Open Thread – Saturday, 08 October 2022

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  1. Steve trickler says:

    Music hunt. Lets’ see what before bed.

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  2. mh says:

    First comment at The New Atlas

    Maytham Al-Gailani البعد الخامس
    9 hours ago
    Regards to you from an Iraqi whom experienced the US/UK slaughtering of Iraqi children, women and destroying of all civilian infrastructure

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  3. mh says:

    Tulsi Gabbard 🌺
    I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are…

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  4. Shy Ted says:

    Pompous windbag alert –

    National Press Club Address Mark Dreyfus – Commonwealth Attorney-General

    I think it’s about subverting the Constitution and acting illegally but ensuring you can get away with it. I think it’s the plumminess and rounded vowels that make him a working class hero.

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  5. Shy Ted says:

    Not feeling very PC. You have been warned.
    Just gross
    Saving the worst for last

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  6. Steve trickler says:

    Where is that WEF ****, Greg Hunt hiding at the moment?


    Stew Peters Show:

    Australia is COMPLICIT in the gain of function research!

    Maria Zeee joins to expose Australia’s CSIRO, which has been conducting gain of function and weather modification research for 10 YEARS!

    They are creating MORE bioweapons, and a killer COVID virus!

    Australian Research Creating NEW BIOWEAPON: CSIRO Biolab Doing MORE Gain Of Function Research

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  7. mh says:

    CM headline

    Former elite school captain, dux accused of strangling partner twice


    The title of school dux will be held against you for the term of your natural life.

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  8. mh says:

    When woke school boards meet the local Muslim community

    Packed crowd in Dearborn for school board meeting tonight discussing LGBTQ books in schools: “If democracy matters, we’re the majority,” reads sign. “Homosexuality Big Sin,” says another.

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  9. mh says:

    She changes the word transmission to immunisation

    Rob Roos MEP 🇳🇱

    In COVID hearing, #Pfizer director admits: #vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission.

    “Get vaccinated for others” was always a lie.

    The only purpose of the #COVID passport: forcing people to get vaccinated.

    The world needs to know. Share this video!

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  10. Steve trickler says:

    A lot of people online think BIG PHARMA did due diligence with testing before the “vaccine” roll out. Incorrect!

    It is astonishing that people proclaiming high ground have yet to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


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  11. Steve trickler says:

    Clarification. If you haven’t figured out the cabal behind it yet, hurry up. Those defending Big Pharma need to hang….you know who your are.

    “You are scared of a needle”! A quote from a jabbed up f*ckwit.

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  12. Steve trickler says:

    Joel Jammal:

    The pre-show discussion at the Brisbane Nigel Farage event, Australia with Senator Malcolm Roberts of One Nation.

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  13. Steve trickler says:

    ABC intro for the 1992 broadcast narrated by Paul Page.

    1992 Indianapolis 500 Intro

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  14. mh says:

    Bannon talking about Ukraine, the mid terms, and the financial collapse

    Steve Bannon: We Are in a Worse Financial Crisis than the Great Depression

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  15. mh says:

    George Galloway

    FULL INTERVIEW: TRUMPED How ‘The Donald’ made sense over nuclear war threat says #GarlandNixon

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  16. Shy Ted says:

    So, what did the pompous ass Dreyfus, say at the Nat Press Club?
    Yes to the Indigenuous Voice. Lots of yes advertising for 3 years.
    More money for the Oz Human Rights Commission and Lib pick to not be continued beyond her term.
    Press can make anonymous claim to the Nat Corruption Commission and not have to reveal their sources (so they can continue making shit up)
    The Commission will be secret but have no powers. Little will go to public hearings. Trust us, it’s independent. Yes, you can dig up anything from the past. No consequences if the report has no merit.
    The Commission will be diverse. But don’t worry, they’re all there on merit.
    ALP has a big legislative agenda. Not guilty of anything? You will be.
    1 question from The Oz, the rest from Fairfax, The Guardian and Bloomberg, all asking for Lib “political” appointments to be replaced.
    Liberals are all baddies.
    Surveilling everything you own is fine.
    My take – I look forward to a few Lib MPs being disgraced, being referred for investigation and being called to trial in 20 years or so. Money for mates for doing nothing in particular.

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  17. Shy Ted says:

    The trial for the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins at Parliament House is expected to finish next week. Ms Higgins will return to give evidence in the trial of Bruce Lehrmann on Friday. Next week will be the third week of the trial.

    What a complete waste of our money.

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  18. Steve trickler says:

    The bloke editing is very good.


    Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Pt. 4 (Moreno J Remix)

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  19. Steve trickler says:

    You could be watching TV.


    Peter Santenello:

    Far from the Alaskan mainland is a Native-owned island where the locals live in a world of their own, mainland Russia is their closest neighbor. Join me as we venture up into the mountains in search of reindeer and learn how the Siberian Yupik people live in their extreme and stunningly beautiful environment.

    Looking For Reindeer On Native-Owned Alaskan Island 🇺🇸

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  20. mh says:

    Dash Cat favourite Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Redacted with Clayton Morris to discuss Ukraine

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  21. Steve trickler says:

    You do not need those gloves on if you are going to cook.

    Heat destroys!



    A mother prepares her son’s favorite meal. But something’s not quite right… | Myrtle

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  22. Steve trickler says:

    This is mintox. h/t calli for the word and memory jogging.


    Moreno J:

    Michael Jackson – Thriller (Moreno J Remix)

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  23. mh says:

    In a car crash interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday, Biden stammered and stuttered, often speaking absolute gibberish, and dropped the cheat cards his handlers had given him while declaring that there is no recession in the U.S.

    It all started to go wrong for Biden after Tapper had asked about Hunter Biden facing criminal prosecution.



    For starters.

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  24. mh says:

    Angela Lansbury, brown bread.

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  25. Steve trickler says:
  26. Steve trickler says:

    Word Press is going to shit. Those [ censored ] pricks at google need a boot to the head.

    I remember the fat bastard on his bike leaving HQ.

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  27. JohnJJJ says:

    It was just a mater of time. the LGBTQiTERS are living in a fantasy world ( did I just say that!). Reality is about to hit. The Muz really don’t care as long as it is never public. The public sphere is the world of Allah, the private sphere is, well, private.

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  28. JohnJJJ says:

    If you want to hear some good solid cynical and brilliant observations, go to you have to sign up for free, but it is worth it. Robert Barnes is astounding.

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  29. mh says:

    Land of the free

    Alex Jones ordered to pay nearly $1.5 billion in damages for Sandy Hook hoax claims, jury says

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  30. mh says:

    Progressive liberal intellect #2

    The Age

    If you don’t have friends of colour, for me, that’s a red flag

    In multicultural Australia, why do I run into large groups of people out socially where every member is white?

    12 hours ago byEmma Sullivan

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  31. JohnJJJ says:

    Be good if Emma could recommend a colour chart so we can do this properly. I should contact her with my service: the lower the total HEX number of the group the more tolerant and good you are. So lots of A’s and a low number is excellent… F’s and high numbers is racist.. Really everyone must have their HEX number badge sewn on their clothes. I’m thinking in a yellow six pointed star with the HEX number in the centre or maybe a tattoo. I am offering it this as a discount this week only. HEX Out Racism Pty Ltd

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  32. Shy Ted says:

    Pic of the day, Alice to Tassie
    Ok, I’ll stop HAARPing on about it.

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  33. Shy Ted says:

    Terrifying video footage shows the moment a violent brawl broke out on a Jetstar flight, forcing it to make an emergency landing.
    The chaotic brawl took place just 24 minutes into flight JQ582 from Melbourne to Brisbane on Tuesday night. Passengers claim one of the men involved in the brawl had been behaving aggressively before he boarded. ‘The guy was aggressive before he got on the plane and we thought surely they won’t let him on the aircraft,’ the passenger said.
    A Jetstar spokesperson said the airline had a ‘zero tolerance for disruptive and abusive behaviour’. ‘The safety of our passengers and our crew is always our first priority and we thank our customers for their patience,’ the spokesperson said.
    Shortly after landing, the flight resumed to Brisbane. Australian Federal Police said no arrests had been made.
    It’s called a non sequitur.
    The fight is on Daily Mail and it’s clearly an assault. I wonder who he was.

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  34. Old bloke says:

    mh says:
    October 12, 2022 at 10:02 pm

    Dash Cat favourite Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Redacted with Clayton Morris to discuss Ukraine

    MacGregor is good value. I heard, in another interview recently, that Trump appointed him as the US Ambassador to Germany. That appointment didn’t proceed for whatever reason and the present incumbent is a screechy Karen constantly complaining to the German government that they aren’t doing enough to support the war in Ukraine.

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  35. kaysee kaysee says:


    Shareholder questioning at the @CommBank
    AGM has drawn a commitment from Chair Paul O’Malley that CBA will not bank companies that fail to produce a #climate transition plan by 2025. But no detail on how CommBank will assess these plans for alignment with a 1.5°C warming pathway

    Free advice to the non-woke companies.
    Learn from PayPal customers. Find another bank.

    Following the PayPal “mistake”:

    How to Close a PayPal Account

    – PayPal stock falls

    PayPal stock fell as much as 6% on Monday after the company botched the roll-out of an acceptable use policy update that included big fines for the promotion of misinformation.

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  36. kaysee kaysee says:

    US doesn’t owe Zelensky ‘a damn thing’

    US Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has called on Washington to cut foreign aid to Ukraine, which he argued is being used to fund a conflict that the US should have “no involvement in.” On Capitol Hill, a number of Republican lawmakers have condemned President Joe Biden’s open checkbook for Kiev.
    NO MORE Foreign Aid, especially not to fund a war that we should have NO involvement in.

    Biden and his crime family may owe Zelensky, but America doesn’t owe him a damn thing.

    Ukraine wants war not peace.
    That way they can hold out their hat for billions of $$$$ from around the world

    Elon is cancelled

    Municipal services of #Odesa removed Elon Musk from the billboards dedicated to celebrities who support #Ukraine

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  37. kaysee kaysee says:

    The Vigilant Fox

    20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries
    – Analyst Estimates

    Peter is a most-experienced analyst in the financial industry and is very skilled at looking at and translating statistics into a summary statement.

    Now, the number 20 million dead sounds absolutely ridiculous at first glance, but when you dig into the data, it makes sense. Here is how Peter came to that 20 million number.

    Read the article for the calculation formula.

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  38. Steve trickler says:

    Shy Ted says:
    October 13, 2022 at 9:59 am
    Pic of the day, Alice to Tassie
    Ok, I’ll stop HAARPing on about it.


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  39. Steve trickler says:

    This blokes editing skills are off the charts.


    Moreno J:

    Bee Gees – Tragedy (Moreno J Remix)

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  40. kaysee kaysee says:

    The New Atlas

    Russia Responds: Missile Strikes Across Ukraine & What May Follow Next

    Watching some of the videos on the Ukraine war with interviews/commentaries by knowledgeable people helps to confirm what many of us realised at the beginning of the war. It is not a simple situation of one bad side vs one good side, one evil invader vs one poor victim.

    The comments that follow many of these videos further add to an understanding of the real issues at stake and reveal how the agenda allies and their MSM pals are hiding the facts. It is a hopeful sign that there are so many, all over the world, who can spot the real villains and the real victims.

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  41. kaysee kaysee says:

    Seeing double, many times


    In 2015 in Thrissur, Kerala, identical twin grooms (Dinker/Dilraj) married identical twin brides (Reena/Reema).

    The wedding was presided by identical twins priests (Fr. Rezi/Fr. Rozy), had identical twin ring bearers (Henry/Hendri) and identical twin flower girls (Ansa/Asna).

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  42. kaysee kaysee says:

    World’s 1st Space Tourist Signs Up for Flight Around Moon

    CAPE CANAVERAL — The world’s first space tourist wants to go back — only this time, he’s signed up for a spin around the moon aboard Elon Musk’s Starship.

    For Dennis Tito, 82, it’s a chance to relive the joy of his trip to the International Space Station, now that he’s retired with time on his hands. He isn’t interested in hopping on a 10-minute flight to the edge of space or repeating what he did 21 years ago. “Been there, done that.”

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  43. Steve trickler says:

    Senator Gerard Rennick:

    Recently, I gave a speech in the Senate outlining the large increase in non-Covid excess deaths from May 2021. This was well before Covid broke out into the population.

    It was however only a few weeks after the start of the vaccine rollout and the jump in deaths occurred in older people who received the vaccine first up.

    I also mention a few other serious concerns relating to the management of Covid, not the least being that the TGA admitted to a question on notice that the PCR test could not distinguish between live and dead viruses.

    The TGA is Dead Silent – Senate Speech 28th Sept 2022

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  44. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Passing Observations 132.


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  45. Steve trickler says:

    All the Big Pharma brass need to hang.


    Real Rukshan:

    Janine Small a Pfizer Executive in Europe has openly admitted the company had no data to determine wether or not their COVID-19 vaccine product would stop transmission prior to releasing it to market. The revelations came during questioning by parliamentarian Rob Roos MEP in the European Parliament.

    In a video posted by Roos on social media the Dutch MEP further questions how it was possible for the government in the Netherlands to roll out mandates predicted on vaccines stopping transmission if Pfizer itself had not reached such a conclusion.

    So what data did authorities in Australia rely on to say Pfizers product would control and or stop transmission?

    Pfizer exec laughs when asked whether they knew their product stopped transmission prior to release

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  46. kaysee kaysee says:

    What “Diversity and Inclusion” Means at Microsoft

    For one position I was trying to fill, dozens of people applied, and most of them seemed qualified based on their resumes, but I spent months waiting for a single person to apply who fulfilled the racial requirement. When no one did, I spent hours trying to find people on LinkedIn who I thought might count as black or Hispanic based on their name or resume. Sadly, during these months I had many very qualified internal candidates applying for the role, but I couldn’t hire them. Unable to hire, my team became a bottleneck that delayed several projects integrating AI into Microsoft products.

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  47. kaysee kaysee says:

    A sticky tale
    In the Quadrant

    Saving Australia, One Bumper Sticker at a Time

    From the comments:

    If you want to buy the stickers
    Contact Joanna about stickers at The stickers are 295x60mm polymeric (premium) vinyl stickers, colour print.

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  48. mh says:

    Chris Smith

    Australia’s future happening ‘before our eyes’ in the UK

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  49. kaysee kaysee says:

    Chris Smith

    Australia’s future happening ‘before our eyes’ in the UK

    They are serving their masters. It’s about showing up at COP27 – Egypt and saying they have done as instructed.

    At the same time they want to drive farmers out.

    Coalition warns Labor will legislate methane pledge and ‘destroy’ Australian farming jobs amid concerns of ‘burp tax’

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  50. PerryJ says:

    (Dilbert servers are full and being fixed. Until then …)


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  51. Shy Ted says:

    Being a good person and not a racist
    Doesn’t come cheap
    Not covered by Medicare
    You too can be an elder for only…
    Now, ask yourself, how many of the attendees would be paying for it out of their own pocket? But there are many organisations with unaccountable budgets. Just another way our taxes are funneled into unproductive, feelgood nonsense.

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  52. kaysee kaysee says:

    From the world of fakelogy, gimmicks to fool and brainwash the gullible.

    Behind the Scenes:
    President Zelenskyy’s Holographic & AR Address to Europe’s Tech Community

    One of the comments.

    Tech Bench
    I think they do not really need Zelensky anymore, even if he is dead they can make him look alive

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  53. Steve trickler says:

    I can not remember the last time I had a cold or flu….also, I haver had a flu vaccine. That could be a clue?


    Stew Peters Show:

    The Stew Crew favorite, Ask Dr. Jane is back to detail the crimes of the FDA, dangers of the boosters, and more!

    Can you detox from the vaccine poisoning?

    Do the nanoparticles replace your DNA?

    Are the “new” shots even MORE deadly?

    Ask Dr. Jane: Are Booster Shots EVEN WORSE Than Initial COVID Shots!?

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  54. Steve trickler says:

    Dog saved, all is good. Kudos to the bloke barking instructions.



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  55. Shy Ted says:

    I just read an article about the madness of diversity recruiting and how it leads to a workforce of people who don’t actually do anything. SO I thought I’d do a search on an Oz website
    Guaranteed there are a few overlaps but 47,809!!!!!!!!!!

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  56. Steve trickler says:

    More from the NSW cops. There needs to be a purge.


    Aussie Cossack:

    Police Harass Mrs Cossack!

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  57. Steve trickler says:

    It was her lunatic parents. Tony Heller has a good post on the family.

    Greta Thunberg admits to being ‘embarrassed’ about climate antics

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  58. Steve trickler says:

    Tony Heller:

    Greta’s ancestor Svante Arrhenius started the global warming scam in 1896. It was debunked by Nobel Laureate Knut Ångström five years later in 1901, but the press picked up on it and have run with it (on and off) ever since.

    Three Centuries Of Greta’s Family Business

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  59. Steve trickler says:

    Sky News needs a whipping, too. CO2 is not a threat. Never has been or ever will be.

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  60. Steve trickler says:

    John Stossel:

    The conservative Christian satire group is part of a growing movement of new, anti-establishment comedy.

    The Full Babylon Bee Interview on Censorship, Cancel Culture & Anti-Woke Comedy

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  61. Steve trickler says:

    I’ve been in such crowds and never got sick.

    Natural Immunity.


    Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun (official video)

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  62. Steve trickler says:

    A bloke walking his dog.



    woof bark growl.

    Cash 2.0 Great Dane visits an indoor shopping mall 32

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  63. mh says:

    Dow closes 2.8% higher, roaring back after a historic turnaround

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  64. mh says:

    AFR headline

    Why the RBA shouldn’t listen to Jim Cramer

    If the RBA is listening to Jim Cramer then it needs to be shut down.

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  65. Old bloke says:

    If anyone has been following that bloke’s ride from Perth to Cape York, the latest episode was published last night. He still hasn’t reached the tip, this will take forever.

    Every Man for Himself – Milk Run Eps 7.

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  66. Shy Ted says:

    I do like that new ad on the box which begins “over 50% of Australians have trouble with reading and writing….” Migrants are over-represented in the clip so why are we importing the illiterate? They must have included journalists to get to that figure.

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  67. Tester-1 says:

    An end to the coaching Game of Thrones? Don’t bet on it

    Des Hasler’s sacking by Manly just goes to show that the systems in place to safeguard coaches’ rights are really non-existent.

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  68. Steve trickler says:

    Doc Coleman:

    Hospitals are not suitable places for sick people
    8TH OCTOBER 2022

    (If you must go into one, you should get out as quickly as you can.)

    Before the industrial age hospitals were built like cathedrals in order to lift the soul and ease the mind. Hospitals were decorated with carvings, works of art, flowers and perfumes. Modern hospitals are built with no regard for the spirit, eye or soul. They are bare, more like prisons than temples, designed to concentrate the mind on pain, fear and death. Where there are windows they are positioned in such a way that patients can’t see out of them (though even if they could they probably wouldn’t be able to see anything more enthralling than the refuse bins or the air conditioning units). If there are windows with good views then those windows will be on the sides of offices occupied by bureaucrats. The most highly paid bureaucrats get the best views.

    But patients aren’t just in danger because hospitals are badly designed and badly run.

    One of the reasons why hospitals are no longer suitable for sick people is the fact that ambitious, modern nurses want to administer rather than nurse.

    In the dark old days nurses were hired and trained to nurse. Aspiring nurses (mostly but not exclusively female) were inspired by the desire to tend and to heal. Nursing was a noble profession. Caring was the key word. The most powerful jobs in the profession were occupied by ward sisters and matrons — all of whom still had close, daily contact with patients.

    Sadly, today’s career structure means that nurses whose desire to nurse is accompanied by even the slightest ambition must quickly move up the ladder to a point where they spend very little time with patients. Many senior nurses now spend their days closeted in their offices, staring at computer screens and filling in assessment forms. Many seem to regard themselves as above what they see as the menial tasks of nursing. They leave the hands-on work to untrained staff. The introduction of degrees for nurses has made things even worse by turning a fundamentally practical profession into one with entirely spurious academic ambitions. The modern career structure for nurses has taken the best nurses away from patients. The drive for this career structure was driven by a patronising and entirely inaccurate concept: that nursing is demeaning.

    Today, many nurses go into the profession attracted not by the desire to tend the sick but by the salaries, perks, authority and career structure which will, they know, take them away from practical work. The system is designed to attract exactly the wrong people into nursing.

    The actual hands-on nursing is done, very largely, by junior staff.

    This is, without a doubt, one of the reasons why modern hospitals are so bad and it is the reason why serious hospital infections are now endemic; it is why nurses are too often rude and uncaring to patients and why, in so many hospitals, clusters of nurses are more likely to be found having meetings (more appropriately called coffee-breaks) than actually helping patients. It is, for example, why thousands of elderly patients are left in pain, left to starve to death, left to die of dehydration, left in soiled bedclothes and left, ignored and without dignity, while nurses complete their paperwork.

    Time and time again patients report that nurses won’t lift them up the bed (it has been reported that some hospitals have posters with the slogan ‘Nurses are not weightlifters’ on their walls), won’t help feed them, won’t bring bedpans, won’t change beds, won’t do anything for patients in pain or distress and won’t respond when the call button is pressed. They will not, in short, do any of the things that nurses are traditionally supposed to do. They are not interested in soothing or healing or helping because, even at quite junior levels, they have become career administrators with ambitions.

    In many hospitals it is the patients who can get out of bed who end up doing all the nursing work.

    Stop a nurse in a modern hospital and ask her where such and such a patient can be found, or how he or she is progressing, and you will probably be met with a glazed, disinterested look. They don’t know and they don’t much care. Private hospitals, where patients pay directly for their care, are a little better.


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  69. mh says:

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The Biden administration asked Saudi Arabia, the de-facto leader of oil producer group OPEC, to delay its decision on oil output by a month, the kingdom said in a statement.


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  70. Tester-1 says:

    ‘Before you leave – can we talk?’: Optus cajoles customers to stay

    Optus is scrambling to hang on to disaffected users caught up in the cyberattack that compromised the personal data of millions of Australians last month, as some customers complain that the telco is dragging its heels as they attempt to switch carriers.

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  71. mh says:

    When was the last dam built in Vic?

    Five hundred houses have been inundated, six evacuation orders issued, thousands of people have fled rising water and more than 120 have been rescued as Victoria sees extreme flooding across the state.

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  72. Steve trickler says:

    This will ruffle a few feathers.


    Bald and Johnny:

    Today’s walk and talk with my mate Bald and Bankrupt may be a bit controversial as we discuss our thoughts on the on going Russian war in Ukraine. In this video I hope to clear up what our thoughts are on the war, and why @bald and bankrupt hasn’t publicly responded yet to his arrest and ban in Russia.

    War Talk: Ukraine vs. Russia 🇺🇦 🇷🇺

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  73. Steve trickler says:

    It will be a day of celebration when flashbang carks it. He’s a disgrace.


    Tony Heller:

    Joe Biden has brought the US to the brink of war with Russia, but he is more concerned about a one part per ten thousand increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past century.

    Existential Threat

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  74. Tester-1 says:

    Test – ignore

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