Documentary: The Mystery of Israel – Solved!

This documentary is presented by David Sorensen and produced by Stop World Control. Sorensen introduces the film with the following:

In this video, I present to you truths and realities that are extremely difficult to comprehend, information that will shock us to the core because it challenges everything we believe. It turns our world upside down, and it reveals something so evil that it is almost incomprehensible. Yet it is the truth.

If we want this world to become a better place, then we cannot afford to deny obvious realities. We must have the courage and a sincerity to face truth.

I invite you to have this courage and sincerity when you watch this video. It will be difficult. It will be very challenging, but it will also expose something extremely nefarious in this world that every human being needs to be aware of.

The Mystery Of Israel – Solved!

He concludes his presentation with this message of hope.

The future is bright and beautiful if we rise up and if we do what it takes to make this world a place of goodness, a place of hope, a place of happiness.


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  1. mh says:

    Blessed are the truth seekers

    Dan Cohen
    Zionist forces brutally assault Orthodox Jews in the streets of Jerusalem for opposing genocide in Gaza. Haven’t seen this kind of state violence against Jews since Nazi Germany. Images like this destroy the myth that the State of Israel is Jewish.

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  2. mh says:

    Seeing Trump prostrating himself in front of Jewish GOP donors this week, speaking about “Israel, that beautiful nation” and “I love Israel, I love Israel”, I thought this might be interesting.

    I watched part one, now part two

    Christian Zionism part 2: Why Christian Zionism Is a Problem

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    Efrat Fenigson

    10 month ago I gave my prediction for a war in the middle east, as a diversion from big, global problems the world is facing, in the first 35 seconds of this interview for Rebel News. I wish I was wrong.

    December 2022
    Rebel News Interview

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    Not his fault

    In a press conference on Oct. 28th, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu refused to take any responsibility for the 7/10 disaster, reading a prepared answer


    “Netanyahu posted a tweet in which he blames Israel’s security agencies (IDF & Shin Bet) for failures that led to the 7/10 Hamas attack, and claims he was not warned beforehand..
    He then deleted it, and posted an apology yesterday: ”I was wrong. The things I said should not have been said and I apologize for that. I give full backing to all the heads of the security arms..”

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  5. kaysee kaysee says:

    17 March 2015

    Netanyahu says no Palestinian state as long as he’s prime minister

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a final bid to shore up right-wing support ahead of a knife-edge vote on Tuesday, said he would not permit a Palestinian state to be created under his watch if he is re-elected.

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  6. mh says:

    David Sheen
    The most moral genociders in human history: After the homes of kibbutz residents were torn asunder and their children kidnapped on O7, their few remaining precious possessions were stolen by Israeli soldiers – and the state refuses to do anything about it


    The claims were detailed in a report from the Israeli Hebrew-only newspaper TheMarker (as translated from Hebrew by Google):

    Residents of kibbutzim in the Western Negev who were evacuated from their homes after the massacre on October 7 say that the houses were broken into, vandalized, and some of them had the few valuable items left in them after the disaster looted – according to them, apparently by IDF soldiers, who are staying in the area for operational purposes. But according to the residents the victims, when they contacted the police and asked to file a theft complaint, were told that there was no way to handle their complaint since it was an area that had been declared a closed military area – and that they should contact the army, which they said did not handle their complaints.

    In the Eshkol Regional Council they say that two weeks ago a complaint was received about a theft from a house in Holit – which was forwarded to the IDF and led to the opening of an investigation at the Israel Defense Forces. According to the council, yesterday (Tuesday) another complaint arrived from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, which was brought to the attention of the army.

    According to Zohar Chaimi, a resident of Nir Yitzhak whose son Tal Chaimi was kidnapped to Gaza, his house was broken into while he was staying at a hotel in Eilat – and he is afraid of his belongings. “We left the houses as they are, some people have already returned once or twice to take equipment. The army put padlocks on doors that terrorists broke in, but these locks were broken and the members of the kibbutz tell about computers, electrical equipment and mattresses being taken.”

    […] “There was looting, that’s for sure. How much was looted – that’s another question,” says Eli Hershkowitz, a resident of Holit and a “Haaretz”-TheMarker photographer in the south, who now lives in Ofakim after being evacuated from his home, where he was besieged on the day of the massacre. When he returned to patrol the kibbutz he discovered that his house had been ransacked. “It turned out that there were unidentified soldiers in the kibbutz who went around the houses and raided them – looking for jewelry and gold,” he says. “These are people in uniform, not intruders who jumped over the fences, because it is impossible to enter the kibbutz. There are positions of soldiers around all the fences. I know that complaints have been made to the police, but they claim that it is a military area and that is why they are not responsible for it and do not handle it. We contacted the Gaza Division and the military police.”

    Hershkowitz returned to the kibbutz five days after the outbreak of war to rescue dogs and cats – and entered his home. At this point the house was intact, but when he returned a week later he discovered that it had been ransacked. “They stole thousands of shekels in cash. They took gold-plated pendants and even gold-plated coins,” he says. “They rummaged through every drawer in the house, opened the closet and looked for things inside. I have an old saboteur’s knife – they stole it. They stole things that have personal value. This happened in six houses in Holit.”

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  7. mh says:

    I think this latest episode from Brian Berletic also helps understand Israel, and how Hamas has always been used by Israel/United States. It’s a very different take of the situation than the one that Scott Ritter promotes.

    Israel Encircles Gaza City + A Closer Look at Hamas Past/Present

    The New Atlas
    245K subscribers

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  8. mh says:


    Pinned by The New Atlas
    13 hours ago
    Israel wants to eliminate all Palestinians, not just Hamas.

    The New Atlas

    13 hours ago (edited)
    Precisely. It is not an operation against Hamas, Hamas and October 7 was a pretext to erase Gaza and the people in it, permanently preventing the possibility of a two-state solution.

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  9. kaysee kaysee says:

    This is what many on the right/conservative side do not understand. They think it is a binary choice.

    If you do not support Israel’s right to the war (for as long as it wants), it means that you are a Hamas supporter. It means that you do not understand the extent of the Hamas massacre on October 7. You are a Jew-hater, anti-semite, etc etc etc. etc.

    No. That is the conclusion reached by anyone who is not researching, thinking and analysing based on the facts and the bigger picture.

    Joseph Mercola (next comment) sums up what we could be happening in the next few years and our choices. We have been posting about some of these points on this blog, over the past few weeks.

    Wake-up everyone and stop the virtue-signalling.

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  10. kaysee kaysee says:


    Story At-A-Glance (bold emphasis is mine)

    – Choosing between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces is a false choice. The side we should be on is the side of innocent civilians, regardless of where they live. Only by being against war will we stand against the correct enemy because, ultimately, most if not all wars are fought for the benefit of central bankers and their globalist allies

    Those who side with warmongers choose enslavement and the destruction of mankind, as the sabre rattling in the Middle East is a tool to further centralize power and control over the global population

    – The next action item in the globalist takeover includes a cyberattack on the banks before the end of next year. The cyberattack will destroy the current banking system and usher in programmable central bank digital currencies and eliminate privacy online, requiring everyone to have a digital identification tied to their ISP

    – All online activity will be surveilled and analyzed by artificial intelligence, and the data used to prevent crime before it happens. Thought-crimes will also have ramifications, potentially resulting in the seizure of private property and/or removal of “privileges” previously understood as human rights

    Everyone must now choose between enslavement or freedom. Not making a conscious choice is itself a choice. If you choose freedom, you need to make plans for how to exist outside the slave system being put into place and support Big Tech alternatives that offer complete privacy

    This is the article. It details the above points.
    Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year?

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  11. kaysee kaysee says:

    Mercola’s article includes the following video.

    Whitney Webb | AI-Powered Tyranny
    1hr 50 mins

    As noted by Webb, the string-pullers always seek to divide people using emotional appeals, and this situation is a classic case of that. Are you with Hamas, or with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)? It’s a false choice. The side we should be on is the side of innocent civilians, regardless of where they live. “We should just step off the chessboard and stop playing their game,” she says.

    Indeed, only by being against war will we stand against the correct enemy because, ultimately, most if not all wars are fought for the benefit of central bankers and their globalist allies, not for the benefit of nations, humanitarian or democratic causes. As noted by Webb:

    “Half the population of Gaza are children under the age of 18 [i.e., below voting age and did not vote Hamas into power], so promoting the carpet bombing of that [area] and the refusal to let humanitarian aid in … there’s no celebrating that.”

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  12. mh says:

    The Historical Roots of Christian Zionism, its Theological Basis and Political Agenda

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  13. mh says:

    One to watch later.
    Don’t know how serious this is.

    Onward, Christian Zionists

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  14. mh says:

    I’m trying to keep up

    Torah Judaism
    Zionists say that Jews must be exterminated; these are today’s Nazis.

    Zionists reveal their true faces every day.

    This Zionist woman, who supports Israel, says that all anti-Zionist Torah Jews should be killed in gas chambers, that Hitler should have killed them all, and that he made a mistake by not killing them all.

    Leaders around the world are fueling Antisemitism by supporting Zionists.

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  15. mh says:

    Rabbi Weiss: Zionism; the root cause of Israel-Gaza War

    George Galloway
    329K subscribers

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  16. kaysee kaysee says:

    David Sorensen included a section about Ronald Bernard in his documentary video above, but he mentioned that there were more details in another video. Here it is.

    Ronald Bernard says:
    8000-8500 people run the entire world.

    Amazing testimony from financial elite insider – Ronald Bernard
    (38 mins)

    Ronald Bernard was directly working with the highest people of the financial elite, who effectively rule the world. He was very good at moving their massive money flows, in such a way that nobody could discover their criminal practices. At a certain point they invited him to join their Holy Mass in the Churches of Satan. Bernard found it amusing to see the naked women, and enjoy the drugs and alcohol.

    The next step however shook him: he was invited to participate in the sacrificing of children. He discovered that most people who operate at the highest financial levels of our world are all part of a religion called Luciferianism, where children are sacrificed.

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  17. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rabbi Weiss: Zionism; the root cause of Israel-Gaza War

    George Galloway

    Messages from Rabbis:



    The common message of Jewish Rabbis. Anti-Zionism is NOT Antisemitism.

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  18. mh says:

    The Stones Cry Out – Voices of the Palestinian Christians

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  19. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Stones Cry Out – Voices of the Palestinian Christians

    The film takes us through the history of the Palestinian Christians who lived there and the way they were persecuted.

    Pastor Mitri Raheb
    When it comes to Israel, all rules change and I think many churches and countries… unfortunately, don’t have the courage to speak truth to power when it comes to Israel.

    I feel ashamed that, until this past month, I did not fully understand the sufferings of the Palestinian Christians. The oppressed during WW2 turned into the oppressors. Those who were ethnically cleansed are now into the ethnic cleansing of others.

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  20. kaysee kaysee says:

    Torah Judaism

    1/Please read and share.

    Israel is doing whatever they can to frighten Jews to immigrate to Israel.

    Antisemitism the lifeblood and oxygen for the Zionist ideology.

    Jews oppose the genocide committed by the Zionist state.

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  21. kaysee kaysee says:

    I have come across some links on another site. I can’t watch all the videos – it is getting too much to digest.

    So I will post them here, one at the time, on this thread, so it will be easy to find later and watch. If anyone else is also with us here on the same truth-searching journey and is watching the videos, it would be great to have a summary or opinion on whether the video is good to watch, is the information helpful and so on.

    I posted three comments in the Open Thread, yesterday. It fits in with the topic of this thread.

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  22. kaysee kaysee says:

    June 2018
    The Occupation of the American Mind
    (original 84-minute version)

    The Occupation of the American Mind documentary
    Over the past few years, Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territory and repeated invasions of the Gaza strip have triggered a fierce backlash against Israeli policies virtually everywhere in the world — except the United States.

    The Occupation of the American Mind takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the U.S. Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. media culture, the film explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor. From the U.S.-based public relations campaigns that emerged in the 1980s to today, the film provides a sweeping analysis of Israel’s decades-long battle for the hearts, minds, and tax dollars of the American people in the face of widening international condemnation of its increasingly right-wing policies.

    Narrated by Roger Waters / Featuring Amira Hass, M.J. Rosenberg, Stephen M. Walt, Noam Chomsky, Rula Jebreal, Henry Siegman, Rashid Khalidi, Rami Khouri, Yousef Munayyer, Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Phyllis Bennis, Norman Solomon, Mark Crispin Miller, Peter Hart, and Sut Jhally.

    Shorter versions:

    45-minute version

    21-minute version

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  23. mh says:

    Israeli settlers vandalise Christian graves in Jerusalem cemetery

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  24. mh says:

    A great time for everyone to educate themselves on Zionism, Christian Zionism pre-dating Jewish Zionism, and Israel NOT a nation state of the Jewish people.

    Jewish Rabbi talks about the Ideology of Ben Shapiro

    Note: this episode doesn’t discuss little Benny for long.

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  25. mh says:

    Continuing the theme:

    George Galloway MOATS

    INTERVIEW: The State of Israel is not the Israel of the Bible, says Rabbi David Minasair. The government is trying to present a false narrative on Israel

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  26. mh says:

    mh says:
    November 7, 2023 at 8:32 pm
    The Stones Cry Out – Voices of the Palestinian Christians

    YouTube have taken it down.
    The Zionists don’t want people sharing truth.

    There is still Rumble:

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  27. kaysee kaysee says:

    A great time for everyone to educate themselves on Zionism, Christian Zionism pre-dating Jewish Zionism, and Israel NOT a nation state of the Jewish people.

    Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro clarifies a number of questions about Judaism, Zionism, the Torah, Israel, the Zionist propaganda machine, the deception. At the 4:50 minute mark he explains the non connection between Judaism and anti-Semitism.

    It would do well for everyone who really wants to understand the current situation in the Middle-East to listen to the experts as they explain the history and the facts.

    You will be called names by the lazy and the ignorant. You have to choose whether you want to follow the crowd or learn the truth.

    Another history lesson
    The subject of our article is about the so-called patriotic occupying Zionist settlers.

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  28. kaysee kaysee says:

    Breaking the Silence

    Check the articles and videos on the site.


    Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran soldiers who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories.

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  29. kaysee kaysee says:

    19 October 2023

    Israel’s long war on Gaza w/Norman Finkelstein
    The Chris Hedges Report

    Israel has unleashed a horrific war of collective punishment against the people of Gaza, the latest in a long history of anti-Palestinian oppression. As corporate media shamelessly provides cover for what is undoubtedly a genocide unfolding in real time, the need to ground our understanding of the conflict in its proper history is more important than ever.

    Norman Finkelstein joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss Israel’s 17 year blockade of Gaza and its crucial significance to understanding the events of the past two weeks.

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  30. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Balfour Declaration

    The Balfour Declaration was a letter written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lionel Walter Rothschild, in which he expressed the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

    The letter

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  31. kaysee kaysee says:

    Just like the many facets connected to this conflict is the one on Human Shields.

    What is the truth? Who is telling it?
    Are both sides guilty?

    July 2015
    Decoding Israel/Palestine: Human Shields

    August 2022
    The “Human Shields” Gaslighting Smear

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  32. kaysee kaysee says:

    November 2023
    EU Condemns Hamas for Using Civilians at Gaza Hospitals as Human Shields

    The European Union has jointly condemned Hamas for using hospitals and civilians as “human shields” in the Israel-Hamas war while EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell urged Israel “for maximum restraint in targeting in order to avoid human casualties.”

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  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    November 2023
    What is a ‘human shield’ and why is Israel using the term in Gaza?

    Experts discuss the legal implications of the term ‘human shield’ as Israel has used it to justify attacks on hospitals and civilians.

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  34. kaysee kaysee says:


    March 2018
    Christian Zionism part 1:
    Tracing the Lines of a Warmongering Heresy

    A history of Christian Zionism.

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:


    Christian Zionism part 2:
    Why Christian Zionism Is a Problem

    Continuation of the series.

    (This video was also posted by mh, in a comment above.)

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