Guest Post: Muddy – The Return of the Catictionary

Couch-surfing felines of mixed pedigree, you are hereby invited to contribute to the continuing novelty of the Catictionary.

For newcomers, the rules are simple:

1). Your submission must be a NEW word coined by yourself, or submitted on behalf of a fellow Cat;

2) The word MUST have a definition attached;

3) Acronyms are NOT being accepted yet; and

4). the word cannot be potentially libelous.

5). The Catictionary is not a democracy: Muddy as the Supreme Overlord reserves the right to accept or decline your submission without explanation.

You may start coughing up syllables…

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96 Responses to Guest Post: Muddy – The Return of the Catictionary

  1. Muddy says:

    I’ll get the ball rolling … Following are several words I stumbled upon in various threads since the last submission session in February this year:

    Farkyed from incoherent rambler. (Seems obvious to the regulars, but could do with a definition).
    Vagilantes – A posse of intersectional feminists. Farmer Gez
    Twefluent – Twitter effluent. Fair Shake.
    Hopium – “Hopium doesn’t seem to be in short supply these days but actionable outcomes are as rare as conservatives. How long do we wait for the hopium to run out?
    Asking for a friend.” Howard Hill.
    Cullininging – Arky.

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  2. Muddy says:

    Slight structural issue above, but hopefully it’s still legible.

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  3. Old School Conservative says:

    Saw this elsewhere, not sure if it meets all criteria:
    “HapHazzard” – the decision making process of NSW health fascists.

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  4. MatrixTransform says:

    spoken by the poster ‘Empire’ a little while back …

    Cognitive Malware : sounds to my ear like anything you’d believe after reading MSM

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  5. Chrism says:

    You may start coughing up syllables…

    CoofVid19 – video of police arresting covid19 lockdown protestors that goes viral

    HoofVid19 – video of police horses getting their own back on protestors pushing them in the face

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  6. Whalehunt Fun says:

    Econovandal any State Premier or whatever the have keading the ACT or NT.
    Narsicyst – like a narcissist but a cancer on socity as well. Example Turnbull and Rudd.

    I have had to abandon my old email due to spam.

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  7. ikamatua says:

    Bum Cha.
    Marrying a Taiwanese lady in expectation of a lifetime of delicious exotic food items cooked as delicious meals, only to be sadly, sadly disappointed.

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  8. Makka says:

    Sheesh, that’s kinda mercenary ikamatua. Whadaboutdalurve?

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  9. min says:

    Can you add a remember me square before post comment ?
    Thanks Adam

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  10. Anonadnon says:

    The next covid variant

    The Ligma variant

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  11. Anonandon says:

    And after that

    The Sugma variant

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  12. Epicurious says:

    CHOrus …a bunch of chief health officers singing the same old bullshit to a brain dead public.

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  13. Epicurious says:

    CHOrus … a group of chief health officers singing the same old BS song to a brain dead public.

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  14. Muddy says:

    NEW words please friends.

    Redefinitions are useful, but we’re trying to keep the wallpaper crisp and classic.


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  15. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Miao gatti

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  16. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Ooops wrong thread

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  17. ikamatua says:

    Msinformation: The advice you get from horsey faced New Zealand Prime Ministers.

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  18. Muddy says:

    Miao gatti.

    Based on my deep understanding of Klingon, that means ‘Hello gorgeous,’ right?

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  19. thefrollickingmole says:

    Insincteration: what happens when your comment is moderated, named in honour of the doom lord.

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  20. Rex Anger says:

    NosferaFLU- The choking viral horror that dare not speaketh its name…

    (Also the post-Epsilon* variant, that has hypnotic powers and wears a cape)

    *Epsilon flies and shoots lasers out of its eyes.

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  21. Whalehunt Fun says:

    Krudd. Like crud but from Queensland and never goes away.

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  22. bespoke says:

    Bot trolling – accusing or saying the same thing over and over.

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  23. Enyaw says:

    ” Infesnaked ” , After St Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland , they arrived in Australia to be welcomed into positions of authority in govt departments , in particular wearers of dark uniforms driving fast cars ..Adam , delete this if you think inappropriate or moderate accordingly .

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  24. Muddy says:

    Now we’re cracking.

    Love Nosferaflu. Noice.

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  25. Vagabond says:

    Burndust – any utterance extruded by a certain unsuccessful green slime candidate.

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  26. Shy Ted says:

    Harmed Forces. Those who are meant to protect us but instead come to do us harm. Not quite right I know – Harm Forces might be better but HF is a better play on Armed Forces.

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  27. Kneel says:

    goolag: where you end up when Google bans you from ScrewTube, or where your website ends up in search results if said site contains stuff google doesn’t like. “ is in the goolag”

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  28. Supply side says:

    Incompicunt – someone that is both incompetent and a you know what.

    High IQ moron – smart people that believe in stupid things

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  29. Eyrie says:

    “Smugnorance” – describes people who won’t look at facts and are smug in their ignorance.

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  30. duncanm says:

    “cataschism” – the potential breakup of the cat into cats and cat-nots in 2021.
    Discord or the old ways?

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  31. Eyrie says:

    The Old Ways are sometimes the best.

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  32. MatrixTransform says:

    — goolag: where you end up when Google bans you from ScrewTube —

    what about Googlag ?

    you know, sent to Cyber-eria?

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  33. 132andBush says:


    A system of governance and economics characterised by the twin doctrines of (A) The government shall interfere in all facets of the lives of the citizenry. Up to but not limited to coercive methods in relation to energy consumption, transport, communication, travel and health.
    (B) Artificial creation and subsequent distribution of more money than has ever existed, with the goal of alleviating the psychological, societal and financial problems caused by (A)

    Can also be described as Keynesian economics minus the polish.

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  34. 132andBush says:

    ^ Not sure if “moronomy” already exists, can’t remember.

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  35. mem says:

    A Phister. A vaxed person who shoves their jab status in your face as a point scoring exercise, whilst secretly scared stiff they are part of a big experiment.

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  36. Shy Ted says:

    Harmaceuticals. Medicines that do harm.

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  37. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Dansturbator – Any member of the I Stand with Dan crowd

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  38. Muddy says:

    Greetings to familiar pixels, and thank you for contributing.

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  39. Tintarella di Luna says:

    In NSW we are in Chantery: Caught in a hopeless situation

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  40. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Based on my deep understanding of Klingon, that means ‘Hello gorgeous,’ right?”

    I tried to change Ciao to Miao – but Hello gorgeous will do.

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  41. jo says:

    Chairfool. Australian watching Msm as Australia destroys itself.

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  42. min says:

    I was looking for a word to describe a current phenonomum Oldies who are becoming more Green and Left as they age Wokage . However not a new word but one used by bruvs on the street apparently , ie bruv better wokage that chick good . I guess they have been wokaged well and good .

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  43. Dot says:

    Cool story bro.

    It needs more dragons.

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  44. kaysee says:

    Muddy, with so many versions of the Cat, we need to find a standard way to refer to them. Otherwise we’ll be saying the previous Cat, the original Cat, the new Cat.

    Cat1 (Jason Soon version)

    Cat2 (Sinclair Davidson version)

    Cat3 (current WIP AdamD version)


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  45. Muddy says:

    kaysee says:
    August 4, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    Agreed. It’s concise.

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  46. Shy Ted says:

    Paradies. A former paradise in the process of dying courtesy the usual suspects.

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  47. Fair Shake says:

    Left Threaded Screw. Any Dan Andrews attempt to save Victorians.

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  48. Fair Shake says:

    Flunk-Drunk: when one loses the ability to plan for the weekend, month, quarter, year, future due to some Government flunky continually shutting down your movements, community, economy, life.

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  49. JohnJJJ says:

    COVoodles: stupid fluffy dogs bought in the last two years.
    COVcops: police armed to the teeth with Glock 22, pepper spray, baton, armour vest and taser with backup of paddy wagon, helicopter, PORS and highway patrol who politely ask the 80 year old lady sitting on her own on a park bench in the sun overlooking Bondi beach to move on.

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  50. Buccaneer says:

    These might hit a little close to home but anyways.
    Catasphraxy – what happens when those bastards finally succeed in closing the Cat for good

    Cataxfallacy – everything ever posted here by monty, numberwang et al

    Cataxcomb – previous versions of the Cat

    Cataxtonic – the folks who finally convinced poor Sinc to abandon the Cat

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