by January 2021, which by Jan. 19 had not been met.

    A few names on the list of commendations stood out, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, both of whom were key members of the White House coronavirus task force in its early days

    He’ll end the war in 24 hours

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:

    For the past two weeks, I have focussed on pointing out some facts and evidence related to Trump. This is mainly due to the reason that Trump and his Magadonians, judging by their attacks, have been fixated on a messed-up goal. In addition to that is the belief that the Maga god is a true patriot and conservative, and his only fault is his mean tweets.

    There were some good achievements by Trump while he was President. Especially the turning of Roe v Wade. There is no need to list and describe the other items and they are not relevant to the next election.

    Trump is being portrayed as this superhero (his words) standing between the evil forces and the good Americans. That the bad guys are actually coming for the good guys, but Trump is the protector blocking them and so they are attacking him.

    There are no superheros or heroes in the US political scene. Not Trump, not DeSantis, not Ramaswamy, not RFK Jr, not any other candidate. To believe that one of them is a great knight in shining armour is a big mistake. The GOP candidates, GOP voters and Conservative media (yes, some of them are playing a crooked game) need to grow up and concentrate on how to win 2024.

    I will be turning attention to other aspects of the voting and elections.

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  32. Shy Ted says:

    Street cams have shown little activity in DC for 3 years now. Today we learn many executive positions are not filled. Things are not as we are told. I’ve lost track of what is going on.

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  33. Interested observer says:

    The proof that Trump is The Only One who can do the required house cleaning?

    Trump is the last best chance. Everybody else is a politician.

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  34. Shy Ted says:

    Ghost town
    Maybe they’re lying about the reason

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:


    Here is the scene in the GOP for the primaries.

    a/ Magadonians will vote for Trump no matter what happens.

    b/ Other teams (DeSantis and other candidates) will vote for the one they support.

    c/ There are some who have said that they voted for Trump twice and now it is time for a change – undecided but Not Trump.

    d/ Some who liked Trump but have been put off by his attacks on DeSantis.

    Who will win the majority votes for the nomination?
    Let us say that with the indictments and witch-hunts, the sympathy vote works in Trump’s favour and he is selected the nominee.

    General Election

    Now onto the general election. How is Trump going to win this?

    a/ There are GOP voters who say they will stay home if their man is not the nominee because they cannot bear to vote for the other person. (Who is responsible for creating this animosity?)

    b/ There are voters (in GOP), including women, who dislike Trump and will not vote for him.

    c/ Independent voters dislike Trump – no votes there.

    d/ Dems will not vote for him even if they dislike Biden or think he has done a poor job.

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    Trump supporters can keep chanting that at the 2020 election Trump “won big”. He “won by a lot”. “Won 80 million votes”.  It was a stolen election. Etc etc. The real results don’t matter. We have to go with the declared results.
    Biden  306,  Trump 232

    The magic number required is 270.
    Will Trump retain the votes he won in 2020? And get the additional 38?

    In 2020, Trump was in the White House but couldn’t stop the election fraud.

    In 2024, the Dems are in the White House. Think there will be no cheating? They have four years in which to improve on their 2020 crooked schemes. And they will be fool-proof. Some of the Red states have done some cleanup of rolls, but I doubt the Dems will be scared off by that.

    Pollsters  are running polls showing how Trump is leading DeSantis, Trump is leading Biden, Trump is leading everybody.
    Just like the 2019-2020 polls. And we know how that worked out.

    An online commenter:
    If Trump was cheated with all these fake votes while he was President, what chance would he have when Biden is the incumbent and Republicans control the elections in even fewer contested states in 2024?

    The Dems want Trump to win the primaries. They have a plan to defeat him. Before the election, Biden will be sent to the basement. And he will win with 100 million votes. Soros and allies started their agenda for 2024 long ago, and have poured billions into the Dems campaign.

    But Trump’s priority (focus and resources) has been …………bashing up DeSantis.
    He wants the nomination – that is his end goal.

    In news in today,  Trump’s trial date is set for 20 May 2024.  This date means the trial will take place toward the end of the Republican presidential primaries. So if Trump is the nominee, the election campaign focus from May 2024 to November 2024 will be on his criminal charges (real or fake) and the court cases. Not on the real election issues, attacking Biden’s record and exposing the Dems mismanagement in government.

    Who will benefit from this? Not the GOP.

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    It would seem as if the primaries battle will be between Trump and DeSantis. Yet, there now appears to be a third candidate, Ramaswamy, who, we are told, is tied in second place with DeSantis.

    Ramaswamy describes himself as a millennial entrepreneur. He is 37 years old and voted for the first time in 2020. He has no experience of working in government. Yet there are voters who are impressed with him because of the way he speaks and debates. He is an outsider and thus not a politician, not establishment, not Rino. That has won him the support of some conservatives.

    He knows all about Project A in the private sector. And he says he has studied the Constitution thoroughly. Based on that he will be able, as President, to deal with whatever happens in government. If he is not elected President, he will go back to the private sector.


    A few links here to explain the situation connected to the main GOP candidates, the media game-plan and what lies ahead.

    Meet The Self-Interested Trio Behind The Anti-DeSantis Attacks

    Political issues

    Trump has no plan to win in 2024

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    The basis and theme of this thread has centred on the topic, as mentioned in the first comment:
    What are the standards we draw on to make our decisions? How do we decide?
    What are our criteria? Do we use a critical evaluation process?

    I have provided in this thread my own opinions and conclusions based on my reading and research. I have also provided several links. All the input in the post and the comments is for those who are truth seekers and don’t get swayed by popular opinions or the media narrative. Those who want to look beneath the surface to make sure they can find the facts not just accept what is served up or appears to be the truth.

    The media – MSM, Conservative media, blogs and sites – the majority of them have teamed up in support of Trump. The reasons have been explained in the Federalist article in the comment above.

    Some blogs and sites – Conservative Treehouse, CFP, Breitbart and others – are clearly not just pro-Trump but comprise irate Magadonians. They have smeared Desantis at every opportunity. And their faithful followers troll sites and make sure that they discredit RDS. I read a comment from Miranda Devine where she described DeSantis’ interview at the Iowa forum hosted by Tucker as a “solid performance”. And the responses from the Maga clan was to label Miranda a Rino, and Murdoch press.

    So there is a rabid mob of Forever Trumpers ready to mow down anyone who does not worship Trump or dares to provides a positive comment on his opponent. This is an emotional brainwashed response. The inability to stop, listen carefully to another point of view, and think about it is an indication of a person’s intellectual immaturity. To be unable to accept the possibility that their hero is not faultless is a sad reflection of how deeply removed they are from reality.

    We are a higher form of being because of our power of rational thought. To mindlessly accept that something is the whole truth and not question it is the trait of blind followers.

    If some sections of the GOP – the Magadonians (which include some media outlets that have been pushing pro-Trump news and negativity about DeSantis) don’t wake up and work up, the election is lost. This image propagated by Trump and his hard-core band that he is the only one to save America is incorrect and will prove seriously detrimental to the election outcome.

    Now, if there is another candidate who is the nominee – at this stage the only other option is DeSantis – it may be that voters who dislike Trump (not just in the GOP but also Independents and maybe Dems), may vote GOP and thus help win the election.

    If there is any article, opinion piece or thread which contains a serious criticism of Trump’s policy or agenda, there will be his supporters responding with memes like this or this re-quote from the master?

    We ridicule the left mob for being brain-washed. How is it any different when so-called conservatives refuse to listen to any reasonable discussion and just shut down anything they see as negative to their god?

    Barring a major October surprise in Trump’s favour, if Trump is the GOP nominee, the Dems will win the 2024 election. And that is not factoring the indictment drama. The sympathy factor may get Trump the nomination from GOP, but the non-GOP voters will not want to vote for someone who could be tied up in criminal charges.

    The primaries kick off in January. In the next five months, the GOP voters will need to think long and hard about how their voting decisions will affect the final results for the 2024 General Election.

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  39. mh says:

    The “Electability” Illusion – Razör Rants

    The Rageaholic

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