Thursday Memes – Vol 2

Another week of absolute insanity. In no particular order here were some of the best memes I came across:


You know this is how it will turn out. When you control education and the media you can do whatever you want.




They have literally zero shame or a moral compass. Orange man bad is apparently a political philosophy.


We are all guilty of this here


Logic checks out.



Everyone know murderers follow laws.








To be fair it wasn’t hard to predict



I am going to use this one for every single lefty spending initiative.






Epstein didn’t kill himself and nobody has been charged.



As a small business person this hits way too close to home.


CaPiTaLiSm HaS fAiLeD



We are finally united

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6 Responses to Thursday Memes – Vol 2

  1. Shy Ted says:

    I like these politically incorrect memes
    Dinner will be ready in a flash
    Journo or polly material
    Just heard AnAl on the box. Elites asking not to sit next to him at the next dinner.

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  2. Entropy says:

    Hillary doesn’need to run again. All she needs is to suddenly find herself installed as Vice President. And then the inevitable just kinda sorta happens, in the natural way of things of course!

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  3. Adam D Adam D says:

    Some good ones in the links. Might need to add them to next week

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