The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

We are watching our planet spinning on a path that seems to be towards some kind of destruction. There have been plots and schemes that have been lurking beneath the surface and building up for decades; unseen by the majority, who have been too busy with their lives. It took a virus – whatever its origins – to make people aware that something sinister is afoot.

Is the current turmoil in the world, the struggle for moolah? Could it be that technology has become a superior entity and taken over our lives? Or as Christians well know, is it as foretold in the Bible about the end times and the presence of Anti-Christs?

Sitting by the fireside, Paul Kingsnorth, novelist and essayist, ponders on the state of the world.

Throughout history it has always been the poets, the prophets and the mystics who intuit what undergirds the tenor of the times. Generally the reward for their perspicacity is to be ignored or laughed at, but they are usually far enough from the centre not to notice or care….

Presenting disorder as order and truth as lies – this, wrote Guénon, was the way that Satan rolled.

He asks us to imagine that there is a force in the world that is active and beyond us.

Let’s give this force a name: a less provocative name, for now, than Moloch or Anti-Christ. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s just call this force Progress. Then, a la Kevin Kelly, let’s ask ourselves a simple question:

What does Progress want?

He reflects on this question. It seems that Progress wants a great deal. The author’s final reflection is:

What Progress wants is to replace us.

Perhaps the last remaining question is whether we will let it.

Will we let Progress have its way and replace us, or will we fight back and refuse to surrender to the Moloch or Anti-Christs trying to destroy the earth? Has the progress achieved in the modern world limited the focus of everything to just materialism and machinery?

This is Paul Kingsnorth’s essay, What Progress Wants.

It is a lengthy analysis followed by some engrossing comments and discussions. Thought-provoking opinions and information on the West, the ancient world, the Church and the problems faced by modern society. A few of the comments:

On the price for freedom

I don’t know what “the real world” is. Not knowing what the “real world” is has tremendous advantages : it gives YOU a tremendous amount of liberty in your daily actions …
But since Jesus’s ministry was so centered around freedom, it is important to remember that all freedom comes with a price, and with the ultimate question : are you willing to pay the price for that freedom ?

On wars

People were shocked by the Ukraine war but did not seem to be equally shocked by the West’s wars on Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, or the ongoing proxy wars fought by the US all over the world, or the ongoing war on nature which Progress fights daily in order to supply some of us with its tainted goods. We see what we are told to see, or what we choose to, now as ever.

On the presence of “it”

Whatever ‘it’ is, or whatever we may call it (Moloch, AI, Anti-Christ etc etc), the evidence of its active presence in the world has never been clearer, for those that have eyes to see. This can result in sadness, anxiety, and even despair. I never feel more human and ‘at home’ in the world than when I light the icon lamps and kneel and say my regular Orthodox Christian prayers, sometimes on autopilot, often fuly engaged .. Why is this? I feel it is the time in each day when I know I am doing precisely what ‘it’, I call it ‘the enemy’ does NOT want me to do.

The comments section of the essay is here.


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6 Responses to The Unseen Forces in Our Changing World

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    This essay was also published at the UnHerd site.
    From one of the comments at that site:

    Yes, I wonder if actually the ‘doers’ will lead the way out of this, as you suggest.

    Or potentially families. I find it interesting to see a sort of counter-revolutionary movement in the USA, of parents starting to re-engage with the notion of parenting after the shock of the Covid period and finding out what was actually going on in their children’s schools.

    The family is the smallest and most natural ‘unit’ or building block of community, which produces culture, and then politics. Both of the current dominant ideologies of ‘social justice’ and the ‘commoditisation of everything’ (even human experience, and human minds & bodies) are very hostile to the family unit, and attack it quite relentlessly in order to remove it from the the path of their ‘progress’.

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  2. Arky says:

    In politics only one thing matters: The bargain between labour and capital. One side should represent labour, the other capital. Get it right, and freedom for everyone ensues.
    If labour abuses the bargain by unresolvable campaigns of striking or capital abuses it by unmitigated offshoring or wide open borders, or government inserts itself too heavily, then the bargain is broken.
    The bargain has been broken now for decades, and our freedoms are evaporating.

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  3. Arky says:

    The left, which is supposed to represent labour, now represents something else entirely, some bastard, resentful offshoot of, or fascist alternative to, capital.

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    The left, which is supposed to represent labour, now represents something else entirely, some bastard, resentful offshoot of, or fascist alternative to, capital.

    The Left pollies have forgotten the working class base that they are supposed to represent and have moved further left in the new-found socialist/communist ideology.

    The Right pollies have forgotten their base too, and are chasing the Left to a new semi-socialist ideology.

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  5. Rohan says:

    kaysee, so the alleged right leaning politicians are no longer right alligned. They’re therfore socialist. They’ve been trying to outflank the green-left on the extreme left on many issues for quite a while now.

    Time to take the gloves of with language and call them for exactly what they have become: Marxist.

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  6. kaysee kaysee says:

    They’re therfore socialist. They’ve been trying to outflank the green-left on the extreme left on many issues for quite a while now.

    And they don’t seem to learn.

    Here, in Oz, the federal election in May should have be a warning to the LNP, especially in the states facing elections over the next few months (Vic and NSW).

    The way the parties are functioning, it may well be Labor back in Vic and elected in NSW.

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