We Are Being Played

In his book, Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America (published in 1979), E. Richard Brown details the history of how the practice of Western medicine came to be controlled by a powerful group. Other methods of healing and curing ailments and illnesses were gradually edged out, until this one system became the dominant force in medicine.

The machinations were underway in 1905 with the collaboration of institutions, which included the American Medical Association, and individuals such as John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Abraham Flexner.

The following video provides a summary of how the Pharma industry has managed to become so powerful today. Big Pharma is about Big Business. It is about profits, not your good health. Its goal is to keep you in sickness; if you got well, it would adversely affect the revenue bottom line.

This alliance of institutions and individuals has continued into the twenty-first century. The elites working together is not limited to one area. The Great Reset scheme has enabled the game plan to widen, and the past two years have allowed it to be played out.

First, it was Covid. You were given two choices:
– Believe the propaganda about a virus, and do as you are told. This means you care about grandma, society and the world. Or,
– Question it, and you are selfish. Protest against the restrictions on freedom, and you are deemed a threat to the security of your country.

There is no third option. It is astonishing that so many, otherwise intelligent people, swallowed the narratives on the masks, PCR testing, lockdowns, restrictions and vaccines, when it came to the Covid virus.

Now, it is Round 2; a conflict in Eastern Europe. And you have two choices:
– Believe the propaganda about a war, and #StandWithUkraine. This means you are a good, decent world citizen. Or,
– Question it, and you are a pro-Russia supporter, a secret agent. Individuals and countries that are not in the pro-Ukraine camp, will face the wrath of the powers-that-be.

There is no third option. It continues to be astonishing that people have again swallowed the narrative on the war. Russia is the villain, and Ukraine is the poor victim.

You may believe that neither Ukraine nor Russia is right, and this crisis is not a simple case of good vs bad. That there is more to what is taking place, and you do not want to take sides, because you want the truth. You want to know what is really happening, how it came about, and why. The narrative does not allow for that.

On one hand, Ukraine is presented as the innocent party, with Volodymyr Zelensky as a courageous hero standing up against evil Vladimir Putin who attacked his country, without cause or provocation.  On the other hand, there is a view held by some who see Putin as some kind of champion of Christianity, defending the faith against the Western powers. Neither picture is correct.

What we can say, for sure, is that the innocent ones are the blameless civilians whose lives have been disrupted by this war. It has caused them immense suffering and death of loved ones. It has destroyed their families and communities. The beneficiaries are the same corporate, media and government entities. They lied in Plan Covid, and they lie in Plan Ukraine.

The real Covid scam crime-committers are calling those who do not comply “criminals” because the non-compliers are freedom fighters who are exposing the evil collaborators.

The real Ukraine war-perpetrators are issuing threats to nations who do not comply with the “sanctions” because the non-compliers are revealing the hypocrisy of the evil collaborators.

Schwab must be pleased with his errand boy, for his part in the Great Reset plan. Zelensky is doing as commanded, and busy with his virtual trips around the world, cap in hand. A useful idiot being used by the overlords to manipulate the gullible, and convince them that Putin is the transgressor.

These are the world elites controlling the narrative. The rest of us — we are being played. As they continue with their lies and propaganda, spread through their well-funded and controlled networks.

We are being played by the globalist traitors in each country, who imposed illegal restrictions and mandatory jabs for a virus-demic that could have been handled differently, with better outcomes.

We are being played by the globalist traitors in each country, who are handing over weapons and dollars for a war in which they shouldn’t be taking sides, but instead be working towards peaceful solutions.

We are being played ………
There’s more to come.

Unless, we are prepared to resist the propaganda, not submit to the choices being offered, and continue to seek the truth.  Unless, we stand ready and united to rebel as patriots, and challenge the traitors who betray their own country, in exchange for some reward from their global puppet masters.

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11 Responses to We Are Being Played

  1. Fat Tony says:

    The article above shows that the MSM are the real enemy of the people.

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  2. Shy Ted says:

    We were being played. Now we’re being systematically killed. When “they’ Have all the money in the world there will cease to be a reason for them to get up in the morning.

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  3. Old bloke says:

    That’s an excellent summary of the situation Kaysee.

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  4. Mak Siccar says:

    Thank you kaysee for another excellent article, but I do seriously despair for the future of my grandchildren’s cohort.

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  5. Entropy says:

    Western medicine took over because it worked.
    End. Of. Story.

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  6. Fat Tony says:

    Is it only me or does that pic of Rockefeller look like a cadaver??

    I can’t see any facial lines indicative of ever having smiled or loved someone…

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  7. Fat Tony says:

    Western medicine took over because it worked.
    End. Of. Story.

    Exhibit 1 : COVID ” vaccinations”

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  8. egg_ says:

    Western medicine took over because it worked.
    End. Of. Story.

    Yup, the DSM went from 30-odd to 100 ailments almost overnight thanks to Big Pharma, every second boy now diagnosed with ADD* and drugged to the eyeballs.

    Here – take a blue pill.

    *And even Rightwing fvcktard academics are asking what has happened to change this – dietary changes?

    They’re as useless as the fvcktards who didn’t question CAGW till it was too late.

    Waking up to the Rona Couf a little too late, too?

    No such thing as critical thinking in academia unless instructed to?

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  9. Chris M says:

    We are being played ………

    Or attempting to do so.

    I do seriously despair for the future of my grandchildren’s cohort.

    That’s sad. My view of the future is overwhelmingly positive as the signs all indicate Christ’s return is soon!

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  10. Ragu says:

    Western medicine took over because it worked.
    End. Of. Story.

    To a degree. For every penicillin, aspirin or Ivermectin there are plenty of drugs pulled because they give you cancer, or your ovaries drip out, or it gives you myopericarditis. Medicine has had more luck utilising intrinsic molecules like norepinephrine or the humble IV bag, which is not without fault. As egg said, repurposing amphetamines for kids is not a high water mark of Medicine.

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