Documentary: The Great Taking

This documentary is produced by David Rogers Webb. It is based on his book with the same name and makes us aware of what is taking place in the privately controlled Central Banks and their preparations for the financial collapse that is to come.

The Great Taking reveals the plot by the Central Bankers to control the financial-related systems connected to securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt. Webb explains, in the documentary, the schemes that have been secretly put together. These ploys will affect all people and leave them helpless when the financial systems collapse.

From the explanation that Webb provides, it appears that the set-up for this plan is in place. They have changed codes and laws. This plot has been well-planned and carried out over decades. These Central Bankers have been able to go ahead with this because it is being managed from the highest levels of the US government and includes the involvement of the CIA.

The Great Taking

Webb  explains how this situation can be changed. The urgent need is for an investigation by Congress. Since it has been done using the legal process, it needs to be also attacked and dismantled with the help of the legal system. He says:

How could things get better here? How could things go well?

It seems to be overwhelming, but the first step is to get this awareness up to the highest levels so that people realise we don’t want this to happen. It’s been taken to an insane extreme. and it’s not going to go well for anyone.

In conclusion, Webb offers some general advice and tips. Happiness is important. Value your family. Find ways to relieve stress. Eliminate all debt. Invest in real things. Avoid constructs and intermediaries.

Here is the link to the online pdf version of David Rogers Webb’s book The Great Taking.


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