Open Thread – September 2023

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    The Voice may not be enough –

    A mining giant has apologised after damaging another site sacred to Indigenous Australians in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.
    Rio Tinto has halted work and confirmed it is working with traditional owners after a blast caused damage to an ancient rock shelter near the iron ore Nammuldi mine in the Hamersley Ranges last month.
    Monitoring identified a large rock and a scrub tree had fallen from the rock shelter.

    How can they ever recover from a fallen rock and scrub tree?

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    Rio Tinto has halted work and confirmed it is working with traditional owners after a blast caused damage to an ancient rock shelter near the iron ore Nammuldi mine in the Hamersley Ranges last month.

    I heard the story on the news this morning and was wondering about how this support from Rio Tinto is working out. Maybe another million or two will help?

    From the Rio Tinto website

    Recognition through a Voice

    We support the principle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples having a greater say in matters that affect them, and we advocate for the rights and heritage of Indigenous peoples on whose land we live and work. In this spirit, we welcome the additional lens that a Voice would bring to Government decision makers as they consider all important matters before them. We are donating A$2 million in support of the “Yes23” campaign.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    You don’t have to like Russell Brand and it is not whether he is guilty or innocent. Sane people are stepping forward to question the agenda.

    Rose McGowan

    She slams media manipulation of anonymous allegations against Russell Brand.

    What is the true narrative they’re pushing and who really loses?

    “You have to go on the record.”

    Steven Steele

    Many years ago I met a young woman at a bar I was DJing at. She was very persistent and had asked me a number of times to hang out after my gig before I accepted…..

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  4. kaysee kaysee says:

    🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕

    For this Sunday….

    Truck owners not afraid to bear witness to their faith.




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  5. Old bloke says:

    Regarding that German tank(s) destroyed by the Russians, there are conflicting reports. That link I posted above talks about a German made and crewed tank (singular) in Zaporizhia Oblast (southern Ukraine) whereas another report points to tanks (plural) on the northern front.

    That report also says that, not only was (it/they) crewed by serving German soldiers, the tank(s) was still owned by the German army.

    Maybe there are multiple units of the German Army serving in the German made tanks?

    What have you done Scholz, no cheap Russian gas for you when this Ukro/Russ squabble ends.

    The Fall | Zelensky Promised Investors Three Cities By The End Of 2023. Military Summary 2023.09.23 – from about the 28 minute mark.

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  6. mh says:

    kaysee says:
    September 24, 2023 at 7:52 pm
    You don’t have to like Russell Brand and it is not whether he is guilty or innocent. Sane people are stepping forward to question the agenda.

    The Left and the MSM never had a problem with the behaviour below. Until now. 🤔 I wonder what changed? Oh yes, Brand started roaming from the reservation and questioning the narrative

    Russell Brand Picking Up Girls

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  7. mh says:

    Back in 2009, the Australian MSM – Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek in this instance – thought this was the right thing to do for Russ.

    Russell Brand picks up eight girls at once


    Back in 2009, before Katy Perry, Russell Brand came into the Nova FM studios for an interview with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek, who had organised for eight single girls to be hanging around the studio, pretending to be working. He wanted them all… “am I allowed these girls?” “Gareth, get another bus!”

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  8. Siltstone says:

    Majority foreign-owned Rio Tinto has a public position that we “… do not get involved in political matters” (The Way We Work). They do this my campaigning and funding a move to change the Australian Constitution. Liars and hypocrites.

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  9. mh says:

    Another inappropriate video:

    Trump Speed Dating – Gilly and Keeves

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  10. mh says:

    Australia says no to Apartheid

    Newspoll: voice support slips again to 36pc

    Support for the voice hits new low ahead of the October 14 referendum with only slightly more than a third of voters now saying they will vote Yes

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  11. Shy Ted says:

    Much as I am loathe to watch anything Ch10, this

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  12. Shy Ted says:

    Couldn’t happen here
    Oh, wait

    Smartmatic has been used in Australia since at least 2014.

    More to come
    And please stop with all the Natasha Fyles cream pie and facial jokes.

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  13. Interested observer says:

    I have always considered Russell Brand to be a loathsome braggart and have no interest in his reported conversion to conservative viewpoints. However when the media has to interview 100 women he dated in order to find 4 complainants, I wonder at the lack of self protection by the groupies and their families – in particular the 16 year old going to a solo date.

    From Powerline

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  14. Destroyer D69 says:

    Quote from the “Terms of Reference”of the Covid 19 Inquiry. “The Inquiry will consider the findings of previous relevant inquiries and reviews and identify knowledge gaps for further investigation. It will also consider the global experience and lessons learnt from other countries in order to improve response measures in the event of future global pandemics.

    The following areas are not in scope for the Inquiry:

    Actions taken unilaterally by state and territory governments.
    International programs and activities assisting foreign countries.” Classic Yes Minister!!!!

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  15. mh says:

    Fitzy – I WAS WRONG

    It took the most gutting defeat in Wallabies history to realise I was wrong about Eddie

    All of us who thought the Eddie Jones experiment would work wonders for Australian rugby have been proven wrong. The magic has gone.

    Peter FitzSimons
    Columnist and author

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  16. mh says:

    Another Voice poll, another blow for Albo


    … The latest AFR/Freshwater Strategy poll shows Labor’s primary vote is back at the election-day level of 33 per cent, and its two-party preferred vote of 51 per cent is slightly lower than at the election.

    With less than three weeks until the referendum, support for the Voice is 33 per cent, while the No vote has reached 50 per cent and 17 per cent are undecided. If the undecideds are excluded, the No vote is 60 per cent and the Yes vote 40 per cent.

    Among those who have switched their vote from Yes to No over the past five months, the most commonly cited reason is the Voice has served as a distraction from the top two issues of voter concern – the cost of living and the cost of housing.

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  17. mh says:

    Trial by media continues tonight on CH9

    Russell Brand: In Plain Sight
    8:43PM – 10:15PM
    Russell Brand: In Plain Sight is an investigation of Russell Brand’s treatment of women.

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  18. mh says:

    Russia’s Lavrov Describes Western World as “Empire of Lies”

    1 day ago — “As Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, the West is truly an ’empire of lies’,” the top Russian diplomat continued.

    I think Lavrov is correct

    Britain’s Black History Hoax (e.g. Stonehenge was NOT Built by Black People)

    The New Culture Forum
    195K subscribers

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  19. Old bloke says:

    There has been another big protest rally in Canada, this time about gender identification teaching in schools. The Moslems, Sikhs, Jews and Hindus made up a significant proportion of the crowd alongside all denominations of the Christians.

    If Trudeau has lost the migrant vote then he’s toast.

    “This is the END of Trudeau in Canada!” | Redacted with Clayton Morris – 10 mins.

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  20. mh says:


    Poland tries to ease tensions with Ukraine

    Poland’s president appeared to soften Warsaw’s recent rhetoric toward Ukraine after tensions rose in recent weeks between the allies and neighbors, particularly over grain imports.

    “We need to get our emotions under control, because let’s remember who will benefit most if the paths of Poland and Ukraine diverge. The consequences could be tragic,” Polish President Andrzej Duda told a Polish newspaper Sunday.

    Duda’s comments come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared to suggest, when addressing the U.N. General Assembly last week in New York, that some of Ukraine’s allies had feigned solidarity with Kyiv.

    That comment appeared to prompt Poland’s prime minister to state that Poland would no longer supply Kyiv with weapons, escalating tensions further. …

    … In an interview with a Polish newspaper on Sunday, Duda noted that Zelenskyy’s comments at the U.N. General Assembly could have been down to stress.

    “Let’s not forget that Zelenskyy is under enormous pressure,” he told Polish newspaper Super Express. “He is sending people to the front, often to their deaths.”

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  21. Old bloke says:

    Still in Canada, George Galloway has a few words to say about the Canadian parliament’s standing ovation for a Ukrainian war criminal.

    He also politely reminds King Charles of the limitations of his role as a constitutional monarch.

    Infamy, they’ve all got it infamy. But Trudeau can’t escape | MOATS with George Galloway Ep 276 – 19 minutes.

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  22. mh says:

    Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center
    FSWC is appalled that Canada’s Parliament gave a standing ovation to a Ukrainian veteran who served in a Nazi military unit during the Second World War implicated in the mass murder of Jews and others.

    An apology and explanation is owed.


    The ADL won’t be too bothered.
    They can very selective!

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  23. mh says:

    More commentary on Trudeau honouring the Waffen-SS

    LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau’s habit of using ‘Nazi’ label, just took a big hit

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  24. mh says:

    ‘Slava Ukraini’? How Canada feted a WW2 Nazi veteran and unleashed an international scandal

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  25. Shy Ted says:

    Oliver! 4:50PM – 7:30PM SBS World Movies

    In this Academy Award-winning adaptation of the Broadway musical based on the Charles Dickens novel, nine-year-old orphan Oliver Twist falls in with a group of street-urchin pickpockets. When Oliver’s intended mark, Mr Brownlow, takes pity on the lad and offers him a home, Fagin’s henchman Bill Sikes plots to kidnap the boy to keep him from talking. Stars Mark Lester, Ron Moody and Oliver Reed.

    MUSICAL | UK | 1968

    “Please sir, I want some more”.
    Remember that phrase, you’re going to need it.

    In this life one thing counts
    In the bank, large amounts
    I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees,
    You’ve got to raise a levy, send foreign aid, donate to the Clinton Foundation, inside trade, put your mates on superannuation boards or two
    You’ve got to raise a levy, send foreign aid, donate to the Clinton Foundation, inside trade, put your mates on superannuation boards or two

    Updated fro the times.

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  26. Shy Ted says:

    ABC wireless reduced to interviewing university stoners to get support for the voice.
    Disappointed we’ve only got one WEF

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  27. Shy Ted says:

    Would you buy a house from this woman?

    Woman charged with aggravated assault after Fyles pied at markets identified
    UPDATED: The woman charged over Chief Minister Natasha Fyles being hit in the face by what’s believed to be a cream-covered crepe on Sunday morning has been identified as a Darwin real estate agent.

    Yes, yes I would.

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  28. Old bloke says:

    Some background on how the Ukrainian nazis ended up in Canada.

    Ukrainian SS In Britain – Postwar SS-Galizien Division Refugees – Mark Felton – 14 minutes.

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  29. mh says:

    The incident put Poland and Russia, two countries that have opposing views on the nature of the Ukraine conflict, on the same side.

    Witold Dzielski, the Polish ambassador in Ottawa, has said that the SS unit was “responsible for murdering thousands of Poles & Jews” and that Waraw will “never agree on whitewashing such villains” despite its support for Kiev.

    His Russian counterpart, Oleg Stepanov, blasted the Trudeau government as “essentially the epitome of neo-liberal fascism.”

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  30. JohnJJJ says:

    Never mind the war, Kahmal has driven the YEZ odds up from 4 to 1 to 5.25 to 1. Damn there goes my arbitrage. Well I’ll just have to follow Koala Kuala Kandiah Kamalesvaran the Krooner more closely. I wonder if any of the Teals want to bet.

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  31. mh says:

    Lockdown King Dan Andrews resigns with immediate effect.

    I guess he loved Victorians for so long that he had to say no more love, I’m exhausted.

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  32. mh says:

    The Legacy of Dan

    Tucker Carlson interviewing Gideon Rozner about the police state we are living under in Victoria

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  33. kaysee kaysee says:

    There needs to be a global Nuremberg 2.0
    Will there be a leader brave enough to start it up?

    From medical professionals and scientists.
    There will be 10000s of stories like these.

    Mike Donio

    I didn’t just lose my job.

    I lost my entire career, 20 years worth of hard work…..

    Dr Simon Goddek

    Until three years ago, I had not experienced loneliness, a feeling that became all too familiar when I faced the consequences of speaking up against the COVlD scam…..

    Sophie Afloat

    What have I lost because of this jab?My fiancé, he passed after his first jab due to a brain clot at just 36. I lost my beloved nursing job because of the abuse I received for my vaccine stance. I lost my family and friends for speaking out against this cocktail of TOXIC SH*TE!

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  34. kaysee kaysee says:

    The D*ktator’s exit
    Two comments from the Sky News site.

    Welcome back Victoria, we understand you may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and Australias health care providers are on stand by to help you through this difficult time…

    All we need now is John Pesutto to resign and Victoria can start its rebuild from both ends of the political spectrum. Please John follow suit NOW.

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  35. mh says:

    Good work from Al Jizz

    Canadian Parliament gives WWII Nazi standing ovation | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

    Al Jazeera English
    11M subscribers

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    ADL? Greenblatt?

    Hello? Anyone there?

    Libs of TikTok-1

    The @ADL and their CEO @JGreenblattADL have not put out a single tweet or statement yet about the Canadian Parliament, Justin Trudeau, and Zelensky honoring and cheering for an actual Nazi SS officer

    Libs of TikTok-2

    Still no word from the @ADL or @JGreenblattADL about this. Isn’t this what the ADL was actually created for? 🤔

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  37. mh says:

    Indian media not letting an opportunity go to waste

    Gravitas: After Khalistan row, Trudeau embarrassed as Canadian parliament honours Nazi war veteran


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  38. mh says:

    Pierre Poilievre
    It has come out today that Justin Trudeau personally met with and honoured a veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (a Nazi division).

    Liberals then arranged for this Nazi veteran to be recognized on the floor of the House of Commons during the visit of the Ukrainian President.

    This is an appalling error in judgement on the part of Justin Trudeau, whose personal protocol office is responsible for arranging and vetting all guests and programming for state visits of this kind.

    No parliamentarians (other than Justin Trudeau) had the opportunity to vet this individual’s past before he was introduced and honoured on the floor of the House of Commons. Without warning or context, it was impossible for any parliamentarian in the room (other than Mr. Trudeau) to know of this dark past.

    Mr. Trudeau must personally apologize and avoid passing the blame to others as he always does.

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  39. mh says:

    Courier Paywall

    Fire erupts at huge, new $60m Tesla battery station

    At least one new Tesla battery remains on fire at the $60 million Bouldercombe Battery Project near Rockhampton and it is understood fire crews have been advised not to put it out.

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  40. Old bloke says:

    Canadian Parliament gives WWII Nazi standing ovation | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

    I wonder if Chrystia Freeland was involved in getting this old nazi into their parliament. She is part Ukrainian (mother’s side) and spent some time studying in Kiev.

    I thought that they were defeated in 1945.

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  41. KevinM says:

    mh says:
    September 26, 2023 at 10:22 pm

    Pierre Poilievre
    It has come out today that Justin Trudeau personally met with and honoured a veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (a Nazi division).

    Nothing ever happens without a reason. what the reason might be, we will never know.

    Sometimes it’s just stupid mistakes or inattention.

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    D*ktator-Exit Special Edition





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  43. kaysee kaysee says:

    Awaiting the exit of that other WEFfer.

    The Rise and Fall of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Political Career

    Once a popular leader Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become one the most unpopular leaders on the global platform …

    However, Trudeau’s domestic and international politics made him into a pariah. How did Trudeau’s political career shape up and will he remain popular going forward.

    Under Trudeau Canada is facing frosty relations with India, Saudi Arabia and China, is the Canadian Prime Minister no more relevant on the international stage.

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  44. mh says:

    They brought a Nazi to Parliament

    Melissa Lantsman


    Trudeau has a whispering pregnant woman covering for him in Parliament.

    What a fag.

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  45. mh says:

    Higher for longer

    RBA rate rise still on the table after inflation uptick

    Annual headline inflation rose to 5.2 per cent in August from 4.9 per cent a month earlier, adding to the ‘higher-for-longer’ sentiment sweeping financial markets.

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  46. mh says:

    Comedian Dave Allen to go with the PJW vid above

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  47. Shy Ted says:

    Just listened to Warren Mundine at the Nat Press Club. Clear and succinct, dot point refutation of the yes campaign’ lies and
    no-nonsense answers to journos questions. Did you know Bess Price, Jacinta’ mum was a sickly child and born native-style then left to die? rescued and thrived thanks to you know who. Shame the died in the wools won’t watch it.

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  48. mh says:

    At least Albo is not dividing Australia.

    The PM is uniting us. NO!

    Voice polling gets worse! Losing support everywhere

    Australian Agenda

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  49. Shy Ted says:

    Over the 1000 mark –

    The TGA has identified 14 reports where the cause of death was linked to vaccination from 1001 reports received and reviewed. There have been no new vaccine-related deaths identified since 2022.

    Fancy that, 987 doctors falsely reporting vaccine-related deaths when the TGA says “nah, it’s only 14, must have been something else”.

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  50. mh says:

    Trudeau wants this story to die.

    Haha, not happening:

    Poland’s education minister says he’s ‘taken steps’ to extradite Yaroslav Hunka

    Poland’s education minister says he has “taken steps” to effect the extradition to Poland of Yaroslav Hunka, a 98-year-old Ukrainian Canadian, after it emerged that the veteran served in the Nazi SS Galizien formation during the Second World War.

    On Friday, Hunka was invited to sit in the parliamentary gallery by Speaker Anthony Rota for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Parliament. Rota introduced Hunka as a “Ukrainian hero” and a “Canadian hero,” prompting a standing ovation in the House of Commons.

    Over the weekend, it was reported that Hunka was part of the First Ukrainian Division, also known as the Waffen-SS Galicia Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division, a voluntary unit that was under the command of the Nazis.

    “In view of the scandalous events in the Canadian Parliament, which involved honouring, in the presence of President Zelenskyy, a member of the criminal Nazi SS Galizien formation, I have taken steps towards the possible extradition of this man to Poland,” Przemysław Czarnek said in a social media post Tuesday …

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  51. Shy Ted says:

    Landline – Australian biosecurity’ top men have spent over $100,000,000 trying to combat the Verroa mite in bees. They failed and have abandoned trying. No top men lose their jobs. Other people’ money. Meh.

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  52. mh says:

    ‘Settling petty scores’: Andrew Bolt slams Noel Pearson’s ‘nonsensical’ Voice speech

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  53. mh says:

    Brought to you by YouTube’s algorithm

    It’s All Gone a Bit Third Reichy – Frank Sanazi

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  54. mh says:


    Sheffield Health and Care Partnership
    Maddy Cusack from @sufc_women tells us why she’s going to have her covid-19 vaccine #VaccinateSheffield


    Sheffield United’s Women’s Championship game against Crystal Palace on Saturday has been postponed following the death of player Maddy Cusack.

    Blades midfielder Cusack died last week aged 27.

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  55. mh says:

    Aussie Cossack
    Crowds are raving outside Parliament House in Melbourne chanting “Fu*k you Dan!” 😂

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  56. mh says:

    Tackling the big issues!

    Why was ‘Glory to Urine’ a top trending topic on X ? • FRANCE 24 English

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  57. Interested observer says:

    Landline – Australian biosecurity’ top men have spent over $100,000,000 trying to combat the Verroa mite in bees. They failed and have abandoned trying. No top men lose their jobs. Other people’ money. Meh.

    Beekeepers have been dreading this. Pollination of crops will be the big loser with migration of hives spreading the Varroa mite in the same way that American Foul Brood has spread from unmonitored hives to healthy ones. Biosecurity always spends money too little, too late.

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  58. Shy Ted says:

    Back in the day in remote Ab communities where there was a very high risk of rheumatic heart disease we decided on a strategy of nose-blowing for Ab kids with runny noses, the ear, nose and throat being connected and ripe for strep throat. Despite dedicated funds, a committed workforce, free tissues to families we simply couldn’t get mum or dad or the kids to use them. So it was introduced at school along with a host of other initiatives to get kids to school – breakfast, lunch, clean uniform, lots of sports etc. First thing and several times a day “blow your nose, tissue in the bin, tissues burned later”. The kids loved the burning part, fire safety introduced, good behaviour and you got to light it. 100% attendance, not a runny nose in sight.
    You may have heard of the “no school, no pool” initiative. Same problem, different initiative, the chlorine obliterating the germs. Good idea but complete failure due to problems of staffing and manning the pool. Incredibly expensive failure.

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  59. Shy Ted says:

    NITV, don’t you just love it. Every arvo there are 2 short programs called “Our Stories”. This is one of them – “Living in Stuttgart, Germany, 54 year old Aboriginal skateboarder Chris Robinson is raising 2 young children and has a unique style of parenting”.
    But it’s a thing

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  60. Shy Ted says:

    Landline did a follow up in Fiji where the Varroa mite problem was left to the beekeepers monitoring their hives. It seemed to be somewhat successful but the beekeepers weren’t Fijian but Indian. Which is pretty much what I saw when holidaying in Fiji. Little India.

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  61. Shy Ted says:

    Just watching Noel Pearson at the NPC. He brought a message stick from Arnhem Land! I’m convinced.

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  62. Shy Ted says:

    Noel says his people have been here since time immemorial. Is that longer than 65,000 fake years? It’s a must watch if you’ve recorded it. I don’t think he’s ever been to a remote community.

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  63. JohnJJJ says:

    Shy Ted says:
    September 28, 2023 at 9:37 am
    Back in the day in remote Ab communities where there was a very high risk

    Thanks Shy, Fascinating insights. My experience with various Aborigines over many years (Gamilaroi, Yolngu, Northern Queensland and WA) was that the only ones who made it basically got away from their extended family. As soon as they made money their “uncles” were onto them. Even then, one committed suicide and another is in gaol.

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  64. Old bloke says:

    John Cadogan on the Rockhampton big battery fire. There was no provision for water supplies at the site to douse fires, and there’s been no studies on the health effects of the fumes from these fires, they shouldn’t be anywhere near population centres.

    A giant Tesla battery caught fire … and they just let it burn | Auto Expert John Cadogan – 32 mins.

    The next generation of Rockhamptonites will have two heads.

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  65. mh says:

    Shy Ted says:
    September 28, 2023 at 11:33 am
    The VOice in action

    The Voice – brought to you by Pfizer.

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  66. mh says:

    Origin shock: Brad Fittler quits as NSW coach

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  67. mh says:

    Awesome commentary.
    You won’t hear this from Jonathan Greenblatt.

    MPs like clapping seals applauding a Nazi. All that was missing was the beach balls

    George Galloway

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  68. kaysee kaysee says:

    Just listened to Warren Mundine at the Nat Press Club. Clear and succinct, dot point refutation of the yes campaign’ lies and no-nonsense answers to journos questions.

    Warren Mundine has been a strong advocate for the NO case. But he supports treaties and believes that they can happen only if the NO vote wins.

    That is a bit of an odd combination. His support for treaties puts him at odds with the Liberal party position. He was a front-runner to fill in the Marise Payne NSW Senate seat but has now pulled out of the race.

    It is a pity because he could have worked well with Jacinta Price to clean up the rot and work out real solutions for the indigenous folk. They know what is wrong and could co-ordinate with the right people to help the ones who are in need.

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  69. kaysee kaysee says:

    This article was published yesterday. There has been a new tranche out today which brings the total up to 670 released submissions.

    Tranche 1 – published on 15 September
    Tranche 2 – published on 22 September
    Tranche 3 – published on 28 September

    Misinformation Bill Slow-Walk: Only 330 of 23,000 Submissions Published

    After multiple delays, the Albanese Government has begun publishing submissions to its controversial ‘Misinformation Bill’ — but at such a slow pace that would only see the full catalogue released by June 2026.

    Shadow Communications Minister David Coleman has highlighted reports that a staggering 23,000 public submissions and comments have been made in response to Labor’s ‘Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023’…..

    With an average of only 164 submissions published per week, it will take the Albanese Government over 140 weeks — or 2 years and 8 months — to publish the full set of public submissions. At such a pace, Australians will have to wait until June 2026 to have a full understanding of the public backlash to Labor’s contentious bill.

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  70. mh says:

    Paul Murray

    ‘The reality of Albonomics’: Inflation continues to rise in Australia

    Sky News Australia

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  71. kaysee kaysee says:

    MPs like clapping seals applauding a Nazi. All that was missing was the beach balls

    GG: Speaker of the Canadian Parliament has been thrown to the wolves.
    What was the deal made with Rota to take the blame?

    GG: The buck stops with him.
    Correct. How long before Trudeau and Freeland resign?

    Was this the vetting process?

    As long as there are truth-seekers, a few courageous people battling against the Great Reset, the truth will be revealed. As George says, all those pro-Ukraine supporters have gone quiet.

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  72. mh says:

    DD Geopolitics
    🇨🇦🇺🇦 Well This Is Awkward!

    The Speaker of the Canadian Parliament barely had time to take full responsibility for inviting SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka (saying Trudeau and Zelensky had nothing to do with it), when reporters found a Friday post from the granddaughter of the Nazi – Theresa Hunka.

    “Dedo is waiting in the reception hall for Trudeau and
    Zelensky” – the caption says

    It would seem that these two not only applauded the Nazi in the parliament but also had a personal meeting with him…

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  73. mh says:

    Kamahl’s live-on-air backflip
    is by far the best moment in The Project’s history.

    Yep, thanks for the laughs Project crew.

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  74. mh says:

    Andrew Bolt is joined by Liberal MP Warren Entsch to discuss Noel Pearson’s comments and his Voice pitch.

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  75. mh says:

    Just posting here to watch later, otherwise I will forget

    Are ALL Wars…Banker’s Wars? Say it Isn’t So!

    Ivor Cummins

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  76. Old bloke says:

    Independent journalist arrested in Britain for malinformation. Malinformation differs from misinformation in that it may be truthful information but it differs from the official government narrative.

    Journalists now being ARRESTED for criticizing dictator Justin Trudeau | Redacted w Clayton Morris – 10 minutes.

    It looks like Britain and Canada are in a race to be the first fully captured totalitarian state.

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  77. Old bloke says:

    Are ALL Wars…Banker’s Wars? Say it Isn’t So!

    Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar says that all modern wars are about energy and pipelines. He coined the term Pipelineistan to describe the phenomena.

    He might be right, the current Russo/Ukrainian war, in a much broader sense, is about a war between Exxon vs. Gazprom to capture the European natural gas market.

    The US blows up the Nord Stream pipelines to shut Russia out of the European gas market while Exxon builds the Trans-Saharan gas pipeline to send Nigerian gas to the European market. Exxon’s future is assured as they have installed a former Chicago gangster as Nigeria’s President, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

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