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Guest post: Speedbox – Could a cyber-attack trigger war

There are concerns that the world has only experienced a very small level of the true threat posed by cyber-attacks. With both state and non-state actors becoming more adept at carrying out attacks in the cyber realm, the threat to … Continue reading

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I’m back and want to watch the end of the world with company

Despite my best efforts the ever declining Australian culture and politic has scored a number of significant wins in my life recently. That is probably putting it mildly as I feel more like Winston in 1984 where small comforts outside … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Muddy – Apology Required

Conservatism needs to apologise to the younger generations. Yes, you read that correctly. I am of course using the term ‘conservative’ in a generic sense that no doubt will offend theorists, however objections based on my hazy definition are digressions. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bill Muehlenberg – “Show Us Your Papers Please”

Hmm, no surprises here: more curfews, more lockdowns, and more manic madness in Dan Andrews’ Dystopian State. We have the harshest lockdown measures in the world, and in a few days we will have had the most lockdown time of … Continue reading

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Guest Post : Speedbox – Putin’s Russia

Russia is difficult to govern at the best of times and there were, and are, a range of issues that allow Vladimir Putin to retain the Presidency. Very few Western political leaders could cope with managing the country, the economy … Continue reading

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Guest post: Speedbox – Farewell Afghanistan, hello Pakistan

I doubt that Afghanistan will ever have a musical like Evita in its honour but if Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice are looking for another project, and Julie Covington is available to sing the title track, they could have … Continue reading

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Guest post: Speedbox – India, China and the Indo Pacific

China have a number of foreign policy issues confronting them not least of which is the emerging cold war between China and the United States. Meanwhile, on China’s southwest border in the Himalayas, the world’s two most-populous countries are keen … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Vikki Campion – Real abusers of power

In 1689 parliamentary privilege under the Bill of Rights was established so kings couldn’t accuse parliamentarians of treason and execute them when they refused to raise taxes for royals – it was not so Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle could … Continue reading

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Guest post: Speedbox – The new cold war

Relations between two of the world’s superpowers have fallen to their lowest level in decades. The United States has criticised China for the treatment of the Uyghurs; lobbied allies to ban various Chinese firm considered a security risk; imposed visa … Continue reading

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