US Elections 2024: The Primaries Campaign [2]

The first in the series of threads on the US Elections was posted in July.  The theme of that thread was on the questions of how we select the candidate who we think should be the winner of the 2024 Presidential election.

What are the standards we draw on to make our decisions? How do we decide?
What are our criteria? Do we use a critical evaluation process?

I concluded my last comment in that thread with the following observation:

The primaries kick off in January. In the next five months, the GOP voters will need to think long and hard about how their voting decisions will affect the final results for the 2024 General Election.

This is the second in the series. The race to win the GOP nomination is now on, with campaigning in earnest by the candidates.

I plan this to be mostly sharing of links and information which will provide reference material by way of articles, comments, video clips, images and other related data or viewpoints from the various sources, including legacy media, alternative media or social media. It is up to the readers to use the information as they please. Learn from it, research further, have a discussion or debate, or just ignore it.

We have had some commenting on the US Elections in the Open Threads. I don’t want to repeat the comments that I have shared there, so I will add the links here.
See August thread and September thread.



Unlike my comments in the first post of this series where I tried to organise my data in a group or a logical order, this one is going to be without major attention to date sequence or topic or any such arrangement. The reason is because it is too time-consuming.

Whenever possible, I will try to post similar subject matter links as a set and add some background to origin or dates, otherwise you will have to pick out the details from what is posted. The speed at which events are moving makes it hard to fact-check. I try to check the origins, but the research takes up time. So I will share here and leave it up to each of you to pick it up and follow from there. As I mentioned in the first part, the responses  from some candidates and their supporters can get quite ugly and vicious.


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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    As this is a major event from this week, I’ll begin with it.

    Hurricane Idalia

    Two residents of Florida.
    One is the governor. One is the 45th President, a private citizen.
    Both are candidates for 47th President.

    Starting 29 September, as of 5 p.m Hurricane Idalia was forecast to reach Florida’s Big Bend. The governor and his team knew in advance about Idalia making landfall as a strong hurricane. Preparations and warnings were in place. DeSantis is working long days (sure, he is governor, it is his job) but he is busy with saving the state, its people, property, restoring normalcy as quickly as possible.

    Trump is a private citizen, it is not part of his “job” to help in any way. But he was President and is on the campaign to run again. He is in a position of power, there is a natural disaster taking place. The human instinct would be to set aside everything that is not urgent, and try to help those in need.

    Compare the pair.
    Decide who is behaving like a leader.
    Or make excuses, if you prefer.

    2 Florida men who had very different days. Quite a contrast

    (Scroll down the link to see the second image.)
    two Floridians, two leaders, on the eve of hurricane landfall in the state DeSantis is leading, has temporarily suspended his campaign, all messaging has been 100% focused on the People and prep, zero campaigning DJT is focused on himself, his polls and attacking DeSantis

    Posted in OT, a few days ago

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Next few comments, still with the hurricane.

    A/ DeSantis

    A1- Idalia
    Started his day at 4 a.m. this morning and already has 23 meetings on his calendar

    A2- Idalia
    When asked about his thoughts on fmr. Pres. Trump, who is a resident of Florida, not commenting on Hurricane Idalia, Gov. DeSantis says it’s “not my concern”:

    A3- Idalia
    Desantis Issues Warning To Potential Looters “This part of Florida, you’ve got a lot of advocates of the Second Amendment…You loot, we shoot. You never know what’s behind that door.”

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Contrast of the last 24 hours quite stunning. DeSantis calmly and efficiently guiding his large state through yet another crisis, this one a category-4 hurricane, which he’s done so many times now it is almost taken for granted.

    Have whatever opinion you want about GovRonDeSantis but there is no denying: he was prepared for Hurricane Idalia, had emergency troops lined up ready to help and was physically and emotionally present for the people of Florida.

    Ron DeSantis has led Florida. People in Florida should have full power in around two days. Just incredible. This is top-notch leadership.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    B/ Trump

    Two days before the hurricane when RDS is busy with preparations to safeguard the state and its people.

    Predictions from his closest ally Loomer before the hurricane arrives.

    The hurricane has just hit Florida, but this is what is the really important news.

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    The hurricane is still in Florida

    As DeSantis leads Florida through Idalia …

    He blames DeSantis for something that RDS is not responsible for. The Governor doesn’t approve electric rates. The Public Service Commission does.

    This thread is from twitter. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the comments here because I don’t have the sources to research.
    But Twitter has a fact-check system called Community Notes where if it was all fake, someone would have noted it.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    After Idalia has left Florida ……

    Even Democrats are acknowledging RonDeSantis is “doing a good job” responding to Hurricane Idalia and the aftermath. Rep. Jared Moskowitz: “The Governor is doing a good job on emergency management and he has since he came into office.”

    Hurricane Ron DeSantis

    A question to ponder is whether today’s soundbite-driven primaries are selecting for the qualities that Republicans, and Americans, really want in a President. This is one slice of the case for Mr. DeSantis’s candidacy, despite his recent struggles. His competitors might have a better 15-second retort to the 30-second drive-by at the debate. But could they get the bridge open?

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  7. Woolfe says:

    The Hurricane and its aftermath will be long forgotten at the primaries.

    Look out the window at the state of USA, its a disaster.

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  8. Shy Ted says:

    Matters not according to Alexa
    Just the headline. I’m a bit more inclined to think the election will proceed but the deep state will be caught in the act, for all the world to see.

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  9. Bazinga says:

    The GOP candidate should be the one who will destroy the swamp and seek prosecution of those who destroyed USA the last 3 years be it the Biden crime family, the porous borders, the weaponisation of the FBI and justice systems, among other things.

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:

    – Look out the window at the state of USA, its a disaster.

    – Matters not according to Alexa

    There are some possible tricks that may be used to block the elections.
    The question to be asked is:
    Knowing all this, why is one particular candidate and team fostering such rivalry and disunity within the GOP?

    Why is the focus not on the Dems as the enemy and ensuring that free and fair elections can take place instead of the ego needs of one person?

    The GOP candidate should be the one who will destroy the swamp and seek prosecution of those who destroyed USA

    Who is this GOP candidate who will actually work towards destroying the swamp not just talk about it?

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    Campaign Funds

    Heard that phrase Follow the money?…

    All political campaigns need funds to run. So supporters fund raise, contribute and put together the money required. Even before this 2024 campaign, the “Stop the Steal” donations raised $250 million to fund the claims that there was fraud in the 2020 election. Instead, this money disappeared into a Super Pac.

    Trump Directed $250 Million in Donations to Leadership PAC

    Former U.S. President Donald Trump raised $250 million in donations in the weeks after the November 2020 presidential election for an organization ostensibly intended to fund court challenges in support of his false claims that the election was fraudulent. Instead, he directed that money to an unrelated political action committee, or PAC, according to congressional investigators.


    2021 Interview:
    When Tucker was still in serious investigative journalism

    Donald Trump “cared” about the J6 defendants so much that not only did he fail to pardon them before leaving office, he let them rot in jail and kept all the money donated for election audits and to fight election fraud for himself instead of donating to their legal defense.


    Then when Trump announced his 2024 launch last year, he raised millions. There were all kinds of other fundraising schemes like selling Digital Trading cards. We kept hearing about how much is being donated to Trump, and how with each indictment, the millions come pouring in.

    If Trump is so popular and getting millions, his campaign should be flush with cash. Instead, Trump’s Save America PAC is almost broke.

    So much money. Where has it gone?

    a/ Legal bills
    Trump is running out of other people’s money to pay lawyers.

    His key fund has spent nearly all of the more than $150 million it raised and is sitting on less than $4 million, according to the latest numbers available. He has already dug into his fund for 2024 ads and borrowed money to post bail in Georgia. And some of his allies are begging for donations, saying he won’t pony up.

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  12. kaysee kaysee says:

    Money for other priorities like:

    b/ Ads targeting DeSantis


    c/ And expenses like Melania’s bills

    d/ … and lining other pockets.


    Since the funds are running out,

    Trump calls on all Republican challengers to drop out of the primary, and their funds be used to finance the largest ballot harvesting operation the world has ever seen

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  13. kaysee kaysee says:

    That gambit didn’t work…..

    So the Trump team tried to spread a story of a DeSantis PAC switching allegiances to Trump.

    So, there is WAY more to the story of a DeSantis ‘Super PAC’
    reportedly switching allegiances

    Today, there were many breathless headlines about a Super PAC formerly supporting Ron DeSantis shifting its support to Donald Trump

    It turns out that the PAC was fake. The DeSantis team had warned about the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC way back in November last year.

    So apparently this ‘mega’ PAC had raised a bit over $1500 and they already spent it without donating to ANY candidate.
    Fake PAC, fake story. Debunked.


    When that trick didn’t work….

    Charlie Kirk Calls on Ron DeSantis to Donate His Super PAC Money to Trump:
    ‘He Would Be Hero Status in the Republican Party!’

    Charlie Kirk propositioned 2024 candidate Ron DeSantis to return to Florida and donate his Super PAC money to help former President Donald Trump win the presidency.

    Kirk proposed the idea, saying the selfless act would paint DeSantis as a GOP hero


    MAGA wants the $110 million from DeSantis’ Super Pac to help Trump win the election.

    This is the same MAGA that has spent over $15 million ridiculing and abusing DeSantis.

    This is how MAGA has described DeSantis.

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  14. kaysee kaysee says:

    That is some audacity to think that you can insult a candidate and his supporters, but his Super PAC will be so honoured that he is being called a “hero” by MAGA that they will hand over their millions to the candidate and team that has been mocking them.

    There are also legal rules about candidates contacting their PACs.
    As if Charlie Kirk doesn’t know that.

    Video (2:17 min)

    Thoughts on Charlie Kirk calling for DeSantis to drop out, and give his 100M in campaign funds to Trump, saying RDS was ‘lighting money on fire’ by running 10M in ads in the early primary states


    Other tacky methods to raise funds.

    From selling NFTs to selling T-shirts in less than 6 months


    Trump’s Truth Social
    deal facing ‘catastrophic threat’ of having to return $300 million to investors

    Donald Trump’s venture into social media with the creation of Truth Social could come to a screeching halt in the near future if the merger with Digital World collapses and he faces ending up with nothing from the deal that has been pending for two years.

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  15. mh says:

    From selling NFTs to selling T-shirts in less than 6 months

    That’s a cracker of a t-shirt.

    Here’s another good one

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:



    In July-August 2020, some medical professionals and scientists who were concerned about the Covid policies and lockdowns managed to obtain, with some difficulty, a meeting with the President, at the White House. One of Trump’s adviser’s now claims the meeting did not take place – in other words, a respected scientist like Dr Jay Bhattacharya is a liar.

    The proof of the meeting.

    These physicians and scientists explained to Trump the need to lift the lockdowns and fire/demote Fauci and Birx.


    Two interviews here that reveal some behind the scenes details that GOP voters need to know.

    Chris Nelson interviews Dr Bhattacharya

    Dr Bhattacharya describes meeting with President Trump. Says Trump felt like he could not lift the lockdowns for political reasons and he believed the lockdowns saved 2 million lives.


    Jenna Ellis interviews Dr Bhattacharya

    Dr Bhattacharya explains how President Trump knew his Covid strategy was wrong, but failed to sideline Fauci and Birx, instead leaving them with the power to shut out scientists Trump And his Team hired who were rejecting Fauci-ism.

    Dr Bhattacharya said:
    The re-election was at the top of his mind. He thought if he fired Fauci and Birx in August 2020 he was not going to get re-elected ……

    You don’t let the electoral decisions enter the most important decision you are going to make as President.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    I’ve heard all these descriptions used for Trump:
    He is not a politician. He is not a RINO. He will drain the swamp. He loves America.
    He is a patriot. He is not establishment. He supports freedom.

    What were his priorities at the most critical stage of his Presidency? Not the health and well-being of Americans. Not freedom. Not draining the swamp. He was focussed on polls and how he will get re-elected. The polls determined how he would act. Being re-elected was far more important than the problems that Americans were facing.

    Covid was this pandemic that was affecting the entire world and what happened in the US was the guide for others. Instead of being a leader and making decisions to save lives, health and the economy, his priority was his future and re-election. Think about that.

    He ignored the advice of the top physicians and scientists whose only concern was for America and the health and well-being of Americans. They understood all aspects of this “pandemic”, were disturbed by how it was being handled, and came to see the President in the hope that he, as the leader of the country, could rectify the problems. But, the President was bothered about the impact of his decision on the polls.

    So he didn’t behave like the typical politician? The pro-establishment club? A RINO who was only looking out for his own agenda? What about freedom vs the lockdowns? How about draining the swamp and getting rid of Fauci and Birx?

    Would Mitch McConnell or George Bush or any of the real RINOs or the Democrats or the globalists have behaved differently?

    This great hero is going to drain the swamp? When? How?
    He couldn’t do something as simple as firing Fauci and Birx. If they had some contracts which didn’t allow this, he could have demoted them to some obscure department – far away from the Covid-related decisions – where they couldn’t cause any harm. And he could have appointed the authentic medical professionals to takeover the Pandemic taskforce.

    Instead, he left them in charge and on his last day, he issued commendations to people including Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. A reward to the swamp for a job well done.

    This is the same Donald Trump who is going to DRAIN THE SWAMP? This is the same Trump who is the ONE to save America? He had four years to begin the draining process, instead he was poll-watching to ensure his popularity and re-election. He couldn’t put America First when it needed a leader to make tough decisions, even if it would come at a personal cost.

    Want him to have another four years?
    For what?


    22 August 2023
    If I Interviewed Trump About Covid…

    It’s too late to propose questions to Tucker Carlson for his interview with Donald Trump, scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, because that interview has already been recorded.

    In a fantasy world, here’s what I wish Carlson would ask:

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  18. kaysee kaysee says:


    Now, he has come up with some We Will Not Comply attention seeking video and is spouting about freedom as if he had not been part in the problem?

    Luckily, there are Twitter community notes to help out.


    Trump’s Revisionism

    So Trump is out yesterday with an attack on the Branch COVIDians, as I call them.

    Good for him, but let’s not airbrush out Trump’s bad judgment over COVID, unquestionably his single largest failure in office:


    Then and now.

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    There was a question, on the Open Thread, about my Red Flag.

    You know that tale about the straw that broke the camel’s back? It’s something like that. It looks like a small piece of straw and you ignore it, and the next one, the next, the next…. Suddenly, one day, something clicks, and you realise you can’t ignore it any longer because it isn’t a small piece. It is a big haystack.

    In this case, it is when someone who was a Trump supporter has an aha reaction. The incident where they finally realised they can no longer continue to ignore what’s happening is their Big Red Flag or the Light Bulb moment.

    Then all the bits and pieces from the past drop into place and the person sees the real picture. The incident and time will differ for each person.

    An example.

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    I am going to take a detour and move to Vivek Ramaswamy. This is a long commentary, and after that I will be posting links with shorter opinions.

    I first noticed him when he doing his media rounds talking about anti-wokeism. Then, there was the news that he was planning to run as a candidate for President. At first, I thought he was probably running as an Independent because I had never come across him linked to GOP.

    When he announced his run, I thought he was raising important issues. Then reports began to seep in about his links to Soros and his payment to edit his Wikipedia page, to scrub off certain details. But when he got full steam into his campaign mode, the chameleon skills became apparent. In fact, he can flip so quickly on what he said not just a few years ago, but last year, last month, last week, last 24 hours.

    What is even more fascinating, however, is some so called conservatives in the media. Some of them have heard or read a few of his chatter bytes which sound so good. It appears that he is an outsider, a non-politician, no links to anyone in the establishment or the globalists, speaks fluently, has all this knowledge about everything especially in all tiers of government even though he does not have a day’s actual experience, at any level. Based on his smooth talk he has been judged brilliant and capable of running the country. So he will sit in the Oval Office and transform America into his fantasy land.

    He’s managed to find friends in “conservative” circles who are impressed with him. One has to shake one’s head that these so-called experienced media personalities have not been inclined to spend a few hours in research and investigate this newcomer who has sudden appeared in the public space. It would provide them with enough facts to be very, very suspicious.

    He’s got Jordan Peterson, Nigel Farage, Tucker Carlson, Laurence Fox, Candace Owens, Tony Heller and others who are impressed by his words of wisdom. Some years ago, Candace Owens was something of a conservative star. Now she has lost her way. She has become one of Ramaswamy’s greatest champions, supporting him and giving him a berth on her shows.

    Ramaswamy is such an obvious con-ster, with facts easily available, and yet so many are taken in. He plays to the MAGA crowd by following the points in their playbook and is properly deferential to Trump-is-god. Either it was a prior plan with Trump and team that he comes in to take away from the DeSantis vote, or he is an opportunist and is moving his chess pieces accordingly. He said he was running to be President not any other role, but then again that was in the flip-flopping past.

    Either way, he is no Conservative. Just a fraud.

    There will be more on Ramaswamy related to several topics.

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ramaswamy Paid Wikipedia Editor to Delete References
    ….before Announcing Campaign

    References such as:

    – remove information about his close relationship with a scientist who helped pioneer mRNA vaccines, suggesting Ramaswamy believed the association with technology that was ultimately used to create the Covid-19 vaccines could be a detriment to his campaign…
    – make edits to his biographical details on Wikipedia…
    – remove references to Ramaswamy’s religion and his relationship with professor Douglas Melton…


    He is running as a GOP candidate but according to voter records is an unaffiliated voter.

    He is 38 years old and has only voted in 2 presidential elections – 2004 for a Libertarian, 2020 for Trump. He decided in December, last year, to run as a candidate in the 2024 election, but voter records show that he did not vote in the Ohio state primaries last year or in May, this year.

    GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is an ‘unaffiliated’ voter, records show


    Despite his vast non-expertise as a voter and no first-hand experience working in government, he has wonderful policies on making changes to the voting regulations. Like raising the voting age to 25. But there will be exceptions to the rule.

    The reality: This will require a Constitutional amendment.

    Revising the Constitution is no simple task, requiring overwhelming support in Congress and in state legislatures.

    Ramaswamy proposes raising voting age to 25,
    unless people serve in military or pass a test

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    For any of you who are reading this thread because you share a similar interest in the facts related to the US election and its candidates, there is so much coming in that I am finding it hard to keep up in the time I set aside for my own reading and then passing it on here.

    I am going to need to do some overtime on this thread ^.^ to be able to post from my backlog, as well as the newer pieces of info I am coming across daily.

    The next few days will continue with Vivek Ramaswamy.


    January 6, Capitol riots (2021)

    J6 Capitol-1
    Jan 2021

    A post on twitter. This will be a reference for another comment, below.


    J6 Capitol-2a
    A page from his 2022 book


    J6 Capitol-2b
    Another page in the book

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  23. kaysee kaysee says:

    J6 Capitol-3
    July 2023

    Trump. January 6.
    Vivek Ramaswamy: It’s complicated

    A week after the Jan. 6 attack, Ramaswamy, who is running for the GOP nomination, tweeted that “What Trump did last week was wrong. Downright abhorrent. Plain and simple. I’ve said it before and did so in my piece,” referring to a Wall Street Journal article he co-authored.

    He also tweeted that same week that “Unfortunately Trump’s egregious behavior last week blinds us from seeing that Big Tech’s cure is worse.”

    During a recent interview with USA TODAY, however, Ramaswamy said that he doesn’t believe Trump was responsible for what happened on Jan. 6.


    J6 Capitol-4
    2 August 2023

    A new explanation

    Donald Trump isn’t the cause of what happened on Jan 6. The real cause was systematic & pervasive censorship of citizens in the year leading up to it. If you tell people they can’t speak, that’s when they scream.


    J6 Capitol-5
    4 August 2023

    Vivek Ramaswamy Can’t Say If He Would Have Certified Election On Jan. 6th Like Pence

    “I would have never let it get to that point,” Ramaswamy told Politico. “I would have never put myself — or been part of an administration, if I was in a serious position of leadership — to ever have allowed us to have gotten to that doorstep.”

    When asked if he would have tried to stop Trump from overturning the results, Ramaswamy added, “we would have never been in that position.”

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  24. kaysee kaysee says:

    J6 Capitol-6
    23 August 2023

    At the GOP debate, Ramaswamy raised his hand in support of what Mike Pence did in following the Constitution.


    J6 Capitol-7
    28 August 2023

    VR’s Solution

    LMAO — Ramaswamy says Mike Pence should’ve used the opportunity on January 6 to unilaterally implement universal single-day voting and voter ID. Beyond parody.


    J6 Capitol-8
    29 August 2023

    Why VR’s claim about what Mike Pence could have done on Jan. 6 is False

    But how practical is the scenario Ramaswamy lays out? Can a vice president put conditions on the constitutionally mandated certification process, using it to leverage a desired legislative outcome?

    No — for multiple reasons. A vice president wouldn’t have that power. The Constitution is clear that counting the electoral votes, not passing legislation, is the joint session’s purpose. Democratic cooperation in both chambers would have been needed.


    J6 Capitol-9
    3 Sept 2023

    Vivek Ramaswamy’s preposterous attack on Mike Pence

    Donald Trump didn’t want a package of election reforms; he wanted the result of the 2020 election blocked or overturned, and he wanted his vice president to use the leverage of Jan. 6 to do it.

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  25. kaysee kaysee says:

    J6 Capitol-10
    6 Sept 2023

    The latest on this J6 saga.
    Returning to the statement in the J6 Capitol-1 link above.

    Interview with Mehdi Hassan (a little known show on MSNBC)

    “I want you to answer my question. Three times I’ve asked it. What did Donald Trump do that was ‘downright abhorrent’? It’s your words.”


    Not related to J6, but the Soros scholarship in the same Hassan interview.

    Your defense for that is that you didn’t have the money at the time…

    That’s not true…. I didn’t say I didn’t have the money”

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  26. kaysee kaysee says:

    Since J6 and that March was back in the news headlines with the sentencing of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, it has been noted by those keeping track yesterday:

    50 plus posts today about himself and 0 about the J6ers who just got sentenced to Years in prison.

    The posts below are from a Defence Attorney dealing with J6 clients, so she would know the laws, rules and precedents.

    Marina Medvin

    Yes, Trump could have pardoned J6 participants before they were convicted and even before they were arrested. Pardon power kicks in after an act is committed that could constitute a federal crime. Multiple J6 defendants publicly called for pardons before Jan 20.

    There is a thread that follows with details and this.

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Entrepreneur and his Fortune


    Here’s Vivek Ramaswamy in 2015, scamming the public on his Alzheimer drug that had already failed drug trials 4 times before he bought it for pennies.

    He rebranded it & took the company public in an IPO. Then he & his family dumped $2 billion of stock before it failed again.

    Scroll to the next video in the same link.

    Perfect video illustrating how Vivek Ramaswamy made his fortune on grifting investors.

    People are catching on that he’s a smooth talking psychopathic snake oil salesman


    Sept 2017
    Here Is What Vivek Ramaswamy Wrote To His Employees
    After Axovant’s Drug Failed

    When he founded the Alzheimer’s company Axovant, Vivek Ramaswamy expressed high confidence that a drug it was developing, intepirdine, would help Alzheimer’s patients. On Tuesday, he had to face the inescapable fact that he was wrong.


    The Pharma links up with Covid

    Pharma-Covid 1
    March 2020

    Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow Vivek Ramaswamy’s Roivant Sciences
    Develops Clinical Stage Antibody

    Roivant Sciences announced today that it is working with regulators in the United States and around the world to advance the clinical development of Gimsilumab, an anti-body that could prevent and treat acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which has been widely connected to the COVID-19 virus.

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    April 2020
    Roivant begins giving experimental COVID-19 drug to first U.S. patients

    Biotechnology company Roivant Sciences is beginning to give U.S. COVID-19 patients its experimental drug gimsilumab in a clinical trial on Wednesday, Chief Executive Vivek Ramaswamy said at a Reuters Events pharmaceutical conference.


    April 2020
    Ramaswamy company pitched governments on effort
    to install universal covid patient records surveillance database

    Before rebranding as a warrior for free speech and a passionate crusader for privacy rights, newly announced presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy was pitching the U.S. and world governments on his efforts to install a broad, centralized database of private medical records


    July 2020

    About masks

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:


    Feb 2023
    GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Who Used to Do Business With China,
    Wants to Ban Business With China

    The former CEO of biotech company Roivant has done a 180-degree turn on Chinese business opportunities leading up to his presidential run.


    August 2023
    Vivek Ramaswamy cuts off interview
    after floating plan to let China attack Taiwan after 2028

    Ramaswamy floated that plan to persuade Xi to delay a Taiwan crisis during an extended interview with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. But he ended the interview 15 minutes earlier than Hewitt had anticipated …


    Sept 2023
    Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign dials back his claim he ‘can’t travel to China’

    The GOP presidential candidate had suggested he was barred from China after speaking out against its government. His campaign now says he was simply advised not to go.

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:


    The GOP debate


    Juneteenth, Climate Change, Israel, 9/11, China-Taiwan


    Life begins …

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:

    Some more clips …..

    Al Sharpton

    Pity Sharpton didn’t call him out on his untruth about being the only anti-war candidate.



    I have posted a few in the Open Threads including this one.



    The weight of the Truth

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    If required, I will post more info related to Vivek Ramaswamy if something comes up that needs to be posted. But I am closing off the section on him with the Articles/Opinions in this comment.

    7 August 2023
    Vivek Ramaswamy:
    The MULTI-BILLION Dollar Financial FRAUD


    21 August 2023
    Vivek Ramaswamy’s Truth


    30 August 2023
    Emulating Trump, Ramaswamy Shows a Penchant for Dispensing With the Facts

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  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr

    Robert Kennedy Jr has been fighting quite the battle on Covid: the vaxx, masks, mandates and so on. Covid is a major issue and needs tough leaders to deal with what took place in the US and around the world. Those responsible should face penalties. Due to his battle on Covid and the injustices that went with it, there are many Republicans considering voting for him. But do you vote for a candidate on a single issue?.

    Except for the Covid issue, RFK is a Democrat. He is pro-abortion, though now he says he is pro-choice. He is pro-gun control, but now he has some other euphemism for it. He is appealing to the Republican voters so he is tuning his policies accordingly.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. Proves He’s Willing to Bow to the Woke Rage Mob

    In the span of just 24 hours, Kennedy and his campaign would give three different reasons for his abandoning the conference—all of which seem blatantly dishonest.


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. walks back abortion comments:
    ‘Always the woman’s right to choose’

    Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he would support a federal abortion ban after the first three months of pregnancy on Sunday, but walked back those comments hours later.


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:
    DNC “Rigging” Primary For Biden, I May Need To “Look At Other Alternatives”

    Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused the DNC of disenfranchising Democratic voters from choosing the party’s presidential nominee and how the party’s rules are designed to hurt his campaign.

    Will he be running as an Independent?

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  34. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ron DeSantis

    Until a year ago (September-October 2022), Ron DeSantis was considered a wonderful guy, a great governor of Florida etc etc etc… Even ardent Forever Trumpers endorsed him. Then RDS committed a crime. He did not bend the knee and kiss the boot of the MAGA god, Trump, who wanted RDS to promise that he would not be contesting the 2024 election. RDS did not make the promise and that made him the enemy and he was accused of disloyalty.

    Trump’s enemy = MAGA enemy.

    I can’t see how it is disloyal to decide to run as a candidate in the election. But if Trump says so, it must be true. Trump expects loyalty when it is to his benefit, but he doesn’t give it.

    The US is not a monarchy. The crown does not get handed down. It is a democracy where voters decide who they want to represent them. Anyone claiming to be the best and should automatically be the nominee is trying to bypass the electoral system. In 2016, Donald Trump was an outsider and yet the GOP took a gamble on him to be their nominee and the President. He got a second chance in 2020, unopposed. Why shouldn’t the GOP now take a chance with not an outsider but someone who has experience in Congress (Legislative), Governor (Executive) as well as a federal prosecutor (Judiciary)?

    Since no one is perfect, I’m sure that there will be a list of failings or errors on the part of DeSantis. I can think of a few but not big enough to matter, considering what is at stake in the next election.

    He has been called a Rino, pro-establishment, a “politician”, a Soros guy, pro-WEF and all the other insults that have been put out in the unTruth Social posts by the MAGA god. And the loyal followers repeat them. Then there is the ridicule at a personal level – about his discomfort in social settings, poor ability with making small talk, wiping his nose too often, lack of charisma. The MAGA influencers also seem to have some fascination with his anatomical area below the belt. They have mocked his wife and kids.

    I read a fair bit – Legacy media, conservative media, twitter – and the only cases where the labels appear are from Trump and his supporters.
    Name-calling: Yes. Insinuations: Yes. Proof: No.

    Can someone provide proof /links to show that DeSantis is whatever negative terms are being used to label him? I’ll be happy to check them out if anyone can give me facts re DeSantis being this Rino or establishment guy or puppet of WEF, Soros, UN?

    Because the MAGA group says something doesn’t make it true, It becomes fact if there is proof of incidents…. that have taken place and that RDS was a beneficiary.

    I can agree completely that DeSantis does not have a charming personality. His advisers probably tell him to smile more often – he needs to ignore that. There is no need to fake the external appearance to come across as appealing. Most voters who are not brainwashed can see through the pretence.

    So anyone with evidence that shows that DeSantis is a bad guy, please post links.
    I may have missed out the information.

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:

    Since I don’t have negative articles about RDS that matter enough to post, I’ll go with his record. In some cases, I’ll just post links. In others, I may post additional info/opinion.

    20 Dec 2022
    Florida finishing 2022 with record $22 billion surplus

    The state of Florida is reporting a $21.8 billion surplus in 2022, the highest in state history. The state also decreased its debt by $1.3 billion this year, according to a newly published State Debt Report from the State of Florida Division of Bond Finance.

    11 May 2023
    DeSantis Signs Permanent Protections Against Vaccine Mandates, Forced Masking

    “Schools can’t mandate Covid jabs, workplace can’t mandate, the vax passports. None of that stuff. It also expands protections, not just for Covid shots but any shot under Emergency Use Authorization.

    ….mask mandates in any school from kindergarten through college illegal. This includes face shields or face coverings of any kind…Medical facilities cannot force people to wear masks other than for what they were meant to be used for in certain situations.

    …The law also prohibits employers from refusing employment to or discharging, disciplining, demoting, or otherwise discriminating against an individual solely on the basis of vaccination or immunity status. It also prevents discrimination against Floridians related to COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status.


    9 August 2023
    DeSantis suspends Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended a top prosecutor in Central Florida on Wednesday, accusing her of failing to impose mandatory sentences for gun and drug crimes and allowing juveniles to avoid incarceration.

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    28 August 2023
    Crises in Florida Present a Test of DeSantis’s Mettle

    In the space of a single week, fate has delivered to Republican primary voters three stark reminders of what elections are supposed to be about.


    1 Sept 2023
    DeSantis becomes first governor to reject major Green New Deal subsidies

    If Republican governors and legislatures would merely reject the federal funding for the Green New Deal – reminiscent of how they initially rejected Medicaid expansion under Obamacare – the green “transition” would be dead on arrival.

    Politico reported earlier this week that Ron DeSantis refused to accept $350 million in “energy efficiency” grants from the Green New Deal bill.


    Some points from his record

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    DeSantis took up the fight with a corporate giant. And last week:

    7 Sept 2023
    Disney drops all but free speech claim in political retaliation suit against DeSantis

    The revision, which nixes four claims Disney had previously presented in the case, shrinks the company’s federal civil complaint to 48 pages, down from 84 in the prior version.

    Disney had already amended its lawsuit once in May to accuse DeSantis and his allies of doubling down on their attacks.

    From a Twitter poster (Janine Curran):

    Look, most Florida politicians knew the Disney deal was shady. But they didn’t fix it because

    1. They didn’t know how
    2. That’s the way it had been done for decades
    3. Disney had a lot of power and $.
    4. Easier to ignore it.

    Now replace “Disney” with “DC swamp”.


    8 Aug 2023
    NBC News

    Ron DeSantis Interview: ‘I am what I am’


    I’ll close off this part with this twitter post.

    Nothing has convinced me that the GOP is doomed to irrelevancy more than the narrative that Ron DeSantis, the guy who has bucked the establishment at every turn to do everything conservatives claim they want, is “the swamp.”

    If Republicans are that gullible, there’s no hope.

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  38. kaysee kaysee says:

    There are Christians who, in the past and in the present, have faced punishments, torture and even death for preaching and/or following the teachings of their saviour, Jesus Christ. Some of these became saints and martyrs. Not a single one of them, or their followers, would ever consider their ordeals on par with that suffered by Christ.

    Jesus, the Son of God, is good, holy and sinless. He was unjustly persecuted, forced to carry a cross, scourged and crucified even though he had committed no crime.

    Now we have Magadonians, and some who are Trump supporters, who see DJT as someone being victimised, and draw parallels with the persecution of Christ.

    There are NO parallels between the life and death of Jesus on this earth and whatever Trump is facing.

    In Trump’s case, a part may be a witch-hunt, but a great portion he has brought upon himself. He has had advisers, lawyers and staff providing him with counsel, cautions and warnings. Which he has dismissed. He refuses to think before he acts, speaks or posts, and this provides plenty of fodder to those looking for reasons to make a case. (I could write a detailed comment on this – if time permits.)

    He is not a Christian. He is not a victim facing persecutions due to his faithful adherence to Christian teachings or following the commandments specified in the Bible.

    All these memes, posts, articles and illustrations portraying Trump = Christ are blasphemy. Even a magazine like Spectator Australia thought it appropriate to post an article and an image, on Holy Saturday, depicting a similarity between Good Friday and the Trump indictments. I find it disgusting and offensive that people who say that they are Christians go on to compare Christ, the Son of God and our Saviour, with someone like Donald J Trump.




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  39. kaysee kaysee says:

    These incidents go back to the past, before Trump became President.

    In 2005, Trump had a conversation with the host of “Access Hollywood” and this is on tape. He provides graphic descriptions about what he does, about having it with a married woman and where. He brags about his appeal to beautiful women and – when you’re a star they let you do it.

    When the tape was published, just before the 2016 election, he called it “locker room banter”. Even if it was just banter between men, it would reveal his opinion about women.

    But wait, there’s more.

    In January 2005, Trump married Melania.
    The “Access Hollywood” incident happened in September 2005 when Melania was pregnant.
    Barron was born in March 2006.

    There is all the talk about hush payments to Stormy Daniels – did he pay off a porn star? To me, the more important question is: A few months after his (third) wife has had a baby, was he doing it with someone else?

    While he was married to his first wife, he was already having it on with another woman. She became his second wife. Then he got tired of her, divorced her, and the following year found Melania. Then when Melania was pregnant and had a baby, …..

    Trump Marriage Timelines


    Donald Trump unable to name one verse from “favourite book” The Bible

    After watching the 44-second clip, you may like to think about your own favourite Bible verses and share them with us.
    That is if you don’t mind revealing such very personal information from your second favourite book?

    Do you have a preference for one of those two testaments that together comprise
    The Bible, or you’d rather not say?

    You may also want to read the comments that are below that enlightening video interview with a god many Magadonians think is greater than … well …. someone named somewhere in the Bible.


    There are three comments in the first series, starting here, on Trump’s support for LGBT and homosexual “marriage”. He is all for transgenderism – where men pretending to be women – can compete in contests meant exclusively for women and be “winners” and use female bathrooms because trannies “should be able to use whatever bathrooms they want”.

    The rights, safety and well-being of biological females is secondary to LGBTism.

    Let me repeat.

    Trump is not a Christian. He is not a Conservative.

    There are NO parallels between the life and death of Jesus on this earth, and whatever Trump is facing.

    He has no clue about any of the Bible verses or books or the Testaments. He deflected the questions asked, feigned a serious look, and gave a non-answer.

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    There was a college football game in Iowa, this past weekend. The people attending the game would have planned their attendance long before Trump decided to go there. But of course, Trump and MAGA posted that the packed stadium crowds were there to cheer for Trump (not to see the match). MAGA influencers also raved about the great support for Trump from people in Iowa.

    The truth about a video much passed around by Magadonians:
    A video of the crowd booing was doctored and boos replaced with cheers.

    In the safety of the glass box to watch the game:
    Trump got the bird.
    In return, he gave the bird.

    The former one term president Donald Trump gave the crowd at Iowa football game the middle finger because he was being booed. He gave all of us Republicans the middle finger in 2020 when he lost to Biden. Sad!

    The video version.

    What standards do we expect from our leaders, especially someone who was a President of the US and believes it is his right to have that position again? No person worthy of respect, especially in such a public and visible position, would stoop to responding to that particular gesture.

    The ONE to lead America and drain the swamp.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    I am trying to pack this one thread with as much info as I currently have on the US campaign, so it can be a reference point for those of you who share a similar interest.

    We often express frustration with the left, the woke, the global warming believers, because they are indoctrinated and won’t listen to any other point of view. It is not possible to reason with them because they will not accept logic or have a rational, evidence-based discussion that goes against their perceptions.

    But it is not just the lefties who can be stuck in a false groove because they have been thoroughly brainwashed. I have just been reading that, privately, there are many Conservative media sites who support DeSantis but they are more concerned with the volume of site clicks and support which they think they will lose due to their MAGA readers turning away. Tucker Carlson has admitted that Trump should have participated in the GOP debate, last month. But the lure of millions of clicks on his Tucker show was far too great to pass on. It is a pity that there aren’t enough Conservatives in the US, in influential positions, prepared to stick their necks out for what they believe or support.

    Many of these MAGA followers would have been the ones who would have ridiculed those who wore masks during Covid or got jabbed because they were told by media and government to do so. Yet, they are behaving the same way that lefties do – refuse to listen to differing points of view or opinions.

    Check out these Magadonians. It would be amusing if they were kids following some Superman fantasy removed from reality, and not capable of a rational process of sifting through facts and arriving at the objective conclusion.

    These are US citizens. They are the GOP voters.




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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    A few Quick Spins for today.

    Quick Fact-1
    If someone asked me this question: Can a man become a woman?
    It would take me a nano-second to respond with the correct answer.

    But it wouldn’t be Ummmmmmm

    The above is directly from the interview – the facts.

    So, why the hesitancy? Why would the leader of a conservative group not have the simple correct answer and instead try to dodge it? And will there be Magadonians asking questions?


    Quick Spin-2
    They won’t. Because the paid hacks do their thinking for them.

    This is The Spin and the audience will lap it up as The Truth.


    Having seen the Facts vs the Spin,
    What do you think?
    Is The Spin correct?

    I would like to comment further on this but need to verify some info.

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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    Quick Fact-3
    It happened

    It is a fact


    Quick Spin-4
    In that same Megyn Kelly interview

    Trump … says he doesn’t know who gave Fauci the presidential commendation

    (See Community Note below clip and Quick Fact-3 above)

    Is it selective memory? Amnesia?
    Is Joe the only one with signs of dementia?
    Or is it something else?


    Quick Spinning-Fact-5
    A few months ago, he said it should be banned – compared it to “fentanyl for kids”
    Now, an Influencer has introduced him to the joys of TikTok.

    The mover and the shaker

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  44. kaysee kaysee says:

    Quick Fact-6
    That same question: Can a man….?
    Is answered here

    Don’t tell me a man can become a woman.
    Don’t tell me a man can get pregnant.
    It’s NOT true, and we cannot root our society in things that are false.
    The truth will set us free.


    Quick Fact-7
    On another question

    “I don’t know how you could be a leader without having faith in God,” says @RonDeSantis
    “When you stand up for what’s right in this day and age, that is not going to be cost free…It’s the faith in God that gives you the strength to stand firm—against the lies, against the deceit”


    Presumptive Ad
    He gets a black mark for this ad, last year

    If anyone can provide links to prove any Spin versions of Quick Facts 6 and 7, I’d like to see that.

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  45. kaysee kaysee says:

    Polls and Elections

    The 2020 election took place nearly 3 years ago and votes were cast and have been counted. Yet Trump is still saying he won.

    The Arizona gubernatorial election took place last year, votes were cast and counted and Kari Lake lost. But she still says she won and is in legal battles over it.

    The GOP primaries for 2024 are months away. Not a single vote has been cast. But, Trump has been decided as the winner (according to MAGA) and other candidates are supposed to give in for the sake of unity.

    Strange how the MAGA system works. Sometimes the election is not over even years after it is declared over. Sometimes the election is declared over long before it has started.

    I thought the first primaries were scheduled for mid-Jan 2024,
    but they are over already.

    On rare occasions, Piers says it the way it is

    Piers Morgan with a Smackdown of epic proportions on Trump sycophant Kari Lake.

    When you lose it is unfair but when you win …


    All those 2019-2020 polls were right.

    It’s just that the elections were rigged.


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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Magadonians are so confident their god should be the nominee because he is the only one who can win and should win and deserves to win and will win and will drain the swamp and will make America great again and will solve all the problems.

    In the first part of the series, I posted a comment here.

    To win the White House, the candidate needs to get at least 270 electoral college votes.

    Even if Trump wins the GOP nomination, will he be able to win the necessary votes at the general election? Let’s say all Republicans decide for the sake of the country to unite and vote for Trump – not going to happen – who is the GOP nominee.

    Then, what?


    The Stats

    Something a lot of people don’t realize is that people who identify as Republicans are only about 25% of the total electorate. Democrats are about 31% and the rest are mostly independents.


    AP-NORC poll

    The poll finds 85% of Democrats approve of the criminal charges brought Aug. 2 by Special Counsel Jack Smith, compared with 47% of independents and just 16% of Republicans. Overall, 3 in 10 Americans disapprove, including about two-thirds of Republicans.

    Overall, 35% of Americans have a favorable view of Trump and 62% unfavorable.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    Assuming all Republicans will vote for Trump is the best case scenario. There are groups of GOP voters who will not vote for him. There are sections of women voters who dislike him. There are those who have declared that they voted for him in 2016 and 2020, but will not vote for him a third time. He and his MAGA team have gone after DeSantis in a way that has put off some voters. There are a number of other reasons why some voters are turned off by him.

    Dem voters. They will vote for the Dem candidate. If it is Biden and they don’t think he is competent, they will vote for him, rather than Trump. If Newsom is the candidate, they’ll vote for him.

    The last set, the Independent voters. These are the most important to swing the votes either way. Neither party can gain by themselves. If RFK runs as Independent, he may pull away some votes.

    Look at the stats. Trump winning the general election? Highly unlikely.

    The Dems and left wing media are making it appear that Trump is the real threat and that he is leading in the polls. Once Trump is locked in as GOP nominee, they will throw in everything to destroy him, and there is plenty. Once there are criminal charges against him, there is no way that Dems, many Independents and even some GOP will vote for him.

    How is he going to get the 270?

    But the Trump and MAGA fantasy is that he is leading in all the polls and is the ONE to beat the Dems – the ONLY ONE.

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  48. kaysee kaysee says:

    Bot Farms and Polls

    This article was published on 7 March 2023.

    64% (nearly 2/3rds) of Trump supporting accounts on X identified as bots by an Israeli tech firm. Could even be higher by now.

    Massive Twitter Bot Farm Is Heaping Praise on Trump and Trashing DeSantis

    A report from Israel-based social analysis company Cyabra provided to Gizmodo said several massive Twitter bot farms have been recently created to drum up support for Trump and lambaste his prospective opponents for the Republican Presidential nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

    The company’s research shows the bot farm was created within the past 11 months solely to heap praise on Trump while ridiculing his potential political opponents, especially those likely to challenge him in 2024.


    Graph of poll results
    With the line marked across 10 March 2023 to show the point at which a change took place.


    From the past.
    Cohen Hired IT Firm to Rig Early CNBC, Drudge Polls to Favor Trump

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Pro-life or Pro-death?

    When I started this thread, at the beginning of this month, it was difficult for me to understand how anyone calling themselves Conservatives and Christians could be Trump supporters. Now over 2 weeks later, it is become far tougher to fathom how it can be possible for anyone who says they are a Christian, believing in the teachings of Christ, still continue to be in the Trump camp.

    In the past two weeks, especially last week, Trump has put his character on full display. I have already posted much of what has been happening in connection to the main GOP candidates.

    At this weekend, in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump responded to a question. His answer should have been the final nail in his nomination coffin, as far as any Christian is concerned.

    What happened in this interview?
    Trump was asked a question on abortion.

    His response was about compromising with the Democrats to find a solution. A compromise with Democrats who believe in the right to abortion up to the ninth month, just before birth?. He went on the call as “terrible” the heartbeat bill that has been passed by states like Florida, Iowa, South Carolina.

    The Unborn Child-1
    The Interview

    Trump says he will compromise with Democrats on abortion so that they’re nice to him: “Both sides are going to like me.”

    Then he says it’s “a terrible thing” babies with heartbeats are protected in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina.


    The Unborn Child-2
    The Heartbeat Law

    States like Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina passed legislation protecting unborn babies with heartbeats from abortion. But instead of supporting the pro-life movement, Trump is attacking these successes as “terrible.”


    The Unborn Child-3
    DeSantis Responds

    “Trump may think it’s terrible. I think protecting babies with heartbeats is noble and just”

    “Any time he did a deal with Democrats…they ended up taking him to the cleaners”

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  50. kaysee kaysee says:

    The US is now at a critical turning point. The GOP voters are at the decision phase where they have to choose what matters to them. If values, ethics, character, standards don’t matter to you, then go ahead and continue as a Magadonian, 100% behind Trump-is-god.

    But if you say you are a Christian, pro-life, anti-abortion, then you have to decide which God/god you worship? You cannot serve both. The Christian God stands for life – 100%. The Trump god is not pro-life.

    This is also a decision for all those Trump Influencers, the loud and noisy ones – the ones who are being paid to be Trump shills – and are prepared to defend whatever he says or does because there is a financial reward. Follow the money. There are some previously respected Conservative sites where the posters would talk a great deal about God and being pro-life but are now silent on the issues that came up in the interviews last week.

    An even greater decision has to be made by the many Conservative Christian Influencers who do not agree with Trump but have stayed silent, “non-committal” “no endorsements policy” because they are afraid that saying anything negative about the MAGA god will result in a backlash that will affect their site/account followers, clicks, and the revenue it generates. So they have been prepared to sell their souls for monetary gain. Many of them have been pro-life advocates. Where do they go from here? Staying silent means agreement with Trump: Unborn lives don’t matter.

    Speaking up and criticising Trump for what he said could mean a backlash from the Magadonians who don’t really support life. But if principles matter, then speaking up and condemning what he said is the only option.

    His interview has generated a number of posts, discussions, responses and memes. I am going to post as many as possible. If this matters to you, you can read, listen and reflect on where you stand on the MAGA cult, and this blind loyalty to a personality rather than analysing the candidates and supporting the one whose character and policies are those of a leader and thus worth following.

    GOP voters have a choice and a shot at winning the White House with someone who can drain the swamp. Will they continue to be so blinded by a fake halo that they will allow the country to be ruined with a Dem 2024 victory?

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  51. kaysee kaysee says:

    This is Jack Posobiec, the biggest Trump shill, who carries the word “Catholic” in his bio.

    The same viewpoint can be good or bad depending on what Trump says, not what is right or Christian.

    The Unborn Child-4a
    Jack Poso going after Mehmet Oz for opposing heartbeat bills……


    The Unborn Child-4b
    ……but when Trump opposes the heartbeat bills, he attacks the pro-lifer (Ben Zeisloft) for going after Trump.

    Jack Posobiec has also got the commandments and the priorities mixed up. Telling the truth is not called bearing false witness.
    And murdering an unborn child ranks as a far higher defilement of the Lord’s commandments.


    The Unborn Child-5
    Here is another Magadonian who says he is a Christian.
    Whatever Trump-is-god says, that is the commandment to be followed.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    Responses from some Christian conservative pro-lifers.

    The Unborn Child-6
    Seth Dillion
    From a speech I just gave at a pro-life fundraiser.


    The Unborn Child-7

    Comment above on September 16, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    I ended this comment with some info that I needed to verify. I had been disappointed that Matt Walsh had not responded to Trump’s answer on whether a man can become a woman. But I wanted to give him time. Here he is on the topic of men-women, abortion and other topics.

    The Matt Walsh Show

    If you want to view the Trump-related topics only, it’s from 19:40 – 37:05.


    The Unborn Child-8
    Bob Vander Plaats on the Steve Deace Show.

    We’re being exposed. We are saying that our faith isn’t as important as electing our favorite personality, and that’s a BIG problem.

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  53. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Unborn Child-9

    Glenn Beck is an American conservative political commentator, media personality and a Christian. After the Trump interview, he posted this comment.

    Later, he deleted it. Why?

    Was he ashamed to be pro-life? Did he face a backlash from Magadonians?

    He didn’t realise that there are real pro-lifers who would have saved it and would repost it with the question back to him?


    The Unborn Child-10


    The Unborn Child-11

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  54. kaysee kaysee says:

    All in One Week:
    The Highlights? or The Lowlights?

    Last Week-1

    Trump said what?

    Just this week, Trump…


    Last Week-2

    Trump absolutely crushed it on the campaign trail this week.

    See for yourself:

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  55. kaysee kaysee says:


    Ben Shapiro

    Rips Trump for attacking Heartbeat laws in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida.

    “It’s not only not pro-life, it’s an awful thing to say.”


    The Federalist

    Trump Is Delusional To Think He Can Broker ‘Peace’ In The Abortion Debate


    Fr. Patrick Schultz

    Priest Urges Voters to Reject ‘Demonic’ Ohio Pro-Abortion Amendment

    There is no way that any Catholic in good conscience can support this amendment. It is not possible….

    It is not nor is it ever loving or compassionate to make it easier for people to do evil either to themselves or to other people. That can never be the Catholic mind. That is not compassion. That is not love….

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  56. kaysee kaysee says:

    That IT Factor

    Have been waiting for the responses from “conservative” commentators like Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, Michael Knowles to Trump’s answer on the abortion question in the NBC interview. Instead, Carlson, Owens and Knowles are dissecting the Russell Brand case. No objection to that. Most conservatives are in agreement about the way the Brand allegations have surfaced and the reasons why he is a target. But these famous commentators are conservatives and Christians, so how come that interview answer about the Heartbeat Bill does not rate a mention?

    Take Candace, for example, in this 3-minute section from the video (time-stamped at 14:30 to the 17:30 mark). She reveals her true self with a shallow, superficial and hollow analysis of people based on external feelz and vibes.

    In a discussion about DeSantis’ resumé, described by someone on the panel as incredible, her response is that resumé doesn’t mean anything ….to be President.

    According to her, what’s most important is:
    You’ve got to have the IT factor…. It’s how you warm the crowd, how the crowd responds to you….Trump has it

    What is the IT Factor? An entertainer who stands at a podium with with a crowd of millions? They all clap and cheer? Why not pick from Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise or Taylor Swift to be the GOP nominee? They definitely know how to warm the crowd and get ovations and approvals.

    That’s what America needs right now: a showperson, an acrobat, an artiste to become the Commander-in-Chief of the country. Candace is looking for an entertainer who can amuse the crowds and keep them clapping and cheering. That is why Vivek Ramaswamy, who so delightfully flip-flops on every issue, is also so appealing.

    If you need a doctor, lawyer, plumber or electrician, don’t check their skills, experience or resumé, just ensure that they have that “IT Factor”. It will definitely cure your medical ailments or legal issues or blocked kitchen drains or faulty wiring systems.

    We’d expect such frivolous and phony emotion-based qualifications from lefties. But when so-called conservatives have such selection criteria, the GOP is headed for a defeat. There a very big swamp to be drained …. but, hey, you need someone who has charisma, is hilarious, can break the ice and has a magnetic personality. That seems to be Candace’s definition of the IT Factor needed to be President of the US.

    Let’s get down to reality and assess candidates with one case: Disney.

    2016 and 2020
    Trump donations from Disney – $15 Million Dollars.


    April 2023
    Donald Trump sides with Disney over DeSantis with claims that Disney won’t invest more money in Florida.

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  57. kaysee kaysee says:


    1 – Disney – April 2023
    This is the Disney that Trump supports?

    2 – Disney – September 2023
    Meanwhile, DeSantis take on this corporate giant to fight for the rights of parents and children in schools and the unfair advantage the company has had. (See above)

    3 – Disney – this week
    April: Trump predicts Disney will stop investing in FL, and might even leave the state bc of DeSantis

    Five months later: Disney is increasing its FL investments and has abandoned the culture war

    Far better for the country to have as leader someone who can warm the crowds at rallies and charm young people who visit the Oval Office with that magnetic personality.

    The IT Factor.

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  58. kaysee kaysee says:


    1 – The Interview
    Remember that former President who was interviewed by Megyn Kelly?
    See segments above (posted September 16) but the full interview posted by mh here.


    2 – Brownstone Institute

    Megyn Kelly Asks Trump a Few Hard Questions

    One reporter has proven brave enough not to take the deal. The deal is: you can interview Trump provided you don’t ask perfectly obvious questions about his Covid response that shredded the Bill of Rights, wrecked his presidency, enabled mass mail-in ballots, elevated agencies to the status of dictators, and kicked off the biggest national crisis of our lifetimes from which we aren’t even close to recovering.

    ….We’ve watched in amazement as myriad reporters have entirely avoided the topic, including the otherwise intrepid Tucker Carlson and Glenn Beck. This is because Trump forbids it and it is where he is most vulnerable.


    3 – The Interviewer
    Trump slams Megyn Kelly as “nasty” for asking him tough questions during their interview

    That’s Charming.

    The IT Factor. IT is for those who follow the Trump-is-god routine. Those who don’t, get called names like “nasty” or “DeSanctus”.

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  59. kaysee kaysee says:

    A Monologue (in 3 parts)


    I got myself deep into this topic about an election with which I have no direct connection. Had I stayed with the superficial online news via just the Legacy media or even the Conservative outlets, I would have been seeing a different picture and unaware that it was biased and wrong. I would probably also be on the Trump is The Only One who can save America bandwagon.

    But digging in further, into other sources, as well as social media (twitter), I have been able to see different angles, varied viewpoints and opinions. Social media can be a toxic place. However, if you learn how to navigate and keep to the right streets and areas but avoid the sewers and garbage cans, it is possible to pick up a good deal of worthwhile stuff.

    I have been trying to share most of it – sifting through what to post and what to leave out – adding links as well as my personal opinions and rants.

    Is it worth spending my time with such in-depth reading and research on one hand, and then putting it together in some logical order with a write-up, sometimes detailed comments? I decided to do it for those on the blog who want to read and are eager to learn, but don’t have the time or know where to find it online. For myself, I want to be on the path of forever learning something new, asking questions, updating previous opinions that may or may not have been correct, and keeping my grey cells ticking and working.

    Has all the material I have posted, so far, in the two parts of the US Election threads been of any use to those who read this blog? Has it made you think and reflect? Have you changed your views based on the facts? I don’t know. But I have tried to pass on whatever I was learning and my analysis and interpretation of what I was reading.

    Don’t I have better things to do with my time? Why do all this anyway?
    Yes, I have plenty else to do. There isn’t enough 🕗 to get through my To Do list.

    I’ve asked myself why this topic of the 2024 US election has got me so involved.
    The answer: I am aware and awake to what is happening in the world and the attempts by the globalists to control us with their New World Order/Great Reset agenda. Instead of seeing the situation as hopeless and believing that I am just one person who can do nothing, I am determined to find ways to do something that can make a change.

    Pauline Hanson has a video** out today captioned:
    When you know, you will Vote No

    One way of making a change is passing on the Facts of what we know about something, some cause or someone, so that others who don’t know will have the opportunity to learn and know and then can also vote No or stop supporting that cause or person.

    If, after they know, they still choose to vote or support someone or some cause with a Yes, it is up to them.

    ** The video

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  60. kaysee kaysee says:


    I live in Australia and the change needs to be done here. But what happens in the US will get here and although I am not a US citizen, I am a world citizen. I can see what is going wrong in the US and why the wrong choice by voters at the primaries could be the end of the US as a free and civilised nation. And the impact will filter to us Down Under.

    Here in Australia, we are facing a Referendum vote on the Voice. Is the Yes vs No vote based on Left vs Right, Woke vs non Woke, non Conservatives vs Conservatives, Young vs Mature voters or Indigenous vs Non indigenous?

    There’s a group of activists (along with some politicians and bureaucrats) who will benefit from the Voice to Parliament scam. It does not bother them that this could divide and destroy the country. They are using whatever means they have to incite, provoke and create divisions:
    – Yes case supporters (those who “care” about the poor indigenous victims) vs
    – No case supporters (the horrid, stupid, racist, chicken little white fellas who stole from and oppressed the original inhabitants).
    Facts don’t matter.

    The gullible get brainwashed and believe what they are told and vote Yes.
    Those who research and probe further know it is a racket and will vote No.
    When you know, you will Vote No.

    It is a similar case with what is currently the scam of the MAGA cult in the US. There’s a group of grifters (Influencers, politicians, a former President and his family) who are gaining politically and financially from the MAGA industry. They foster this illusion that there is this one person who is the one and only to save America and drain the swamp. The candidate seen as the main threat to the scam is called derogatory names and countless baseless accusations have been levelled against him.
    They are using the same divisive system. Again, Facts don’t matter.

    A similar manipulation system is used to convince the easy-trusting voters to donate to MAGA and vote for the god. Many are taken in by the perceived aura and fooled into believing that this is the man who is the one to save America. No one else can. Give them the facts, but they will repeat the lies – DeSantis is disloyal, Trump will drain the swamp, DeSantis is a Rino, etc etc. And so they will do as they are told and vote for Trump.

    Those who have seen through the deception, done some investigation, had a light bulb moment, or been open-minded to listen to other assessments and opinions, have come to realise that MAGA is a big con and Trump is not the answer to saving America.

    That old yarn about voting for Trump because he is the one who can drain the swamp, begs a question. Ask his Magadonians – they have an answer.

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  61. kaysee kaysee says:


    Among the US voters who have seen through the deceit and lies, are some who are spending the time to analyse and share with others what they see is happening. These are voters who were Trump supporters in the past but now see DeSantis as the one who is the best candidate to clean up the mess in the country.

    I have given the example of the Disney case. DeSantis faced backlash not just from the qwerty groups and the woke left but also Trump who chose to support Disney.

    DeSantis won the fight for schools, parents and children to be free from the woke agenda. He took on the most popular corporation in America. Disney made threats and filed law suits. Now it has surrendered. It has dropped all but one claim. The warnings that it would stop investing in Florida was an empty one and the CEO has promised to tone down the culture wars – the company is facing financial losses.

    DeSantis is not a snake charmer or an IT Factor charmer. He doesn’t spend his time tweeting and ranting. He goes after the swamp and they are the ones who are backing down. Despite obvious proof of his abilities to take on the swamp and win, he is being demonised by many. There is a reason for it. He is the real danger to the Dems winning 2024.

    The Dems through their leftie media pals seem to be projecting Trump as the one leading in polls and the one they are worried about. That is a sham. They want Trump to be the nominee. Once he is locked in as the GOP nominee and the race for the general election begins, they will throw everything at him – indictments, impeachments, Jan 6, allegations, rumours …. they have plenty of fodder – so that the undecided voters, the Independents and even the Republicans who don’t like Trump (he has gone out of his way to make enemies of some) will not want to vote for him.

    Ads like this and worse will be running constantly over the national networks for months until Nov 2024.


    If there is any info on this thread that is incorrect, please post reference links so I can follow up and make the changes or updates if necessary.

    I try to fact-check before posting but it isn’t easy.

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  62. kaysee kaysee says:

    Contributions on Twitter from the Real Conservatives

    Is Conservatism worth saving or do we just focus on the present and say that just for this election we will compromise our beliefs and values and vote for fake conservative Jack Smith otherwise the lefties will win and they are worse than Jack?

    Is Christianity worth defending or do we put it in the too hard basket and ignore it because we may get ridiculed for publicly stating that we are followers of Christ, in this present age of No-religioners?

    Stand up and speak for what we believe in, for that which is right.
    This is the reason I have chosen to speak, even though what I say may not be the “popular” opinion, especially on certain topics.

    And it is the same reason that the real Conservatives in the US – ordinary Americans, not some big time influencers – who are concerned about their country and doing their part to educate others by speaking up. They are not paid shills – they have examined the facts and chosen their side.

    1- Josh Power
    So many of the big time conservative influencers, podcasters, pundits, etc, are supporting Trump….


    I’m not on this platform to flatter anyone or pretend that Trump doesn’t exist….


    3-Right Wing Dad
    So let me get this straight …..

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  63. kaysee kaysee says:

    Conservative Voices Speaking Up

    There are many US Conservatives – not the pundits – who have become sick of the lies being peddled by the MAGA camp and are wondering how someone who is not a Conservative is still being supported by those who call themselves Conservatives.

    They want DeSantis to fight back the same way as Trump, but I don’t think RDS wants to play it that way. So his supporters are doing it. They are writing long comments on twitter detailing their thoughts on what is happening with facts about Trump. Some of it may seem sleazy, I can’t verify if all of it is the truth, but most of it is.

    One of the battlers is Josh Power. He was a regular poster and then started getting doxxing threats. He retaliated by posting a photo – with wife and kids – and gave details about his family and where they live.

    Josh Power-1


    Josh Power-2


    Josh Power-3


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  64. kaysee kaysee says:

    GOP Debate

    The second GOP debate will take place at the Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday Sept 27. (AEST 28 Sept, 11 am – 1 pm). The exclusive online livestream for this debate will take place on Rumble.

    Trump Says He Won’t Sign Loyalty Pledge Required for G.O.P. Debate

    The Republican National Committee has demanded that 2024 contenders pledge to support the eventual nominee in order to debate. The former president is refusing.

    “I affirm that if I do not win the 2024 Republican nomination for President of the United States, I will honor the will of the primary voters and support the nominee in order to save our country and beat Joe Biden. I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party,” the pledge reads.

    There is a sentence in that pledge which makes two important points:
    I will honor the will of the primary voters and support the nominee in order to save our country and beat Joe Biden.

    – It is not polls that decide the nominee, it is the voters.
    – It is about saving the country by beating Joe Biden/or whoever is the Dem nominee.

    He talks about Loyalty. Is he loyal to voters, supporters and to the GOP which gave him the opportunity to become President45?

    All the other candidates have agreed to support the nominee (and will encourage their supporters to do the same). Except for one candidate and his supporters.

    Is this the reaction of a Patriot? Respecting the decision of voters?
    America First – Saving America more important than one’s ego?

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  65. kaysee kaysee says:

    Opinions on debates and participation


    Chris Christie

    From a forever and ever Trumper
    Then (August 2022) and Now (August 2023)

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  66. kaysee kaysee says:

    Vivek Ramaswamy

    Ramaswamy wants to end the H-1B visa program he used 29 times

    It’s the very system he’s used in the past to hire high-skilled foreign workers for the pharma company that built much of his wealth.

    Dem megadonor who said ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghur genocide
    hosting $50K-a-plate Ramaswamy fundraiser

    A Democrat mega-donor who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Biden’s 2020 campaign and previously claimed “nobody cares about” the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China is slated to host a fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

    Vivek Ramaswamy has a China problem — and a Hunter Biden problem

    As a presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy has portrayed himself as tough on China, promising to bar American companies from doing business there. But just a few years ago, Ramaswamy was doing business with high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party, including the same CCP-linked family that paid millions to Hunter Biden. Perhaps that explains why Ramaswamy is so willing to cede Taiwan to China.

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  67. kaysee kaysee says:

    Pro-life vs Abortion

    I, I, Me, Me, I, Me, Look at Meeeeee.

    For decades, the pro-lifers have been battling against Roe v Wade.
    All that is brushed aside by the MAGA god claiming full credit.

    Jeremy Boreing

    Donald Trump is not responsible for overturning Roe, but he did play a vital roll (role)…..

    That Heartbeat bill
    In response to this question:
    Did DeSantis sign off on abortions in Florida, yes or no?


    No. DeSantis went for the maximalist possible position – meaning he chose the strictest abortion law he was able to pass at the time. That means he is directionally correct. This is similar to our country writing a constitution that would eventually be the basis of freeing all slaves.

    Trump on the other hand is directionally incorrect. He would stop the states from being able to pass stricter laws and stop their ability to eventually outlaw abortion all together.

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  68. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tucker Carlson Speaks at the Center for Christian Virtue

    Carlson delivered his address to Ohio’s Center for Christian Virtue as voters in the Buckeye State prepare to vote on an amendment proposal backed by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood in November…..

    “When you wind up in an election where two top ballot initiatives are
    1.) Encouraging people to kill their own kids, and 2.) Encouraging their kids to do drugs, who’s benefiting here?” he asked.
    (quote from LifeSite News)

    That’s good, Tucker. But you are preaching to the converted at a centre for Christian virtue.

    Would you deal with the question about whether a Heartbeat bill is terrible? And the person who said that? Tough call. Magadonians will not like any criticism of their god.

    Life begins at conception and at 6 weeks is a living being. So the Heartbeat bill is also killing of life but as explained by a poster above, DeSantis chose the strictest possible option.

    Trump wants to negotiate with Dems moving further down the weeks and months – he wants the opposite of life.

    Human Life Begins at Conception


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  69. kaysee kaysee says:

    Tucker Carlson keeps sinking in my estimation. His need for revenge is the same as that of a former President. The desire to avenge Fox is blurring his vision to what matters most: The 2024 election needs to be won by the GOP. So voters need to pick the best nominee based on their policies, plans and strategy to win the general election. For this reason, they need to watch the debates and make their assessments.

    To coincide with the first debate, Tucker dropped the interview with Trump.
    For the second debate, it is the interview with Bill O’Reilly

    When the Dems win the 2024 election, I hope that the hunger for revenge and all the millions of interview clicks warms the hearts of Tucker and Cconservatives who are focussed on what they should do for their ratings, the $$$ and pleasing their MAGA followers. These commentators claim that they do not endorse any candidates. They aren’t Conservatives, Patriots or America First if they haven’t understood what is at stake in this election.

    I have only watched parts of the second GOP debate, but it was a train wreck due to the incompetence of the moderators. There is a clear attempt to sideline DeSantis as he is the real threat.

    C conservative Influencers


    The nominee


    About Polls

    Anyone who is watching the polls and really trusts them is not aware that
    They’re not Polls, they are Psyops

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  70. kaysee kaysee says:

    MAGA is not a grassroots movement of patriots. It is a big business with many prominent influencers who are with it because it is profitable to their own interests. These are grifters feeding off the machine.

    I have mentioned about the $250 million that was collected under the “Stop the Steal” fundraiser after the 2020 elections. Donors were under the impression that the funds would be used to uncover the election fraud and also later help the Jan 6 prisoners to help in their legal battles and fight for their freedom. But the money was not spent for any of the election fraud or Jan 6 cases. So where did it go? $250 million is a lot of money.

    Many donors are ordinary folk; those on fixed incomes, retirees, others living from paycheck to paycheck but donating from their meagre funds and savings because they believe that it is going to save America and bring it back to its former glory. However, most of these funds are disappearing into private pockets or paying Trump’s legal bills.

    There are so many grifters on the MAGA gravy train. Their livelihoods depend on the MAGA fantasy continuing. They include the Trump family and others.

    Some Conservatives have turned into “conservatives” in a year.
    Conservatives held Ron DeSantis in high regard….until their god said otherwise, around a year ago.

    Here’s one of the MAGA shills.

    Kari Lake-1 (Then)

    Kari Lake-2 (Then)

    Kari Lake-3 (Now)

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  71. kaysee kaysee says:


    This week I checked up a MAGA site that I used to visit regularly. The site that used to cheer for both Trump and DeSantis. But I have been skimming through it in recent months due to its move from reporting the truth to clear bias for one candidate – their god. This used to be a site where I used to see Christians and Conservatives who were very strong in their faith for Christ and conservative values. They were pro-life, anti LGBTQXYZism.

    If any politician had raised the middle finger to the public (as at the Iowa football game), been unable to respond to a question (whether a man can become a woman) with an instant NO, called the Heartbeat bill terrible, there would be strong reactions.

    If it was Biden, Obama or Clinton, they would be mocked and ridiculed. If it was Bush, Romney or DeSantis they would be called RINOs, establishment, pro-WEF. There would be memes on every MAGA/Conservative site. But when it is Trump, they pretend it didn’t happen or it was misunderstood or it gets glossed over.

    When we don’t defend certain principles and values, what do we really stand for? Do we put someone on a pedestal and let that person dictate what is right and wrong? Is that how Conservatives make decisions?

    Here’s a meme posted on that site.

    It has to be a cult where they project someone as victim, martyr, god … all rolled in one, but are blind to the reality. They continue to believe that a narcissist who ran as President because of the prestige and power it gave him, actually did it to save America and western civilisation.

    Strange, we get told he has this supermodel wife. But MAGA doesn’t mention that he cheated on her while she was pregnant and soon after she had a baby. Where is she now? Anyone seen her lately?

    MAGA thinks this is cool. The star power of their god to attract women.

    What does Melania think about this? And Barron?

    Slandered in the press? What about the slandering that he does? And the sucking up to the press when it suits him?

    How many Conservatives agree with this?
    How many Magadonians agree with it?

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  72. kaysee kaysee says:

    Trump does not want media to question his Covid mistakes and wants praise for the vaxx and lockdowns which he says saved lives.

    DeSantis would also have made mistakes during Covid. But he realised the perils of lockdowns and the harm that had taken place.

    Would you prefer a leader who thinks he is right all of the time? And doesn’t want to be questioned on what failed during Covid?

    Or a leader who tries to do the right thing most of the time but is also aware that some Covid rules had negative outcomes?

    Nursing homes


    DeSantis with a pro-life monologue at the GOP debate

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  73. kaysee kaysee says:

    Videos from today. Just finished watching them.

    Ron DeSantis
    We are told this guy has No Charm. No IT Factor.
    He is Awkward. He is Unlikable.

    Watch the videos and decide.

    Bill Maher interviews RDS

    RDS delivers remarks at the California GOP Fall Summit

    He is talking without a teleprompter.
    He isn’t reading from a prepared speech.

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  74. kaysee kaysee says:

    Some points to think about. It does not just apply to the US but to the Right-wing/Conservative side in all western nations.

    Jesse Kelly

    Part of the reason the communists have been winning and we’ve been losing is the communists will never take part in a hit job of one of their own from the Right.

    The Right will gleefully participate in hit jobs of their own from the Left just to show their righteousness.

    Steve Deace

    I was going back and forth via text with a dear friend last night, an elder who was instrumental in the original mobilizing of what eventually became known as the “Christian Coalition.” We were discussing where this culture is headed, minus revival. Here’s one of the points that was raised in that discussion:

    The godless Right will eventually turn on us even worse than the godless Left. They will see us as traitors for calling out their sins and calling them to repentance. They will hate us that we won’t absolve their “lesser sin” in comparison to the demonic Left, but instead demand God’s standard. Just as the Sanhedrin couldn’t understand why Christ was calling them to repentance instead of recognizing their “moral superiority” to pagan and oppressive Rome. Or, we will join them in their idolatry by watering down the Word to confirm their counter-narrative, become apostates ourselves, and deny God’s standard in pursuit of political power. That is the choice we will all be compelled to make in this era.

    Reagan and the 11th Commandment

    The Ronald Reagan 11th commandment wasn’t necessarily set in stone like the rest of them — but perhaps it should have been. His famed 11th commandment dictated that Republicans, who were struggling to repair party rifts, needed to keep their dialogue and discourse with and about one another above board. It’s an idea that many in the Republican Party have been yearning to get back to.

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  75. kaysee kaysee says:

    This has been one of those really intense threads for me. It has taken up a great deal of time and effort – reading and researching, deciding which matter to include and what to leave out, fact-checking, writing up the comments and adding reference links.

    If there is anything posted that is not true or has errors, I would like anyone who has the evidence to provide it. I see this blog – that we are fortunate to have – as an avenue to share facts. It is about finding the truth and passing it on. The news cycle is 24/7, hence it may be days after posting something that some data may become available to prove that what was put out as news was not completely true.

    I do try to verify the info I post, but I have limited resources. I care more about the Truth than Feelz, so I wouldn’t be upset if any commenters had evidence that pointed the errors in something I posted.

    If you have been reading the comments in these two US election threads (this one and the one in July) because you have a serious interest and want to understand what is happening in the 2024 election race, there is plenty that has been shared here. The info has been from varied outlets – including those through direct sources from interviews, talks shows, photos.

    There are many links with detailed material to dissect and make informed decisions.

    Having read a great deal on the 2024 US elections, analysed the data and assessed the main candidates in the race objectively, I have concluded that the GOP candidate who not only has the best chance of winning the general election but also has the qualities and experience to be a good President is Ron DeSantis.

    He has the deck stacked against him – Legacy media, Conservative media, Dems, MAGA – all trying to sideline him or project him as a loser. Despite all that, I believe that he has a strategy in place. He has deep inner convictions and courage. He has proved that he is a do-er not a glib talker.

    So it will depend on the GOP voters. Will they flow with the crowd and get deceived by the MAGA baloney? Or will they get the facts, think carefully, and then make their choice?

    The timeline on this thread is coming to a close. For the next 3 ½ months the primaries campaign continues. The voting begins in mid-January 2024. I may post a new US Election thread then, depending on the all important 🕗 as well as other factors.

    From now on, if there is any info on this topic, I will post in the Open Threads.

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