The Great Resist to Reclaim Our Freedoms [1]

We hear about the Great Reset. The New World Order. Build Back Better. About what is being done to destroy our lives, the economy, our country, our earth. And after that, when we have nothing, the overlords will have everything and consider themselves victorious.

It is all futile and over, only if we – the peasants – say it is over, and give up in fear and despair. Curl up and watch our planet as it is spins on its destructive path.

Fortunately, there are many battlers who have not given up. Individuals and groups who are fighting back, refusing to let the global despots have their way. Not just making it difficult for the Great Resetters to go ahead with their plans, but doing all they – these warrior proles – can do to thwart the evil schemes of the elites.

And even reverse the course, by forcing it backwards.

It ain’t over yet. Some of us will duel on, to the best of our capabilities, in big or small ways, doing all we can to resist the tyrants. We will only bow and kneel before God, our Creator, who is the one deserving of our worship and reverence.

We can win against the despots but only if we stay strong, persist, unite and act together. Fear and control are the tools of their trade. If we refuse to be afraid and cower in terror, if we refuse to be brainwashed by the MSM, and if we stay informed of the facts, their evil plots will disintegrate.

It doesn’t always need to be a big confrontation. We can win small victories in our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces and with the people and groups with whom we have contact on a regular or occasional basis.

The Great Resist. The Great Awakening.

There are many ways where we can unite and act to defeat the agenda of the globalists. Here are two examples.

1. PayPal “Disinformation” Policy Fines

PayPal attempted to use strong arm tactics by penalising users for promoting “disinformation”.  That venture backfired due to the scheme being publicised in the conservative media outlets. Users started dumping their accounts with the company.  The company then claimed it was all a mistake.

See details in the Open Thread here and here.

2. Bumper Stickers

Using humour, Joanna Hackett, in this article, depicts a simple way to get a point across. Stickers with a message. Attached to the bumper of your vehicle. Stuck on the window in your home, shop or caravan. On flagpoles in your yard. At your workplace desk. On shopping bags. Or any other suitable locations.

It is quiet activism to counter the false propaganda and to re-educate the brainwashed. You can purchase some extras to pass on to family and friends, and urge them to join the sticker brigade.

(Image source: Quadrant Online)

If you want to buy the stickers, contact Joanna at

This will be a series of Posts on the topic of the Great Resist and the Awakening that is taking place. There are already many instances where people have united to protest against the globalist plans. And there will be more.

Join the resistance by sharing examples that you are aware of and thus helping in the process of education and countering the propaganda with the facts.

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3 Responses to The Great Resist to Reclaim Our Freedoms [1]

  1. Shy Ted says:

    From what I can see we’re in the Great Ignore phase. Despite all the evidence everything they did under Convid remains in place and any calls to repeal the “rules” are just being ignored by poliarticians and the media. Look at the various “leaders”, AnAl, Dan, Chook etc. All want a seat at the top table and won’t go against the UN & WEF. All the talking heads will lose their megabucks contracts if they dare. TV still funded by gummint & de facto agency ads so the likes of Kerry Stokes are not going to knock back the advertising b(m)illions. And people aren’t dying in sufficient numbers yet for people to see with their own eyes.
    Whether we like it or not Oz is owned by the people who own the debt. The Voice and all the other rubbish are just distractions from the main story of global ownership of everything.
    Between us and the criminal elites are several layers of separation – security, police, lawyers, surveillance, HR, unions. Nothing will change until people in these groups are directly affected, where a loved one dies shortly after vaccination and they take the matter into their own hands, which they can only really do with someone they’re physically close to. I suspect GPs will be in the firing line due to their proximity.
    And a word on the vax. Unless you’ve had a clinically obvious adverse reaction, no one has any idea what they’ve had. There was a post the other day about the EU, pop 450m but buying 4.5b doses, same ratio as Oz with 255m doses for 27m. Do the maths. It’s impossible for this number of vaxxes to be produced so out there will be lots of people who just got saline. Also out there are a lot of cluey GPs who know what’s going on and will have given a saline shot rather than what was in the vial but recorded it as given. Like it or not the frail elderly are a headache for health care providers so it’s likely they got the vial contents.
    And no sports team doctor is going to give their multi-million $ assets the real thing. We must just wait until it’s truly horrific and it isn’t yet.

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  2. kaysee kaysee says:

    James Melville

    Thousands of people around the world are protesting against the loss of civil liberties and the cost of living every week. But the media won’t tell you. So here is a reminder.

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  3. kaysee kaysee says:

    From what I can see we’re in the Great Ignore phase. Despite all the evidence everything they did under Convid remains in place and any calls to repeal the “rules” are just being ignored by poliarticians and the media.

    Politicians and media are part of the problem. It is a section of the proles who are aware or slowly learning the truth.

    If we focus only on the WEF stooges, we are doomed. We need to expose the tyrants but also look at those who are awake and resisting.

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