I’m back and want to watch the end of the world with company

Despite my best efforts the ever declining Australian culture and politic has scored a number of significant wins in my life recently. That is probably putting it mildly as I feel more like Winston in 1984 where small comforts outside the purview of the state seem to be the best one can hope for, but should you venture any further into broader society or media a sharp reality check is waiting for you. Some of my favourite commentators seem to be suffering from similar malaise which has exasperated by issues:

~If you go to a small-town school-board meeting to protest an already crap and globally embarrassing eduction system devolving into toxic anti-white, anti-American propaganda, you are liable to investigation by a dirty, stinking, rotten, corrupt federal “justice” system and its specially appointed “task force”;

~If you are an acclaimed glass-ceiling shatterer, the first “openly bisexual” and “openly non-theist” female senator in the history of the republic, you cannot enter a bathroom stall without being stalked, yelled at and filmed by a law-breaking alien who shouldn’t even be in your country, never mind your toilet;

~If you have contracted Covid-19, survived, and are now possessed of antibodies that provide an immunity all the science (and the chaps at Pfizer) shows to be more effective and longer lasting than the vaccine, you will nevertheless be fired from your job at the local hospital;

~If you’re a Californian, the state regulates the “gender” of your business partners, and the race of your “university” A-grades;

~If you are a respected geophysicist, you cannot give a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about life on other planets because, with respect to the American corner of this particular planet, you have expressed views insufficiently supportive of identity-group “diversity” quotas that your expertise in extraterrestrial diversity cannot overcome;

~If you’re thinking of buying a Chinese-made refrigerator or dining table, that transaction will now be reported to the United States Government;

~If you’re worried about access to all human knowledge falling under the exclusive control of a handful of woke billionaires, you’ll be glad to know that the new media darling is a Facebook “whistle-blower” blowing the whistle on Facebook for not doing more to suppress views antithetical to ruling-class orthodoxy.

I could go on: there are so many trees, but not a lot of agreement on the precise nature of the forest. The biggest-selling book with American conservatives right now argues that the answer to all of the above is “constitutionalism”. On the other hand, the radio host Jesse Kelly says:

We’re not a serious country and we’re not a country that will be around much longer.

RTWT from Mark Steyn whom whilst known for his gloomy takes on modern society has taken a very dark turn, a path I feel myself on as well.

So cats how does this all play out? It is clear to me that we have fallen to far from reality to bring us back. Every institution of note is firmly on the wrong side of every important argument IMHO but the real concern is that the culture has moved so far left that no-one can do anything without shifting the culture and I don’t see how that is possible. We talk about mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports like its common sense now, something unthinkable 2 years ago and something denied vehemently just months ago.

How does everyone cope? Is there historical situations that should give us hope? Well for my part I will get more involved in here and be reminded that I am not insane because any consumption of the media makes me feel that way. I can’t even follow sports without a significant dose of leftist propaganda.

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  1. Muddy says:

    I’ve restricted my media exposure to watching youboob videos of rescued dogs. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before they start anthropomorphising the animals and dubbing human voices with ‘social justice’ or similar themes: A Homeless black Labrador tells us it was a racist redneck who dumped him; “He used to torture me with his banjo playing!”

    On a positive note, alien abductions have decreased dramatically over the last 20 months. Experts suggest that the aliens have finally realised the poor quality of their test subjects, and have started focusing elsewhere in the universe, seeking a better return on their investments.

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  2. candy says:

    It is bewildering and a bit gloomy, and feels slightly crushing actually. Happening so fast, it seems.

    But Adam you have  a clutch of young children and must project positivity for the future for them. Things unfold in one way or another but raising some happy sturdy youngsters is the ticket.

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  3. Ragu Ragu says:



    Hard to say definitively. The majority of these things come from latent authoritarianism of individuals, and collective karenism from the institutions.


    Watching a show last night and an illustrative example came up. The mayor and assorted neighbourhood tyrants are trying to rid the city of the coffee-house and red-light district. The motivation was either a sense of elitism in getting rid of the prozzies, or good old fashioned money-motivation for redevelopment because pot smokers aren’t the right sort of tourist. Both cases stem from an authoritarianism.


    I do know that people don’t like being told what to do and how to do it. So hopefully this doesn’t go too much farther.

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  4. Spitfire says:

    It is hard to keep an even keel right now, I agree. Sometimes I would be happy watch the world burn and take out all the scumbags and sheep.

    Then I manage to snap out of it because I know there are people like you guys on the Cat and elsewhere who know what’s going on and in their own way are trying to fight it.

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