Well, That’s Just Super

Post by Shy Ted

A couple of weeks ago the National Press Club “featured” child Minister for Aged Care, Anika Wells. If that doesn’t scare you, this should.

We all know what these things are, vague allusions by Ministers, supine questions from churnalists and a jolly good drink at other people’ expense afterwards. “Crisis”, neglect by the previous government”, “consultation”, all the buzz words and eventually they touch on service delivery for the likes of you and I in years to come.

The Aged Care board, is, of course a who’s who of former politicians and their ilk as a reward for playing the game rather than serving the public. Yep, not a lot of expertise.

So, what’s the nitty gritty of keeping you at home with your Alzheimer’ or inability to bend down and put your shoes on? Or worse, residential care? I give you the NDIS 2!

Yes, you will be assessed and allotted a number of hours and a certain budget and you’ll be able to purchase services from approved service providers, fronts for union and mate’ businesses. Poor old Vishran, who sounds suspiciously like the chap from the call centre, will pop round to pop your shoes on and provide other care, earning $25 per hour and your budget will be charged $80, the other $55 being administration charges. Administered by the usual professional public servants who you’ll never meet.

There will be more residential facilities, built at enormous cost overruns due to union contracts, paid for by superannuation funds which seem to be run by the Greg Combets and Nicola Roxons and the super funds will also “invest in” (own) the service providers.

And there you have it. All your forced retirement savings will flow around union-controlled business entities, (I think super fees and management charges currently run at $25 billion p.a.), accruing unknown further charges until all the money runs out.

Why will you end up penniless? This is the 10th anniversary of the NDIS and all the rorts within that we know about. Tony Abbott, the new PM, had foolishly agreed to run with the NDIS, knowing full well what would happen next. So it has proved to be. But there are is still massive amounts of untapped wealth waiting to be plundered and that’s what the new Aged Care Policy will do.

Go down to the last third of this interview.

Shy Ted considers himself a bit of (not a lot of) a veteran of 
rural and remote life, mostly, but not always, nursing. 
Most of what you might read about in the media, other than the 
superficial headline such as doctor shortages, is nonsense. 
It’s interesting, challenging and rewarding and not for the 
faint-hearted or ideologues. 

Where necessary, names have been changed to protect identity.


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4 Responses to Well, That’s Just Super

  1. johanna johanna says:

    Yes, Ted, the flies gather around honeypots of easy taxpayer money like the NDIS and the labrythnine aged care system – difficult for consumers, that is.

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    So, what’s the nitty gritty of keeping you at home with your Alzheimer’ or inability to bend down and put your shoes on? Or worse, residential care? I give you the NDIS 2!

    The government really cares for you. Easy steps.

    Get started with My Aged Care in 4 easy steps

    There are four key steps to accessing Australian Government-funded aged care services. You will find these steps repeated across our site, so you can choose the right step for you at any time.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    A warning from the minister: The terrible baby boomers are comin’.

    Aged Care Minister Anika Wells warns
    ‘Baby Boomers are coming’ and says changes needed

    The aged care system needs innovative changes “to meet the needs of Baby Boomers”, Aged Care Minister Anika Wells says.

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  4. Adam D says:

    As someone whos mired in the NDIS system this is going to be an absolute rort.

    Cost of therapy has doubled since NDIS was introduced, in some cases its so overt to be comical. I can pay $150 for a session or if I have NDIS it is $230 (i.e the going ndis rate).

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