Monday (in)Sanity – The Left, the Right and the Strawman

Often guilty of being in an echo chamber online Facebooks insistence of trying to turn me into a progressive has uncovered something for me. Whilst modern culture ensures that I know exactly where the left stands on every single issue without discussion, what was shocking to me was how little the left understands or more accurately knows the position on the right. Nearly every argument coming from the left has nothing at all to do with the right but with a strawman of ridiculous proportions constructed by themselves.

Whilst the strawman is not a new concept, the level of contortion and deceit in the modern versions would make the soviet propaganda machine blush. It also highlights how depraved and evil the left becomes as the construction of a strawman can only be as vile and disgusting as the person who builds it.

Lets take a look at some examples honestly I could of chosen any topic and it writes itself, but I will choose some of the more popular tropes:


Framed in beautiful Orwellian style as women’s rights the strawman on the right is that Men literally want to control women’s bodies (including rape). How they completely ignore the fact that 50% of abortions kill female babies is beyond me.

Climate Change

If you don’t want to make love to renewable energy then you hate the environment and want to kill animals. Its cartoonish but hardly hyperbolic to frame it in such a way. The literal interpretation of the right is that they don’t care about the environment and just want to make money like some 1920’s caricature.

Asylum Seekers

The right hates poor brown people. The right has no heart, is selfish and is scared of foreigners. Because having people exploited, abused and killed on dangerous journeys just so they can take the place of someone else in need is something to be ignored.

The left don’t have an issue with the right, we basically agree on every issue with only a difference in how to achieve the desired result. The left however vehemently hate the strawman right, they picture them as monsters and they will fight their creation every step of the way. After all

the gap between our sincere values and our actual behaviour is the source of all self hatred

The hate themselves so they create an image of the right to reflect this, otherwise they will have to acknowledge their own demons.


Some examples I forgot to add at time of publishing


Yes because if you are against student loan forgiveness you must of been for PPP loan forgiveness. Nobody exist that opposes both

Conservatives apparently fought to keep child labour. The political ideology that wants to protect children from sexual grooming also wants them working full-time.

Not to be outdone this is literally the future we want. Our 6 year olds working long hours and to achieve it banning abortion so we can capitalise on that labour.

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5 Responses to Monday (in)Sanity – The Left, the Right and the Strawman

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    Those on the right believe that everyone is entitled to free speech and their opinions, even if they (the right) may disagree with what is said.

    Those on the left believe everyone is entitled to free speech and their opinions, as long as what is said is the same as what they (the left) are saying.

    Without the facts required to discuss a topic, the strawman helps distort the original argument and makes further debate on the subject difficult. Useful strategy employed by the lefties. The strawman, then, becomes “the fact”.

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    They believe what they’re told to believe and say what they’re told to say. The thing is the newsreaders and talking airheads are only doing it for the money. You’d think something like this would be front and centre. But it isn’t.

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  3. mh says:

    George Galloway argues there is no longer a left in the west, just a huge swathe of liberal progressives.

    Galloway can’t stand them.

    Here is one of his clips:

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  4. rosie says:

    Good points all Adam.
    I never understood why we should preference young Iranian men with 10k to pay people smugglers over penniless women and children sitting in UN refugee camps indefinitely in our humanitarian program intake.

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  5. Adam D Adam D says:

    Just updated with some examples, but there are so many. How do you have a discussion with people who think you want 6 year olds working full-time, how much of a monster do they think we are?

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