Open Thread – September 2023

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    The Voice may not be enough –

    A mining giant has apologised after damaging another site sacred to Indigenous Australians in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.
    Rio Tinto has halted work and confirmed it is working with traditional owners after a blast caused damage to an ancient rock shelter near the iron ore Nammuldi mine in the Hamersley Ranges last month.
    Monitoring identified a large rock and a scrub tree had fallen from the rock shelter.

    How can they ever recover from a fallen rock and scrub tree?

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rio Tinto has halted work and confirmed it is working with traditional owners after a blast caused damage to an ancient rock shelter near the iron ore Nammuldi mine in the Hamersley Ranges last month.

    I heard the story on the news this morning and was wondering about how this support from Rio Tinto is working out. Maybe another million or two will help?

    From the Rio Tinto website

    Recognition through a Voice

    We support the principle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples having a greater say in matters that affect them, and we advocate for the rights and heritage of Indigenous peoples on whose land we live and work. In this spirit, we welcome the additional lens that a Voice would bring to Government decision makers as they consider all important matters before them. We are donating A$2 million in support of the “Yes23” campaign.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    You don’t have to like Russell Brand and it is not whether he is guilty or innocent. Sane people are stepping forward to question the agenda.

    Rose McGowan

    She slams media manipulation of anonymous allegations against Russell Brand.

    What is the true narrative they’re pushing and who really loses?

    “You have to go on the record.”

    Steven Steele

    Many years ago I met a young woman at a bar I was DJing at. She was very persistent and had asked me a number of times to hang out after my gig before I accepted…..

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕

    For this Sunday….

    Truck owners not afraid to bear witness to their faith.




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  5. Old bloke says:

    Regarding that German tank(s) destroyed by the Russians, there are conflicting reports. That link I posted above talks about a German made and crewed tank (singular) in Zaporizhia Oblast (southern Ukraine) whereas another report points to tanks (plural) on the northern front.

    That report also says that, not only was (it/they) crewed by serving German soldiers, the tank(s) was still owned by the German army.

    Maybe there are multiple units of the German Army serving in the German made tanks?

    What have you done Scholz, no cheap Russian gas for you when this Ukro/Russ squabble ends.

    The Fall | Zelensky Promised Investors Three Cities By The End Of 2023. Military Summary 2023.09.23 – from about the 28 minute mark.

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  6. mh says:

    kaysee says:
    September 24, 2023 at 7:52 pm
    You don’t have to like Russell Brand and it is not whether he is guilty or innocent. Sane people are stepping forward to question the agenda.

    The Left and the MSM never had a problem with the behaviour below. Until now. 🤔 I wonder what changed? Oh yes, Brand started roaming from the reservation and questioning the narrative

    Russell Brand Picking Up Girls

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  7. mh says:

    Back in 2009, the Australian MSM – Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek in this instance – thought this was the right thing to do for Russ.

    Russell Brand picks up eight girls at once


    Back in 2009, before Katy Perry, Russell Brand came into the Nova FM studios for an interview with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek, who had organised for eight single girls to be hanging around the studio, pretending to be working. He wanted them all… “am I allowed these girls?” “Gareth, get another bus!”

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  8. Siltstone says:

    Majority foreign-owned Rio Tinto has a public position that we “… do not get involved in political matters” (The Way We Work). They do this my campaigning and funding a move to change the Australian Constitution. Liars and hypocrites.

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  9. mh says:

    Another inappropriate video:

    Trump Speed Dating – Gilly and Keeves

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  10. mh says:

    Australia says no to Apartheid

    Newspoll: voice support slips again to 36pc

    Support for the voice hits new low ahead of the October 14 referendum with only slightly more than a third of voters now saying they will vote Yes

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  11. Shy Ted says:

    Much as I am loathe to watch anything Ch10, this

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  12. Shy Ted says:

    Couldn’t happen here
    Oh, wait

    Smartmatic has been used in Australia since at least 2014.

    More to come
    And please stop with all the Natasha Fyles cream pie and facial jokes.

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  13. Interested observer says:

    I have always considered Russell Brand to be a loathsome braggart and have no interest in his reported conversion to conservative viewpoints. However when the media has to interview 100 women he dated in order to find 4 complainants, I wonder at the lack of self protection by the groupies and their families – in particular the 16 year old going to a solo date.

    From Powerline

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  14. Destroyer D69 says:

    Quote from the “Terms of Reference”of the Covid 19 Inquiry. “The Inquiry will consider the findings of previous relevant inquiries and reviews and identify knowledge gaps for further investigation. It will also consider the global experience and lessons learnt from other countries in order to improve response measures in the event of future global pandemics.

    The following areas are not in scope for the Inquiry:

    Actions taken unilaterally by state and territory governments.
    International programs and activities assisting foreign countries.” Classic Yes Minister!!!!

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  15. mh says:

    Fitzy – I WAS WRONG

    It took the most gutting defeat in Wallabies history to realise I was wrong about Eddie

    All of us who thought the Eddie Jones experiment would work wonders for Australian rugby have been proven wrong. The magic has gone.

    Peter FitzSimons
    Columnist and author

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  16. mh says:

    Another Voice poll, another blow for Albo


    … The latest AFR/Freshwater Strategy poll shows Labor’s primary vote is back at the election-day level of 33 per cent, and its two-party preferred vote of 51 per cent is slightly lower than at the election.

    With less than three weeks until the referendum, support for the Voice is 33 per cent, while the No vote has reached 50 per cent and 17 per cent are undecided. If the undecideds are excluded, the No vote is 60 per cent and the Yes vote 40 per cent.

    Among those who have switched their vote from Yes to No over the past five months, the most commonly cited reason is the Voice has served as a distraction from the top two issues of voter concern – the cost of living and the cost of housing.

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  17. mh says:

    Trial by media continues tonight on CH9

    Russell Brand: In Plain Sight
    8:43PM – 10:15PM
    Russell Brand: In Plain Sight is an investigation of Russell Brand’s treatment of women.

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  18. mh says:

    Russia’s Lavrov Describes Western World as “Empire of Lies”

    1 day ago — “As Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, the West is truly an ’empire of lies’,” the top Russian diplomat continued.

    I think Lavrov is correct

    Britain’s Black History Hoax (e.g. Stonehenge was NOT Built by Black People)

    The New Culture Forum
    195K subscribers

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  19. Old bloke says:

    There has been another big protest rally in Canada, this time about gender identification teaching in schools. The Moslems, Sikhs, Jews and Hindus made up a significant proportion of the crowd alongside all denominations of the Christians.

    If Trudeau has lost the migrant vote then he’s toast.

    “This is the END of Trudeau in Canada!” | Redacted with Clayton Morris – 10 mins.

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  20. mh says:


    Poland tries to ease tensions with Ukraine

    Poland’s president appeared to soften Warsaw’s recent rhetoric toward Ukraine after tensions rose in recent weeks between the allies and neighbors, particularly over grain imports.

    “We need to get our emotions under control, because let’s remember who will benefit most if the paths of Poland and Ukraine diverge. The consequences could be tragic,” Polish President Andrzej Duda told a Polish newspaper Sunday.

    Duda’s comments come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared to suggest, when addressing the U.N. General Assembly last week in New York, that some of Ukraine’s allies had feigned solidarity with Kyiv.

    That comment appeared to prompt Poland’s prime minister to state that Poland would no longer supply Kyiv with weapons, escalating tensions further. …

    … In an interview with a Polish newspaper on Sunday, Duda noted that Zelenskyy’s comments at the U.N. General Assembly could have been down to stress.

    “Let’s not forget that Zelenskyy is under enormous pressure,” he told Polish newspaper Super Express. “He is sending people to the front, often to their deaths.”

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  21. Old bloke says:

    Still in Canada, George Galloway has a few words to say about the Canadian parliament’s standing ovation for a Ukrainian war criminal.

    He also politely reminds King Charles of the limitations of his role as a constitutional monarch.

    Infamy, they’ve all got it infamy. But Trudeau can’t escape | MOATS with George Galloway Ep 276 – 19 minutes.

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  22. mh says:

    Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center
    FSWC is appalled that Canada’s Parliament gave a standing ovation to a Ukrainian veteran who served in a Nazi military unit during the Second World War implicated in the mass murder of Jews and others.

    An apology and explanation is owed.


    The ADL won’t be too bothered.
    They can very selective!

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