Conspiracy Klauses

Federal Elections are around the corner. Who do you vote for? Are there candidates who are true patriots? Will they represent the people and fight for the real issues that confront this nation?

Representatives such as van Meijeren?

Gideon van Meijeren from the Forum for Democracy (FVD) party, in the Netherlands, was elected to the House of Representatives in the 2021 general election. He is 33 years old.  His career includes serving in the military and working as a legislative lawyer.

He confronts the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, on his connections with Klaus Schwab.

The terse exchange has been analysed here by body language experts.


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8 Responses to Conspiracy Klauses

  1. Shy Ted says:

    Conspiracy. Why, ScuMo was virtually at the WEF only last week.
    Who to vote for? Sitting member last. And then it depends on what your choices are. When it’s all done and dusted the uniparty will vote down anything that isn’t globalist. Ricardo’s the man. Why? Wouldn’t you want a proven warrior in your corner?

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Ricardo’s the man. Why? Wouldn’t you want a proven warrior in your corner?

    Riccardo Bosi is one option.

    All the minor conservative/centre-right parties can be given a chance. If they all work together and organise preferences, there is a hope of breaking uniparty monopoly.

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  3. Old bloke says:

    The Labor and Liberal parties will preference each other so that their votes don’t leak to the minor parties. It’s best to vote for the minor parties and keep your preferences tight in that group, and vote your sitting member, whether he / she is in the Libs, Labor, Nats or the Greens last.

    Every sitting member must be voted out, they all have abandoned Australia’s interests to support foreign ideologies from the WEF. They have betrayed us and so they must be sacked.

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  4. egg_ says:

    Every sitting member must be voted out

    Good old Memory Vault’s strategy – (don’t) vote for THEMM!!!

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  5. Shane says:

    Topher’s comments on how to vote in Battleground Melbourne is IMO a workable strategy.
    Firstly put the 4 major parties last i.e Liberal National Labour The Greens last, then preference the Covid mandate freedom parties at #1 #2 etc because as we all realise by now that tyrannical government don’t negotiate with nonviolent protesters

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  6. Three only problem, Shane, is that’s been my strategy for the last few elections and it hasn’t worked. Hopefully the upcoming elections (federal and Victorian for me) will see something closer to a critical mass in this respect.

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  7. kaysee kaysee says:

    Topher’s comments on how to vote in Battleground Melbourne is IMO a workable strategy.

    Shane, besides the podcast, is the voting strategy laid down in some other format?

    At the last election, some Conservative group had created a site where you could select your electorate and see the preferences and recommendations for candidates.

    If there are any such sites, I would like to include them in the Election section of the wiki for easy reference.

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  8. Ooh yes, that sounds like a plan, KC. I’m yet to dive into the Wiki as I get it could become a massive time sink for me if I start to contribute. Such a resource would be invaluable for the election, though. In the past I’ve restricted myself to posting a few thoughts on preferences for my electorate and upper house region/state. I may have at one stage suggested Rod Barton was a good mid-preference pick for the Victorian upper house but I’m too embarrassed to go back and check. 😠

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