Pfizer Jab Under the Microscope

Scientists from around the world have been analysing the experimental Covid injections through microscopy images. Now, four teams in New Zealand are continuing with the examination of the jab, under the microscope. In this two-part interview, Dr Mark Bailey speaks to Dr Robin Wakeling, one of the doctors on these teams.

Dr Wakeling is a microbiologist, PhD, and has been involved with the development of patented nano emulsion technology. He is a world expert in decaying and mould forensics. In the following videos, he compares the Pfizer Covid injection with other vaccines, and discusses his findings.

Microscopy images shared by investigation teams in countries like Spain and Germany showed that these injections contained what appeared to be undeclared constituents, including Graphene Oxide.

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Part One:

NZ Scientist Examines Pfizer Jab Under The Microscope

This part provides an abstract of findings. It includes an explanation of the constituents that are listed in Comirnaty, the principles of mRNA formulation chemistry, microscopy and the nano scale, and the possibility of Graphene Oxide in the injections.


Part Two:

Psst….Pfizer-Injected Blood Under The Microscope

In this video, there is a microscopy examination of Comirnaty, flu shot, MMR comparison and an explanation of the results.


The investigations, so far, indicate that there are several queries related to these experimental jabs. Despite evidence of side-effects from the injections being provided to various authorities, the issue has not been given the serious attention it deserves. Dr Wakefield concludes with this caution:

Much more citizen research, robust debate & due diligence is needed before we reach conclusions or make decisions.

Including taking part in SAFE AND EFFECTIVE experimental injection trials without waiting on mid & long term safety data or without informed consent.

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  1. egg_ says:

    When’s Fauci getting the Mussolini treatment?


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  2. egg_ says:

    Pfizer Jab Under The Microscope

    Looks like Birdy was right about “nano-wrigglers” – in the Frankenvax, as opposed to on masks (who knows what contaminant “swarf” comes out of the Chinese mask factories).

    Clown Posse wrong again, but par for the course.

    MV’s “Put your elected representative last” as been picked up by minor parties?

    Strike #2.

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  3. Fat Tony says:

    We will be seeing a great push to “blame the unvaccinated” for the deaths & injuries caused by these injections.

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