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Gay Soccer player prepared for negative repurcussions in Australia

Adelaide United’s Josh Cavallo has announced himself as the only gay male professional footballer in the world after coming out in an emotional post on social media. The 21-year-old young Socceroos made the announcement on Wednesday, declaring he was “proud … Continue reading

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You People Are Domesticated Animals

Well the first round of changes has been a success on my end. As I have mentioned privately a new business of mine has taken off more than anticipated so my time has been minimal for the cat, and for … Continue reading

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Guest post: Speedbox – Cars as an investment

Guest post: Speedbox – Cars as an investment Are cars a good investment? Some definitely are with recent news of a McLaren F1 supercar from the early 1990s selling for a whopping $35m recently. Not a bad return for a … Continue reading

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You People Are Animals

So its only been a couple weeks and I am facing a fork in the road moment already. A genuinely free speech platform seems to lead to complete anarchy (the mad max type not the Michael Malice version). Sinclair’s decision … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Denis HArdiman – None of the Above

Why is it that there is no provision on any Australian Electoral Commission vote card whereby a voter can mark “None Of The Above” nor write in the name of a proferred candidate? Why is it that the Australian High … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Arky – Parallel Instituions

The migration of the Catallaxy readership to new sites has highlighted the crisis created by big tech de-platfoming, the polarisation of society and the question of “Who can I trust with my online identity”. There is an urgency to build … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Muddy – The Return of the Catictionary

Couch-surfing felines of mixed pedigree, you are hereby invited to contribute to the continuing novelty of the Catictionary. For newcomers, the rules are simple: 1). Your submission must be a NEW word coined by yourself, or submitted on behalf of … Continue reading

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Site Fixes

Bit of a rougher start than expected. I will log off until tomorrow morning so if you have any comments to fix the site moving forward throw them in here to keep the open thread a little less cluttered. Very … Continue reading

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