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The Nigel Farage-ing of Shy Ted

Post by Shy Ted “Become ungovernable” they told us. So I did, as much as I could. We all know the criminals in government and those under their control have been making life very difficult/impossible for us since 2020. Protest? … Continue reading

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Green Policies by Green Elites Are the Path to Economic Ruin

Sri Lanka was meant to be the poster nation for the World Economic Forum (WEF). It was to be the nation that adopted the Green Deal policies and went on to become wealthy, as a result. In August 2018, Ranil … Continue reading

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Just Trust the Government

Guest Post by Jeffrey A. Tucker Vladimir Putin has given an address to the Russian nation that urged his country to be patient with the current pain. He said he is working to restructure economic life to deal with the … Continue reading

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The Storm Is Coming

In the normal course of events, a virus would have done its rounds and departed. Not this one. Soon after it made its appearance, the world was turned upside down, and we were told it would just be two weeks … Continue reading

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Every problem in the Western world comes from universities

Racism – CRT Economic – Keynesian Covid Overreaction – Epidemiologist Crimes committed whilst on bail – Lawyers and Judges Constitution used as toilet paper – Lawyers Politicians in general – University grads many never having a real job. Free Speech … Continue reading

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End The Fed

Apparently this was printed a couple years before the creation of the federal reserve. I think they were called conspiracy theorist at the time. Can the monetary system be salvaged or do we need a collapse first?

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