Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [4]

This is the final week before the Federal Election 2022.
Here is some more information that may be helpful.

I posted some of these links in the Open Thread, last week.
Reposting them, here.

1. The Poll Bludger

This site contains an analysis and discussion of elections and opinion polls in Australia.

Past Election Guides

Seat-by-seat federal, state and territory guides compiled since The Poll Bludger began in 2004.

Federal Election 2022

The current position of seats held by the major parties in the House of Representatives.


The current position of seats held by the major parties in the Senate. Select the state on the map, to see the details.

2. Stand Up and Vote

This site link was shared by Destroyer D69 here, in the previous post in this series, Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote [3].

As stated on the site:

If we vote the way we always have, we will get the same result.


We are a nonpartisan group whose aim is to change the face of Australian Politics.
We are NOT a political party, and we are NOT associated with any political party.

Who Do You Vote For?

If you have not made your voting decisions as yet, this site may help you. You enter your postcode and it will provide the list of candidates for your electorate. The green bar marks the candidates for Freedom-friendly parties and would be your top preferences, then any amber bars, last ones are the red bars.

Why Vote?

If you have decided not to vote for whatever reason, here’s something to think about.
Why It Is So Important To Vote In This Upcoming Election

3. A Reminder

Finally, this reminder.

(Image source: Cairns News)


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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    Posted by Steve in the Open Thread.

    Victorian freedom candidates fight for your vote

    the UAP, One Nation, LibDems, IMOP, Australian Values, and two independents (Morgan Jonas & Damien Richardson) will battle it out for your first preference when voting

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  2. mh says:


    To Win An Upper House Seat
    Settled on any party of this list winning a seat in the Senate in half-Senate election in May 2022. Candidate must be listed on ballot with party/sworn in to the House of Reps under same party. All in betting. Results may be delayed due to vote counting


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