Guest Post: Muddy – Parallel Arkys and Free Victoria.

Arky over on DoverCat recently authored a thread on which I posted that a solution to his dilemma of how to exist within Tyranus Victorianus might be to declare the creation of a parallel state called Free Victoria, and state that as citizens of the same, you will acknowledge the present institutions and structures (of T.V.) only until newer, more functional ones can be born in FreeVic.

I can only guess that many readers will have thought I was joking, and that in any case, a secession would be impractical for any number of reasons.

What if Free Victoria (or any other, similar, entity) did not constitute a physical space, but was largely conceptual? Yes, of course it would be ideal to have a patch of land, whack up a fence, and spend our days herding and milking kumbayas, in between drum circles and the occasional ritual sacrifice of a trespasser.

Perhaps we might consider what IS possible, though: A ‘Free State’ initially in the abstract?

I’ve stated previously that ‘we’ (meaning conservatism in a broad sense) are in a competition for influence. Simply gaining the attention of the general population who are hard-wired into the feral media grid, is, as many here have written, an enormous challenge. If we can gain their attention though, that of the decision makers will – to some degree – follow.

Declaring a Free State of XYZ, and presenting it quite seriously, could be a means of achieving this, though we would have to be prepared to follow it up.

Is this possible?

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14 Responses to Guest Post: Muddy – Parallel Arkys and Free Victoria.

  1. FlyingPigs says:


    As far as I know, the least best you might achieve is to declare an “area” as a principality as per the former Prince Leonard of WA Hutt River Province accomplished back yay whenever.

    And again as far as I know, to declare a separate State as such would amount to a Declaration of War against that State and hence Australia.

    Back yay whenever there were a number of other “Principalities” claimed but their legal standing may have elapsed and I have no idea of the outcome of those claims.

    What someone(?) mooted on the other Cat seemed more reasonable which was to move into Tasmania and capture the Vote.

    Though I always loved the concept of Far North Queensland (FNQ).

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  2. Angus Black says:

    Any of you wanting to pursue the Tassie option would have my support.

  3. Muddy says:

    My motivation, Pigsy, was to find a means of expressing intense dissatisfaction with the status quo in a way that might barrel through the usual media portcullis.

    Though I admit I have previously fantasised about leading a personality cult, creating a real principality is beyond my skills, resources, and patience.

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  4. Shy Ted says:

    No pollie or journo (well, maybe a few) should be able to live the rest of their life without the fear of retribution. Attned the polling station on polling day and if your member is present, let them know this.

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  5. John Bayley says:

    The only way this can be achieved is, as you say, via an abstract.

    You could presumably only deal with like-minded people and businesses.

    But you would still be subject to taxes and/or state & federal laws.

    It would never be allowed to set up your own physical locality with your own rules. This has been tried and always eventually liquidated by the state, because if they had not, it may give other peasants the wrong ideas.

    Even libertarian communities of financially independent (i.e. wealthy) people, set up by the likes of Simon Black, who publishes under the ‘Sovereign Man’ moniker, have ultimately failed. His most recent one was in Chile; now one of the most authoritarian Covid fascists. By the end of last year, almost all of the non-Chile citizens there (mostly Americans) had left.

    There was another one in a ‘no man’s land’, a strip of territory under dispute between Croatia and Serbia (IIRC). That one looked promising, but basically on borrowed time.

    No silver bullet in this one, unfortunately.

    Personally, I have always wanted a very simple state of affairs, which could be summed up as “You leave me alone and I will leave you alone.”

    Alas, in the 21st century, this has become an impossible dream.

    I saw a short table recently, which listed things that did not require any state permits & licences etc as little as 100 years ago. The amount of freedom we have voluntarily surrendered to the parasitic governments is mind-boggling. They live off our labour and charge us for the privilege to be able to continue operating our businesses, so we can pay the taxes that sustain them.

    Think about that for a moment.

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  6. Muddy says:

    On Cat2, I wondered on several occasions if we might be heading for a form of feudalism? Though I expressed it as an energy feudalism, which I’m still unable to enunciate. I would not be surprised if greater social fragmentation and tribalism follows this most surreal of plagues.

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  7. Adam D Adam D says:

    If you did it on racial grounds your chances of succeeding would increase significantly I would think. Obviously your melanin count has to be on the higher end rather than the lower end though.

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  8. PeterW says:

    If we in NSW set up a seperate state West of the Sandstone Curtain, I’m not sure if Sydney would notice.

    They certainly act as if there is no life west of Lithgow.

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  9. FlyingPigs says:

    PeterW says:
    October 27, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    If we in NSW set up a seperate state West of the Sandstone Curtain, I’m not sure if Sydney would notice.

    They certainly act as if there is no life west of Lithgow.


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  10. FlyingPigs says:


    I appreciate that you have raised this topic.

    I think it may have been Gina R who suggested some years ago that North of, I think, the Tropic of Capricorn should be declared an Economic Free Zone to help promote the development of Northern Australia.

    Sounded a good idea to me.

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  11. FlyingPigs says:


    There is no doubt that Australia is captured by ‘correct’ thinking people who basically despise the growth of Australia.

    You made a point at the furniture store ( that the idea that Australia is a “Convict Nation” is a modern myth and basically I agree and I got sidetracked.

    Not one single ancestor of mine came to Australia as a convict nor probably 99.99% of other Australians.

    Though our so called political leaders seem direct descendants of convict gaolers…. how many lashes do you want today.

    Apparently, and only going on the American historical record as explained to me, there were only about 10% of the then American population that was prepared to oppose the might of Britain and only 50(?) men prepared to sign the Declaration of Independence.

    I’d like to see every AEC area declared a State in its own right.

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  12. FlyingPigs says:

    And ZERO Income Taxes in those States.

    It is beyond Evil to take from a worker a portion of the money he has earned by his own effort.

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  13. FlyingPigs says:

    The State owns, if you like to pretend, the Natural Resources.

    There is no way The State should own a portion of your labor/labour.

    That is one step up from slavery.

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