Mathieu van der Poel did nothing wrong

From foxsports:

Dutch cycling star Mathieu van der Poel was in prime form and a favourite to win the elite men’s road race at the cycling world championships in Australia.

But one small detail changed everything for the 27-year-old.

Instead of heading back to the Netherlands with the coveted rainbow jersey, van der Poel was arrested, pulled out of the race and landed back on home soil with a conviction and a three-year ban from Australia.

So what depraved act would cause such a ban

On the evening before last Sunday’s race, van der Poel went to bed early to get a full night’s rest.

But his sleep was quickly interrupted by teenage girls staying in a room opposite him who were playing a game of “knock and run” at the Novotel Brighton Resort in Sydney’s south.

The girls, aged just 13 and 14, were staying in room 920 and knocked on random doors throughout the ninth floor of the beachfront hotel.

They knocked on the cyclist’s door, room 930, multiple times at 10.40pm and ran back into their room. Their antics “frustrated” van der Poel, as he had the race the following morning.

So far he was trying to sleep at a completely reasonable time. Lets dig further

Police facts reveal van der Poel’s girlfriend Roxanne Bertels told the girls to stop their game after they repeatedly knocked on the cyclist’s door.

So excusing the teenagers for being idiots they have now been told to stop and I would assume explained why. At this point our villain has done absolutely nothing.

When the knocking continued

Thats it all bets are off the table and the teenagers have absolutely no excuse for their behaviour.

the 27-year-old laid in wait for the girls and chased them into their hotel room before launching a terrifying assault.

Holy shit this escalated. I wonder what constitutes a “terrifying assault”

One of the sisters runs into the corner of the room and crouches down while covering her face.

Moments later, van der Poel corners her and pulls her by the arms until she falls and grazes her elbow.

The clip ends with van der Poel standing over one of the girls while she cowers in the corner of the room.

According to police facts, the cyclist ran up to her and grabbed her by both arms, squeezing them and pushing her against a wall while yelling at her, causing her to suffer a minor carpet burn graze to her right elbow and redness to her left forearm.

Van der Poel noticed the second girl trying to leave the room and pushed her against a wall using both hands, according to the police fact sheet.

The girl fell to the ground before van der Poel went back to his hotel room.

I am sure it would of been scary from the point of view of the girls. Everyone knows how terrifying consequences can be in 2022 but a carpet burn and a push into a wall is hardly an assault. What is more interesting here and in other relevant stories is the father who shared images and videos of the “assault” was nowhere to be seen before or during the incident. His children destroyed an elite athletes preparation after they were asked to stop and yet his presence or lack thereof is completely ignored.

Minutes later, police were called to the hotel by the girls’ parents.

So they do get involved. I will cut them some slack here because it 100% sure the girls lied through their teeth at this stage although knowing which room the perpetrator was staying in should raise some questions you would think.

Van der Poel appeared at Sutherland Local Court the day after the race and pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault before magistrate Hugh Donnelly.

He was convicted and ordered to pay $1500 in fines.

Due to his conviction, van der Poel cannot enter Australia for three years.

So there we go. Parents shouldn’t raise respectful children, children shouldn’t face any consequences, minor incidents should result in 3 year bans from the country (terrorist can stay), minor accidental carpet burns are “assault”, parents who don’t know where their children are at 10:40pm should not be questioned. Is that about right? Can you imagine what the generation we are raising right now will turn out to be?

I think its important to note if you do scare the shit out of entitled little brats they will stop knocking on your door during the night. However the entire social and legal apparatus will take on that role instead.

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6 Responses to Mathieu van der Poel did nothing wrong

  1. kaysee kaysee says:

    From the FoxSports article:

    “My older daughter that copped it … she’s usually an adrenaline junkie, the centre of attention. She’s really quiet at the moment,” he said….

    He said felt for van der Poel after he had to forfeit the race but conceded “that’s life” and he should have handled the situation differently.

    So van der Poel should have handled the situation differently? What about the parental responsibility of making sure that their children behave themselves?

    The parents were in the room next door but did not know what mischief their teenage daughters were up to?

    The father admits his daughter is an “adrenaline junkie” so would be aware of her hyper-active state. This would be her “normal” behaviour pattern, yet she is now the “victim”.

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  2. rosie says:

    Doesn’t matter how provoked, I would never lay a hand on someone’s child,except to remove them from attacking my child.
    Not excusing children’s behaviour or the parents.

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  3. mh says:

    If the magpies don’t get you, the local bogans will.

    Or the Federal government, in Djokovic’s case.

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  4. Whalehunt Fun says:

    At a lower level but explains why a bounty hunter interviewed regarding Christipher Skase saud that in his job if he ended up needed to draw a weapon he would kill you not wound you. “so they can’t sue”. Ir I presume, lie to their parents and police.

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  5. Arky says:

    You can’t put your hands on children no matter how much you need to sleep.
    I’m all in with the bloke until he touches the brats.
    Yell at them, call the management on them, have a brawl with their Dad, all good. But you don’t lay hands on children. And we are all the better that it is no longer accepted to do so.

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  6. The Sheriff says:

    Typical of today’s negligent and indifferent parenting.

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