10 Questions and Answers About Gaza

This article, written by Simon Elmer, was published in the OffGuardian in early December. It is in two parts and comprises 10 questions with detailed answers.

Elmer introduces his first article with the following:

Here are ten questions everyone should try to answer before adding their unconditional or qualified support to the genocide being perpetrated in Gaza, and which UK politicians, journalists and Zionists have refused even to ask, let alone to answer.

This article is my attempt to answer them.

The 10 Questions are:

1. What is a Jew?

2. What is Gaza?

3. How did Hamas escape?

4. What is a Free Palestine?

5. What is the alliance between the UK and Israel?

6. What is Collective Punishment?

7. Is Israel guilty of genocide?

8. What is the October Declaration?

9. Whatever happened to the Freedom Movement?

10. What can history teach us?

The first five questions are answered in Part 1. The others in Part 2.

In his response to question 9, Elmer poses two further questions and then provides this answer:

My first question, therefore, is how intelligent people can put their names to such a document….

The short answer to my first question is that, when intelligent people are ‘triggered’ by ideology, they respond just as stupidly, obediently and viciously as the mass of the British population did in the first months of lockdown, when the gene therapy programme was rolled out, or the proxy war in the Ukraine was declared….

The articles have in-depth answers and several links which provide further details.
Here are the two articles:

10 Questions About Gaza – Part 1

10 Questions About Gaza – Part 2


The author was born and lives in London. His bio states:

Simon Elmer is the author of The Great Reset: Biopolitics for Stakeholder Capitalism. His recent books include The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State (2022), as well as two volumes of articles on the UK biosecurity state, Virtue and Terror and The New Normal, both published in 2023.


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