Election 2022: Who Gets Your Vote? [1]

Over the next few weeks, we will have a series of posts focussed on the Federal Election. They will mainly contain links and other information related to voting, candidates and similar election-related issues.

Election Day is less than a month away. The purpose of these posts is to be able to find material quickly; to pass on to others, or for your own reference. There are many areas on the blog where there are regular election-based topics being posted: Open Threads, Posts and the CatWiki.

1. CatWiki

Although the CatWiki is not as comprehensive as we would like it to be, it contains some of the subjects that matter in this election.

These are the topics in the wiki, that are connected to the election:

▹ Climate Change
▹ Covid-19
▹ Elections: Federal
▹ The Great Reset

2.  The Preferential Voting System

I had posted on this topic, two months ago.  There are two videos there that explain the system.

3. Voting for Patriots

We have on this blog an Aussie Patriot, who I am sure, most of you would like to see as a member of the Federal Parliament. If you have family, relatives, friends, ex-neighbours, ex-colleagues, acquaintances, friends of friends of friends, anyone else living in the electorate of Kennedy, pass these links along to them. Use your powers of persuasion to help them, if needed, to vote for Peter Campion.

Covid Facts from an Aussie Patriot
Australia – what has happened to us?

Send the links in this post to anyone who cares about this country, never mind the electorate in which they live or vote.

[Updated: The deleted video in the post The Preferential Voting System has been replaced with a new version.]

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