Monday (in)Sanity – Politician doesn’t understand anything

Well cats, I am back and planning to do a weekly post about something dumb that has caught my eye during the week. In good news for the post there is no shortage of topics to discuss. In bad news for humanity there is no shortage of topics to discuss.

I know its shooting fish in the Barrel but the facebook algorithm pushes the greens rather hard in my feed and I came across this:


Firstly I take offence with the left pretending like they understand satire or using it in any context. But the economic illiteracy of this politician is only outdone by the sheer hatred of the wealthy. Every political position on the left can be boiled down to envy and greed.

The real delight is not the post but the answers in the comments. Maria makes a good point about government spending being an issue, I think regulations and lack of land are the bigger issue with house prices but the Greens MP response is priceless:

“Investors get free money from their tenants” – Stick a fork in us because we are done.

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8 Responses to Monday (in)Sanity – Politician doesn’t understand anything

  1. Shy Ted says:

    On one of the Cats, very recently, a new Qld gummint land tax which added interstate asset land value to Qld land value and taxed the whole. Quick summary.
    Not til 2023 so people have time to do some planning but this is pure and simple theft. Not surprised it’s got where it has with Qld Libs.
    But she’s a Qlder specialising in Bangladesh.
    Luckily she’ll be able to give up that awful job as a carer with her newfound wealth.
    I was having a chat with an intelligent chap about newsfeeds. My argument – they’re pushing opinions from the left. He has property in Vic and Qld. Knew nothing about the new land tax. “Bet that wasn’t in your newsfeed” says I. People don’t thank you for this.
    Hope you and family all well, Adam.

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  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Yay, we can all be homeless!
    That would be the green utopia we’re searching for.
    it’s fun that there’s a rental availability crisis.
    I wonder what is causing it?

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  3. nb says:

    Greens politician receives free money from taxpayers. Corruption charges filed.

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  4. rosie says:

    Everything should be free!
    I wonder if she applies the same rule to tenants in public housing.

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  5. Truth-in-Footnotes says:

    I found it strangely appropriate that this Communist has her office on Vulture Street.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    There are cases of greedy landlords who keep raising rents on properties that are sub-standard and get away with that as it is “owner’s market”. And there are bad tenants too. There are also good landlords and good tenants.

    Instead of looking for long term solutions, we have the over-simplification of real issues with glib responses by politicians. If some reporter decided to investigate Amy MacMahon, Greens MP, we might discover how much concern she really has for the renter.

    Take a look at Kylea Tink – the Teal Green politician elected to save the country from the evils of global warming. Turns out she has shares in fossil fuel companies. But, she tells us, it is to help with shareholder activism.

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  7. Rockdoctor says:

    Queensland Govt (ALP) shopped 3 times for a Supreme Court judge after Council 10 % non resident surcharges were slapped down. The last iteration was upheld, next time we move we are selling up. Tenant quality and GAF factor are getting worse. Last time we had to engage lawyers and the real estate manager was also in the sights…

    On the thread topic, I don’t think we are getting the full story on the landlord (283 properties, sorry sounds like they are on a razors edge) however totally agree the greens bint is engaging in a well worn path of envy. Wonder what investments she has as people who dabble in the far left are never short of coin and hypocrisy…

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