BBC Interviews Stew Peters

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The hunter becomes the hunted

BBC Doesn’t Want You To See This: Stew Peters Goes Head-To-Head with BBC, WATCH FULL Interview

From the description below the video:

Stew Peters goes into the lion’s den and teaches the BBC a lesson.
Watch behind the scenes footage the BBC doesn’t want you to see.
The BBC attempts and fails to discredit the wildly successful documentary “Died Suddenly”.
Stew financed and released “Died Suddenly” to save lives from the murderous Covid cult.
Throughout the interview Stew exposes the pro-vaxx lies parroted by the mainstream media.

The Died Suddenly documentary and the discussion is posted here.


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  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    The hunter becomes the hunted

    The interviewers becomes the interviewees.

    Stew Peters turned around the interview by asking the BBC journos questions and calling them out for their part in the misinformation and connections to Big Pharma.

    Not sure about his response to the Damar Hamlin question. Peters seems convinced that he died on the field and it is now a body double/deep fake, not really Hamlin. Has he really investigated this case thoroughly and does he have the facts to back his claim?

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Can’t find a video from the BBC on this interview.

    There is an article:

    Is this anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist the next Alex Jones?

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  3. mh says:

    Class-Action Suit Launched Against Australian Government Over COVID Vaccine Injuries

    … Queensland GP Dr. Melissa McCann has filed the action in the Federal Court of Australia on behalf of 500 complainants.

    The action targets the federal government, Dr. Brendan Murphy, the Chief Medical Officer, and Prof. John Skerritt, the public face of the Therapeutic Goods Administration—the country’s drug regulatory body.

    “The action will argue that the Therapeutic Goods Administration [TGA] did not fulfil their duty to properly regulate the COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in considerable harm and damage to Australians,” said Natalie Strijland from NR Barbi Solicitor said in a statement.

    The main thrust of the claim is that the government’s actions in promoting the use of COVID-19 vaccines were “negligent or wrongful” and resulted in personal injury, medical expenses, and economic loss for the claimants.

    “The claim now proceeds upon the basis that the government, in fact, acted negligently in approving the vaccines and also by failing to withdraw them after approval based upon the known evidence,” Strijland said.

    “Australians who have experienced a serious adverse event following COVID-19 vaccination are invited to step forward and register for this class action.”

    Liberal Sen. Gerard Rennick—a vocal critic of vaccine mandates—welcomed the action.

    “Thank you to Dr. Melissa McCann and the solicitors that have taken up the fight to help those affected and still suffering,” he wrote in an online statement.

    “It is disappointing, to say the least, that people are not being compensated or receiving the healthcare they now need due to these experimental jabs which were, as we now know, never designed to be safe or effective.”…

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  4. mh says:

    Del Bigtree – The Vaccine Agenda: Exposing The Dangerous Truth Of Big-Pharma’s Master Plan

    London Real
    2.17M subscribers

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  5. mh says:

    Posted by Old bloke in the OT

    Excess deaths in UK rise

    Dr. John Campbell

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